How do you use Airport extreme at hotels etc, when traveling? I can plug my computer into the Airport with my ethernet but how does Airport pickup signal?

How do you use Airport extreme at hotels etc, when traveling? I can plug my computer into the Airport with my ethernet but how does Airport pickup signal? What equipment & devices do I need to travel with to make this possible?

You may mean the AirPort Express.....not AirPort the Express is a popular travel router.
The whole idea behind using this device is that the hotel must provide an Ethernet jack in the hotel room. Then you connect the AirPort Express to the Ethernet jack with an Ethernet cable and configure it to provide your own wireless network in the room. You still have to agree to terms, pay the fees, etc.
The problem with this approach is that it is getting very difficult to find hotels in North America that prrovide an Ethernet jack....most have moved to wireless networks and the others are not far behind.
So, if the hotel is already providing a wireless signal, the AirPort Express is of no use in that situation.
If you normally stay at the same hotels, and know that they provide Ethernet ports, an AirPort Express might make sense in terms of convenience.

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  • I just got an iPod touch.  Now I cannot access my music on my Nano when it is connected to my computer (all the titles are in gray).  How do I fix this?

    I just got an iPod touch.  Now I cannot access my music on my Nano when it is connected to my computer (all the titles are in gray).  How do I fix this?

    That sounds like you've engaged one of the automatic syncing options for your nano.
    Plug the nano in, and go into the Device screen for the nano in itunes. Is "manually manage ..." unchecked? If so, check the box for it, and click okay. Disconnect and reconnect the nano. Is the content on the nano able to be selected in your iTunes now?

  • I just bought a new macbook, and am trying to transfer my settings, etc, from my old imac.  I have connected the two with a firewire.  How do I now transfer the data?

    I just bought a new macbook, and am trying to transfer data from my old imac.  I have connected the two with a firewire, and how do I now transfer the data?
    Thanks in advance.

    You can connect them in Target Mode and then drag and drop from the iMac to the MacBook.

  • Can i use new TC to connect wirelessly to home network and plug my tv into the time capsule for internet connectivity?

    My new tv needs to plug into an ethernet port for internet connectivity. 
    I'm hoping it can plug into my TC however my TC is wirelessly connected to my current home network... how can i get this to work?
    TC version A1470 (i think, brand new)
    Many thanks.

    If the TC is connected to a wireless network provided by another Apple router, then the TC extends the network by default, and the Ethernet ports are enabled on the TC.
    If the TC is connected to a third party network wirelessly, then it must have been setup to "join" the wireless network. When the TC is set up this way, the TC becomes a wireless hard drive and nothing more. The Ethernet ports are not enabled when the TC "joins" a wireless network.
    So, a logical first troubleshooting step would be to confirm "how" the TC is currently set up. To do that.....assuming that you are using a current or recent version of AirPort Utility on your Mac.......
    Open AirPort Utility
    Click on the TC icon, then click Edit in the smaller window
    Click the Wireless tab at the top of the window
    Check the setting for Network Mode and report on that

  • HT2729 How can I put songs into the album they came from but were split because of multiple artists on a tune?

    I need help in finding out home to combine songs from the same CD into one Album. When putting CD into the iMac, it auto loads into iTunes. If the artist is singing duet and the songs show more than one artist, it gets separated in iTunes. I want to combine all tracks together like they are on the CD.

    One way around this is to edit the album info for each song on that album and make the album artist 'various artists', or you can remove that duet artist and make all the artists the same.
    Seems to be a glitch or change with how iTunes sees albums now. THey alphabetize them by artist and, as you've noticed, if the artists are different, it sees them as different albums.
    I had many albums like this and spent a whole weekend editing the info to 'various' to clean it up.

  • How do you use wirelless keyboard with emoji?

    Just downloaded emoji on ipad. Have a wireless keypad! how do you use it?

