How do i stop movies from downloading to my ipad 2

I just got a new iPad 2 and I wanted to download all of my movies from my iPad 1 through the cloud. Unfortunately I pressed more than one movie to download at the same time, and nothing is happening after numerous hours of attempted downloading except a message that says I can't download at this time and I need to retry (which I've done, to no avail). Is there any way to stop these movies from downloading? I want to cancel them all so I can try downloading them one at a time. I've pressed the pause button, by there is nowhere to actually "cancel" a download that I have found so far. Anyone know the answer?

Selected under the Photos tab for your iPad sync preferences with iTunes.
Here is a link to the iPad user guide.

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  • How do I stop IOS7 from downloading onto my ipad?

    I just found my Ipad that i lost many months ago. And when i turned it on, it decided to download IOS7 without me doing anything. I strongly dislike IOS7 and I don't want my Ipad to have it. The download is already 24% along and i paused it by turning off the Wi-fi. Is there a way that i can stop the download ?

    You can't stop it now.
    You have to restore the iPad to get rid of it. Immeditaley after restorng, make sure you turn off WiFi. When WiFi is off. Now you can restore your backup. Make sure you are fast enough to turn off WiFi. I once had the update download just seconds after restoring.
    Once the restore is complete, fill the iPad so that only 2.5GB or so is left of free space. That will prevent the update from downloading once again while you are on WiFi.

  • TS1702 how do you stop itunes from downloading apps over and over again and again like for ever it wont stop  help.

    how do you stop itunes from downloading apps over and over again and again like for ever it wont stop  help.
    i tryed everything i  can in the setting and so on , i even clicked on the downloads arrow to pause it and delete them but like i said it will now stop.
    theres apps i just dont want. theres a list of them but theres not a place were i can get rid of them. it also says some stuff about icloud yeah right like i have ios 5 or 7 ha . pod touch 2 is what i have lol . plz help thanks.

    to the right by search library theres an arrow there click on it : it will show you what it is downloading , from there you can pause and select all and delete them but still will continue to download them if you tell itunes to check for downloads. that download engien is crazy i tell yeah.
    no matter what we do it will still download them trust me i tryed everything and i also went to icloud to see if it was there but to what i see is that there is no apps there this is some crazy itune program that needs to remade.

  • How can i stop icloud from downloading all my photos onto my iphone 4s each time I sync. Then, how do I delete them from my phone, there are no delete options. I'm slowly going crazy.

    How can i stop icloud from downloading all my photos onto my iphone 4s each time I sync. Then, how do I delete them from my phone, there are no delete options. I'm slowly going crazy.

    Hi iprover,
      Let me first say that I am NO EXPERT with anything Apple and really have only started looking into this iCloud stuff a few hours ago because I'm trying to help my mom free up some space on her iCloud. But anyway, here's what I'm learning and what I THINK might be happening to you.
    Also, if any Apple support people (do they browse the forums to dish out helpful hints?) or people who probably know infinitely more than me about this stuff, please do chime in and confirm / correct my statements!
    This is what I gather.
    iCloud for Windows is set up with a local folder (let's call it "C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\iCloud Photos\My Photo Stream") where iCloud will store photos uploaded to the Photo Stream. This will allow you to view your Photo Stream photos on your PC.
    This does not mean that this is a PC backup of your Photo Stream photos, but just a way to view your Photo Stream from your PC. That being said, the general Photo Stream rules apply: 1. No videos are on the photo-stream, and 2. Photos on the Photo Stream will be removed after ~30 days and/or after hitting the Photo Stream limit of 1000 photos.
    My guess is that the iCloud Windows App will delete photos from the local folder that are older than ~30 days and/or delete all but the most recent 1000 items if the 1000-item limit is reached.
    That is a scary thought! I really hope you did not lose all your pictures, but my guess is that the iCloud local folder is NOT meant for backup but instead is the iCloud Windows App's sandbox for updating and managing Photo Stream photos.
    All that being said, I'd say it's important to back up your photos in a separate folder not related to the iCloud local folder.

