How do you set the default file manager in kde?

I'd like to set dolphin as the default file manager in KDE, how would I go about doing that?  I have an installed working copy of dolphin on my comp right now.

pressh wrote:
associate dolphin as default for directories in control center.
kde components -> file associations -> inode -> directory
Thanks, but for some reason when I go in there and change it as a user, it doesn't save the setting, and it doesn't work.  However, when I do the same thing as root it works, but of course, it only works for root then.
pressh wrote:
grizz wrote:but, it's several months waiting
and dolphin is nice
actually i think konqueror is more powerfull in kde3. However, the dolphin version in kde4 trunk is shaping up nice and looks promising.
Dolphin is a little bit less cluttered, and seems to be faster too.  Most of the features in konquerer I never use.

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    I did a test as you suggested - open an image on a removable drive, close the editor and took the removable offline. When I next went to the editor, it opened OK.
    From the screen shot in message #5 above, I think that the fault is with SolidWorks. I am not familiar with that product but it seems to be a form of asset management and it can't open its database - is that on the removable?
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    See if this works to reset the preferences.
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    Hold down the Ctrl, Shift & Alt keys when you double click on the shortcut. Keep the keys held down and eventually a message box will pop up asking if you want to reset the preferences - you do.

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    Hey Kris,
    You might go to Edit> Preferences> Zoom
    Do this without opening any particular PDF so that it applies to the program itself and not just one document.
    Try this and then let me know.

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    Since you're working in ID on Windows, you can take advantage of a neat trick in Windows. Copy the file path out of the File Explorer address bar and paste it directly into the Place filename field. That will jump you directly to the desired volume. For example, let's say I want to place a graphic located at X:\PS Jobs\May PS\709672bp\Working Source Files\Links. I copy that entire path from the File Explorer address bar, go to InDesign, select File|Place, and press Control + V to paste that path into the filename field. I press the Open button and Shazam! I'm there instantly, without a bunch of navigation.
    You can do the same thing in the File|Save As and File|Export fields. Let's say you want export a PDF file from InDesign to the volume X:\PS Jobs\May PS\709672bp\Working PDF Files. First copy the desired file path from the File Explorer window. In InDesign, select File|Export, click anywhere in the filename field, and press the Home key to move the insertion point to the front of the filename. Press Control + V to paste that path in front of the filename, then add the backslash character (\). The filename will now look like this: X:\PS Jobs\May PS\709672bp\Working PDF Files\Filename.pdf. Press the Save button to bring up the Export Adobe PDF window. Select your desired PDF preset, press the Export button, and the PDF file will magically appear in the desired volume.
    This sounds really complicated, but it's not. In practice, it only takes a few seconds. I probably save an hour's worth of needless navigation every day with this technique.

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    So far, we havn't found the right item in the portal admin to do this.
    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
    Frank Schülke, E.ON Ruhrgas, Germany

    Hi Frank,
    You can change the width of this navigation iview  by changing the value of "defaultExpWidth" in the file WAandNAVPanel.js present in the par file from default value 220 pixels to the value you want.
    upload the changed par file and restart the server.
    Hope this helps,
    (if not do get  back )
    Do award points for helpful answers in SDN!!!!!!!:-)

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    The most you can do to the calendar you want to be 'default or so say' is to drag it to the top of the list in iCal. What that will do is if you get an invitation in Mail it will add it to that top calendar.
    If you mean you want to be able to choose were your Notes and To Do's goto? Go to while in mail (Mail)/(Preferences)/(Composing)/ and in the (Create Notes & To Do's in:) select (On My Mac). Now you will have an option of what calendar you want to use when you make the Note/To Do.
    Other then that you have to select the Calendar you want as default.
    Hope that helps,
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  • Interactive Form Element 7.1:  How can I set the default file name?

