How do you change to single click to open files and folders?

How do you change from double clicking a file/folder, to single clicking (web style)?

Finder > Preferences
Turn it off it irks you. I find it exceedingly useful.

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  • How do you change the name of a folder/file on an expansion drive

    How do you change the name of a folder/file on an expansion drive or external hard drive?

    The same way you change it on the internal drive; click on the name and wait a second or two for the field to drop into editing mode, then just type the new name. Or Get Info on the file/folder and change the name there.

  • How can you change the font size in the application and system headers?

    How can you change the font size in the application and system headers?  I searched the system and finder prefs to no avail.  Changing the screen density is not a good option.

    I downloaded Tinkertool.  Found the font section and increased the size of most selections.  The only thing that changed that I can see is the window label.  The apple line, bookmarks line, the tool bar in safari are all the same---font size of about 4.  Found the finder "show view options" but that didn't seem to change anything either.  I'll keep working.  Restarted all apps after changes as well.

  • How do you change the password protection for a file if you forget it?

    How do you change the password protection for a file if you forget it?

    Certainly not with Reader...

  • How do I change the default application to open files.

    I am rather new to Mac OS (using Leopard). I am rather frustrated, that I have not been able to find a way to change the default application that opens PDF files. I looked around the System Prefernces, couldn't find it, searched the Web, nothing. And I could not find an answer in this forum either.
    So here is my question. How do I change the default application for opening PDF files from Preview to Adobe Reader? I do not want to have to click "open with" every time, I want to open a PDF file.
    And how do I do this for other files also? For instance, I may want to open images files with Photoshop instead of Preview.

    Hey ! I was going mad with the same question - and I'm not a complete newbie - so thanks to William for answering it - I knew I'd seen that dialog somewhere, but just couldn't find it. Text edit was driving me crazy telling me that .ppt files were screwed, now I've got em to open with Powerpoint...
    In answer to your last question, Craig, the dialog that appears to ask if you're sure specifically says the change will relate to all .pdf files ( or .ppt or .whatever ), so it won't stop Preview from opening other types of files.
    Thanks for the help - searched Apple support in vain on this one...

  • How can I get iTUNES library to display renamed files and folders (renamed with Windows Explorer)?

    How can I get iTunes library to display the new names and organisation of tracks and albums (ie files and folders) that I have renamed and reorganised (using Windows Explorer) having previously imported them using iTunes?
    (Even when I relocate "lost" tracks in iTunes (using the drop down menu facility to view in Windows explorer), although iTunes will then play the track, and knows where to find it, it refuses to display the track with its correct (new) name, or show it the correct (new) album.  That means I have lots of things called "Untitled" and "Track 01" etc, all of which have actually been renamed, but iTunes does not seem to have the capability to recognise the changes and update its library listing.  Another example - a Tchaikovsky CD with 3 major works in 13 tracks insists on displaying in iTunes as 13 tracks in one album, despite the fact that I have reorganised the tracks into 3 albums - two being Swan Lake and The Nutcracker - and renamed the individual tracks to a more useable format.)

    Thanks for your replies ckuan
    I agree with Tgod that your first solution does not work.  It appears unpredictable whether the old or new file names are listed when you drag the folders into iTunes from Windows Explorer.  The folder structure is completely missing.  I reckon if you have to muck around spending days/weeks/months finding out how to fix links to a secret meta-file (obviously designed by some deep-cover microsoft worm working in the Apple!), then it's pretty obvious that almost any alternate way of doing this would be better.   Bye bye iTunes!!
    Incidentally, I tried several other things that (if the software was designed intuitively) should work, but give disastrous results:
    1) when deleting the library listing in iTunes, it gives you two options - one is to remove the listings to the Recycler.  Be aware that IF you select that option, it removes not only your library listing, but also your ACTUAL MUSIC FILES to the Recycler.  Moreover, it does NOT remove the insidious secret meta-file that is what apparently keeps rewriting old names over your carefully renamed file names, and keeps totally ignoring your carefully designed folder (album) structure.  OK - not a complete disaster, as I realised and went hunting through the chaos in the Recycler to recover all my files.  No thanks to the genius who designed this brilliant feature!
    2) after deleting the library listing in iTunes, I attempted to import just the folders that I wanted.  iTunes refused to allow me to do that, and proceeded to try to import every frigging music file it could find on my whole hard drive, in apparently random fashion into the library.  Whoever thought up that doozy either never ever tried to use or market test it, or has modified their mind rather too many times with artificial substances so their brain is like muesli chop suey.
    3) oh why go on, it's too depressing ...

