How do I stop Photoshop CS4 from creating a new layer each time I use the line tool?

How do I stop Photoshop CS4 from creating a new layer each time I use the line tool?
Each time I use the line tool, a new layer is created. How can I stop this? No settings were changed.
Thanks in advance.

Look at the three options in the top bar.

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    Are you attempting to save the file to a network location instead of your local hard drive? If so, this is probably why you are encountering an issue and why Adobe Drive would be the solution. As we've documented, it is a bad idea to open from or save directly to a network source: Networks, removable media | Photoshop | CS4 and later. Drive can help you get around this by setting up an Adobe supported virtual connection to the network. Thus, if installing Adobe Drive is the solution you need and your need help with installing Drive, please post to the Downloading, Installing, Setting Up forum.
    If you are not saving to a network location, then Adobe Drive is not going to be the answer. Then we'll need to know more about the file you are saving.

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    very impractical . specially when you call A LOT and receive notifications constantly!

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    Yes it will work.  I've done it for a few users in my small office.  As with anything, there are quirks that you may or may not experience.  Most quirks are app-related, due to app developers hard-coding absolute paths into their apps for things like temp files (Photoshop).  Strategies for resolving these sorts of quirks can be found via google.  You would probably have seen these quirks already when using server-based home folders for your kids.  If you haven't noticed them, then you're probably fine.
    The tech note you cited should be fine.  It doesn't explicitly say so, but you'll need to enable ssh on your server, at least temporarily, so you can upload your home folder to the server using scp, rsync, etc.  Don't try to copy the files up to the server via Finder.
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  • How to turn off measurements when using the line tool

    Hello.  I'm sorry to trouble you with this small thing but its driving me nuts.  I'm using a shared computer at a university and we just upgraded to CS6.  When I use the line tool while making a mask a box pops up which measures the line's length and angle.  I want to turn it off, and it blocks being able to see what I am trying to mask.  I've tried looking this up online and in Photoshop help but I just don't know the correct terminolgy, i.e. what to call it, to find out how to turn it off.  Thank you so much so much for any help!
    here is a jpg screenshot:

    That looks like the on-image displays that were added to photoshop cs6
    You should be able to turn that off in Photoshop>Preferences>Interface>Show Transformation Values and set Never as the value.

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    If the computer you are migrating to already has a user the Migration will create a new one.
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  • How to migrate Master Data (Rule set etc.) from GRC 5.3 to 10.1 without using the "Migration Tool"

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    Having said thus, I'm exploring options of migrating data from 5.3 to 10.1 without using the "Migration Tool:.
    Rule set Migration:
    I'm in the process of preparing the 9 different files (listed below) and later utilize the "Upload Rule" option for migrating the Rule set data from 5.3 to 10.1.
    While I'm able to gather data for most of the files I'm not sure how can I obtain the data pertaining to the two files (Function Actions and Function Permissions) underlined and highlighted in Red below.
    1. Business Process
    2. Function
    3. Function Business Process
    4. Function Actions
    5 .Function Permissions
    6. Rule Set
    7. Risk
    8. Risk Description
    9. Risk Rule Set Relationship
    10. Risk Owner Relationship
    Can someone please enlighten me and share their experience with regards to this exercise. Really appreciate your help !
    - Janantik.

    I have done this successfully before.  Because you are having issues, I would NOT recommend using the migration tool to move the ruleset.  Instead:
    1. Download the ruleset files from 5.3
    2. The 5.3 tcode-permission file, which defines which tcode permissions from SU24 need to be checked during risk analysis, needs to be split into the two files you mention above in red.
    FUNCTION_ACTION : this file represents S_TCODE objects and TCD fields mapped to each function (Function to Tcode relationship).  In the 5.3 file, you will filter on object S_TCODE and field TCD, and you will get a complete list that now represents "FUNCTION_ACTION".  BUT instead of having all the jumbled permission info, you will just have 3 columns: Function - Tcode - Status.
    3. The remaining permissions that are left over, after taking out the S_TCODE -TCD items, represent the "FUNCTION_PERMISSION" file in GRC 10.
    4. Manually create the excel spreadsheets for each file.
    5. Copy and past each sheet to a unique .txt file.
    6. Upload the ruleset manually through SPRO-->GRC-->Access Control-->Access Risk Analysis-->SoD Rules-->Upload SoD Rules.
    7. Select each file and then upload to the correct Logical Group.
    This is a huge pain, but it works.  Let me know how this goes and if you need any assistance.

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    Have you tried doing the backup to itunes instead of icloud?

