How do know open quantity  for a  sales order  (patially  delivered)

Hi  Gurus,
I have requirement to  know  open quantity for  sales order and it was partially delivered.
Any table  to know partially delivered qty of a material for a  sales order.

Check This Table  VBBE for open order quantity
You can find open Qty like this
Open Qty  = Delivery Qty (LIPS-LFIMG) - Order Qty (VBAP-KWMENG)

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  • How to set "Configuration Variant" for a sales order item using function

    Hello All,
    I use function module 'SD_SALES_DOCU_MAINTAIN'  to create Customer Indep. Requirements but how to set "Configuration Variant" for a sales order item.
    Is their any idea or sample code?

    Hi Zhijun zhang,
    A variant is simply an SAP report where the parameters for running the report have been set by the user and then saved with unique name. This allows future retrieval and execution of the report faster without reentering the parameters. As a convention the variant name should start with with the digits 50 so searchs for LHU variants is easier and quicker.
    The first link will guide you by screen shot wise.
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  • How do know multiple  deliveries of a sales order

    could anyone tel me   how do know multiple deliveries of a sales order.
    Any  Table  or Tcode.

    Hi ,
    you can get details in the likp or lips table  ,
    vbfa can give you the detail of preceding document  .
    Digvijay Rai

  • How to create an Invoice for the sales order using the T-Code VF01

    Hello Experts,
    How to create an Invoice for a sales order using the T-Code VF01?
    Thanks in advace,

    Make the following settings-
    1. Create sales document and billing type
    2. assign billing type in sales document type config VOV8
    3. Activate itemcategory as sales order related billing
    4. Maintain copy control header and item level between sales order and billing
    5. Maintain pricing procedure for sales order and billing
    6. Define Output procedure in case to print invoice

  • How to use of API for Cancel Sales Orders

    I want to use API for Cancel Sales Orders. Plz give me advice how we can cancel orders. I know that there is procedure provide in ORACLE APPs (i.e. OE_ORDER_PUB.process_order). But in this procedure i know the how to create and update sales order, but how to Cancel order with the use of this API.
    Plz send me soultion as soon as possible. ITS VERY VERY URGENT BASE.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi all,
    We are importing Sales Orders on 11.5.9 using OE_Order_PUB.Process_Order API .We have supplied most of the mandatory fields and the same data works from the front end. When we use the API it throws a Ora 20001.
    A snapshot of the error message.
    SQL> exec pk_process_object.process_order('1o');
    Message Count is :2
    Message is RA-20001: User in Package OE_Header_Util Procedure Get_Order_Number
    Message is :User-Defined Exception in Package OE_Header_Util Procedure
    Return Status is ErrorU
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

  • How  to create one delivery for two sales orders?

    Hi Experts,
    I need to create one delivery for two sales orders. But it fails.
    The route, shipping point, ship to party are same for both orders but INCOTERMS are different.
    Delivery date, Good issue date, loading date,material availability date, transportation planning date for 1st order is 12/07/11 and for second order is 14/07/11.
    I have created delivery on 14/07/2011 but the delivery is created for 1st order only, the second order is missing in the delivery.
    It not happened because of incorterms.? different dates
    Kindly help regarding this.

    To understand splitting behavior, see SAP Note 546668 - FAQ: Delivery split when creating deliveries. And yes, incoterms happens.
    I think that with the help of question 6 you can try to force the merging of SO. Then, see SAP Note 166397 - Delivery split according to customer field ZUKRL, and handling the field ZUKRL in a VOFM in the copy rule I think that you can try to do it.
    Finally See  Note 4505 - Duprec when adding delivery (VL04, VL01, VL10*) to avoid problems while you are merging.

  • How to create one delivery for multiple sales order

    Hi!! Friends,
    Can some one explain the steps to be followed in creating one delivery for multiple sales order in SAP SD.
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            AKASH TAMBI

                  You can combine different orders in to one delivery ,But for the customer Order combination should be checked in  the sales area data of the shipping tab,we can combine orders but the ship to party,Route,Inco terms,Shipping date,shipping point should be same,you can do in T.code VL04 & VL10
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    Thanks & Regards

  • FMS to Find total number of Quantity for all Sales Orders

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to get the total number of quantities for the current document. Kindly help me out how to find it out for the current document.
    Currently I am giving the document no. to the query by modifying the query every time before executing it.  but how can i do this without giving the document numbers and executing the query directly.
    Kindly help ...
    Thanks and regards,

    Please follow below steps to get total quantity.
    1. Run below query first in query generator
    SELECT sum(T1.[Quantity]) FROM ORDR T0  INNER JOIN RDR1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry WHERE t0.docnum = $[ORDR.docnum]
    2. After execute, save it under query manager with required name
    3. Open sales order and run saved query
    4. Total quantity will be displayed in query result.
    refer below screen shot:
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How to validate the quantity booked in sales order

    When a sales order is booked for a customer, a validation should be done for the quantity ordered on this particular customer,
    If any order placed for an item beyond max order quantity for this customer, system should pop up some message or alert to the user.
    This should take care of multiple entries of that item in the sales order lines.
    Awaiting your valuable reply,

    If I understood correctly, a customer “C” can order at most 10 units, for example, in one order, however, “C“ can order 20 units divided in two orders, 10 units each.
    If you use blanket sales order, you can define the maximum quantity that can be entered in each release. I made some tests here and it’s performing the validation only at the line level, not across all order lines as you require. I don’t know if this is the intended functionality. If it is, maybe a forms personalization could be used in order to validate the total ordered quantity against the quantity defined in the blanket sales order.
    Another issue is that you will not enter the sales order directly into Sales Order form; you will need to find the blanket sales order and then create a release (sales order linked to the blanket).
    In order to prevent user from entering orders to this customer with no reference to the blanket, it’s possible to define a security rule in OM preventing orders to this customers without a blanket sales orders reference.
    Ketter Ohnes

  • How to know , when serial number in sales order is changed ?

