How do you invoke the customer satisfaction guarantee on HP photo paper?

OK, perhaps this is a silly question, but I can't find anything on the HP site or forums that addresses this.  How does one invoke the customer satisfaction guarantee on HP photo paper?  The instructions in the box (and website) tell me to call HP customer care.  I did that, and spent 25 minutes having a technician tell me it was a problem with my printer (HP Photosmart C6180), my printer was out of warranty, and I would need to exchange it and pay a fee to upgrade to a newer model with a 1 year warranty.  She seemed not to care or know anything about the customer satisfaction guarantee for paper; she was only trained to tell you the problem was most surely with the printer.
In case anyone here can help, I have the HP Premium Plus 4x6 glossy paper, and whenever I use it the picture quality is extremely poor--not at all what I expected from the paper.  It appears the ink has "balled" up, and it looks very splotchy.  I am setting the paper type appropriately when printing, and I use original HP 02 inks.  When I use other photo paper to print photos, they come out perfectly.  Having wasted quite a bit of ink and paper trying different things, I'm just not satisfied and would like to discuss this further with HP.

The only numbers available (I've just reached over and picked up a box of premium plus 4X6 from my supply shelves to look) are on the bottom end back of the box.  They are directly under their corresponding bar codes; the Product Number (for 4X6 premium plus it's Q1978AC) and what looks like the SKU (on my box, ignoring the small 8 and 5 at either end, that reads 0873654213).  Additionally, there is a "Lot Number" (printed in white dot printing on a gray box background) directly above the product number (which should have "US" in the upper left, and a string below that...mine is US00204805).  There is no number on the back of the paper, just the HP logo and a string of 6 small dots under it in a diagonal pattern spread across it.
So, I expect they want all three; Product Number, SKU, and Lot Number...the last likely so that that can pull a lot sample from their QA inventory and attempt to reproduce the issue back at the lab.
Hope that helps.
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    Something you need to understand. Unless you are using the latest version of Photoshop Elements, it's possible that some of the adjustments that you make in Lightroom won't transfer to Elements if you choose the option to open anyway. If you choose the option to edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments then Lightroom will create a TIF or PSD file (depending on your preferences), and that file will include all of the adjustments that you have made using Lightroom. Then you can finish your work in Photoshop Elements.
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    When I try to print photos from the computer with "4x6" and "hp photo paper" selected, the printer prints 4x6 size on the plain printer paper, NOT the photo paper. If I remove the plain 8.5x11 paper, it won't print at all, just says "paper tray empty". How do I get this to work?

    I could not print  saved photos on my computer to photo paper. Spent a long time trying all cures listed on line. Nothing worked. I finally made these  adjustments. Now it prints fine.
              What I daid was:
                                                1)   Opened Control panel
                                                2 )  Opened "Printer folder"
                                                3)   Made sure my 6510 was listed as default printer
                                                4)   "RIGHT" clicked  printer icon and clicked "Run as administrator"...... clicked   "Properties"
                                                5)   Clicked  "Continue" when Windows asks for permission to continue
                                                6)  Clicked   "Printing Preferences"
                                                       This gave me 2 menues to choose from.    Layout.... and.... Paper /Quality.
                                                                                  Clicked on "PAPER /Quality"
                                                 7) For Paper Source   selected  "Photo Tray"
                                                      For Paper size   selected 4x6in (tab)
                                                      For Media    selected HP Advanced Photo Papers
                                                      For Quality Settings   selected "Best"
                                                 8) Clicked on "Apply" in lower right corner of the window.
                                                 9) Clicked  "OK"  then "OK" on the next screen to close the printer windows
                                                  I can now print my saved Photos on Photo Paper. Hope it helps you.

