How do you get FaceTime to work between two Mac's with the same email address? Thanks, Mike

How do you get FaceTime to work between two Mac's with the same email address?

I would like to know the same thing.  How does facetime work between a MacBook Pro and an I Pad that run off the same email address/mac id

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  • How can I see My Photo Stream from two Macs associated with the same Apple ID?

    I have a MacBook Pro (my personal machine) and an iMac (our family computer).
    The iPhoto library housing all of our family photos lives on the iMac.
    The iPhoto library on my MacBook Pro is currently empty.
    I have an account on both machines.  I have associated the same Apple ID with both machines.
    When I launch iPhoto on my MacBook Pro and attempt to turn on photo sharing (so that I can see My Photo Stream, as well as other shared streams), iPhoto informs me that "iCloud Photos for [email protected] is being used with another library named 'iPhoto Library'."
    My iPhone, which is also affiliated with the same Apple ID, shows the streams just fine.
    What can I do to remedy this situation?  I'd like to be able to view my shared streams on my MacBook Pro, while leaving the actual massive photo library on the iMac.

    I found out about this issue when I created a new library with some photo's I wanted to sync to my iCloud account.  I found the following on the Fat Cat Software page and thought it might be helpful to others:
    Using Photo Stream with multiple libraries
    Starting in iPhoto 9.2, Apple introduced a new feature called Photo Stream, which lets you automatically transfer photos via their iCloud service between your iPhoto library and your other devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or another Mac. This feature works when you have multiple iPhoto libraries set up, but there are a couple things to be aware of.
    First, iPhoto will only allow Photo Stream to be active in one iPhoto library at any given time. If you've already enabled Photo Stream in one library, but then open a second library and enable Photo Stream there, this will cause Photo Stream to be turned off in the first library.
    Any photos downloaded by Photo Stream are actually stored in an entirely separate location from any of your iPhoto libraries. This means that, even if you do switch Photo Stream from one library to another, you will not need to go through redownloading all the photos you already have in Photo Stream back from the iCloud servers. So, switching Photo Stream from one library to another is a relatively inexpensive operation, so you can do it as often as needed without it being much of a hassle.

  • When trying to buy apps on my new iPad I am told 'your account is disabled' but I can log on to apple's website. How do I fix this/ delete my account but remake it with the same email address as it's the only one I use?


    Hi dshohat,
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums.  I see that you are unable to access the apps found on the front panel of your Officejet Pro 8600 Plus printer.
    I have included the Troubleshooting Print App Issues document.  One of the FAQs is “Print Apps launch slowly, lock up, crash, or a connection error message displays on the printer”.  It has a series of trouble shooting steps to take to resolve this. 
    Please click on the Thumbs Up on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.
    I work on behalf of HP

  • How do I get System.out.format to print out doubles with the same precision

    Using the System.out.format, how do I print out the value of a double such that it looks exactly like it does if it were print from a System.out.println.
    For example, take the following code:
    double d = 12.48564734342343;       
    System.out.format("d as format: %f\n", d);
    System.out.println("d as   sout: " + d);Running the code, I get:
    <font face="courier">
    d as format: 12.485647
    d as sout: 12.48564734342343
    The precision of d has been lost.
    I could bump up the precision as follows:
    double d = 12.48564734342343;
    System.out.format("d as format: %.14f\n", d);
    System.out.println("d as   sout: " + d);That appears to work, I get:
    <font face="courier">
    d as format: 12.48564734342343
    d as sout: 12.48564734342343
    However, that solution fails if d has a different precision, say 12.48. In that case I get:
    <font face="courier">
    d as format: 12.48000000000000
    d as sout: 12.48
    So how do I get System.out.format to print out doubles with the same precision as System.out.println?

