How do I use a xbox360 controller in labview 7?

So I've just been given a project in my research lab..
We have to control a gantry arm using labview.  The gantry control is already completely written out in labview using a datasocket server.  However, I've never worked with Labview before.  All I know is that it takes in a number as a velocity and it moves the arm according to that velocity.  What I have to do is use the xbox 360 controller to input that number (a velocity), as well as calibrate it.  If possible, using the mangitude of the joystick angle to input a different velocity.
How would I go about doing this?  I hav einstalled all the necessary software to talk to the controller, but I don't know how to set it up in Labview.
Also, Windows XP sees it as a game controller, if that makes any difference.
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You cannot connect those two nodes directly because they're different datatypes, as the message indicates. The axis info contains 8 elements. Thus, you have to pick the one that applies to you and unbundle it from the cluster. For example:
To learn more about LabVIEW it is recommended that you go through the tutorial(s) and look over the material in the NI Developer Zone's Learning Center which provides links to other materials and other tutorials. You can also take the online courses for free.
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    How can I use the CAN MODULE in LABVIEW 6i?

    Not sure what your real question here is, but I'll take a stab at it.
    The NI-CAN drivers (module) only work with the NI CAN cards. If you have a different vendors card, you'll have to contact them to see if they have LabVIEW drivers.
    If you do have a NI CAN card, then you just need to install the NI-CAN drivers and you're ready to go. Have a look at the examples for help in getting going.
    If you're having a specific problem, please give us some more details and we may be able to help out a bit more.
    Ed Dickens - Certified LabVIEW Architect - DISTek Integration, Inc. - NI Certified Alliance Partner
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  • How to use a ps3 controller with labview

    Hello, I am trying to implement a ps3 controller in labview but am having trouble. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this or had any ideas for me. Thanks for the help

    Hi Keaton
    I'm not too sure how the inputs of the controllers work on a lower level, but Sixaxis offers a driver to integrate the ps3 controller onto a pc. It is available at this website: 
    This may be an easier starting point that having to go from scratch. You can look into using the call library functions in labview and access some of the functions that may be available in that driver. This seems like a better choice then pulling out wires and using a daq device to read value since you wont actually have to take apart the controller. That being said, for support on that driver, you might have more luck on the sixaxis forums here:
    Hope this helps
    Luke W

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    I have two questions:
    I am trying to make a user interface, using custom-build icons.
    -How can I load/copy my icons into labview?
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    Kind regards,
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    Hello Ronald,
    here is a link which does engage with this topic.
    Regards ThomasD

  • How do I use my MIDI controller to change PedalBoard in LP9?

    I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this, so I'm to just go for it & then try my best to narrow things down, clarify & define.
    I'm using Logic Pro 9 & Pedalboard (VERY cool). I've read the "manual" on it, but still can't figure out how to get my controller to run it. Basically, I have a Behringer FCB1010, that has been modified. It has 2 rows of "buttons", the bottom row now works like a regular stop box (it looks a LOT like Pedalboard actually) & there are two pedals. One pedal sends CC7 (Volume) the other pedal sends CC4. I use that one for a Wah Wah. The FCB1010 is programmed to send ONLY on MIDI Channel 16 (I set it that way).
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    Button 1 => CC26
    Button 2 => CC27
    Button 3 => CC28
    Button 4 => CC29
    Button 5 => CC30
    How do I (or can I) get say a Distortion Pedal in the first position of PedalBoard to respond to my Button 1, that's sending CC26, so that it can toggle the state of that pedal (turn it on / off)? Then, I'd like to do the same with the next several pedals on PedalBoard & use my pedals to run the Wah Wah pedal in PedalBoad.
    Also, I have 2 keyboards (a Korg & a Kurzweil) running on different MIDI channels. I use them to trigger plugins. I've been able to figure out how to get each to play one plugin or both to play the same plugin, but is there something I can set so that when the keyboards send CC7, it goes to the plugin & does NOT get picked up by the Mixer? Right now, when I try to change the volume of a plugin, it turns down the fader for whatever channel on the mixer is associated with it. I JUST want it to run the plugin & bypass the Mixer if possible.
    I'm sure this is a VERY confusing explanation of things. I apologize in adavance. PLEASE ask questions so that I can help to formulate a clearer picture of what the XXXX I'm trying to say & do here.

