How do i use one midi controller and ignore another in Mainstage 2.1?

I am running Mainstage and Ableton Live in parallel and use two midi controllers. I would like the APC40 to just be recognized by Live, and my MPK49 to be recognized by Mainstage and Live. Right now, I get midi signal from Mainstage on both midi controllers and can't seem to figure out how to assign just Mainstage to just get midi input from the MPK49. Any ideas? Thanks.

Yes, that worked a the device popups were set to all. Fixed that and moved on. Thanks! However another similar problem has come up...
The sliders on the APC40 (which I just want to be recognized by Live), are affecting the Mainstage Channel Strips volume sliders. I can't seem to figure how to make Mainstage ignore this as all of the APC40 sliders are effecting Channel Strip 1. Thanks.

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  • How do you use one managed session bean from another?

    Hello -
    I am a complete newbie to JSF coming from Struts 1. My question is how do you use one managed bean from the method of another one? I think this would be a common senario. For example I put a bean in session scope when a user logs in and in a different method within a different bean I want to get some of this user's information. What is the correct way to retireve one bean from a method in another with session scope?
    Also what would the code look like to retieve another bean from the method of a managed bean where the bean you want to retrieve has application scope?
    Thank you in advance.

    Sinplicity wrote:
    Could you be a bit more specific? If a bean is configured in the faces config file then all of it's properties are managed, correct?Not necessarily.
    What would the code look like to retireve the bean?You don't retrieve it, it has been injected.
    Can I retrieve the whole bean or just a property of the bean. I would be really interested in seeing how this is done in code? And would really love a bit more information on what it means to be a managed property?Time to consult a JSF tutorial.

  • How do I use my MIDI controller to change PedalBoard in LP9?

    I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this, so I'm to just go for it & then try my best to narrow things down, clarify & define.
    I'm using Logic Pro 9 & Pedalboard (VERY cool). I've read the "manual" on it, but still can't figure out how to get my controller to run it. Basically, I have a Behringer FCB1010, that has been modified. It has 2 rows of "buttons", the bottom row now works like a regular stop box (it looks a LOT like Pedalboard actually) & there are two pedals. One pedal sends CC7 (Volume) the other pedal sends CC4. I use that one for a Wah Wah. The FCB1010 is programmed to send ONLY on MIDI Channel 16 (I set it that way).
    The bottom row of 5 buttons are programmed as:
    Button 1 => CC26
    Button 2 => CC27
    Button 3 => CC28
    Button 4 => CC29
    Button 5 => CC30
    How do I (or can I) get say a Distortion Pedal in the first position of PedalBoard to respond to my Button 1, that's sending CC26, so that it can toggle the state of that pedal (turn it on / off)? Then, I'd like to do the same with the next several pedals on PedalBoard & use my pedals to run the Wah Wah pedal in PedalBoad.
    Also, I have 2 keyboards (a Korg & a Kurzweil) running on different MIDI channels. I use them to trigger plugins. I've been able to figure out how to get each to play one plugin or both to play the same plugin, but is there something I can set so that when the keyboards send CC7, it goes to the plugin & does NOT get picked up by the Mixer? Right now, when I try to change the volume of a plugin, it turns down the fader for whatever channel on the mixer is associated with it. I JUST want it to run the plugin & bypass the Mixer if possible.
    I'm sure this is a VERY confusing explanation of things. I apologize in adavance. PLEASE ask questions so that I can help to formulate a clearer picture of what the XXXX I'm trying to say & do here.

    i inherited the website. It’s for a non-profit and is not very
    sophisticated, and neither am I in webdesign. It currently has multiple
    pages that are identical except for that body section, so whenever i change
    the navigation (in the sidebar) I have to update every html page.  I want
    to have one basic page, and just call in the different body content based
    on the link the user selects from the nav bar. How can i do that using a
    script? i am using Dreamweaver.
    ~ in love and light ~
    On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 4:07 AM, Ben Pleysier <[email protected]>