    I see this:
    Connecting a Music Keyboard to Your Computer
    If you play a keyboard instrument, you can connect a MIDI-compatible music keyboard
    to your computer to play and record Software Instruments.
    To connect a music keyboard to play Software Instruments:
    If the keyboard is a USB MIDI keyboard, connect the USB cable to the keyboard and
    to your computer.
    If the keyboard is a standard MIDI keyboard, connect the keyboard to a MIDI
    interface using standard MIDI cables, and connect the interface to your computer.
    Be sure to follow the instructions that came with the keyboard, which may include
    installing the correct driver on your computer.
    This doesn't tell me what I need to do though. I'm sorry if I sound like a moron, but I can't figure this out haha. I've got everything plugged in and turned on. What is the next step...and the step after make it so that when I play my keyboard, it shows up on Garageband and I'm able to record...

  • On photoshop element 12 when I open a .MTS file I have the sound with a black screen if I open a .mov it work fine I have uninstall and reinstall I still have the same problem can you help?

    On photoshop element 12 when I open a .MTS file I have the sound with a black screen if I open a .mov it work fine I have uninstall and reinstall I still have the same problem can you help?

    I have find the codec installed on my PC do you see an undesirable one I have highlighted the one that seems strange should I uninstall how can I do this safely
    Codecs audio
    Codec Microsoft IMA ADPCM
    CODEC A-Law et u-Law Microsoft CCITT G.711
    Codec audio Microsoft GSM 6.10
    Codec Microsoft ADPCM
    Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (decode only)
    Convertisseur PCM Microsoft
    WMAudio Decoder DMO
    0160, 0161, 0162, 0163
    WMAPro over S/PDIF DMO
    WMSpeech Decoder DMO
    000A, 000B
    MP3 Decoder DMO
    Codecs vidéo
    Microsoft RLE
    Microsoft Vidéo 1
    Microsoft YUV
    Codec Intel IYUV
    Toshiba YUV Codec
    Codec Cinepak de Radius
    Mpeg4s Decoder DMO
    mp4s, MP4S, m4s2, M4S2, MP4V, mp4v, XVID, xvid, DIVX, DX50
    WMV Screen decoder DMO
    MSS1, MSS2
    WMVideo Decoder DMO
    Mpeg43 Decoder DMO
    mp43, MP43
    Mpeg4 Decoder DMO
    MPG4, mpg4, mp42, MP42
    De : sarika02 
    Envoyé : 17 juin 2014 19:26
    À : Daniel Cloutier
    Objet :  On photoshop element 12 when I open a .MTS file I have the sound with a black screen if I open a .mov it work fine I have uninstall and reinstall I still have the same problem can you help?
    On photoshop element 12 when I open a .MTS file I have the sound with a black screen if I open a .mov it work fine I have uninstall and reinstall I still have the same problem can you help?
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  • How do I use Airport Extreme to limit internet time for my kids?  His computer is hardwired to the modem.

    How do I use Airport Extreme to limit internet time for my kids?  His computer is hardwired to the modem.

    You can set up daily time limits for each computer that connects using wireless, but it is not possible to do this when a computer is connecting directly using a wired Ethernet connection.
    Open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility on your Mac and click Manual Setup
    Click the Access Control tab below the icons
    Select Timed Access
    For more details on this, click the Help menu at the top of the screen and enter the following phrase into the search box:
    Controlling access to your wireless network
    A more sophisticated approach would be to use a service provided by OpenDNS. From your computer, this would allow you to monitor web sites visited, and block any unsuitable sites. More info is here:

  • How do I use time machine to backup to an external hard drive plugged into my airport extreme

    How do I use time machine to backup to an external hard drive plugged into my airport extreme?  I used to be able to but now time machine will not recognize my hard drive to select as a backup when plugged into my airport extreme.  I'm not sure what happened or changed.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

    First thing to do is go to the Pondini tips page, then follow the link to his full TM site for all the details.

