How do I transfer photos from one icloud account to another?

I recently switched back to iPhone when the iPhone 6 Plus came out.  I had the iPhone 4s before I got an android so it's been a while since having an iCloud account. I could not think of my password when logging into my iCloud account when starting up my new phone so I created a new iCloud account.  I FINALLY figured out my old password and was able to log in my old 4s phone and see my old photos and thought "WOW I need to save these somewhere." I cannot figure out how to get them off on my old iCloud account... I logged into my old iCloud account on my desktop and did not see those photos though.  I have photos on the old iCloud that cannot be replaced, such as photos of family members who have passed away since, PLEASE HELP.
Is there a way to transfer photos over to my new iCloud account from my old one?
Thank you

If the contents that accumulated on the new phone while the spell of Alzheimer went away is not indispensable, perhaps the quickest way would be to reset and wipe the phone then reregister it to the original iCloud account so you would get all your old content/apps/etc. back.

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    I need to transfer my music from one icloud account to another using one computer.  Is this possible

    That's not possible without redownloading it from the second account.

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    I currently have 2 icloud accounts. (In total I have 4 seperate apple ids somehow, 1, 1, 1, and 1 apple id. But that's a problem I'll talk about later).
    Right now, all of my notes got deleted from my iphone, but they are on the icloud account A: ( account's icloud.) When I reconnect this account to my iphone, the notes are there. However, when I turn off note syncing in my iphone's icloud settings, I'm not prompted to "keep data on iphone" (like I am prompted with contacts). Instead, they are just deleted from the iphone. So there's no way to connect the icloud account A, download the data, and reconnect icloud account B.
    How can I get these notes from icloud account A to icloud account B (or just getting it from icloud account A to my iphone.)
    And while I'm at it, how can I get the @icloud account that was linked with the account to get linked to the account.
    Sorry if this is confusing.

    Let me rephrase my comment...  I used Windows to sync my data without icloud, we decided to switch to mac and purchased a $2000 osx driven machine only to find out apple has "secretly" disabled mobile sync services and replaced it with icloud syncing.  There was NO documentation stating this fact before my purchase, it was only realized when users started running into syncing issues that apple disclosed mavericks no longers uses mobile syncing services and "requires you to use icloud to sync device information" on this forum.
    They removed a integral part of my privacy without telling me, or warning me, before i spent money on non-refundable merchandice.
    These are not mindless, I was forced into mavericks when i purchased a new mac... All other versions of OSX provide modile syncing services.
    And I was not threatening lawsuit, i was stating a thought that this leavs apple open to a lawsuit for people who want their data kept private, they are FORCING the use of icloud now.

  • HT204150 How to transfer contacts from one iCloud account to another

    How can I transfer contacts from one icloud accunt to another.
    After the transfer I want to delete one icloud account have one running.

    Are you a Mac or a PC user?
    If Mac, export the contacts from Address Book as vCards, log out of the 1st iCloud account, and log in to the 2nd iCloud account, then re-import the exported contacts into Address Book.

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    How do you transfer Pages from one user account to another on the same Mac?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    If you haven't modified anything, Pages is installed on /Applications. All users have access to this folder, identified as "Applications" on the Finder sidebar, so you don't have to move anything, because Pages will work on all your users.
    If you have installed Pages on ~/Applications (being ~ your user folder), then you have to move Pages to /Applications. After doing this, you will be able to access to Pages on all users

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    Anything Downloaded with a Particular Apple ID is tied to that Apple ID and Cannot be Merged or Transferred to a Different Apple ID
    Apple ID FAQs  >

  • How do I transfer credit from one iTunes account to another

    How do I transfer credit from my iTunes account to my sons?

    You can't.
    Note: When purchasing an iTunes Gift, a valid credit card must be on file; you cannot purchase an iTunes Gift with store credit.
    Above from:

  • TS4020 Is there a way to copy or transfer contacts from one icloud account to another?

    My wife and I just upgraded from the 4S to the 5C, but apparently we were using the same icloud account, and now we need to separate them so that we can make changes and not have it affect the other phone.

    To migrate your wife's phone to a new account, start by saving any photo stream photos whe wishes to keep to her camera roll (unless already there) by opening her my photo stream album, tapping Select, tap the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), then tapping Save to Camera Roll.  If she only wants to migrate a copy of the contacts and not other data, go to Settings>iCloud on her phone, turn Contacts off, choose Keep on My iPhone, then scroll down and tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; your phone won't be effected by this) and choose Keep on My iPhone and provide the password to turn off Find My iPhone when prompted.  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create her new account and choose Merge to upload the data to the new account.
    If she wants to migrate a copy of all of the iCloud data to her new account, and is syncing notes with iCloud that she wishes to transfer to the new account, you will need to open each note and email them to her so she can later copy and paste the text into new notes created in her new account.  Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, choose Keep on My iPhone and provide the password to turn off Find My iPhone when prompted.  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create her new account and choose Merge to upload the data to the new account.  Once you are both on separate accounts you can each go to and delete the other person's data from your account if you need to.

  • How do I transfer photos from one flash drive to another?

    I downloaded  original photos to several flash drives before I had enhanced them. I realized I needed to do that before I gave them to my family.
    In Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 I fixed the photos and now I want to put them on the same flash drives without distroying the originals. I would appreciate knowing how to transfer the new photos to the flash drives without replacing the originals.