  • HT3354 how can i use one table for reference to another

    how can i use a table for a referance to another eg when i type a word in a cell, i will like it to match the word with another table then return the information in the cell i am using

    you can use vlookup() (or any of the lookup family of functions) to locate an item based on a key value:
    Here is an example of something you can do with two tables:
    The table on the right is title "Data" and stores a list of names with age and favorite color.
    The table on the left uses the value in the first column to lookup up information in the table Data
    in the table on the left:
    B2=IFERROR(A2&" is " & VLOOKUP(A2, Data :: A:D, 2, 0)&" years old and likes the color "& VLOOKUP(A2, Data :: A:D, 3, 0), "NOT FOUND")
    I know this look complicated.  so I'll break it up into smalled pieces:
    first the "&" is called the concatenate operator and joins two strings.  like this:
    a string is a set of characters between double quotes.
    so "string 1" & "string 2" becomes "string 1string2"  or "Sam " & "Jones" becomes "Sam Jones"
    you can use cell references instead of strings directly in which case the concatenation is performed on the contents of the cells.
    so if cell A1 contains "Hi " and the cell A2 contains "There"  then A1 & A2 will result in "Hi There"
    so you could add the formula
    A3=A1 & A2
    this is short hand for select cell A3 then type everything including the A3 so that A3 contains "=A1 & A2" (omit the double quote)
    OK.  So the formula I provided concatenates several items together:
    it concatenates A2, then the string " is " then a formula, then the string " years old and likes the color " then a formula
    the two formulas (highlighted in blue) perform a lookup of the value in cell A2 in columns A thru D of the table named "Data".  If if finds the value in cell A2 in the first column of the lookup range in the table Data (column A) then it returns the value from the same row but in the second or third column.
    all that is in a function calld iserror() to trap the condition where the calue you enter in A2 does not exist in the table Data:
    You will find the Numbers users guide and function reference helpful.  You can download then from Apple here:

  • How can I use one motion controller to control two robotic independently?

    the help document says :
    Note  Configuring and clearing buffers is a processor-intensive operation on the motion controller that requires the allocation and deallocation of memory. You should configure and clear buffers only when motors are not moving and onboard programs are not running. For example, if you wish to execute three simultaneous contouring operations on axis 1, axis 2, and vector space 1 (with axes 3 and 4), you should first configure all three buffers before starting any of the operations. You can start the contour operations independently, and at different times, but should wait until all operations are complete before clearing any of the buffers.
    and i tried to conduct two contouring operation on two vector space. and tried to clear or configuring buffer for one vector when another one is still moving. so that i can start or end the movement at any time i want,and  it is error. but when i tried add a buffer  breakpoint output along with each vector movement. the bp doesn't work if the other vector is running . is there anyway to solve this problem.

    I think you've misunderstood what the dns attribute is for. The dns attribute returns the hostname of the client accessing your website, not the hostname of the website that linked to your website.
    For example, when someone using the Comcast ISP goes to a malicious website at that loads images from your website at, the dns attribute will be something like "", not "". ACLs are used for authentication and authorization of clients (not the websites those clients chose to visit), and they don't provide the functionality you're looking for.
    If I understand correctly, you want to prevent websites other than from linking to files in your d:/webserver/imat/pics_upload directory. You can achieve this adding the following lines to your obj.conf configuration file:
    <Object ppath="d:/webserver/imat/pics_upload/*">
    <Client referer="*~*">
    PathCheck fn="deny-existence"

  • How can I use one Add-on prior to another for specific MIME-types?

    I'm using Shockwave Flash plugin to watch some videos on YouTube, StreamCloud, etc. It also handles .mkv and .mp4 files/streams. After installing VLC Web plugin to handle MIME-types like mp3/4, mkv additionally and prior to the Flash plugin, Firefox keeps using Flash to handle those types insted. I cannot find options to set the desired priorities. Only disabling the Flash plugin solves my problem, but also keeps me from watching Flash contents, which Is not acceptable.
    Did I miss something or is this Firefox's fault?

    If you type or paste '''about:plugins''' in the address bar and press Enter, you can see which plugins are associated which various content types.
    I do not know how to prioritize one over the other for the same content type if the plugin settings (plugins often have an interface outside of Firefox to adjust their settings) do not allow that.
    As for MP4, I don't think Flash normally would be selected. I suspect the website is specifying a Flash media player and streaming the MP4 through that. If you want to hide the Flash plugin from a particular website, you can use the Permissions tab of the Page Info dialog.
    Click the padlock or globe icon in the address bar, then More Information, then Permissions. The top section of the Permissions panel should be "Activate Plugins". Here you can select Block for Flash for the current site. After reloading the page, does the media play using a different plugin?

