How do you stop downloading itunes match songs to iphone 5

How do you stop downloading itunes match songs to iphone 5?
Cell data is turned off but it is still downloading.

When you initially enable iTunes Match on any iDevice it is wise to let it operate for a good period docked or with good WiFi.
Best route to stop it if essential is to switch off iTunes Match.

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  • How can I get iTunes 11 to stop showing iTunes Match songs on a computer for which iTunes Match is not enabled?

    How can I get iTunes 11 to stop showing iTunes Match songs on a computer for which iTunes Match is not enabled?

    Found it: PREFERENCES --> STORE --> uncheck "Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases."

  • Can not download iTunes Match songs on my Mac. iPhone, iPad work fine.

    I can not download iTunes Match songs on my Mac. It gives an error stating that only one Apple ID can be used at a time with iTunes Match and asks me to wait 72 days until I can download any songs!? Tried to turn off iTunes Match in an attempt to reset it. And now I can't turn it back on. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm pretty sure the songs will need to be physically present on the computer you are syncing the Nano with, but I'm not 100% sure.
    Edit: I just attempted to sync music that I have stored in the iCloud, but not written on my harddrive to an iPod Classic and it only syncs the music that is present on the computer. I tried to grab a few iCloud file and throw it on the iPod, but I had to download them before it would work.
    So, yes. You do have to have the files already downloaded to sync to a non iOS 5 iDevice.

  • How do you stop download of OS Yosemite. From BOwa1

    How do you stop download of OS Yosemite. I started the download but changed my mind. can i stop the download or remove the upgrade after download.
    Thank You,

    I don't know of a way to stop the download, but when it finishes it will run automatically. Simply quit the installer. You can then delete it from the Applications folder like any other file.

  • How do I automatically download iTunes from mac to iPhone? Cannot find 'authorisation' tab in Store menu?

    How do I automatically download iTunes from mac to iPhone? Cannot find 'authorisation' tab in Store menu?

    For your music I strongly suggest this:
    Its a program that allows you to import the music from your ipod to your computer. Just remember to NOT SYNCING the ipod with itunes before saving your music or photos or all will be deleted. Good Luck

  • How to get rid of iTunes match artefacts on iPhone?

    After using iTunes match with iTunes on Windows, I've decided that I wanted to have full control of what is synced to my iPhone4 and disabled iTunes Match on the iPhone. I'm using a secondary iTunes library on my PC now to sync with the phone while I still have iTunes match in place for use with my Apple TV.
    Problem is, that after disabling iTunes match on the iPhone, it still shows leftover iTunes match contents, e.g. in the Albums list of the music application. The problem existed with iOS 5.0 and is still there after upgrade to iOS 5.1.
    Is there any way for me to get rid of the iTunes match artefacts on the iPhone? They are also dysfunctional, i.e. cannot be downloaded, played, etc...
    Kind regards,

    After reading my problems are still the same:
    I cannot delete the iTunes match albums from the phone similiar to not being able to play them
    I cannot disable "show all music" as that would require me to enable iTunes match again on the phone which is what I don't want
    I'm thinking about trying to re-enable, change the setting, wipe the albums, disable again and then sync with local library. I'll report after testing..

  • How do I transfer the iTunes Match songs downloaded on my computer to my iPhone?

    I downloaded all of my songs from iTunes Match to my computer and was hoping to transfer them via USB to my iPhone. It appears that the only way to get them on my phone is to download them from the could though. Is there a way to transfer the songs to my iPhone via USB? Or do I have to download them (again) from the cloud?

    I turned off iTunes Match on my phone and things seemed to work how I wanted. The songs that I downloaded on my computer just transferred over like normal.

  • HT4914 Purging downloaded iTunes Match songs from iOS to keep memory available.?

    It states that if your iOS system downloads the music from iCloud as you listen to it so its there for listening when no wifi is available! How do you purge  the songs after listening so they don't take up space?

    Hey there Chriskir,
    It sounds like you would like to delete all the songs from your iPad but still be able to access them in iTunes Match. You can delete all the songs from the Music section of your Usage in Settings by swiping your music left:
    Settings > General > Usage
    iPhone, iPad, and iPod: Understanding capacity
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • How do you stop app's going across 2 iphones when you only have 1 apple ID for itunes?

    I have an iPhone, iPad & iMac which is all set up lovely. However my girlfriend now has a iPhone too so I have set up her phone with my apple ID for itunes but her own one for emails etc.
    The issue I am having is that when ever she down loads an app it appears on my phone as well, how do I stop this my friends think I'm changing my ways with all these girly apps apearing on my phone at random??

    Hi Oxford_lad,
    apart from you treating your girlfriend to well, you just have to deactivate automatic downloading!
    Enabling Automatic Downloads on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    Tap Settings > iTunes & App Stores on your device.
    Tap Sign In if you're not already signed in to the iTunes Store.
    Enter your Apple ID and password.
    Tap On/Off switch to enable or disable Automatic Downloads for each content type.

  • How do you stop synched iTunes music disappearing from my iPhone 5?