  • I preordered an album in error that is scheduled to download next week.  How do I stop it from downloading?  I no longer want to purchase it.

    I preordered an album in error that is scheduled to download next week.  How do I stop it from downloading?  I no longer want to purchase it.

    Downloading a pre-ordered item
    When a pre-order item becomes available, you will receive an email letting you know your pre-order is available for download.
    If you've enabled iTunes to automatically download prepurchased content, then your pre-order content may already be downloaded to your library. If not, simply click the download link provided within your email notification, and your pre-order content will begin to download. Alternatively you can use the "Check for Available Downloads" feature in iTunes on your computer by choosing Store > Check for Available Downloads to begin downloading your pre-order.
    I would contact iTunes if clicking on the link did not results in it downloading to your iPod.
    Apple - Support - iTunes - Contact Us

  • How do you stop apps from running on the iPad with the new ios7?

    How do you stop apps from running on the IPad with the new ios7?  I have an app for animation that pops up a message to stop other apps from running.  If I press onto a app and it starts shaking there are no -, just x's.

    Close inactive apps
    1. Double tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking view
    2. Swipe the app's windows upwards to close
    3. The app will fly off the screen

  • How do I stop iTunes from downloading multiple copies of a TV show?

    This is driving me nuts.  Using Doctor Who as the example, for each episode released, iTunes tries to download two HD copies and one SD copy.  I don't need the SD, nor do I need to duplicate HD.  Yet I can't stop it from trying to download them when I start iTunes, nor can I figure out how to permanently remove or cancel a pending download.
    Anyone have any idea how to stop this?
    -- edit ---
    Didn't have much luck matching search terms for this before posting, yet after posting links came up referencing other queries in which people asked how to stop iTunes from downloading the HD and SD versions of a TV show.  Consensus seems to be that iTunes will always download each version, which is just plain silly.  Haven't seen any explaination, however, on why it then tries to download a second HD copy.

    That is correct.  This is the way it is ALL HD purchases come with the SD version.

  • How do I stop duplicates from downloading?

    My iTunes library on my Mac is syncing transfers from my iPad and for some reason after the sync, my Mac started downloading some of those purchases from iTunes automatically. What gives? Do I have to download them in order to delete the duplicates or can I stop them from downloading? How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

    You can't stop the download, only pause it. Let it finish.

  • How do I stop things from downloading onto my iPhone and iPad?

    I just got my iPad today and I don't want the same apps on my phone and iPad... Is there a way to stop them from downloading onto both? I noticed I can delete them off my phone and can stay on my iPad but it be easier if it just went to one.

    Settings>iTunes and App Store>Automatic Downloads>Apps>Off

  • How do I delete movie from iCloud on my iPad

    How do I delete movies from iCloud on my iPad

    That's a big fat lie, I have 10 movies via digital copy and takes 0 space from my icloud backup. & we have 5 devices backup to my icloud account AND I have my backup storage to basic 5GIGS. So right there you say to make you pay more storage is a BIG FAT LIE. Our devices contains 8-64GB's and everything fits in a 5gigs space.
    You might as add well the apps accounts for space to. WRONG!!
    Those apps are in your account but not in your storage, the iTunes App Store part, doesn't even add to your icloud storage. Your backup contains the save files, network routers you connected in the past plus the small layout how you customized it over your home page.
    That part takes small kb of space needed to save all that.
    Movies on your device will take storage but if it's NOT on your device, IT WONT!
    Like I said, once it's added to the account via key from the case to your account, stays tie to your account & will NOT take space from your icloud backup storage.
    And don't even forgt that I have 5 device from my family with 10 digital copies on one storage with 5gigs and have 800's MB left. We use our photo/videos we took from camera to a remote secure site onto our computers.
    Simple as that, if you don't listen to that then I feel sorry for you not listening.
    But your not gonna get any other answers besides logging out what I said months back. GOOD DAY!
    Ps. If there were, you've been already got an answer besides mine. Go ahead and waist your life lookn for an answer which doesn't have an answer to other than that what I said.
    And yes, that's what I meant JJorvath. Hide it but will not get off your account bc it's not part of icloud backup.