  • How do you use Time Machine with more then one mac

    I just bought a new external hard drive and want to back up my iMac & MacBook Pro using Time Machine. But I do not want to use my airport network.
    I will keep the hard drive connected to the iMac, but want to, as needed, plug my MacBook Pro into the Hard drive to back up.
    Is this possible? Do I have first partition the new backup hard drive?
    Any help is appreciated... Jim

    Ok... I am back again.
    I decided to plug my backup drive into the USB port on the Airport extreme.
    On my Macbook Pro, which I connect wirelessly, I was able to start Time Machine... Time Machine saw the backup drive and did a backup.. Yes it took a long time Anyway all is cool with that.
    My iMac is connected to the Airport Extreme by Ethernet. On the iMac when I started Time Machine, it does not see the backup hard drive. I can see and share the hard drive... works fine. But no luck with TM seeing the hard drive on the iMac.
    Questions is will Time Machine work with a computer that is connected to airport extreme by ethernet. If yes how o you set it up and what might be wrong??
    I might mention that the reason I have the iMac connected with an ethernet cable and not wirelessly is because the iMac does not stay connected well to the internet and when it is connected has a very slow connection. My MacBook Pro is all the way across the house and has a great connection.
    I have guessed the slow connection was because the Airport Extreme sits right next to the iMac and maybe there is some kind of interference.
    Thanks.... any help is appreciated.

  • Windows 8 how do you use it

    i just installed the pre realase of win 8 in boot camp on my mac mini, it installed faster than my pc which i installed at the same time and it runs here but not on pc , but i cant figure it out.
    how do you use it? it looks like my xbox/android    

    Connect the speaker output from the airport express to the line in on your hi-fi amp.  You will need a cable with a 3.5" jack (mini-jack) on one end and twin RCA (phono) connectors on the other - one will be red, the other white.

  • How do you use your iPod Touch?

    I'm thinking of buying an ipod touch 5th gen, but I have to convince myself that it would help me significantly before I drop $300 on a device. My question: how do you use your iPod Touch, aka, what things have helped you significantly, excluding games? I've heard a ton about how awesome the new version is, and everything about its camera and retina display, but I want to know that I would actually use one first....

    Surf the web from bed and coffee shops/bookstores.  When in a store that has WiFi I may research a product that looks interesting to buy.
    It is a camera that is always with you (assuming you always take it with you), so you can capture that picture that happens once in a life time.  Also the camera is great when shopping for "Big Ticket" items as you can take pictures to remind you of things you were looking at so you can do additional research at home before making your final decision.
    Check my mail from bed and coffee shops/bookstores, etc... when WiFi is available.
    Use it as an alarm clock, meeting reminder, todo reminder.
    Take notes (not school notes, just ideas, stuff I maybe want to buy, useful information I may pick up in a bookstore, books I may want to buy, etc...)
    Contains my contacts for friends, family, and businesses (plumber, dentist, doctor, etc...)
    Plays music, or in my case, I listen to podcasts
    Reading ebooks.  I use it a lot to read ebooks.  It is always with me, so I can read a book anywhere, such as waiting in a doctor/dentist office, at the motor vehicle registry.  And reading in bed is great as when you fall asleep, it remembers what page you were on vs that book that drops onto your face and wakes you back up while at the same time loosing your page
    The Maps app is great for finding where something is located, and plotting how to get there (not as good as having an iPhone with GPS, but still useful).  Also the satellite images make it easier to visualize where you are going.
    When connected to WiFi it can be used for Facetime when calling a friend or family member that also has an iOS device.  Seeing a loved one when they are not near can be emotionally satisfying.  You can also make skype calls.
    I use 1Password to store all my passwords.  It keeps them secure, I always have them with me, and I do not need to use the same password over and over again, or make them too simple to remember.  1Password has a built-in browser so you it can substitute the correct password for the web site you are visting without actually needing to look it up.
    1Password related but not passwords.  Because 1Password encrypts all the data it holds, I can also store sensitive information (such as medical conditions, or other information I do not want made public should my device be lost or stolen), yet always have that information with me should I need it.
    I can get the weather.  This week, I've been using an app to get high/low Tide infromation, plus sunrise information.  But getting weather info when you wake up so you can plan your day and if you need to shovel the driveway before going to work.  I find it easier to get the weather from my iOS device than it is to use my laptop or turn on the Weather Channel.
    Calclator.  2+2 = 4, but there are times you do need to get something right, and calculators are useful. They have all kinds available, including hexidecimal calculators for programmers.
    RSS newsfeed reader (I follow about 20+ feeds, including these discussions groups via RSS feeds).
    Travel services.  Most airports have WiFi, and you can get updated travel info for your flights via some speciallized travel apps.
    If you are into tracking your car mileage, gas usage, maintenance costs, etc..., there are apps for that.
    While you can watch video on your iOS device (downloaded movies, YouTube), you can also stream movies from services such as Netflix.  This can be useful when traveling, or if you are stuck in bed with a cold, or if you have lost control of the "Remote" and do not want to watch "Dancing with the Stars"
    TV related, there are apps that will give you the TV schedule for your area, so you can browse the shows on this evening.
    List.  You can keep lists, including grocery shopping lists, items to pack for a trip lists, things to do for that bathroom remodel, things you need to get before school starts, Christmas lists, etc....  NOTE:  Ideas for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary gifts may come anytime during the year, but if you do not write them down, you may be scratching your head when the event arrives.  Putting them in a list can help you later on.
    You can get a Level app.  You may laugh, but I have actually used my iOS device to check if something was level.  It was there, and a carpenters level was not.  Not perfect, but it did what I needed at the time.
    Finding a good resturante (Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc...).  The iOS device can be very helpful in finding a good nearby place to eat when away from home, or even discovering a new play where you live to get out of that eat at the same place rut.
    That is some of the things I use my iOS device for.