  • Issue with pulling down one view controller and posting another one

    I have a situation where I need to post a modal view when another one is closed by the user.
    Say i have a EULA a user must accept before continuing and once the EULA is accepted I want to show a Splash screen which is another View controller.
    So essentially when the user accepts the EULA, the EULAViewController calls its delegate's eulaAccepted method. In this case the delegate is a view controller inherited from UIViewController object.
    - (void) eulaAccepted {
    // Dismiss the EULA controller first
    [self dismissModalViewController animated:YES];
    // Now show the splash screen to the user
    SplashController *splash = [[SplashController alloc] init];
    [self presentModalViewController:splash animated:YES];
    [splash release];
    When I do this, the code sort of goes into recursive loop with lot of the following in the stack:
    UIView(Hierarchy) _makeSubtreePerformSelector:withObject:withObject:copySublayers:
    If I present the splashController in another method which I invoke after a certain delay then it works fine. But the timing is again an issue since it works on some devices and not on others. So I do not like that solution.
    What is the best practice to handle such situations? I was under the impression that the OS would sequence these animations and perform one after the other and I would not have to worry about them but doesn't look like it works that way.
    Would greatly appreciate your inputs.

    Here is what I did. I overrode the presentModalViewController:animated: and then if a controller is already posted, I start a thread which waits for the old one to be pulled down before the new one is posted.
    There could still be a problem here if postModalViewController is called before another one has been posted since then self.modalViewController will still be nil. But the UIViewController can deal with it. My current issue is posting one when another is being pulled down, not posting 2 views at the same time
    This works but I still would like to know if there is a better way to handle such situations.
    // Invoke the super with animation set to YES
    - (void) presentModalViewControllerWithAnimation:(UIViewController *) vc {
    [super presentModalViewController:vc animated:YES];
    // This method should be invoked in its own thread
    // If there is a modal controller already posted then wait for it to be pulled down before posting this one
    - (void) checkAndPresentModalViewControllerWithAnimation:(UIViewController *) vc {
    while (self.modalViewController != nil) {
    [NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:0.1];
    [self performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(presentModalViewControllerWithAnimation:) withObject:vc waitUntilDone:NO];
    // Invoke the super with animation set to NO
    - (void) presentModalViewController:(UIViewController *) vc {
    [super presentModalViewController:vc animated:NO];
    // This method should be invoked in its own thread
    // If there is a modal controller already posted then wait for it to be pulled down before posting this one
    - (void) checkAndPresentModalViewController:(UIViewController *) vc {
    while (self.modalViewController != nil) {
    [NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:0.1];
    [self performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(presentModalViewController:) withObject:vc waitUntilDone:NO];
    // Override the UIViewController method
    // If no modal controller is yet posted then directly invoke the super's presentModalViewController:animated:
    // If one is already posted then start a worker thread to wait for it to be pulled down before posting the new one
    - (void) presentModalViewController:(UIViewController *) vc animated:(BOOL)animated {
    if (self.modalViewController == nil) {
    [super presentModalViewController:vc animated:animated];
    } else {
    if (animated) {
    [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector(checkAndPresentModalViewControllerWithAnimation:) toTarget:self withObject:vc];
    } else {
    [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector(checkAndPresentModalViewController:) toTarget:self withObject:vc];

  • HT204053 Dear Support Team, every time i tried to logon Icloud its gives me wrong user name or password and at the end it show me error " This Apple ID is valid but is not an ICloud Account" then how can i use one account for same Apple ID and ICloud???

    Dear Support Team,
    Every time i tried to logon Icloud its gives me wrong user name or password and at the end it show me error " This Apple ID is valid but is not an ICloud Account" then how can i use one account for same Apple ID and ICloud?

    It is not possible to create a new iCloud account using a Windows machine. You must create the account using a Mac (10.7.5 or more) or an IOS device (iPhone etc). Once that is done you can sign into and use the account on your Windows machine.

  • My husband and I both have iPhones . How do I use one account for purchases and keep the email separate when using iCloud?

    My husband and I both have iPhones . How do I use one iTunes account to share music, photos and apps, and keep our email accounts separate since all data will use the iCloud function.

    You shouldn't be using the same account on phone iphones. Have him setup his own and make sure his iCloud is logged in with that one

  • 1. I have an iPod which has purchases synced with I tunes with an apple ID. I now have an iPad with a new ID for cloud. I have cloud storage capacity of 5gb which came with the iPad. How can I use one ID and store my existing music in cloud?

    1. I have an iPod which has purchases synced with I tunes with an apple ID. I now have an iPad with a new ID for cloud. I have cloud storage capacity of 5gb which came with the iPad. How can I use one ID and store my existing music in cloud?