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    Does anyone know how to programmatically display the contents of a URL in the default browser for a Unix system? I found a javaworld article on doing this using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd). The article gives the cmd string for invoking the default browser in Windows, and for invoking the Netscape browser in Unix.
    This can easily be extended to invoke any known browser executable in a known path on a Unix system; but I'd like to invoke the default browser without knowing what or where it is. I'm specifically targetting Mac/OSX, but any Unix solution is worth trying.
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    After extensive google searching, I came across a partial solution. This code detects the default browser on a Mac, and provides an elegant solution for trying standard browsers in turn for other Unix systems. I tested it on WIndows XP and Mac OSX 3.9, and it detected the default browser each time. A suped up version of this tool is available as a SourceForge project. You can find it here:
    Here's the simplified code:
    //  Bare Bones Browser Launch                          //
    //  Version 1.5                                        //
    //  December 10, 2005                                  //
    //  Supports: Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Unix, Windows XP    //
    //  Example Usage:                                     //
    //     String url = "";       //
    //     BareBonesBrowserLaunch.openURL(url);            //
    //  Public Domain Software -- Free to Use as You Like  //
    import java.lang.reflect.Method;
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    public class BareBonesBrowserLaunch {
       private static final String errMsg = "Error attempting to launch web browser";
       public static void openURL(String url) {
          String osName = System.getProperty("");
          try {
             if (osName.startsWith("Mac OS")) {
                Class fileMgr = Class.forName("");
                Method openURL = fileMgr.getDeclaredMethod("openURL",
                   new Class[] {String.class});
                openURL.invoke(null, new Object[] {url});
             else if (osName.startsWith("Windows"))
                Runtime.getRuntime().exec("rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler " + url);
             else { //assume Unix or Linux
                String[] browsers = {
                   "firefox", "opera", "konqueror", "epiphany", "mozilla", "netscape" };
                String browser = null;
                for (int count = 0; count < browsers.length && browser == null; count++)
                   if (Runtime.getRuntime().exec(
                         new String[] {"which", browsers[count]}).waitFor() == 0)
                      browser = browsers[count];
                if (browser == null)
                   throw new Exception("Could not find web browser");
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          catch (Exception e) {
             JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, errMsg + ":\n" + e.getLocalizedMessage());

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    To start with, I'm a beginner with Mac and I currently own a MacBook Pro with Lion. For my 'region,' I used to have English (Bahrain), but I accidentally changed it to United States, but it's not what I hoped for. I used to have the Bahraini currency, date-system, time, among other things, and now I have the US system. I tried Arabic and chose Bahrain, but everything is in Arabic. There is no English and then Bahrain. Heck, there is no 'English.' I've tried changing it back, but Bahrain isn't listed in the region. By the way, this is under 'formats' in 'Language & Text' in System Preferences. I noticed the 'custom' option at the very end of the list. However, I can't access it because it's grey. How do I activate this? Maybe custom is the solution to my problem. I can see French, German, etc..., but English isn't listed. I want English (Bahrain).
    Please help! I greatly appreciate it. Thank you, guys.

    Hi Uncle,
    Page 116 of the Pages'09 User Guide: Control Click the date, Edit Date and Time.
    Date and time can also be in a table. Format the table cell.
    The User Guide is well worth a read. Download it from the Help menu in Pages.

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    I created some custom fields in the address book and want to get them merged into a Pages 09 document.  When using the merge fields feature in Pages, only the standard fields are displayed.  I am looking for a way to have the custom fields from the address book inserted into the document.

    I believe you will find them if you go to table - unhide all columns.  When you drag and drop card(s) into pages, it automatically shows default fields.  The others are there but hidden.  I hope this works for you!

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    <wlpackage toDir="$HOME/apps/MyFirstEar" srcdir="$HOME/apps/MyFirstEar/src/MyFirstEar" destdir="$HOME/build/MyFirstEar" />
    Here is my errors
    woksand:/home/erasdev/apps> >> MyFirstEar.log syntax error at line 2: `newline' unexpected

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    To add to sig's reply, "calibrating" does not calibrate Lithiu-Ion batteries, it calibrates the charge reporting circuitry.  If you look at the effect of deep discharging Lithium-Ion batteries in the data from the independent test group, Battery University, you will see that doing so shortens the life of the battery significantly. It looks like an optimum balance between use and life is at a discharge level of 50%.

  • No longer use this email account but how do you backup the email that is...

    No longer use this email account but how do you backup the email that is in the "example" folder, So that I can delete the account on my mail app?

    Not sure what you mean. Deleting a POP account only deletes the messages stored in the account’s mailboxes, not any messages stored in custom “On My Mac” mailboxes, if that’s what you mean. It’s not that Mail goes after your mail trying to delete as much as it can. It’s just that if a mail account is deleted, then its mailboxes cannot exist anymore...
    That said, instead of deleting the account right away, you can just disable it (i.e. turn OFF Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Enable this account), leave it that way for some time, and delete it only after making sure you didn’t miss anything while the account was disabled.
    BTW, if you back up your data, and the ~/Library/Mail folder in particular, you won’t have to worry about accidentally losing anything as a result of doing something like that...
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. That is, ~/Library is the Library folder within the user’s home folder, i.e. /Users/username/Library.