    YoungWinston wrote:
    Schmoe wrote:
    Interesting, but this is not what I am looking for...Your original question was "how do I print out the value of a double such that it looks exactly like it does if it were print from a System.out.println", and you've been told how to do that (although the pattern given by sabre may be a bit excessive - you should only need 15 '#'s).The initial phrase from my question was "Using the System.out.format, how do I..".
    It's worth remembering that, unlike the Format hierarchy, 'format()' is NOT native to Java. It's a convenience implementation of the 'printf()' and 'sprintf()' methods provided in C, and first appeared in Java 1.5. Those methods were designed to produced fixed-format output; 'println()' was not.Perhaps it is the case that this can't be done.
    Furthermore, Double.toString(), which is what is used by println() does not produce the same format in all cases; format("%.14f\n", d) does. TrySystem.out.println(1.8236473845783d);
    System.out.println(1823647384.5783d);and you'll see what I mean.I am fine with that. It still displays all the precision.
    I am simply looking for a way to quickly print out multiple variables on a sysout while debugging. I want it as syntactically sweet as possible. System.out.println can be a pain when outputting multiple variables like the following:
    "System.out.println("a: " + a + "; b:" + b + "; c: " + c);"
    For some reason, my fingers always typo the plus key.
    I was hoping that System.out.format would be easier,along the lines of:
    "System.out.format("a: %f, b: %f, c: %f\n", a, b, c);"
    From a syntactical sweetness point of view, it is easier. However, the %f on doubles truncates the precision. I figured there must be a way to get the full precision.
    DecimalFormat is syntactically sour for this purpose, as you need to instantiate the DecimalFormat.
    fwiw I have enjoyed reading the suggestions in this thread...

  • How can i get my iPhone, ipad mini and mac to show the same  contacts calendar and notes

    how can i get my iPhone, ipad mini and mac to show the same  contacts calendar and notes

    Plug the phone and iPad into your computer and sync them.

  • How do you create aligned interactive text boxs in a PDF with the same width and height?

    how do you create aligned interactive text boxs in a PDF with the same width and height?
    Without free hand creating the sizing?

    Assuming by "interactive text boxes" you mean form fields; in Acrobat, make a form field, then copy it and paste. (GIve the pasted copy a different name so they don't genetate the same field feedback.) Now you have two fields of the exact same size. Shift-click or marquee-drag to select both, then right-click and choose a command from the Align, Distribute or Center menu.

  • How can I delete my apple id and create another one with the same email?

    How can I delete my apple id and create another one with the same email?

    So sorry; somehow I forgot to provide the link.   Here it is ...
    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID
    Again, my apologies.

  • How do I create two iTunes accounts under the same email address?

    I've got my account duplicated -and charged for apps I already own- by using my email address as login instead of apple ID, but I've been told it's my fault so…
    I'm trying to figure out
    *How do I do to create two iTunes accounts under the same email and having different IDs?*
    I mean, two accounts with different purchase history. It doesn't matter if billing address, or credit card are the same (or different) because none of them flag apps as "purchased"
    I tried today from iTunes, but it tells me the email is taken.
    Do you know any way a user can do it from our end? (website, iTunes, iPhone)
    If you've got charged by apps twice, please don't say it here. I don't want my post being deleted again. Thanks.

    Expired .mac accounts HAVE NO EMAIL. You own the id (which iTunes requests to be spelled in form of an email)
    Also, FREE .mac accounts have no email either.
    What you see in the screenshots is what I'm saying:
    There's been a change in the way iTunes wants you to login. The iTunes reps see at their end what you see at the top of the window, which probably is the "migration" of the new login: Old login system, using ID (in form of email for iTunes)
    BELOW you clearly see where says "ID" and both have the email as login.
    (again, that .mac email doesn't exist and NEVER DID)
    That's the NEW login: your EMAIL.
    I'm sorry I didn't explain it better the first time. I wrote about this so many times to iTunes support reps to prevent them to "read" what their system says that I gave it for settled. (not to mention that my first post was removed because "it lacks of interest for others"
    I own an apple ID, given away with the purchase of a new computer (nothing small by the way) and when that happens (and never subscribe for a paid membership), you use ANOTHER email to be related to your account.
    Now that AGAIN apple asks you for using your EMAIL (non-apple in our case) instead of your ID (which you can't use or you will never get a notification again!) the system believes there are two accounts.
    It's like your credit card bank changing the address for sending the payments. You are STILL paying, but getting a higher rate because their CHANGED the address and the check never arrives.
    In this case, signing in with a different string, makes the system believe there are two accounts. And that probably is under the policy which probably states purchases are not charged twice for SAME ID, and SAME iPhone… and you used a different ID, so it must be fair (sarcasm). Who told you to do so? Bad boy!