    i inherited the website. It’s for a non-profit and is not very
    sophisticated, and neither am I in webdesign. It currently has multiple
    pages that are identical except for that body section, so whenever i change
    the navigation (in the sidebar) I have to update every html page.  I want
    to have one basic page, and just call in the different body content based
    on the link the user selects from the nav bar. How can i do that using a
    script? i am using Dreamweaver.
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  • How can I use one motion controller to control two robotic independently?

    the help document says :
    Note  Configuring and clearing buffers is a processor-intensive operation on the motion controller that requires the allocation and deallocation of memory. You should configure and clear buffers only when motors are not moving and onboard programs are not running. For example, if you wish to execute three simultaneous contouring operations on axis 1, axis 2, and vector space 1 (with axes 3 and 4), you should first configure all three buffers before starting any of the operations. You can start the contour operations independently, and at different times, but should wait until all operations are complete before clearing any of the buffers.
    and i tried to conduct two contouring operation on two vector space. and tried to clear or configuring buffer for one vector when another one is still moving. so that i can start or end the movement at any time i want,and  it is error. but when i tried add a buffer  breakpoint output along with each vector movement. the bp doesn't work if the other vector is running . is there anyway to solve this problem.

    I think you've misunderstood what the dns attribute is for. The dns attribute returns the hostname of the client accessing your website, not the hostname of the website that linked to your website.
    For example, when someone using the Comcast ISP goes to a malicious website at that loads images from your website at, the dns attribute will be something like "", not "". ACLs are used for authentication and authorization of clients (not the websites those clients chose to visit), and they don't provide the functionality you're looking for.
    If I understand correctly, you want to prevent websites other than from linking to files in your d:/webserver/imat/pics_upload directory. You can achieve this adding the following lines to your obj.conf configuration file:
    <Object ppath="d:/webserver/imat/pics_upload/*">
    <Client referer="*~*">
    PathCheck fn="deny-existence"

  • How do i use one midi controller and ignore another in Mainstage 2.1?

    I am running Mainstage and Ableton Live in parallel and use two midi controllers. I would like the APC40 to just be recognized by Live, and my MPK49 to be recognized by Mainstage and Live. Right now, I get midi signal from Mainstage on both midi controllers and can't seem to figure out how to assign just Mainstage to just get midi input from the MPK49. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Yes, that worked a the device popups were set to all. Fixed that and moved on. Thanks! However another similar problem has come up...
    The sliders on the APC40 (which I just want to be recognized by Live), are affecting the Mainstage Channel Strips volume sliders. I can't seem to figure how to make Mainstage ignore this as all of the APC40 sliders are effecting Channel Strip 1. Thanks.

  • How do I use directional PDA buttons in LabVIEW programs?

    Hi all,
    I've been assigned to get a LabVIEW program to work on a Palm PDA with LabVIEW 7.0 and palm PDA module 7.0.  I am basically totally new to LabVIEW, and my possibly very simple problem is, the PC program requires input from a serially connected number pad for the 8, 4, 5, 6, and 2 keys which are used as four directions (8, 4, 6, and 2) and an enter (5). 
    I am trying to rewrite the input vi to use the directional buttons and middle enter button on the PDA itself but am having trouble figuring out what to use.  I am using a PDA simulator because of the PALM OS5 we own.  The input demo vi example provided will not build for PDA because of size so I am unsure of how to approach this.  Another thing is, we have LabVIEW and PDA module for pocket PC 8.0, and a Dell Axim PDA on order.  From what I understand off of this website, the latest PDA module has example button vi's.  I would still like to figure out the way to do this on 7.0 so I can have a better understanding of LabVIEW.  Eventually the program's endgoal is to be used on a PDA and inputting with a bluetooth keyboard, but we are going step by step right now.
    I guess my biggest questions are, how do I assign the directional buttons on the PDA in my program, and will this differ greatly when we switch to 8.0 and pocketPC.
    Oh and I did try to look at the example but from looking at the input subvi, still couldn't figure out how they assigned the buttons.

    I can't help with any specifics (no access to the PDA module at the moment and I didn't use the buttons anyway), but I would like to say that it probably would make a big difference if you used LV 8. 7.0 was the first version of the PDA module and was extemely limited and problematic (it didn't even have a tab control). 7.1 was somewhat better and I understand that 8 is even better (although still very limited and buggy).
    I also remember reading about several differences between Palm and PocketPC and I think you will generally be better off with the PocketPC as it's related to windows and will probably support more stuff.
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  • How do you use Synergy 7.1 with LabVIEW?

