How do you add new template layout to a Concurrent Program?

I've created several rtf templates via MS Words BI Publisher and somehow they get attached to template layout that can be selected before running the Concurrent Program - but does anybody know how this is done as I can't find how?
thanks in advance..

Hi Steven,
You would need to define those template(rtf) in XML Publisher Administrator responsibility (latest XMLP patch#5472959). Check this doc for more info:

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    >What do you mean Sandee?<br /><br />Robert,<br /><br />Sandee's comment did come across as a bit strong, eh. InDesign is better than Quark  for the most part. (Hey,even Quark has it's good points. <g>) But they are different and preconceptions of how to do certain things can hinder a user from using the program to it's best advantage. This goes both ways, but long time Quark users will almost certainly have developed some bad habits that should be broken if using InDesign. [check out podcasts. the first few are audio only but the first one in particular deals with this idea, and others reinforce it with specifics.]<br /><br />Your concern about Quark Project files does not fit into this catagory though. You will not find a comparable feature in ID. But I don't think you'll miss it as much as you think.<br /><br />I can't answer your questions about Bridge and Version Cue. I have no experience with them. [there are videocasts on Adobe TV that may give you an idea of how useful Bridge can be. Cafe Fibonacci Ep1, touches on it, Lazy Designer has a couple of episodes that show some not so obvious features.] Essentially Bridge is a common repository for all your files, and that can include your colleagues. But it's more than a way to catalogue and codify your files, you can access the rest of the suite from Bridge, you can even access specific functions of the other applications directly within Bridge.<br /><br />Version Cue manages projects. It keeps track of who did what to where and what version is current. It also allows you to submit different versions for consideration and revert specific items of your layout to previous versions  or is that Bridge? Hopefully someone with a better grasp of Bridge and Version Cue will come to your rescue. But it's obvious that there is a lot of work group functionality built in to CS.

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    ok i am ********
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    Here is what iCal Help says about being unable to change an event or calendar.
    If you can’t change an event or calendar, check the following:
    If it’s a calendar to which you’ve subscribed, you can change the calendar name but you can’t change its events or to-do items.
    If you were invited to an event, you can change only your status for the event, the calendar where the event appears, and the event alarm.
    You can’t change or delete events on the Birthdays calendar. (To show the Birthdays calendar, select “Show Birthdays calendar” in iCal preferences.) To change the birthdays that appear, open Address Book (in your Applications folder) and make your changes there. For more information, in Address Book choose Help > Address Book Help.
    If you can’t change a single event’s time zone or the iCal time zone, time zone support may be turned off. Choose iCal > Preferences, click Advanced, and then make sure the “Turn on time zone support” checkbox is selected.
    If you want to change events on a calendar that you published on the Internet, but you’ve deleted the calendar from your Calendars list, you need to re-create the calendar with all its events, give it the same name as the published calendar, and then publish the new calendar. The new calendar will replace the previously published one.
    If you can’t change an event for which you are the organizer, or you can’t change the attendee settings for an event you’ve been invited to, make sure all your email addresses are listed on your Address Book card (the card marked “me”).
    1. Do any of those recommendations help you further define your problem.
    2. Is there any reason you have not yet upgraded to OS X 10.5.3?

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    I have the Iphone 4s and the Calendar app does not have the "+" symbol to add a new calendar entry.  How do you add new entries in the Calendar app?

    Nevermind.  I saw the previous discussions on this topic after my post.

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    how do you add a new thumbnail to a slide show when using in-browser editing?

    At this moment you can’t add pictures to a slideshow. You only can replace them.

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    How do you add a new portion to the beginning of your project without disturbing the rest of the project that already has perfectly place clips attached to beat markers with the music ?
    I forgot to add a tittle intro before the music starts with the attached pictures. When I try to add the whole project goes out of sync.
    I want to just add an intro without disturbing the entire project.

    Well, if you re-attach your background music under the first clip, the starting point will be at the start of that clip so I think it will still be in sync.  If not it's simply a matter of nudging the music track a bit along the timeline.  Comparing the audio waveforms of the two tracks should help with this.  When its right you can delete the track in the background music position.  Now you can add what you like before the first clip without affecting sync.

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    The only new icons you can add to your home screen are webclips, which can be added by using the "+" button in safari on the desired web page.
    You won't be able to add new apps until February when the SDK is fully seeded to developers.

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    Just uploaded iso7 , . . .hate it!  Can you change background colours?  How do you add a new item/activity to the schedule? In notes the font has changed, can I change it back and the link colour is now yellow instead of blue, can I change it?  Yellow on white is harder to read. Thanks

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    If it's CC or CC 2014, you check with your plugin makers and download their latest installer. Never attempt to move plugins from an old to a new install.

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