  • How do I set up my iPad for outlook files and folders

    I want to see and use, on my iPad, the same files and folders I have in outlook on my PC. Also I want any changes I make on the PC or the iPad to sync with each other.
    PC is running Windows 7,
    Outlook version 2007, not the exchange version although I think I can get that by re-installing outlook and choosing that option.(I don't understand what exchange is but don't bother to explain it unless the solution requires using it)
    I currently use Gmail for my email accounts server. They are set up as POP accounts with Outlook using a .PST data file. However, IMAP is available for Gmail. My brief past experience with IMAP and .OST data files was kind of a disaster so it isn't my 1st choice for this.
    As I understand it using Outlook 365 with Microsoft's cloud and mobile app would solve my problem but I don't like clouds, 365 or IMAP (I may have to concede on some of those). If there is a way to do it through the Gmail accounts without any other cloud  that would be ideal since they already have all my email and I won't be spreading my personal info to other companies.
    I do have a Drop Box account but I currently only use it for some well vetted specific files that I share with specific individuals.
    I do not have any computer or network drive that is always on and might serve as a private cloud. That could be changed but then i'm relying there being no ISP or power interruptions which, of course do occasionally happen.
    Obviously I'm being rather picky here knowing that I'll probably have to live with some things less than ideal.
    I will consider 3rd party apps if they seem to be part of the solution.
    Thank you in advance for any person/s that want to help me on this.

    Thanks. I can change the forwarding settings in Gmail to be either POP or IMAP. That is quite simple. I just looked at those settings on the Gmail server and, to my surprise, both are enabled. In order for outlook client on my computer to receive IMAP emails I have to change the email account settings in my current outlook from POP to IMAP. I don't need to be using the Exchange version of Outlook to receive IMAP. I guess I'll do a little research tomorrow on Exchange so i can figure out what, if anything, it might do for me.
    I glanced at the link you sent me and it looks like it might be very helpful - another project for tomorrow.
    BTW: I hit "This Solved my Question" by accident. I meant only to "like' your response so you would get some benefit from the help you've given me so far. I hope I haven't discouraged others from taking a shot at helping me. I suspect there is more than one way to approach this and, as you know, my problem isn't really solved until I have what I need all set up and running smoothly.

  • How do I stop Windows 7 from searching hidden files and folders

    In XP it was simple with the intuitive Advanced Search Options.
    Even if you enable "Don't show Hidden Files and Folders" in Windows 7, they still show up in the search menu.  A similar post included a suggestion by a support dude to post a question here.  I've searched for every possible solution and yet something so simple appears to be non existent.  Has Microsoft just lost its mind with omitting this feature?  Is this something that will never be solved?  Indexed or not, hidden files and folders still appear in Search.

    what have you setup in Explorer->Organize->Folder & Search Options?
    Don't show hidden and Hide: Empty, Protected, etc. all ticked
    if you have at some stage indexed all those system folders, and subsquently removed those from the index scope, then you may need to rebuild the index so those results are not presented by searches?
    i've assumed that you are getting things like \windows included, and this seems to be typical. perhaps because some common tools like notepad, wordpad etc reside in those folders.
    have you checked out the Indexing Options?
    from memory, "don't show hidden & system" really only obscures the stuff when you're browsing in explorer. the indexing engine doesn't respect that kind of setting. you'll need to get your indexing scope worked out to affect the search results presented.
    I'm not concerned much with indexing, it's just amazing that there is no option to stop "Search" from searching hidden files and folders when "Don't show hidden" is checked - the way it was with XP, etc.  As I understand it whether folder is indexed or not, will not stop "SEARCH" from searching them.  It was quite simple in XP but in Windows 7 it seems it is impossible.

  • How do you change application used to play streaming file?

    I can change the application used to open a file directly on my computer by going to the Get Info for the file. However, I am trying to get a streaming file to play using QuickTime instead of Real Player (it's a SDP file from a Darwin Streaming Server) and there is no file to "Get Info" on. Real seems to have the .sdp extension locked up. Long time ago, you used to be able to go to a control panel and change the default application for certain file types. I cannot seem to find that anymore under Tiger. Anyone know how to do this?

    Ok, I sorted it out. You have to do the following:
    a) Open System Preferences > Quick Time > Advanced > MIME Settings. Click on the "Streaming - Streaming movies" triangle to expand it and make sure that the button nest to "SDP stream descriptor" is checked. Quit System Preferences.
    b) Launch Real Player and go to its Preferences > Media Types. Uncheck the "Real-Time Streaming Protocol" and "Scalable Multicast" buttons. Click on "Save Media Types" on bottom Left (if it ask you to quit your browser, allow it to do so). That should do it. As far as I can tell this does not affect the streaming of .ram files.

  • How do you change the size of a photo file?

    I volunteer for an animal rescue organization, and I need to post some digital photos I took of some kittens I am fostering on as soon as possible. The photos I have are too large for the website to handle - I need to reduce the file size before they will accept them. How do I do this? I need to find out as quickly as I can so I can get these little guys posted and work on finding them homes. Any help would be extremely appreciated! (I know I have an old iPhoto program - should I be embarrassed? - and an old computer ... wish I had better equipment, believe me!)

    the fastes and easiest way to reduce the size (pixels) is to go to your:
    iPhoto Menu > Share > Email > you should choose small or medium... and mail it to another account, open email, copy to desktop and you've got a reduced size of photo that will work nicely on most websites... you'll notice that directly below this window, you will see how large or small the file has gotten "Estimated Size", this refers to the same number of 500 in your post...
    You can actually do it another way, is to > Share > Export > choose "Scale No Larger Than:", here you need to ask your webmaster what size is preferred... fill in and export to your desktop...
    Otherwise, you would need to use an image edting software to "Optimize" image... Personally, I would use the email function... Best wishes on your project, Rick

  • How do you change security settings to edit a file?