    You should really have left them in My Pictures. If you use Explorer to drag files you corrupt the file paths in Organizer and end up with missing files.
    It would be best to get the originals from your family and put them and the edits back into My Pictures.
    You can then make duplicates for your family using my method above.
      Edit - if dragging directly to the flash drive made duplicates then you should still have all the photos in My Pictures

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    I just recived a large amount of money to itunes for the holidays, but I don't need all of this money. My friend (who needs money to itunes) is willing to give my the same amount in cash if I give him the itunes money. Is there any way to transfer all of the money on my acount into his? please help!
    Thank you,

    I just recived a large amount of money to itunes for the holidays
    I didn't read that to mean a gift card. Thanks for the heads up!

  • How can i transfer money from one itunes account to another

    any way to use my husbands itune money to purchase an app for my phone with my account

    If you sync your phone to a computer that his account is authorised on then you could try buying it on his account and sync it to your phone - but it will be tied to his account, so only his account will be able to download any future updates to it.

  • I want to transfer funds from one itunes account to another....How?

    How can I transfer funds from one itunes account to another?

    If they include a completely unspent gift card's balance, click here and ask the iTunes Store staff to put it back onto the card. Aside from this, it's not possible.

  • How do i transfer photos from my icloud to  my PC?

    How do i transfer photos from my icloud to my PC?

    Hello there, emz14.
    The following Knowledge Base article offers up some great information in regard to getting photos from iCloud to your PC:
    iCloud: My Photo Stream FAQ
    How many photos are stored in My Photo Stream on my devices and computers?
    iCloud pushes all your photos to the My Photo Stream album on your devices and computers, and manages them efficiently, so you don’t run out of storage space.
    Your iOS devices keep a rolling collection of your last 1000 photos in the My Photo Stream album. From there, you can browse your recent photos or move the ones you like to your Camera Roll or another album to keep them on your device forever.
    Because your Mac and PC have more storage than your iOS devices, you can choose to have all of your My Photo Stream photos automatically downloaded. In iPhoto or Aperture preferences on your Mac, select Photos (or Photo Stream) > My Photo Stream > Automatic Import. All of your photo stream photos will be imported into your Events, Projects, Photos, Faces, and Places folders in iPhoto or Aperture. On your PC with My Photo Stream enabled in the Control Panel, all of your photos will be imported into C:\\Users\<user name>\Pictures\iCloud Photos\My Photo Stream. For iCloud Control Panel 2.1 to 2.1.3 users, the path isC:\\Users\<user name>\Pictures\Photo Stream\My Photo Stream.
    If you are working on a Windows computer and need to download the iCloud Control Panel, here is a link for you:
    iCloud Control Panel 3.1 for Windows
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • How do I transfer photos from one library to another?

    how do I transfer photos from one library to another?

    Best way is using the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager - - 
    you can export form one library and import into the other one but this does not get all metadata or versions

  • How do i transfer data from one internal tabe to another.

    Hi All,
             How do i transfer data from one internal tabe to another.
             Can i do it ebven if he tables are different in structure.
    Please Advice.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Saket Tiwari,
    I hope the earlier post by kashyap is good enough an answer. anywas in addition to it let me give a detailed
    explanation of how you can populate an internal table.
    1) Append data line by line.
         Syntax :  APPEND [<wa> TO / INITIAL LINE TO] <itab>.
    this appends new line to internal table <itab>.
    2) Using COLLECT statement.
                 COLLECT is another form of statement used for populating the internal tables.  Generally COLLECT is used while inserting lines into an internal table with unique standard key. The syntax for COLLECT statement is as shown
         Syntax : COLLECT [<wa> INTO] <itab>.
    3) Using INSERT statement
         Syntax  INSERT [<wa> INTO / INITIAL LINE INTO] <itab> [index <idx>].
    INSERT statement adds a line/work area to the internal table. You can specify the position at which the new line is to be added by using the INDEX clause with the INSERT statement.
    Now coming to your request..
    To append part or all of an internal table
                  APPEND LINES OF <itab1> [FROM <n1>] [TO <n2>] TO <itab2>.
    *     Note:
    Without the FROM and TO options, this statement appends the entire table <itab1> to <itab2>.*
    b) To insert part or all of an internal table into another internal table
              INSERT LINES OF <itab1> [FROM <n1>] [TO <n2>]
              INTO <itab2> [INDEX <idx>].
    c) Using Move statement.
    To copy entire contents of one table into another in one execution
         Syntax MOVE  <itab1> To <itab2>.
              <itab1> = <itab2>.
    but u hav to be careful because he contents of itab2 will eb overwritten on the execution of this statement.
    These copy the contents of ITAB1 to ITAB2. Incase of internal tables with header line we have to use [] inorder to distinguish from work area. So, to copy contents of internal tables with header line  the syntax becomes,
    ITAB1[] = ITAB2[].
    Coming to the letter part of your question, Yes, we can copy values between tables having different structures.
    for this we use    
                                MOVE-CORRESPONDING <itab1> TO <itab2>
        this executes the statement for their header lines. Searches for the sub-fields which occur both in itab1 and itab2 and then generates, for all relevant field pairs which correspond to the
            sub-fields ni , statements of the form MOVE itab1-ni TO itab2-ni. The other fields remain unchanged.
    I hope the information provided has been of your help.
    Reward if useful.

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