    I have about 35G of music on my iTunes on my iMac, a good % of it having been purchased on ITunes.  The music sync setting for my iPhone 5 is automatic / everything. 
    For the past couple of months, I've been noticing music disappearing from my iPhone when it's offline (eg on the plane, when I listen to my music on my iPhone the most).  Such music would come back as "in the cloud" when I regain wifi / data access.  I would then download them onto my iPhone again.  And then they would disappear again!  How can I stop such annoying behavior?  Does switching music sync to manual help?  Thank you.

    Hello claire267
    In the Messages app, in the drop down menu go to Messages > Preferences. Once there click the Accounts tab and then remove the iMessage account and that will stop all messages associate with your phone number from showing up on your computer.
    OS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion: Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • Downloaded iTunes Match Songs cut off halfway?

    I'm on iTunes on windows and apple better get this fixed quick coz this is getting on my nerves.
    I've downloaded the entire iTunes match library twice and there are still songs that cut off halfway. any fixes for this?
    P.S. This doesnt happen to my iphone if i download it right off itunes match, but it happens to my computer and my computer only. i have no idea *** is happening Grrr

    Boy is this a bug, but I fixed it. If you haven't by now, try this.
    Select all, Delete, Yes, Keep Files.
    Then re-add the same folder to your library.
    Stupid, but it worked for my iTunes files, burned CDs, old mp3s, everything. I'm mostly posting this b/c I didn't find the answer on the several posts I opened and this one is at the top of Google's list.

  • How do you stop an iTunes back up to disk function in the middle?

    Ok i im using a windows xp pro computer. I clicked file>library>backup to disk. I started backup yesterday (four PM) and it is still running today (10 AM at the moment) how do i force stop it? if this doesnt stop, i cant open the disk drive, start a new backup, and my computer runs pretty slow. any ideas how to fix it or what the problem is?

    The iTunes feedback is confusing indeed. I use the general Feedback page to report bugs and to do suggestions.
    They assure that the messages will be read, but you won't get a reply.
    As this is a user-to-user forum, it is highly unlikely your suggestions will be read by Apple employees (except moderators).
    You can exclude songs from shuffling by checking 'Skip when Shuffling' in the 'Options' tab of the Info window (Get Info of a song; shortcut: command-I)
    Unfortunately, you can only do this song by song.
    Using this script, you can enable/disable 'Skip when Shuffling' of all selected songs.
    You could put the songs/sfx in a playlist, select them all (command-A) and run the script.
    To run multiple libraries, you can choose between these two applications:
    iTunes Library Manager and Libra.
    Although not real instant switchable libraries, both apps. can create multiple 'iTunes Library' files, which enables you to have separate libraries for all kinds of files.
    Hope this helps.
    17' iMac fp 800 MHz 768 MB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Several ext. HD (backup and data)

  • Cannot download iTunes Match songs - Getting error (8364)

    My iTunes completed the Match process.
    Generally, I have two kinds of songs with a cloud icon:
    Songs that I had previously purchased, but were currently not in my library in any form. (No MP3 or AAC version.)
    If I click on the cloud icon, these songs download just fine.
    Songs that I had previously purchased, but were in my library in another form. (Usually as an MP3 - I had converted it to MP3 or ripped it from somewhere.)
    The MP3 version will show as "Matched" and I will have an iCloud version right below it that shows with a iCloud icon and it has a status of "Purchased". But when I click on the iCloud, I get "There was a problem downloading [Whatever the song title is] An unknown error occured (8364). Please check that the network connection is active and try again."
    If I try to click the same iCloud icon again, I get "There was a problem downloading [Whatever the song title is]. An unknown error occured (-50). Please check that the network connection is active and try again."
    I can immediately go an download a song that fits case 1 above and it works fine.
    I tried deleting the MP3 versions from my library first, and that didn't do anything. I get the same error.
    iTunes Match isn't going to be all that useful if all my iCloud music isn't going to be able to be downloaded.
    I also tried turning iTunes Match off and on again, and I tried restarting the computer too.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm encountering the same problem, and related issues.  One Allan Parsons song I purchased ("Damned if I Do" from the Eve album) was listed twice after Match completed, with two different lengths and two albums listed.  Prior to running iTunes Match I only had one copy of it, so something is very broken in Apple land.

  • HT1918 How do I stop an iTunes Match subscription?

    I have moved country and need to change it on iTunes - but have to stop iTunes match first. I can stop the renewal but do not know hot to actively cancel the subscription?

    Contact iTunes support and explain the situation:
    They will usually respond within 24 hours.

  • Can not see itunes Match songs in iPhone IOS 6

    After upgrade to ios 6 I can not see my songs in iphone .
    I have a subscription of ITUNES Match and recenctly could download song to a new MAC.
    But iphone did not see any song.
    I have tried turn itunes match option ON AND OFF  but even with this procedure I still can not listen songs in Iphone.
    any suggestion  ?

    iTunes stores the music in a library..
    Accessing files in libraries especially covered by digital rights is something Apple specialises in making obscure.

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