    I have a form that I created that I would like to make some changes to. When I try to edit the file it tells me that the security setting will not allow me to edit the file. Can anyone help me with this?

    This FAQ describes how to edit a FormsCentral PDF in Acrobat - remember to be careful of the changes you make so you do not break the form submission if it is submitting data to FormsCentral:

  • How do you change the font size under the event and iphoto view photos?

    I would like to change the font size in iPhoto under the photos that appear in the Events view and in the Photos view. I was told by a tech at Apple that it cannot be done because it is built into the software. What you see is what you get. That seems unusual because the font size in the Photo view is smaller than that in the Events view. The Font control that exists in File/Edit are for fonts used when you open a photo and add your own captionI and have nothing to do with the various views. Does anyone know a way to do this?   Thanks

    I'm afraid it really is WYSIWYG. It can't be changed.  You can send a feature request to Apple via

  • How Do You Change The Name Of A Note? And Why Do Notes Show In The Inbox?

    I created a note and can't change the name of it. Also why are the notes showing in my inbox?

    I'm not sure about a name change but they show up in your inbox when you have the option checked in Mail>Preferences>Accounts tab>Mailbox Behaviors tab.
    Select your account on the left of the screen if more than one.
    Hope this helps

  • How do you change the NAT Type to Open?

    Hey everyone, I bought the apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (The tall one) and I've bought the xbox one. So I tried joining a party and it didn't work so I checked my nat type and it showed strict how do I make it open ?

    You must manually port forward all the ports required because the AEBS does not conform to upnp standard used by MS.
    See Tesserax documents for port opening.
    Just look up what ports the game requires.
    This is the min required for xbox live to work.
    Xbox Live requires the following ports to be open:
    Port 88 (UDP)
    Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
    Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
    Port 80 (TCP)
    Port 500 (UDP)
    UDP Port 3544 (UDP)
    UDP Port 4500 (UDP)
    About time apple realise since they don't make consoles anyway it is time to actually help people who do.

  • How do you change sequence settings in Premiere Pro CS6, and earlier?

    Is it possible to change a sequences settings once you've set up the sequence?
    In Sequence Settings everything is grayed out so I can't change it.

    What type of camera did you record your AVCHD footage on? The reason I ask is because I'm thinking the most likely reason it thought your video was interlaced is because several AVCHD camera's shoot footage that they call "1080p" but it's not actually normal progressive footage. It's actually PsF footage. (Progressive segmented frame)  Which with this footage it just records both fields, so what ends up happening is that Premiere ends up reading the footage like it's interlaced which it basically is, except unlike normal interlaced footage this PsF has both fields. Anyways though you can find out if this is the case by using the modify>interpet option from inside your bin, then if it says that you files field order is anything besides progressive then you'll know you will need to conform the footage to progressive as explained in this article in order to make Premiere work with it properly. Although this issue might not be the same thing you're experincing I just figured I'd mention that since it's fairly common place for AVCHD cameras to record PsF.
    You may want to check out this article although it may not apply to you depending on what type of camera you're using. Although they cover basically all the major AVCHD camera makers enign_psf_versus_malignant_psf/ e_premiere_pro_cs5.5.x/ er_asks_the_camera_manufacturers8230/
    They talk about several Cannon, Panasonic and Sony avchd cameras that all currently record footage this way.

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  • Photoshop CS5 shuts down when I try to open a file or save something.

    I'm not sure what I have done, but I just used it a few days ago with no problems. I could open files from the file menu and save-as things. Now when I try to open a file from my documents folder it shuts down. What is the problem. I have tried to un

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    hello experts!!! any body explain about Adobe Forms? wat is Adobe form? purpose? it can work on ecc6.0? pls give me example step by step how to create adobe forms? where i wll get ? and wat is diff.between smartforms & adobeforms?

  • Spellcheck not working/options missing.

    I recently updated to 20 and my spellcheck context menu has vanished. What if you aren't even given the check spelling or languages menu option yet the broken red line under mispelled words occurs and no spelling suggestions made when right clicking

  • IPhoto LIbrary name in title bar

    Once upon a time iPhoto would show the name of the iPhoto Library in use in the title bar. If, for instance, I decided to create a Library called "Vacations," when I opened iPhoto by option-clicking and chose the Vacations library, the iPhoto title b

  • Import problem with DMP file

    Hi all I am using oracle 9i and I have problem in import problem......... when i try to import the DMP file it gives me the error, IMP-000200: long column Too larege for column buffer size <22> can any body please tell me how to get out of this error