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    How do you use the LabVIEW Bluetooth VIs with the Microsoft Bluetooth driver?  I have been trying with no such luck.
       I want to use 2 computers to talk to each other using the bluetooth VIs.  Eventually, I think we would like a PDA/phone to talk to a custom built electronics board with Bluetooth.  But for now, I would just like 2 computers to talk and then eventually talk to our own device. 
    One is a desktop w/ the Belkin F8T012 USB adapter.  It installs fine with the Belkin driver (but I know I need to use the Microsoft Driver in order to use the LabVIEW VIs, but I have tried to get Windows to install its own but it says it is a BCM92045DG-Flash.  It says it cannot install it because it cannot find the necessary hardware.  I thought this USB adapter was on the approved Bluetooth devices list?  What else should I try?  Another Bluetooth USB adapter? 
    The other computer is a Dell Latitude 820.  It has a built in Bluetooth module which I believe is the Dell 350 Bluetooth Module.  On this machine I have been able to setup a COM port with a bluetooth device (blood glucose meter).  It came with a serial port interface which we modifed to go through a bluetooth interface.  It comes up as COM40. We have been able to communicate to it using their program originally designed to talk through a serial port.  But we would like to use the Bluetooth VIs in LabVIEW.  I can't even use the Discover VI.  Perhaps it is not using the Microsoft Driver as well.  Do I just uninstall the driver and then try to have Windows install its own driver?  Do you have any other recommendations?

    Hi Javi,
    This sounds like an issue with Windows and your specific Bluetooth devices.  As you mentioned, the LV Bluetooth VI's do require that the devices use the Windows drivers.  Take a look at this link for specific requirements for using Bluetooth with LabVIEW.  Also, you can take a look at our Developer Zone tutorial on designing Bluetooth applications a found here.  Regarding your device drivers, sometimes it is as easy as uninstalling the driver and then letting Windows discover the device and fine its own driver.  You could check out the Microsoft Knowledgebase for more information.  Thanks and have a great day!    
    Stephen S.
    National Instruments
    1 Test is worth 1000 expert opinions

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    You have some contacts with more than one birthday?
    To add a custom label for a date, select Edit for an existing contact. Select Add Field. Select Date. Scroll up with the Info window above the date selection and select Other for the new date selection. Select Add Custom Label and then select this label for the new date field for the contact.
    As far as linking dates with multiple contacts, the answer is no to that.

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    I've developed a webservice application using Rational Application Developer (RAD). I deployed it in a websphere 6.1 application server, using the administration console to import the war file that I had previously exported with RAD.
    My webservice application is listed in the "Enterprise Applications" section of websphere's administration console as started.
    My question is: how can I invoke the web service manually? Is there some kind of websphere generated webpage that I can use to call it manually?
    I tried http://<server:port>/<contextroot> and http://<server:port>/<contextroot>/<servicename> in a webbrowser, but it doesn't work. Is it possible to invoke the web service manually, or do I need to develop a client?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Bo Wang,
        Go to the Portal -> System Administration -> System Configuration
                               -> Portal Content folder
                               -> Open Visual Composer folder
        There you can see the Webservice Systems you have created through VC.
    You can delete the unwanted system here.

  • How do you reverse the direction of a build in title?

    I use Final Cut Pro X, and for a build in title, how would you reverse the direction? For example, One of the build in titles is called "Knock Out", and the words come into the frame away from you, but how do you make the words go the other way, and go towards you?
    If you don't understand what I mean, that effect is called "knock out", and you can look at it in your application.
    I know how to reverse clips, but that does not work with transitions/title effects
    Thank you!

    This particular title does not offer many options for customization; in particular, no option for working the other around, as you want.
    I can think of a few options for this. The easiest is would be to make the title by itself into a compound clip; but I have just tried it and it does not work, because the blend mode of the text (stencil alpha) does not propagate down inside a compound clip. (If it did, you'd just have to reverse the compound).
    Another option is to open a copy in Motion and make changes there. If you have Motion, this will allow you to adjust as you wish.
    Yet another easy way may be to "construct" this title yourself right in FCP X.
    Insert the "Custom" title, adjust the text font, change the blend mode to Stencil Alpha, and keyframe the scale.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi there, as of now, rather fresh install and all, I use the nv driver and let xorg/HAL/dbus do all the work, i.e I have no xorg.conf. I get a nicely working KDE4 environment, no hassle. I initially tried to use nouveau but that unfortunately does no

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    I've been creating a query screen for users using a QBE report. Is there a way I can have the users query using one value or a range of 2 values for a field? Thanks, Hope

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    Hi ! If I catch from v$session module name (i.e. CEXCABMR form) how to get the name to ask user what is he/she doing on that form.... You know "CEXCABMR" is not a good name for them.... THX

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