  • I want to use I face between two ipads with the same email address

    I have two ipads and special circumstances dictate using the same email address for both is this possible somehow?

    Also, See here for,
    Using FaceTime

  • How do you get Silverlight to work on a Mac?

    I am trying to get Silverlight to work on my Mac.  I have followed the comments from other Mac users having problems with Silverlight and followed their directions for uninstalling and reinstalling, but still no luck.  Any ideas to get Silverlight for Mac to work?

    I wish to add to my comment above.  I am trying to use Tagxedo on my mac and it says I need the Silverlight for Mac.  Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks

  • Is it possible to use FaceTime With my two IPad With the same email address? I Will Google to china next month And i would like to communicate With my kids.

    IS it possible to use FaceTime With my two IPad That has the same address? I Will Go to China soon And i would like to discuss With my kids from there i.e. One IPad in China And one in Montréal.

    No, this is not possible.  It would be like dialing your own phone number.  You must verify an additional new email address for your second iPad.  See the following link which will tell you how to do this.  You will need to add this new address to Facetime app in one of your iPads.

  • How do you get FaceTime to work right?

    I am having some serious issues with FaceTime.  I bought a MacBook Pro a little over a year ago and it is my first MacBook.  I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and I am trying to use FaceTime and I can see and hear the person I am contacting but on their end it just shows me as a frozen turd and no sound.  I have managed to get it to work a couple times but overall it never works.  I have a roommate and he has the Ipad and he can use FaceTime just fine on his, so it is not the internet.  Is there a way to delete FaceTime and reinstall it? Or is there another way to get this to work and I am not understanding it?

    Have you considered upgrading the operating system on your Mac?
    The newer versions of OS X include a newer version of Facetime with the operating system.

  • How can i get my Dashboard sync between two macs?

    I have mabbok pro and imac how can i make this possible??????

    POP accounts can be set up to leave mail on the server. Thus this mail could be accessed from several different computers.
    I used Eudora a while ago, and set up 2 accounts, one left email on the server, and one did not. I would normally check mail from the one that left it on the server (accounts like this on several macs). When I was ready to download the mail, then I would check it from the other account that existed on only one of the macs.
    So in Mail, you could set up for POP and leave mail on the server. Then when ready to download (and not be able to see mail from various macs) you could switch to another user account, where Mail would be set up to not leave mail on the server.
    However, iMap makes this whole process easier.
    Normally, iMap mail can stay on the server forever. But I do like to get my mail and store it on my Mac after an arbitrary period of time. So I have set up a smart rule in Mail.
    It is GET MAIL:
    if Date received is less than 10 days old
    perform the following actions: stop evaluating rules
    So every day the mail is received, and of course it is less than 10 days old, so the rules stop evaluating.
    When I am ready to download the messages I select all in the mailbox, and use command-option-L to apply the rules. Any messages less than 10 days old stay on the server, Older messages then follow the other rules which are listted after GET MAIL. Usually these just filter mail into specific dumb mailboxes on my Mac. And/Or they could color the mail, or whatever else I choose to do with the mail.

  • How do you get FaceTime to work on my MacBook Air?

    I got my MacBook Air yesterday, I set up an Apple I.D, and I logged into FaceTime. It kept saying that it was was still "Sigining in..." so I pressed cancel and made a new I.D. It STILL doesn't work! My mom even used her Apple I.D that she uses for her FaceTime and that didn't even work. What am I supposed to do??

    Take a look at this link,

  • How do you get facetime to work

    I usually FaceTime on a dialy basis and tonight for some reason it isn't working. The person I am trying to call has wifi and we have both restarted our ipods like 3 to 4 times. I have turned it on and off three times and it's still not working! Please help!

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