    My company has reciently installed and configured IBM Rational Synergy 7.1 to be used as our Source Code Control tool.  I have installed the appropriate Microsoft Source Code Control Interface so that Synergy will show up in LabVIEW and it does show up in the "Source Control" options window.
    However when I select Synergy as my source control tool it does the following:
    1.  Brings up the login window - I am able to login with no problem
    2.  Brings up a dialog allowing me to select the project to work on, and after I select the project I get two errors...
    one from Synergy: "The workspace/project you want to add to IBM Rational Synergy is not under the work area path 'C:\xxx"
    (where xxx is my work area for the Synergy project I selected)
    then one from LabVIEW:  "Error -2941 occured at prefPage_Source     An error occured trying to get the source control project path.    Possible reasons:  LabVIEW:  The source control provider does not support the specified operation."
    I first tried this on an earlier version of Synergy that matched what is being used in:
    But I was getting pretty much the same errors back then too.  It seems like it should work in LabVIEW, I just have no idea what I am doing wrong!
    Anyone out there successfully using LabVIEW with Synergy????

    In theory if a source control provider supports the Microsoft SCC interface, it *should* work with LabVIEW. In practice, each provider has custom implementation that sometimes causes problems when trying to configure the provider from LabVIEW. One sticking point for many providers is the expectation or assumption that an IDE will use some concept of a "project" and therefore pass data associated with that project to the provider. LabVIEW does not enforce that concept but does pass valid information.
    Synergy was tested back when it was a Telelogic product. It was difficult to configure and required exact steps to get it to work correctly. The linked knowledge base were steps taken that worked for a few customer setups. It's possible that on other Synergy setups the exact steps may not work. Also, you might check to make sure you try to configure existing Synergy projects  and not try to create new ones from LabVIEW.
    The error you mentioned seems to imply that some data is not supported by Synergy. I am not sure if Synergy would be able to track down the issue, but I would recommend contacting them to see if they can pinpoint what data LabVIEW is sending is not valid.
    George M
    National Instruments

  • How to we use CNC G-CODES in LabVIEW?

    I can't find any G-CODES interpretor for labiew.Anyone can help me? Here is my email for the conversation.
    [email protected]

    Hi eniscelik,
    About integrating existing G-code into LabVIEW, unfortunately, LabVIEW does not currently have any way to do this, as there are no toolkits or modules designed for this type of application, but  NI has  Alliance Partners who specializes in this type of work.Design & Assembly Concepts, Inc. specializes in motion control and does support these types of applications.
    Otherwise you can keep trying to comunicate with Gharb (link below):  
    If our developers know our customers are asking for it, they will be able to appropriately prioritize their development time, so I would suggest you to go to our NI idea Exchange (find link below) to provide feedback on G-code support.

  • How can I use undo and redo with run time menu?

    Hi..I try to built my own menu for graphic programming. How can I use undo and redo in labview with run time menu?

    During runtime, by default, LabVIEW has undo/redo data changes under the edit menu. This will undo/redo changes made to controls during runtime. If you want a more extensive undo/redo (custom for your application), you are going to have to do quite a few things
    1) Create a custom runtime menu (Edit>>RunTime Menu) and place your own undo/redo controls on it
    2) Keep an action history in your program
    3) Catch the Shortcut menu event for your custom undo/redo controls
    4) Reverse the last action in your histroy when you catch the event
    This method would allow you undo entire operations (like resize, move, or whatever kind of functionality you are building into your application) unstead of just undoing data changes.

  • How to use a C# dll in Labview?

    How can I use a C# dll in Labview 8.2? With the "Import Shared Library" Wizzard I need the header file which I don't have. Is there another way
    to use such .dll to import the functions created in C#?
    Thanks in advance

    afaik there is no tool which provides you the possibility to create something like an instrument driver for .NET assemblies.
    Maybe we should take a look into terminology:
    - Instrument driver: This is a set of functionality, which provides the user with an easy to use API for a special instrument. Very often, the driver itself is written in C/C++ and provided as a DLL.
    - "Import Shared Library" Wizard: This wizard enables the user to create an own API for any C/C++ DLL (or compatible) for LabVIEW. This wizard requires the information on all exported functions; this info is contained in the header file. The result of the wizard is a set of VIs containing one Call Library Function Node each for each exported function.
    - .NET assembly (extension .exe OR .dll): This can be compared to ActiveX. So the way to program with .NET is similar to ActiveX. Maybe you want to take a look into the examples of LabVIEW regarding .NET...
    - Global Assembly Cache (GAC): All assemblies contained here are registered in the system. Every application can easily work with assemblies contained here.
    - Private assemblies: This would be the way to work with .NET assemblies which are built on your own. You have to select the .DLL-file itself and make sure that the file can always be found in the same (relative)folder of your application.
    hope this helps,
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  • How to use XVID MEPG4 DECODER in labview

