How does I resize a pdf file page using Acrobat Pro?

In Acrobat Pro, how can one resize a pdf file page (21.38'' x 26.75'') into one measuring 6'' x 9'', to be submitted as the trim size? Is there a feature that allows this to be done? How does one set all print options from the Application print dialog box to enable one to adjust the dimensions of any customized file page?

I want to scale the 21.4'' by 26.8'' content down to one that can be fitted inside a 6'' by 9'' book.
I have this pdf that was created from the InkFlow app, and I'm using Acrobat Pro to merge three files into one (about 300MB), which I needed to submit to Amazon's CreateSpace, but they needed the trim size of 6'' by 9'', while the pdf is 21.4''' by 26.8'', and I can't amend the source file size of the InkFlow files.
I tried fiddling with the Crop and Print options, but I'm unable to resize the pdf to match the trim size. The problem on my side isn't so much on printing but to resize the pdf file page to 6'' by 9'' to satisfy Amazon's requirement for their trim size. Could this be done with Acrobat Pro? The message that appears is: Full print options of Acrobat Pro, set all print options from the Application print dialog box. Thank for the help.

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    I just combined 3 PDF files that had their own numbering into one. I have searched how to change this file into a consecutive numbering with no success. I do the steps outlined to open the Number options, but when filling in the blanks, and making choices, nothing changes on the pages ... just in the thumbnail section.

    Post your question in a forum for Acrobat. Adobe Reader can't change page numbers.

  • How to print pdf files not using acrobat product?

    i just want to print pdf files,but not want to use the adobe acrobat or acrobat reader,just want to write a tools print pdf files directly.

    > no i just want to print it,not need to read it.can you help me?
    Well, the problem is to print it you need to be able to read it. Something needs to convert it into a format the printer can understand (most printers are PostScript or PCL).
    I'm not sure you entirely understand what a PDF file is. It's not a fancy text file. It's a binary format. Saying "I want to print a PDF without a PDF interpreter" is like saying "I want to run an EXE without Windows". You need software to interpret the format.
    You certainly can write your own software to interpret the PDF format, convert it to a print language and output that to a printer, but as Aandi said you will need to start by reading the PDF Reference so you know how the inside of a PDF file works, and it will most likely take several years of development even for a seasoned, expert programmer. It's just not as simple as "Printer, meet PDF. PDF, meet printer."

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    I cannot create pdf files from Powerpoint 2010 using Acrobat Pro X.  I am using Windows 7 32-bit. There are no updates for my Acrobat Pro X and so the PDFMaker is up to date.  When trying to save to a pdf, the program will crash.  The problem signature from Powerpoint states that the problem name is "APPCRASH" and that the fault module named MPS.dll.  HELP!

    Here's a slightly better version.
    set urllist to {"", "", ""}
    set numURLs to (count urllist)
    on pageloaded(timeoutvalue) -- in seconds
    delay 2
    repeat with i from 1 to timeout_value
    tell application "Safari"
    if (do JavaScript "document.readyState" in document 1) is "complete" then
    return true
    else if i is timeout_value then
    return false
    delay 1
    end if
    end tell
    end repeat
    return false
    end page_loaded
    tell application "Safari"
    end tell
    tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Safari"
    set frontmost to true
    repeat with i from 1 to (numURLs)
    tell application "Safari"
    set URL of document 1 to item i of urllist
    end tell
    my page_loaded(5)
    keystroke "p" using {command down}
    click menu button "PDF" of sheet 1 of window 1
    click menu item 2 of menu 1 of menu button "PDF" of sheet 1 of window 1
    keystroke return
    end repeat
    end tell
    end tell

  • How does one reduce a PDF file size down from 14MB to 4MB.

    It is a 223 page resource with text and graphics... which need to stay at good resolution.
    We need to reduce the file sizes in order to upload the resource to our website media library for down load.
    any ideas?

    You will need to use either the "Save As Other..." and then choose how you want to save the file.
    - Reduced Size PDF...
    - Optimized PDF
    The "Reduced Size PDF..." option is the simplest but you may not be satisfied with the results.
    The "Optimized PDF" option allows a bit more control but you do need to make several choices about what settings you want to use.