  • How do i stop Mail from downloading all my old messages without deleting them

    Hello there,
        i've just bought a new 13 inch macbook pro, and i'm very happy with it. Being sort of new to apple i still have some problems though.
    the main one concerns mail:   How do I prevent my laptop from downloading thousands of old messages i had stored on my gmail account?
    let me be clearer: i set mail up and it instantly started downloading tons of old messages that i don't want stored on my mac, since it only has 128gb storage, but i'd still like to be able to look for them in case I needed to.  so i don't want to permanently erase them, get rid of them here to save some space.
    is that possible? and if yes how?
    I also have an other problem with Mail and it's the fact that gmail doesn't let me send pages says it could be a dangerous file so it stops me.  
    any solutions?
    thanks to all of you

    Csound1 wrote:
    disguise wrote:
    Sounds to me like your using iCloud to sync mail - but you don't want mail sync'd.
    System Preferences -> iCloud
    uncheck Mail
    The OP is using Gmail, not iCloud.
    How do I prevent my laptop from downloading thousands of old messages i had stored on my gmail account?
    Unchecking Mail will do nothing at all.
    And as Gmail is an Imap account it will download all mail in the account to the client.
    If this is unwanted behaviour use a different email system (a POP system) or remove the mail from the Gmail server.
    Gmail  can be configured as POP or IMAP

  • How do I stopi-Tunes from downloading songs on my device which I did not order and which I then have to delete?

    How can I stop i-Tunes from downloading songs on my device which I did not order and which I then have to delete because I do not want it?

    Does swiping/dragging across the tracks from right-to-left (or possibly left-to-right depending upon the iOS version) in the Downloads tab in the iTunes store app stop them downloading ?
    If it's the U2 album Songs of Innocence then  :
    If it's a different album/tracks and you didn't buy them, and nobody else has access to your account and/or devices and bought them, then contact iTunes Support : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page

  • I don't want windows 8.1 to automatically download how do i stop it from downloading

    How do i stop windows 8.1 from automatically downloading. I have tried to do it and it still keeps popping up. I don't understand some of the computer lingo so can you please respond in plain english what it is i should do on keeping 8.1 from downloading?

    Are you running Win 8 and don't want to upgrade to Win 8.1?
    Please see here for three methods to stop the Win 8.1 upgrade notification.
    You will probably need to use methods two or three unless you are running Win 8 Pro.
    ****I am not an HP employee****
    Please give a" Kudos, Thumbs Up" if advice received is relevant or" Accept as Solution" to assist other forum users having a similar problem.
    Errare humanum est.

  • HT1688 How can I stop photos from downloading from my camera roll into photo folders on my Iphone 4S. They have been downloading on the phone for 2 days.

    I took some photos from my camera roll and added them into seperate folders on my Iphone 4S and only some of the photos have downloaded and the rest of the pictures in all of the folders have been downloading for the past 2 days. Even when connected to WiFi it does not stop downloading the pictures into the seperate folders. How can I finish the downloading of the pictures or how can I stop the downloading and try adding them to the folders again?

    Your backup contains photos and videos from the camera roll, if you did not sync after that, use the latest backup to restore from: iTunes: About iOS backups and Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software

  • How do I stop apps from downloading to my other devices?

    Every time I download an application it automatically downloads on my iPad too. How do I make that stop?

    Open iTunes on your computer and go to Preferences/Store/Automatic Downloads. Is your son's Apple ID listed there and any of the content check boxes marked?

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