How do you move pictures from iPhoto to an SD Card on a late 2011 Mac Book Pro 15 inch?

How do you move pictures from iPhoto to an SD Card on a late 2011 Mac Book Pro 15 inch?

Do you have a SD slot? If not you get a USB to SD memory card adpater at the computer/office/online store and use that.
It appears as a drive on your machine and you can use Export from iPhoto or drag and drop methods too.
Make sure you backup

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  • How do you move pictures from one album to another

    how do you move pictures from one album to another?

    Pictures can appear in any number of albums.
    To move from one album to another, add the picture to the new album and then right click on the picture, select Remove from album and then select the album you want to remove it from.
    If you need further help, please let us know which version of Photoshop Elements you are using and which operating system you are running on.

  • How do you move pictures from one catalog to another?

    How do you move pictures from one catalog to another?  I have just got the program and have moved pictures into the default catalog. I have now created several new catalogs and want to move pics from the default into the new catalogs. I don't see this answer in the general help or my "dummies" book.

    pspack1 wrote:
    How do you move pictures from one catalog to another?  I have just got the program and have moved pictures into the default catalog. I have now created several new catalogs and want to move pics from the default into the new catalogs. I don't see this answer in the general help or my "dummies" book.
    It's not a good idea to create multiple catalogs. For one thing, this defeats the purpose of the Organizer as a way to search for and find your photos; the search can only operate within a single catalog. Also, there are no functions in PSE that work across multiple catalogs. And even though you can "manually" combine the catalogs if you so desire, you lose information such as collection/album membership, stacks, version sets, creations and a few other things.

  • HT4910 How do you move pictures from messages to icloud?

    How do you move pictures from messages on my I phone to I cloud

    Tap the picture in Messages. You will see it fullscreen. Tap to reveal controls. Hit the box with arrow. Hit save image. It will go to your camera roll and to Photo Stream if you have it on.

  • How to I export pictures from iphoto to a sd card

    how do I export pictures from iphoto to a sd card?

    léonie wrote:
    Exporting from iPhoto to the SD card is preferable. Dragging to the card will only write the lower quality  preview files and not the high resolution originals.
    Export to a folder on the Desktop and then drag the folder to the card. If the file system on the SD Card is not MacOS Extended (Joournaled), you'll avoid a problem with the limit of files, that can be stored on the top level of the card by collecting all files in a folder.
    Actually I found the opposite was true.
    As you can see in the following picture, the dragged photo, which is the one named IMG_2268.JPG  retained more metadata and had a larger file size than the one I exported which was reduced in file size, and lost a bit of the meta data in the export.   Including the creation date, and the latitude and longitude.
    I think Dragging is the better option.

  • How do I transfer pictures from iphoto to an sd card?

    I am trying to transfer some pictures from iphoto to an sd card. But, it won't allow to me to copy/paste or even click-n-drag.. Can't figure out how to get this to work.. I have a IMac, thought this would be pretty simple to do.. Please help!

    FIle -> export...
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.

  • How do you move pictures from Mac book to ipad2

    I just bought a iPad 2 and this is my very first computer device. My girl has a Mac book pro and has pictures of us on the Mac book. I would like to put them on my I pad so I can show them to others. My iPad is sync to her Mac book and I can move stuff from my iPad to the Mac book. Could someone please help. I am not real good with computers but I'm picking it up real easy.

    First make sure the photos you want on your ipad have been put into iPhoto on your girlfirend's Mac Book Pro.
    Connect your ipad to your girlfriend's Mac Book Pro and run iTunes on her Mac Book Pro. You should see your ipad listed in the left hand column of iTunes. Select your ipad and in the right hand part of the window select the folder than has the photos you want on your ipad. Then select Sync at the bottom of the window.

  • How do I move pictures from iphoto library to my desktop so I can these use them to sell on ebay?

    I recently moved pictures from my ipad to my iphoto library on my Macbook Pro computer. I want to now use these photos to sell on EBay. What are the steps I need to do to move these from one place to the other. This needs to be in laymans terms as my husband and I are new to this. Thanks for help.

    Put the photos in an iPhoto album.  Use the File ➙ Export ➙ File export menu option and export them to a folder on the Desktop.  From there you can upload them to Ebay via your browser.

  • I have an older mini mac(2007?). how do i move pictures from IPHOTO to a memory stick to create more space?

    I have an older mac mini(2007 maybe?). I do I put my photos from IPhoto to a memory stick to creat more spapce?

    You can move them to a new location by:
    iPhoto: How to move the Library folder to a new location - Apple Support
    Note that you should always have the the USB stick inserted when you open iPhoto

  • How do you move pictures from one project/album/folder to a different one?

    I have tried dragging a picture from one album within a project to a different album in the same project and a picture from one project to another project (specifically to a album in the different project), but have had no success.  I have looked through the Aperture Help pages and searched on "move picture", but had no success.  I'm sure there is a way to move pictures.  Any help will be appreciated.

    It's _very_ important that you understand the difference between Projects and Albums:  specifically the difference in the relationship between an Image and a Project or an Album.  This little "Naming of the Parts" I posted has helped others with this non-intuitive issue.
    Read it, try more dragging-and-dropping (if moving is indeed what you want to do), and post back with specific questions (e.g.: I did X, I expected Y, I got Z).

  • How much ram will a late 2011 mac book pro 17inch upgrade?

    These are the specs for my Macbook Pro
    MacBook Pro
    17-inch, Late 2011
    Processor  2,4 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory  4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
    Software  OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)
    My Macbook Pro contains 2 memory slots, each of which accepts
    a 1333 MHz DDR3 memory module.
    i want to upgrade to the maximum the RAM i have. I want to know what kind of RAM card could I get someone in this community to reccomend.
    thank you very much

    One reason I favor OWC is that if you call them up and tell them that their RAM is malfunctioning, replacements are sent out that day, not when they get the bad RAM from you.There are a couple of forum colleagues who use Corsair RAM with no problems.  Macs seem to be very selective about RAM and some brands simply do not work properly in Macs.  OWC and Crucial have good track records, hence the recommendations.
    I often grin when someone complains about an inexpensive or bargain part does not perform well in a Mac.  When one pays a premium price for a computer, I would think that quality should come before price for any add-ons or modifications.  It is like purchasing a Ferrari and then using regular gas. 
    If your replacement Corsair RAM is working, you should be just fine.  One bad experience should not condemn a manufacturer or vendor.

  • How do you move pictures from pc to my q10?

    Self-explanitory. LOL

    Hello, Install either LINK or BLEND (or both): connect your device to your computer and it should show up as a USB drive (or drives, if you also have a media card in the device) via which you can use the normal computer copy/paste methods to move files between your computer and your BB device. Good luck! 

  • Hi how do I de enable an auto launch of iPhoto when a memory card is plugged in to Mac book pro

    Hi can anyone help to stop iPhoto launching directly into the memory card or camera import utility when either is plugged in.

    It's in the General Preferences of iPhoto.

  • How do I move photos from iphoto to a thumbdrive

    How do I move pictures from iphoto to a thumdrive.
                                        The wood worker

    Select the photos in iPhoto and export to a desktop folder. Mount the thumb drive and drag that folder to the thumbnail

  • How to move pictures from iphoto to word

    how to move pictures from iphoto to word

    how to move pictures from iphoto to word
    Word cannot store pictures - do you mean, how to use the photos in your iPhoto Library in Word documents?
    Use the Media Browser in Word - when you select to insert a photo, you can open the Media Browser like this and browse your photo libraries - iPhoto, Aperture, ...
    Sorry, my office applications have a german language interface, but the icons should be the same.

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