How do you increase the volumne size of a hard drive partition?

how do you increase the volumne size of a hard drive partition? the drive is set up into 3 partitions C, HP_tools and, recovery, C has space and would like to move some to HP_tools that is full. when I run backup I get drive full. I have run backup now to an external drive so that is not an issue.

Firstly please don't keep anything in HP_TOOLS except things have been there. You can use Windows systems tool called Disk  Management. Please use the following tutorial:​e-a-partition-for-free-in-windows-vista/
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    As long as the drive your are considering physically fits as already stated there is no maximum size you can install. Please complete your profile so we know what machine you have.
    If your machine is covered by a warranty or AppleCare I would recommend against installing another HD as this may invalidate the warranty. I would recommend in that case using a Firewire 800 external HD instead.

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    click edit>preferences>interface>ui font size.
    restart ps to see the changes.

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    I havn't tried this but I would thinkg that this could work:
    If you have a video object on your stage (the object that the video
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    setProperty("theVideoPlayer",_height, 240);
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    The After Effects CC (12.2) update increases the maximum size of the brush for the Write-on effect and Stroke effect to 200 pixels (from the previous maximum of 50 pixels).

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    Go to settings, general, accesibilty, change large text to the font you want.

  • How do you install the OS on a new hard-drive?

    I have a Thinkpad T400 and I just received a new HDD today. I would like to reinstall windows and I have created 3 DVD's with the Create Product Recovery Media software. However, when the first disk loads up it asks me to insert the OS reinstall disk. It seems that none of the 3 DVD's I burned can be used for this. Am I doing something wrong? How can I install the OS that my Thinkpad came with onto this new HDD that I just purchased?

    fomiga wrote:
    I ran into exactly the same problem. I can't get past the first Start Recovery Disk. That one went without a problem. Then,when asked for the 'set of Operating Recovery Disks", I inserted the Product Recovery Disk 1 that I downloaded and it replies 'wrong disk'. I tried the Product Recovery Disk 2 and got the same reply.
    Any ideas? Thanks
    Hi and welcome to the forum fomiga!
    How did you download the disc? Elaborate, please!
    Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
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  • How do you find the right replacement for a hard drive

    i have a 2007 macbook and the hard drive just went out and i want to find a new one that would be combatible

    For a new hard drive try ives&Order=PRICE
    Or OWC for regular hard drives and SSDs
    Here are instructions on replacing the hard drive in a MacBook with a removable battery.
    After you put in your new hard disk put your install DVD into the optical drive (CD/DVD drive) and reboot. Be sure to either use the disc that came with your Mac, or, if you installed a later Mac OS X version from disc, use the newer disc. As soon as you hear the boot chime, hold down the "c" key on your keyboard (or the Option Key until the Install Disk shows up) until the apple shows up. That will force your MacBook to boot from the install DVD in the optical drive.
    When it does start up, you'll see a panel asking you to choose your language. Choose your language and press the Return key on your keyboard once. It will then present you with an Installation window.
    Completely ignore this window and click on Utilities in the top menu and scroll down to Disk Utility and click it. You should see your hard drive in the left hand column along with your other drives. Click on the drive and select the Erase tab. Set the format value to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click the Erase button. After that has finished select the Partition tab. Type in a Name for your hard drive and select how many partitions you want from the Volume Scheme. The usual setting is one partition. Click on the Options button after you've selected a partition to make sure it's set for GUID. Then click the Apply button and after the Partitioning is done quit Disk Utility.
    You can now follow the instructions on the install screen

  • How do you copy the entire contents of a hard drive?

    Without all the permission issues and such? One example is when I try to copy my drive to an external firewire drive that's empty I get the can't copy a file cause one already exists. The drive is blank? I'm doing a quick reformat and it would be easiest to just copy the entire drive and pull files I need over later. It's a powerbook G4.
    Mac Pro Tower 2.0GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Will Kappy's answer in this thread (link below) help?

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    In Apple Mail, using Mavericks, how do you increase the size of the email message list that displays on the left side of the screen?
    The font size is so small.

    Thank you for responding.  After investigating and checking further, it was clear that only one of your suggestions changes the font size of the list of emails, also called the In-box.  And that is the display resolution.
    However, changing the display resolution affects the dots per inch of everything, everywhere and makes it larger.
    Given the high end fee Apple charges for their products, and the generally well developed software they provide, it is hard to imagine they have not corrected this obvious slight of effort on the inbox text. At times Apple's "one-size-fits-all" and "it's our way or no way" mentality astounds me and makes me want to run back to Microsoft.
    Evidently this is a well known mistake, which has yet to receive any attention.
    Again, thank you for your effort and assistance on my behalf.

  • How do I increase the font size in my email and maintain resolution.

    Hi folks. Mr Newbie is seeking some help, I hope it is relatively straight forward, thanks
    How do I increase the font size in my standard email and document views without losing resolution.  Right now my font size in email, headers and text is less than that on my iPhone, it rather defeats the point of having a 27" screen if most of it is blank and I have to sit with my nose to the screen to read email.  Thanks for your help, once you have stopped laughing.  C

    Two things you can do to easily aid with readability in Mail are as follows:
    1) Increase the size of folders in the sidebar:
    a) select "system preferences" from the Apple menu
    b) select "general settings"
    c) select small, medium or large under "sidebar icon size"
    2) Increase the text in the main body of the email (both sent and received):
    a) select "preferences" from the Mail menu
    b) select "fonts and colors"
    c) adjust font size for "message list font" and "message font".  I have noticed this works properly while in classic mode, but in regular mode the message list font doesn't appear to change size.
    Select classic mode by accessing Mail preferences and selecting the "viewing" tab.
    Another shortcut is to right click on the toolbar, then select "customize toolbar", and then drag the "smaller / bigger" buttons onto the toolbar.  Now you can decrease and increase font size as desired on the fly.

  • How do i increase the font size on my macbook air

    how do i increase the font size on my macbook air

    Unfortunately Apple hasn't yet given us a resolution independant OS yet so there are two solutions: 1) poor and 2) sad. You can open System Preferences and select a lower resolution in the Displays tab. The result is a larger font which is slightly fuzzy. Or you can change the default font size or magnification in each program (that allows this). Unfortunately many programs don't allow it.
    This problem (and my aging eyes) are why my next Mac notebook will be retina. They scale to other resolutions better than the Air does.

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    How can I increase the file size limit for outgoing mail. I need to send a file that is 50MB?

    You can't change it, and I suspect few email providers would allow a file that big.  Consider uploading it to a service like Dropbox, then email the link allowing the recipient to download it.

  • How can you change the font size in the application and system headers?

    How can you change the font size in the application and system headers?  I searched the system and finder prefs to no avail.  Changing the screen density is not a good option.

    I downloaded Tinkertool.  Found the font section and increased the size of most selections.  The only thing that changed that I can see is the window label.  The apple line, bookmarks line, the tool bar in safari are all the same---font size of about 4.  Found the finder "show view options" but that didn't seem to change anything either.  I'll keep working.  Restarted all apps after changes as well.

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