How do you make pages default document reader

I have just started using pages and i cant seem to work out how to make it the default application to open up the many documents i have.
Every time i open a document it opens in textedit, i know that you can choose in properties with which program to open it with, but i am getting really fed up of doing this.
is there any way to make pages the default instead of textedit program.
p.s I used to use MS office but i cant be bothered to reinstall it and most of my docs are .doc (office format)

You can set .doc files to open in Pages, and it’s surprisingly easy: just go to the Finder, single-click on any .doc file, then type command-I (Get Info). Click on the Open With... menu and select Pages (or navigate to Pages if it’'s not in the menu). To make all .doc files open in Pages, click on the Change All button.
You can do the same thing with other types of files, like RTF or plain text.

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  • How do you change the "default" pdf reader from acrobat back to preview?

    how do you change the default pdf reader from acrobat back to preview?

    In the Finder, select your pdf then click file get Info window. Select the Preview application from the open with menu and then click change all.

  • How do you make page 1 the active page?

    I am trying to write a script to perform a data merge, followed by a find/replace, page add, and finally export. I can get it to perform the merge and find/replaces that are needed.
    When I add a new page manually I normally select the first page in the pages window then click add a new page at the bottom. Doing that makes every page after that go to 2 pages(like an open book). I don't know how to do this in the script, what I tried below didn't work. It adds a new page at the end of the document and that page is the active one on screen.
    After the merge, editing gets really slow, taking 15-20 per letter I add or delete.The only way i've found to have it edit like you'd expect is by exporting it to the IDML format then reopening that file in InDesign. I haven't been able to find much on exporting via a script. I've seen exports similar to:
    app.activeDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.INDESIGN_MARKUP, newDoc, false);
    But I don't know if that will work or not.
    I'm very new to scripting in InDesign. I'm using InDesign CS5.5.

    Hi again
    This could work for the IDML export
    function main() {
              myDoc = app.activeDocument;
              f = new File("/Users/afile.idml");     // here you have to adapt it for your needs.
              app.activeDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.INDESIGN_MARKUP,f, false);

  • How do you MAKE Pages save so you don't have to lose stuff?

    Pages isn't always saving in Lion. If you close a Pages document and return to it later, things are not always saved. Is there a trick to Save like back in the days?

    Cmd-S makes a save of the current version.

  • TS3991 How do you make changes in documents that transfer to all iOS devices?

    I have a table (made with Pages) that I use to keep track of my financial transactions on the desktop of my Mac (OS X 10.7.4).   I will be traveling, and was able to drop it in Dropbox and transfer it to my iPad and iPhone Pages app.   However, when I make a change to it on my iPad or iPhone, it will transfer between both those devices, but it will not update on my Mac desktop.    And when I make a change to it from my Mac Desktop, the updates will not tranfer to my iPhone or iPad.
    I know it will change in Pages in my account on my Mac, but that is a hassle to have to open iCloud everytime I want to add or change a transaction, rather than having it handy on my desktop.
    I thought with iCloud it would push between my Mac desktop, iPhone, and iPad...but it isn't.   Any suggestions or insight would be welcome.

    The document on your desktop won't update automatically, but you can manually download the updated document when you get back there after updating the iCloud version on one of your devices. Then you have to remember to re-upload it if you modify it on your desktop (or laptop).
    It's the automation that is supposed to be implementeed in Mountain Lion (probably requiring compliant versions of the iWork apps):
    "iCloud Document Library
    The iCloud Document Library is a convenient, consistent way to access your iCloud documents across all your Mac computers and iOS devices. To find an iCloud document, just open its app. The iCloud Document Library shows your iCloud documents for the app with the most recent one at the top."

  • How do you make pages shorter ?

    Hi- I gave myself plenty of leeway to arrange graphics etc by making the pages very long. Now everything's in place, I'd like to reduce the page lengths but although I've been trying manually and in the inspector, I haven't managed.
    It's probably something simple but it's escaping me. I'm ready to,upload to server but want to correct this first. Hs anyone already played with this and knows the answer ?
    Thsnk. SeaDReam

    You ought to be able to do it by adjusting the Content Height in the Page>Layout inspector.
    If that's not working, check and see if you have any text, graphics, or widget boxes at the bottom of the page (especially something that might be "invisible") and move it up higher on the page. The pages won't shorten if there's an object below the designated content height.

  • How do you reorder pages in documents under Pages 5

    Can't seem to move/reorder and pages in the new Pages 5.  Any ideas?