  • Photoshop CS6 (Mac) crashes when opening files with type or using the type tool

    Photoshop CS6 keeps crashing when using the type tool or when opening files with type on it. I've quit suitcase, disabled the suitcase plug-in, reset the preferences in Photoshop there's no crash report coming up either the application just dies! I am currently trying a system restore from time machine to see if that works!. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Olly t-issues.html

  • How do I stop Photoshop CC from exiting immediately after startup?

    Photoshop CC from exits immediately after startup. How do I stop this?

    Hi Ashutosh,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I have Photoshop CC installed on my PC and does not require  signing in. Do I need to install it on the Cloud?

  • How can I stop Photoshop CS6 from unwelding imported 3d models?

            Photoshop has an issue right now in which when I import a 3d object (it doesn't matter which format, I've tried obj and cae) then it will split the object apart into multiple objects along where the borders of the uv map are (aka polyunweld). How do I stop it from doing that?
    Here are images demonstrating what I mean exactly.

    Daniel Presedo wrote:
    There is no point? Wrong. We Beta test and draw feedback from our customers everyday.
    >>There's no point in me detailing my ideas for improvements to the software design when there's not a hope in hell of the ideas ever seeing the light of day<<
    The fact that you have no ideas worth sharing does not really surprise me.
    You say it's a fact that I have no ideas worth sharing. You are damned cheeky to a customer who helps pay your salary, lad. What's your problem? Embarrassed by your inept "investigation" of a reported problem? Anyway, how on earth would you know anything about my ideas or their worth?
    It is not an easy problem to solve for a variety of customers that are your audience.
    What? Not easy to solve? Just don't unweld the polygons! Not unwelding is easier than unwelding, surely
    Photoshop has a very diverse community, what you think is good is not what a Photographer thinks makes sense.
    That sounds ridiculous.
    1. You initially insisted that Photoshop doesn't unweld meshes!
    2. Then, after I provided further evidence, you said you would fix the problem.
    3. Now you seem to be suggesting that the software was programmed to unweld meshes because it's "what a Photographer thinks makes sense".
    It's easy to complain about on a forum, and if it is constructive that is fine but you seem to enjoy just complaining or insulting.
    I complain about things at times. I'm insulting at times. But it's a fact that I'm helpful and constructive most of the time. Oh so sorry for not being the perfect contributor to this forum.
    >> I've been waiting 5 months for one simple bug-fix<< I don't know when this was first reported and it's unfortunate we missed that (oh yeah we are human too)  but we do have mechanism's (Bug reports on that reach us directly, some of us patrol the forums but we cannot do that full time and ship a product.
    You're completely mistaken again.
    I wasn't talking about the problem in this thread. (Which you've denied exists, then admitted exists and will be fixed, and then suggested to be a design decision on behalf of photographers.)
    I said "one bug" not "this bug".
    The bug which still isn't fixed after 5 months, despite being acknowledged by Adobe, is one that was introduced by the OS X version of the 13.0.1 update. It makes the 3D rendering almost useless for OS X users and did not exist when customers paid $300 for the 3D rendering.

  • How can I move Photoshop CS4 from an old MacBook to a new one without instal disk

    Hi there,
    I have purchased a new laptop and I would like to move Photoshop (CS4) to the new one but I don't have the disk.
    Could anyone help guide me on how to proceed?

    Download CS4 and install it. Download CS4 products

  • How do I stop Photoshop CC from glitching?

    At first my Photoshop was fine but all of a sudden, every time I create a new blank background it always shows pictures I've used previously.
    Someone please help me!!

    We'll need some information about your system. Here's a list to consider.
    Adobe product and version number
    Operating system and version number
    The full text of any error message(s)
    What you were doing when the problem occurred
    Screenshots of the problem
    Computer hardware, such as CPU; GPU; amount of RAM; etc.

  • How do I stop photoshop (elements3) from opening when I load photos

    I have photoshop elements 3 and also Camedia which is the software that came with our digital camera.  I would prefer photoshop didn't open each time I load photos or when I want to view photos.  Is there a way of controlling this?

    Dear Barbara, thank you so much for your help.
    Photoshop came with a scanner I purchased and I have never used it, but
    would like to learn the basics to enhance my handmade cards that I make.  I
    was wondering if there was a textbook that you could recommend that doesn't
    incorporate a lot of jargon and is straight to the point.  The main things I
    want to learn about are the basics of opening up ps, importing a card and
    working with the layers to fade or change the colour of the background.
    Here is my blog
    Regards, Ann

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