    HI Frostyfrog
    CHeck out iTunes Match which has an annual fee of £21 or thereabouts. You can store a maximum of 25,000 songs there and they all become available on your other kit, iPhone, iPad and iPod. I know it works as I have over 23000 songs uploaded of which only a few we're bought through iTunes.
    it works by comparing your music to the whole iTunes music dadata base so you access the same tunes that you could get from iTunes. If you have obscure stuff, it uploads your own music to the cloud as a copy.
    I Find it incredible that on my iPhone with its 16gb memory I can view almost 200 gb of music (ie my 23000 songs) and play any of them. Anything I add to iTunes becomes available via the cloud fairly quickly from a few minutes or a little longer if adding a lot.
    The first time you use it it will take quite a while to match your music if you have a lot, but after that it is all automatic. Read the stuff on the apple site. Your PC needs to be at least running Vista. I recommend it and at less than 50p a week it's good value.
    Good luck

  • How can I set up a wi-fi network, using one time capsule and two airport express

    how can I set up a wi-fi network, using one time capsule and two airport express ?
    The time capsule is near the Mac. ok
    The first Airport is on the corridor, ok, works well and the App on the iPad signals so, ok
    But when I plug the next Airport on another room nearby nothing happens, and signals disconected ....
    is the signal so weak that is not able to go to ono room to the other ?

    Well, even if you have the first express set up to extend the network, the second express can only extend from the TimeCapsule.
    Maybe you got walls of sheetrook in the way, or kitchen/bathroom tiles, etc, dampening the signal rapidly.

  • TS4002 when to persons are using one apple ID and they sync their contacts to gather then first sync contacts are deleted. how we get it back?

    when to persons are using one apple ID and they sync their contacts to gather then first sync contacts are deleted. how we get it back?

    You can share the same Apple ID for purchasng form the iTunes and app stores without any problems, but you should all used separate iCloud accounts with separate Apple IDs.  (You are not required to use the same ID for iCloud and other services as you do for the iTunes store.)  This will prevent you from ending up with merged data.  You should also use separate Apple IDs for iMessage and FaceTime or you will end up getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.
    This article may be of interest: r-family/, as well as this video: l.

  • How to use one keyboard, mouse and display for two PC's?

    hey guys, right now i'm using a mac mini and also another Windows PC tower. whenever i want to switch between them i need to re-plug in my headphones/keyboard/mouse/display and this is getting annoying. i've been using a usb hub for the mouse and keyboard so it's not as difficult to setup. is there anything out there that'll allow me to switch between them more easily?
    what are my options?
    thank you

    If both are on your intranet, try Synergy.
    I personally use the Wormhole.  You can drag between desktops.

  • I'm creating live video effects using a midi controller

    I am creating live video effects using a midi controller on a mcabook.The final destination for the video content is an ipad app which uses the built in iPad camera to capture video. I want to "trick" the ipad into "filming" the video from the macbook with the effects. Does anyone have any ideas - software orhardware solutions are all viable. The ipad accepts audio through an Alesis iODock. I really be looking for a software solution which will over ride the built in camera on the ipad and accept a feed from the Macbook.

    You can't override the physical camera and substitute the macbook camera.
    You could find an app or write one that would have the macbook stream the video over wifi from the macbook to the iPad.

  • How can i use one SQL statement to solve problem?

    How can i use one SQL statement to solve the question below?
    For a Table named A, there is a column named F(char type).
    Now select all the records where F like '%00' and update their F value to '%01'
    Just one SQL statement.Do not use PL/SQL block.
    How to do that?

    What is the data volume for this table?
    Do you expect lots of rows to have '%00' as their value?
    Following two statements come to mind. Other experts would be able to provide better alternatives:
    If you have index on SUBSTR(f, 2):
    SET    f = SUBSTR(f,
                      length(f) - 2) || '01'
    WHERE  substr(f,
                  -2) = '00';If most of the rows have pattern '%00':
    SET    f = SUBSTR(f,
                      length(f) - 2) ||

Maybe you are looking for

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    Right now I'm experencing a problem with printing in Flashpaper. In my company we're converting brochures over into Flashpaper as a test. Everything converts over smoothly until we do a print test. What we're seeing in our print outputs is any area t

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    I have a sony bravia ex65 Led tv with skype ready tv. I bought cmu-br100 Camera and used skype. After 2 Months the skype after connet it is disconnecting saying camera is disconneted. Kindly help me in solving this problem. My email is *removed for p

  • FCP won't update to latest version iteration, 5.1.2

    While running software update on my iMac dual core, I noted the automatic download of Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 plus a Motion update. Great... however, on my G5 dual processor, my FCP version is 5.0.4. I run the software update each week, including today,