    Pages 5 has over 90 other features removed: 65f2213d98ee45f08d7&mforum=iworktipsntrick
    Pages '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder.
    Export your Pages 5 files to Pages '09 or Word .docx and trash/archive Pages 5.
    Then rate/review Pages 5 in the App Store.

  • How to make Pages default app for .doc files

    How do you make Pages/Numbers the default app for all .doc/.xls files?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Highlight a known Word document in the Finder, highlight it & choose Get Info from the File menu. In the Get Info box, click the triangle next to "Open With." Click on this drop-down menu & choose Pages. If Pages is not a choice, choose "Other" & navigate to the Pages application. Now click the "Change" button under the text that asks if you want to open all documents like this with Pages. Repeat with Excel documents & Numbers.
    Be aware that the icons for these documents will be plain white icons.

  • How do you make all outgoing mail on iPhone come from one default address?

    I have multiple Apple devices which include laptop, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s.  I use several email accounts for my business.  How do you make the default outgoing email address one the iPhones one email address like you can on the laptop?  I want the outgoing email address to be the same on all devices.

    Thank you.  I think I got it for the 4 but not for the 4S.  In mail, contacts, calendars, do you choose default account?  Also, there does not appear to be a choice like this for the icloud.  How do you change the default on it?  The best I can see is icloud to account to advanced to mail to icloud account information.  On that screen there is a box that says allow sending from and the only choices you have are the icloud account and me account.  I do not see how to add another account if that is the right section.  I don't want the icloud or the me to be a return address.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How do you make VLC Media Reader the default reader

    How do you make VLC Media Reader the default reader for playing DVI videos that are on a DVD in the DVD player

    For Snow Leopard and below (don't know for Lion) there is a free preference pane called RCDefaultApp that has all your file associations in one easy to manage location, includes tons of stuff, even controlling what gets opened when you click a link on a web page. Webcam and other associations. The Get Info method also works for your immediate need.

  • How do you save Pages documents so that someone can read them when e-mailed to a pc

    How do you save pages documents so that someone can read the docs when e-mailed to their PC, do I need to format the doc first ? Or save as??

    Hit File > Export... and choose Word Document.
    Hope it helps!

  • How do I make Pages the default word processing program?

    How do I make Pages the default word processing program, including Appleworks files?
    I want any Appleworks file I open to open in Pages - is there a setting to make that happen?

    Hello ADW,
    To change the default programme used to open a filetype, Get Info on one of the files you are looking to set, the change the Open With selection to Pages.
    Then click on Use this application to open all documents like this one.
    You will have to repeat this for each file type you want to use that way.
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Make Pages Default For Opening Word Documents

    I currently use iWork but also use openOffice, whenever I open up a Word document by double clicking it openOffice opens... How can I make Pages the default application for handling these files?

    Walt...THANK YOU...can't tell you how irritating it was for me to, by force of habit, double click on a *.doc file & then have Parallels start to open Windows XP so it could get to MS Word - I just did not want that to happen...what a pain. I tried to find a way to have Pages be the default program for *.doc files but couldn't until I read your entry. As a new Mac convert from years & years of Windows use, let me say it again...Thank You

  • How do I make Pages the default program for .doc files?

    How do I make Pages the default program for .doc files without having the need to change the default program for each individual.doc file?

    Navigate to a .doc file.
    Ctrl click the file
    Choose Open with and then go down the list, past pages, to other
    Navigate to pages
    Before you click Open make sure you click the 'Always open with' check box.
    You should be okay.
    You can do a similar think by selecting the file, Choosing File-Get Info
    Then open the Open With Disclosure triangle.
    select pages and then click CHANGE ALL
    Hope this hleps.

  • How do you make ps6 the default program

    how do you make ps6 the default program

    I will let you know if works.  Thanks    BobC
    Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 11:17:43 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: How do you make ps6 the default program
        Re: How do you make ps6 the default program
        created by gener7 in Photoshop General Discussion - View the full discussion
    Right-click on that saved image's thumbnail in Windows to bring up a menu.
    Select "Open with..." and from that "Choose default program"
    A box will open up with a list of Programs to  choose from. Photoshop CS6 64 bit should be in that list.
    Make sure "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" is checked.
    If you do not see it in the list, click the Browse button in this box and it will show folders in the Program Files directory. Double click "Adobe" then Photoshop CS6 (64-bit), then select Photoshop.exe and click "Open". It should add it to the list.
    Click OK and when you double-click on your saved file, it should open in Photoshop.
    Let me know if that worked for you or if you have other questions.
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