    May i ask how to use Xvid MEPG4 Decoder to compress the AVI file. For this decoder have been installed in my computer but the VI(IMAQ AVI2 Get Codec Names)can not list this code name. So may i ask how can i use this decoder in the labview. For this decoder is relatively has good quality and also small size. Or what kind of other solution can be provieded for the relative small size of AVI file.

    I believe this was answered already in a different thread: - Custom Imaging Solutions

  • I'm trying to use a madcatz controller on the mac but it turns on for 2 seconds and turns off. the system profiler picks it up as a xbox 360 gamepad but says its not been configured. how can i allow my self use this with my games.

    i'm trying to use a madcatz controller on the mac but it turns on for 2 seconds and turns off. the system profiler picks it up as a xbox 360 gamepad but says its not been configured. how can i allow my self use this with my games!

    I have exactly the same problem.
    I'm a little peed-off with Microsoft on this. The original wireless controller I have doesn't work either since the cable I'm using is 'just' the charge and play cable, so a direct connection to my Mac won't work with this cable. It's a cable for god's sake. Why on EARTH put any limitations on this!?!?
    Next I learn I need an additional USB wireless receiver from Microsoft to get my original 360 controller to talk to my Mac. As I certainly don't want to fork any more microsoft dollars on this, this is not an option.
    Next I think, yes! I have a MadCatz 360 wired USB controller. This should surely do the trick just plugging it in and the way I go. But oh no, for some reason I plug my MadCatz Xbox360 controller in, it flashes a few times then switches off and can't be turned on again.
    The System Profiles recognizes it as a MadCatz 360 device controller but that is about it, but the ontroller software I download for the System Prefs (360Controller, USBOverdrive etc) don't even recognize the controller as being plugged in.
    What the **** Is The Microsoft Deal with all of this!?!?
    PS: Oh, and I forgot to mention, there are No drivers for device 4716 that I can find on the MadCatz website, or am I going blind?
    If anyone has a link, it would be appreciated.
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  • How can I use environment variables in a controller?

    Hi all,
    How can I use environment variables in a controller?
    I want to pass a fully qualified directory and file name to FileInputStream and would like to do it by resolving an env variable, such as $APPLTMP.
    Is there a method somewhere that would resolve this??
    By the way,Did anyone used the class of "oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.RemoteFile"?
    The following is the code.
    My EBS server is installed with 2 nodes(one for current,and other is for application and DB).I want to copy the current server's file to the application server's $APPLTMP directory. But the result of "mCtx.getEnvStore().getEnv("APPLTMP")" is current server's $APPLTMP directory.
    Can anyone help me on this?
    private String getURL()
    throws IOException
    File locC = null;
    File remC = new File(mPath);
    String lurl = null;
    CpUtil lUtil = new CpUtil();
    String exten;
    Connection lConn = mCtx.getJDBCConnection();
    ErrorStack lES = mCtx.getErrorStack();
    LogFile lLF = mCtx.getLogFile();
    String gwyuid = mCtx.getEnvStore().getEnv("GWYUID");
    String tmpDir = mCtx.getEnvStore().getEnv("APPLTMP");
    String twoTask = mCtx.getEnvStore().getEnv("TWO_TASK");
    // create temp file
    mLPath = lUtil.createTempFile("OF", exten, tmpDir);
    lUtil.logTempFile(mLPath, mLNode, mCtx);

    However within OAF on the application it doesn't.
    what doesnt work, do you get errors or nothing ?XX_TOP is defined in adovars.env only. Anywhere else this has to go?
    No, it is read from the adovars.env file only.Thanks

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    I`m having no luck playing streamed .avi, mpg and .mov ( all video) files. The avi and mpeg video files freeze up upon start up and only show the first second of the video for the first 5-10 minutes. After that they play fine although with no sound.