    Hi All,
    I am changing Sales order line item serial number. So the equipment number and Serial number both are changed for that particular line item. But I am unable to know, what was the last Equipment number, and Last serial number for that material of sales order line item.
    Can any one please help me, how to determine the details about the date and time of change of serial number of a particular sales order line item ?

    I have already checked for VA02 -> Line item -> Environment ->changes.  It show changes related to fields available in VA02.
    But it is not showing changes related to Serial number change.
    I have also checked with table CDHDR, CDPOS. But the data related to change in serial number of SO line item is not captured in those tables also.
    Is there any other way to know?

  • Partial confirm on customeru2019s order quantity for EDI sales order

    Hi All,
      Our company is using ECC 6.0. We seem to having issues with orders coming through EDI u2013 i.e. it will not partially confirm what we have in stocks and just reject the whole line. E.g. If the customer is ordering 300 units for an material and we have 200 units in stocks only, it will zero confirm instead of partially confirm 200 units. If I try to manually key in the same material in the same sales order then it will partially confirm it (I.e. 200 units) instead of zero confirm.
      I have checked the ATP check rules and it seems everything alright. Any idea why this would happen only for EDI orders? Are there any EDI setup that will cause this issue? Any ideas where I can looks for the potential issues might be?
      Thank you.

    What happens when you enter the order manually (VA01)?
    Best Regards,

  • How to generate one invoice for a sales order with product returns

    Hi All,
    I have a sales order that has been delivered and goods issue posted. Now the customer returns some of the product and I generated a Return using VA01 - document type RE, generated a returns delivery and posted a goods return.
    I need to generate an invoice that will only consider the quantities that were not returned.
    I have checked the sales process pertaining to returns, but all I have found consider generating a Credit Memo.
    Is there a way to generate an invoice that will only invoice the quantities that were not returned? Say I sold 10 pcs, and 2 were returned, so I want to invoice 8.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi Sandeep, Jyotsana, Goutham. Thank you all for your time and your replies.
    What is happenning here is that there is a vendor-client relationship where there is a constant flow of purchase orders, and the orders are large.
    I understand that it is standard SAP procedure, but in this case, it is not the most efficient. I have two alternatives the way I see it:
    1. Post the invoices according to SAP Standard, and then the Credit Memo.
    2. Reverse the Purchase Order.
    There are disadvantages with both alternatives:
    1. I get much more paperwork than I really need.
    2. When I get the returns, the delivery, picking and goods issue have been posted, and I would have to reverse all that. Not a very good Idea I think, especially if I have a purchase order with 150 different materials and I get a return of 2 items of one material.
    Again, thanks for your replies. From what you have told me I am thinking that what I'll need is to implement a User Exit or Badi.
    Best Regards,

  • How to Invoke custom Idoc for a sales order

    How to create/invoke a custom Idoc when a service order(IW31) IS-U is created or modified ?

    Hi Senthil,
    You can use the output determination technique for this,
    so when ever it got created this out put will be trigered and configure your partner profile also in the similar way.

  • Max.value for a sales order

    Hi Gurus,
    A min.order value can be maintained in Sales order by the condition type AMIW but can any one tell how to maintain max.value for a sales order???
    Awaiting your early answers..........

    in OVA8, there maintain the maximum document value as required.
    If not then you need to take help of ABAPer
    With the help of ABAper you need to prepare a logic for this maximum order value.
    Then Go to sales order user exit userexit_save_document_prepare there u insert logic with the help of abaper.
    Based on logic created by ABAPer, while saving the sales order it will check this logic and throw out the error if it exceeds max value
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  • How to calculate Opening balance for a customer?

    Hi Experts,
    How to calculate Opening balance for a customer? I am trying to develop a report where in i have to get opening AR balance,current sales,adjustments etc of a customer. Please let me know how can i do this. I have some tables with me KNC1, BSAD, BSID.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Sharat Chandra.

    Say for example ..
    Get the opening bal for Customer 'K' in CCode 'C1' in 2008 ..
    First get all items from BSEG ..
    Select * from BSEG where KUNNR eq 'K'
                                     and BUKRS eq 'C1'
                                     and GJAHR eq '2008' .
    Sum all the DMBTR values (This is the total value).
    Second get the cleared items form BSAD for the above entries;
    Select * from BSAD for all entries in BSEG where KUNNR and BUKRS and XBLNR eq BSEG-XBLNR.
    Sum all DMBTR values ( this is cleared value).
    Third substract the cleared value from total to get Open value.
    This is a overview .. you should go to the tables and look for fields and etc.. and then define the logic meeeting your requirements .... this is a genric undersatnding ....
    Aditya. V

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