  • How does one copy a PDF file into another PDF document?

    I am trying to copy part of a PDF file into another PDF document. So far, the file will copy but will not paste into another PDF document. Any clues?

    You can't convert Photoshop to editiable InDesign (though there is a plugin from RecoSoft that claims to make editable ID files from PDF:
    About the best you can hope for is to leave pixel information in the Photoshop file (where it really belongs) and place that into an ID document, then set any type in ID.

  • How Do I edit a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat 7

    Here in the office we are currently using Adobe Acrobat 7. We want to be able to edit within the PDF. Does anyone know how to do this??

    Hi DAVIDPC1,
    Acrobat 7 Pro (at 7.1.0 and, at least, the dot release prior to 7.1.0) has the Typewriter tool.
    Tools > Typewriter > Show Typewriter Toolbar.
    A PDF containing page content that reflects a "form" (lines to add text, boxes to mark, etc.), while a "PDF", is not a "PDF Form".
    This later critter will have form fields that you can complete. Can get rather fancy.
    Old Acrobat Form methods are still possible with Acrobat but, in the last several Acrobat releases "LifeCycle Designer" has been bundled.
    This permits one to create "dynamic" forms (uses a flavor of XML that is "wrapped" in PDF).
    So when anyone talks to the topic of "PDF form(s)" listeners often think the topic is an Acrobat or LifeCycle form rather than PDF page content that reflects an electronic version of a static, paper form.
    With that said, I think you are alluding to a PDF that is page content reflecting a paper form and has no form "fields" to facilitate filling out.
    So, if your version of Acrobat 7 has "Typewriter" then this tool will be found under menu item "Tools".
    It does surprise me that a fedgov form is not "fillable".
    the forms look to be PDFs with form fields or of the "eFile" type as found here
    Be well...

  • How do I edit a PDF file on my Macbook Pro?

    I'm working on a PDF file as school assignment and one of the requirements is inserting a picture into a little box. How do I do that and then continue to edit other parts of the PDF file so I could write stuff and revise?

    alishaxtu wrote:
    I was hoping I didn't have to pay for anything haha
    Yeah, no.
    Adobe Acrobat Pro.   

  • How do i edit this pdf file? Noob needs pro help

    I have to translate this pdf file to spanish. i tryed the following " advanced edition -> edit text" didn't work... maybe they scanned the file? tryed: "document -> ocr text recognition"... didn't work either.
    I have Adobe Acrobat Professional. i attached one page of thefile i want to edit. Please help me!!!

    Have you tried the TOOLS>Advanced Editing>Touchup Text Tool? You will have to have the fonts on your system to do the edit. You might be able to change the font to something else on your system if needed. The file is all text (in boxes) and the touchup text tool should do the job. I was able to change the fonts to Arial (not all of them, there are a few that are still in the old font that are numbers). I have posted the result at ophir lenses.pdf. (you may have to replace the spaces with %20)

  • How do you create a pdf file by using ActiveX?

    Is there a way that you could use activeX to write the data into pdf file? If so, do you have to have Adobe Writer install?

    you could generate a report using the report - VIs (gives you opportunity to add headers, footers, tables etc.) and print the report to a PDF - Printer (e.g. FreePDF). No ActiveX or Adobe Writer needed.
    Best regards
    CL(A)Dly bending G-Force with LabVIEW
    famous last words: "oh my god, it is full of stars!"

  • PDF files created in Acrobat Pro X for Mac will not print correctly on Windows - text is missing

    I recently created a PDF file with pictures and texts in Acrobat Pro X. However, when I send it to my coworkers (who work on Windows computers), the printed file contains only images, and no text. I am using Century Gothic - a font that is installed on these Windows computers. When they open the files, they can see the text and everything exactly as it is meant to be. However, upon printing, the text disappears completely.
    We are using a Konica Minolta Bizhub printer to complete these printouts. When I print from my computer (the Mac), the files print perfectly on this printer. However, when using the same printer, a Windows user cannot print the text in the PDF's.
    Has anyone else run across this problem? I am thinking of trying to embed fonts, however it doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference (since the fonts show up fine on a Windows computer anyways). Is there a known issue with printing PDF's on a Konica Minolta printer?