  • How do you use Default Resource Access Information?

    I have some 10g Forms & Reports that I want to use with SSO and they will all be connecting to the database with the same connection info. I know how to configure a Default Resource Access Information, but how do you use this with Forms & Reports?

    the default Resource Access Infomation should be the connection information right? This is used in conjunction with SSO. You need to configure your F&R applications to delegate authentication to SSO by placing ssoMode=true in the config section of formsweb.cfg.
    The Forms Servlet will connect to OID retrieve the Resource Access Information (descriptor) for a given user and automatically log them into the application.
    Users will need a global identity in OID and SSO must be enabled to use resource access info with F&R

  • How do you use emojis in the iPhone 5s

    How do you use emojis in the iPhone 5s

    Tap on Settings, General, Keyboard, Then Keyboards, Add New keyboard, and choose emoji.
    The next time you are in text messaging or email, and the keyboard pops up, select the globe to get to the emoji symbols.

  • How do you use forward and back button on mouse and use "zoom" in web browser.

    Ok so apparently this forum is ruled with an iron fist or something my very honest and truthful problems with these issues seem to have been instantly deleted in my last discussion?
    I'll try this once more.
    1) How do you use the forward and back button on a mouse without having to buy a product like Steer Mouse? There must be a way to do this without having to buy a program given it's such a useful feature that 99% of users need. I don't want to spend hours researching something that should already work. Any advice?
    2) How do you zoom in for web browsers like Chrome without it globally zooming in everything on the monitor (even background applications). I don't want to zoom in background applications. I want to be able to zoom in the web browser and still maintain all the features like the side bar, not just a little magnifying glass type thing.
    I'm currently zooming in with the CTRL-Middle Mouse button, but I can't find a way to use this feature so it's useful to browse the web it seems to not scale the browser correctly but rather is a global zoom. Any solution for this?

    Thanks so much!
    Like I said I am new to Apple products so it's still unclear to me which programs I do or don't need as I'm setting up and configuring all my software and devices.
    The Logitech Control Center appears to work perfectly for what I was trying to do!
    I accidently clicked "This helped me" instead of "This Solved My Question", sorry about that this was a solve!

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