How do you sync apps from iPad to macbook

I want to save my apps on the Mac, so that I can transfer them back to a newer iPAD

You can use the Transfer Purchases option in iTunes to copy them over to iTunes and have them ready to sync back to the new iPad.
iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer

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  • How do you sync apps from itunes to your ipod

    how do you sync apps from itunes to your ipod?

    See here:
    Syncing and arranging apps from the App Store

  • How do you Sync Contacts from iPhone to MacBook?

    How do you Sync Contacts from iPhone to MacBook?
    Hi,  Does anyone know how to do this without the need for me to upgrade to Lion on my MAcBook Pro and use the iCloud?
    I put all my contacts into my iPhone and I'd like them now on my MAcBook Pro.

    Click on your iDevice on the sidebar of iTunes and then go to the info tab at the top. check the box shown here:
    This will put the contacts from an iDevice to the computer. You can then check the same box on the (let's say iPad) that doens't have any contacts and they will go from your comp to your iPad.

  • How do you sync the iPhone, iPad and MacBook calendar in one calendar.

    How do you sync the iPhone, iPad and MacBook calendar in one calendar?

    Iphone 5 seems unable to sync calendars with ITunes! The genius bar set mine to sync via Icloud, but it only worked once (?). 
    Finally I fixed it like this.
    First, I merged the multiple calendars from ICal thanks to and I called it “only.”
    Second, I unchecked the gmail calendar (seems iCloud had a problem with it): On the Iphone, open the calendar, go to the bottom of the page, click on calendars and uncheck the gmail calendar. Click Done.
    Third, every time I want to sync, I go to the Iphone  Settings, iCloud, and uncheck calendars. I respond “keep on my Iphone”. Then, check calendars on again, click merge, and.… voila!

  • How do you sync apps from itunes to your iphone

    I just restored my iphone 4s and im wondering how to get your apps on to the phone

    Sync them.
    Open itunes, connect iphone, go to apps tab, select what you want, then sync.
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)

  • How do you sync apps from iTunes (PC) to iPod Touch?

    I know I go to Devices> -device name + firmware- > Apps > now, I check the box that says sync apps, and add my downloaded apps from iTunes PC and when I click APPLY, I box comes up and says "Are you sure you want to remove ## apps, including (app name) from the (device+ Device name)? This will delete the app and data from the device?

    - DId you previous sync the iPod to another computer/iTunes library?
    - In the App pane are the apps already on the iPod checked to synced to the iPod? If not checked they willbe removed.

  • How do i sync calendar from ipad to macbook via the cloud

    I have an employee that keeps track of business on an ipad.  How do they sync their calander with mine so I can view on my macbook.  I own both machines.

    Hi there,
    It sound like you want to have your employee share their calender with you. You may find the information in the article below helpful.
    iCloud: Share a calendar with others
    -Griff W. 

  • How do you sync apps from another itunes without erasing all your apps

    Ok so here is my situation, my usb is down so I am downloaded an application on another computer and uploaded it to Itunes. Now I got it loaded up and trying to sync it to my ipod but it wants to erase all my other apps and just put the one on. So how do I get just the one app on without erasing it, would appreciate the help, thanks in advance!

    I'm guessing you mean your wifi is down. Otherwise, I'd say just download it from the appstore on the touch.
    Also, if you log into your account on itunes and download an app, couldn't you log into your App Store account on the Touch and download it that way?

  • How do you transfer apps from iPad to mac book pro?

    I need to upgrade to the ios5 on ipad I but it says I need to transfer the apps and I don't know how.

    There are purchased items on the iPad “Laura Crowell’s iPad” that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPad.
    This is the message I get...and I don't know how to transfer these to the iTunes library.  Perhaps this is my question??

  • How do you sync notes between ipad and macbook pro

    I have numerous notes on my iPad mini and want to sync it with my MacBook Pro. How?

    Use iCloud.

  • How do you sync calendars between iPad and MacBook Pro running Maverick

    I had no problem syncing my iPad with my MacBook Pro before upgrading to Maverick.  Now I just keep going round in circles.  It's such a basic requirement to be able to sync calendars, but just so problematic. 

    Use iCloud.

  • How do you transfer apps from an iPad to iPad2

    how do you transfer apps from iPad to iPad2

    If you just want to install the apps then you can either sync them from your computer's iTunes or re-download them directly on the iPad 2 :
    If you want to sync the apps and their content from the frist gen iPad then you can backup the iPad 1, and then restore the iPad 2 from that backup (a list of what is included in a backup is in this article - it excludes music, videos, synced photos). As the backup doesn't contain the actual apps, just their settings and content, for the restore to work completely you'll need all the relevant apps in your computer's iTunes library - otherwise the restore won't be able to install the apps and therefore their content (if you don't have the apps on your computer then you can re-download them for free :

  • HT1351 How do you sync music from pc to ipad

    How do you sync music from pc to ipad pc saying 10.7 version and asking ipad to update itunes but saying no update available

    If you are trying to sync them to the iBooks app on your iPad and they are in your computer's iTunes library (if not then you should be able to add ibooks, PDFs and digital-rights-free epbs via File > Add To Library), then you should be able to sync them via the Books tab in a similar way to how you are using the Photos and Music tabs to sync those items. Is that not working, and if not does your computer's iTunes give the impression that they are copying over ?

  • HT1386 I have synced app from ipad to laptop.  How do I open the app or use it?

    I have synced apps from ipad to laptop. How dow I open the app and use it ?

    iOS apps will only run under iOS.  They cannot be opened, run or used on any other operating system, so they cannot be used on your laptop.  The sync and transfer of purchases apps is merely to keep a copy of the app as backup on your laptop.  While you can re-download any app you have from your iTunes/App Store account, that will only get your the latest release version.  If you want to keep older or previous releases around as backup, then your only copies will be the ones you've copied over to your laptop for safekeeping.

  • How can I sync apps from my iTunes on Macbook Air without syncing apps from the iPad 2 to my Macbook Air?

    How can I sync apps from my iTunes on Macbook Air without syncing apps from the iPad 2 to my Macbook Air? (As my Macbook Air is only 64GB and my iPad is 64GB and that my Macbook Air only has 40 GB left...) Or is there no other way but to sync apps from iTunes to iPad without syncing apps from iPad to iTunes(it says Backing Up , then it says Converting files to iTunes, then it shows the name of the app on the bottom...)

    Yes, sign in with the same Apple ID as your stolen one in the new iPod Touch.

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