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    Making customisation from the default profile is generally considered poor practice and quite often doesn't work out as planned. (If you're interested in some more information on this, [ see here] see here)
    This article should help you with developing and deploying your customised Firefox 4 installation (without touching the Windows 7 default user profile):

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    I have done this.
    Have a hidden input field on form  <input name="ZoneExpiry" id="ExpiryDate" />
    Then have a function as follows:
    var dat=new Date();
                                                      dat.setDate(dat.getDate() + 365);
                                                      var monthname=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun", "Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec")
                                                      var pretty = dat.getDate() + "-" + monthname[dat.getMonth()] + "-" + dat.getFullYear();   
    Hope this helps.

  • Set nautilus as default file manager in kde?

    I would give kde a good chance, but I have several issues with konqueror. Is it possible to set nautilus as the default file manager in kde? I have started nautilus from kde before.
    Is this possible?

    OK then. Install nautilus.
    control center > file associations > inode > directory [ then add: "nautilus --no-desktop" ] (make sure it's primary in the list)
    You'll not be able to open KIO slaves such as media:// with nautilus though. Maybe you should create launchers on the desktop running "nautilus --no-desktop computer://" etc?
    There are some other cosmetic changes you can do as well, such as installing gnome-volume-manager, gnome-settings-dameon, gnome-control-center etc.
    Another way is just to add "nautilus --no-desktop" as default application for inode > directory, but don't add it as *primary*, but secondary application, so you can right click and choose "open with nautilus" on the desktop/konqueror.
    I've successfully run a complete nautilus desktop replacing konqueror as root window and file manager, and it works really good actually.
    I did uncheck "icons on desktop" and disabled wallpaper in kcontrol.
    Had to disable "hal backend" in kde to let gnome-volume-manager take care of hal mounts; "HalBackendEnabled=false" in .kde/share/config/mediamanagerrc
    Then i had to run "gnome-settings-daemon &" in .kde/Autostart/startup (this file should be executable, as usual) (nautilus itself is a GUI application and will survive  the next session on it's own, because of KDE session managment)
    I took the easy route and installed the whole "gnome" metapackage instead of selective packages though.
    The only problem was that kedit.desktop didn't want to start as default application for say, text files, but i had to enter kedit manually in that box you get during "open with dialog".
    I bastardized KDE, i know
    It was worth it! hehe
    BTW dolphin/d3lphin is really good too, as lucke pointed out.

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    richr604 wrote:
    Thanks I knew this, I like Safari as I want to keep everything MAC, but if I use Firefox the documents open in MS Word straight away, I was just curious if there was some setting I could change?
    In Firefox > Preferences, click the Applications tab. If RTF is there, use the pulldown menu in the Action column to pick MS Word. If RTF is not there, there are instructions here for how to add file types.

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    Originally posted by:
    Well... I found over 200 bugs none of which seemed to talk about setting
    the default folder. I probably missed the relevant bug in the spew.
    I ask a question here as a last resort -- after I've done what I think
    is an appropriate search for answers.
    But thanks for your help in any case.
    Daniel Megert wrote:
    > DemonDuck wrote:
    >> When I need to open a file not in the workspace, I use File -> Open File.
    >> But the default folder it opens is in C:\Documents and
    >> Setting\Administrator
    >> I would like File -> Open File to first open in someplace more
    >> reasonable -- like the workspace.
    >> How do I set the default folder for File -> Open File ????
    > Is your '?' key broken? Check bugzilla there's a feature request
    > regarding your question.
    > Dani

  • How can I set the default sign in the mail accounts? thank you

    How can I set the default sign in the mail accounts? thank you

    From the Mail menu bar, select
    Mail ▹ Preferences ▹ Signatures
    Drag the signature to each of the desired accounts in the list on the left. If you want it to be the default signature added to all messages sent from that account, select the account, and then select from the Choose Signature menu at the bottom of the dialog.

  • How do you set the alert time to default to a set amount of time in the calendar?

    How do you set a default alert time in my calendar so I don't have to set it every time?

    Go iCal Preferences/General and click the default alert tick box at the bottom. You can then adjust the amount of minutes before the event for the alarm. NB. ticking the tickbox means you get an alarm for every entry.

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