    The archive format you used embeds all fonts, as does Press and Print type job settings. The standard job settings does not embed all fonts and that might be where the problem was.

  • Inserting a barcode in a pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Pro

    I have a PDF bookcover created for a printed book, but I'm having trouble inserted the barcode (a eps file , and pdf file ). How do I insert the barcode into the bookcover file in Adobe Acrobat? Please help!

    Ok, I created an .eps file, and I'm afraid that I couldn't find a way to insert it into a .pdf; this means you must first convert the .eps file into another image file, e.g. .tiff, .jpeg, .png, or similar.  You can do that with Acrobat, although it is easier with Photoshop.
    1. Convert .eps file to .tiff file
    open .eps file in Acrobat
    File | Save as |
    Save as type: TIFF (or PNG, or JPEG)
    click Save
    2. Insert .tiff file into .pdf
    open .pdf file in Acrobat
    click on Tools, then Content Editing
    click Add Image
    select the converted .tif file and click Open
    the inserted image should become visible; move it to its destination location
    see the below image for an ISBN barcode I have just inserted into an empty space of a back bookcover
    If it is indeed an ISBN barcode image you need to insert, I highly recommend that you convert your .eps file to a high-quality image type like TIFF.  JPEG images can get compressed and create a low-quality image.  Low-quality barcodes on books can sometimes not be read by barcode scanners; therefore my recommendation to use a high-quality image.
    Let me know if you have any further questions, or need clarification somewhere.

  • Where does the print to pdf files go using CreatePDF?

    I have installed the Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer and selected it to print some docs, the print window says file type AdobeCreatePDFIPP  where: https// and I can't find the files. Where are they located? I thought they went into my folder.

    hi eveybody,
    we recently executed all the suggested steps from this and the mentioned threads to get along with it and make the printed files from Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer visible. until now we were not successful.
    If you're having issues installing the CreatePDF Printer, please read this article:
    If you've installed the CreatePDF Printer but the printer is not working (on Windows 7 SP1), please read this article:
    Finally, if your CreatePDF Printer is appearing as "offline" in your printer list, please try this work-around:
    - installing works fine,
    - is there a similar solution for winXP too?
    - printer is online
    at least we try to print/convert a tif file with it but it does not show up.
    the testing was done on a winXP and win7 system with the same bad results.
    uploading manually when logged in on is possible.
    there is no error message coming up, on the network monitor the file seems to be sent.
    since the tif files did not work we tried jpg and docx without success. is there anything apart from the regedit solution on winXP or rerunning installation/repairing procedure that could be done to make it work?
    would be great if somebody would have a suggestion what elso could be done.

  • Pdf does not eprint. Pdf was created using Acrobat 9

    Why did I get this message
    Unprinted Attachments:EXBH20110603.pdf
    ePrint Error
    The print job was cancelled because the print job included photos that were too low in quality to print with good results.

    Hey rahughes1,
    The reason that this job failed is because the attachments may have included photos or pictures that were less than 100 dpi in resolution. ePrint will not print a picture unless it has a higher resolution.
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
    If I have resolved your issue, feel free to provide Kudos and make sure you mark this thread as solution provided.

  • How do I import a PDF file into an After Effects project?

    I'm working on a documentary in which I need to display various pages from some PDF files.  When I import the files, it only gives me the first page.  Is there a way to import more than the first page?  Thanks.

    You've got a couple of options that will keep the files as PDF's. First, in Acrobat Pro extract pages using the extract each page to separate files option. Second, In Illustrator, Open the pages you want from the open dialogue and save each as a separate file. You can do the same in Photoshop, but you will end up rasterizing the PDF's. Using Acrobat Pro would be the easiest and fastest.
    If you don't have Acrobat Pro, and have not downloaded the demo then you've got a few days to complete your project. The only thing that would foul this up would be protected or locked PDF's.
    There's one other thing you should be aware of. Most of the time PDF documents are not designed with video in mind. There may be lots of lines and type that's just too small (1 pixel) to successfully end up on a DVD. You're in a little better shape if you're output is destined only for HD, but beware if you're going for SD TV via DVD.

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