How does iPhoto organises the photos?

Dear fellow Mac users,
how are you! Tonight, my parents had a lot of fun taking photos of them using Photo Booth... awww. those love birds haha.. and i made a music slideshows for them. (too bad i dont know how to burn it into a VCD for them to watch on TV). I dont have a DVD RW.
My question is
1. How does Iphoto organises the photos? It seems like there are many dublicate copy of the same photo.... i am kind of confused. (There is .. Original Folder and Modified Folder) and worried that it will eat up my disk space
2. Is it possible for me to burn a slide show VCD?
Thank you soooo much!

As PhillyPhan warned, you don't need to use the Finder to locate an image file for use outside iPhoto. You can either drag the thumbnail to the desktop to get a copy of it or use the File->Export->File Export menu route to export the file to the desktop. The second option allows you to resize it if desired. So there's no need to go rummaging around in the iPhoto Library folder to find a file.
Do you Twango?

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  • How does one keep the photo description attached to a photo in iphoto when that photo copies to a disc or flash drive

    how does one keep the photo description attached to a photo in iphoto when that photo copies to a disc or flash drive?
    the metadata transfers ok, it is the description of that photo that does not transfer.

    Use the File -> Export command and note the settings to write the metadata to the file on export.
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.

  • How does iPhoto determine the recent photos in the sidebar?

    Hello All,
    My iPhoto library is fixated on one date and always shows the same date at the top of the Recent group.  I have imported many photos since that date but it continues to show the single date - containing a single photo. 
    Where or How is iPhoto making this decision/calculation?  It's kinda funny...but annoying too.

    Sorry it was too complicated for you
    By  looking  at "recent" activity
    The activities you have recently engaged in
    So the top item is the most recent event viewed and changes when you view different events
    The item at the top of the list - the one you ask about - is the event you most recently viewed - each time yu view a new event it changes to the then most recently viewd event
    - the last "n" months is the last "n" months photos and changes when the month changes
    THe last "n" months item (by default the last "12" months) shows the photos imported in the last "n" months and it changes each time you import photos
    - the last import is the last group of photos imported and changes with each import
    The item called last import shows the photos you imported on the last import - each time you import it changes to the then last import
    - etc - etc
    And so on  --  and so on - each item has a clear set of photos and a clear update cycle - all depending on your "recent activity"

  • How does iPhoto references Facebook photos

    Just wondering, I have many Facebook albums that I uploaded using Facebook online
    I have just synced my account with iPhoto and its downloading all of my Facebook albums to my library
    Is it actually making copies of the files to my library, or just referencing the photos from Facebook, because I really don't want it to download copies to my library

    I'm having the exact same issue as FBC_21CA (the 1st response to andy.lawrence). I want to remove my Facebook account from iPhoto but the confusing warning message has me completely stumped.
    As I've learned from reading a heap of forum posts on this topic, I too am a Facebook/iPhoto album upload user who did not realise the convenient upload function meant permanent syncing between the two.
    In January this year [2013], when I unwittingly started making a mess of my FB albums by deleting pictures from my iPhoto library, I stopped using iPhoto to upload pics to FB. Well, I THOUGHT I did, which I've only just NOW realised was still happening! What I started doing to "get around it" (so I thought) was copying/dragging pictures from iPhoto to Finder (my desktop) then opening my FB account > upload new pics > browse to image location, etc. Perhaps stupidly on my part, I never thought to investigate the "WEB" sidebar menu item in iPhoto, which is where I've just found all the "Facebook Albums" that were being created 'behind my back'.
    It was only today I looked into this again because I was editing some image descriptions on a Facebook Page (totally unrelated to my personal FB profile) that I manage and noticed a bunch of pics had the description "posted". This is a note-to-self I write in the image description field in iPhoto so I know which images I have published on my website (a Tumblr) versus those I have not. What!?!
    Note: Every picture I've uploaded to my FB PAGE has been done using my same "workaround" (which actually didn't work) mentioned above. That is, copying/dragging pictures from iPhoto to Finder (my desktop) then opening my FB account > upload new pics > browse to image location, etc.
    So now that this annoying sync function is screwing with my work-related photo albums (on my FB Page), something finally had to be done. I researched the forums and found this post from "jackiefromport hope" - - which explained how to unsync iphoto and facebook. BUT when I go to do that, I get:
    Are you sure you want to remove [your] Facebook account?
    54 albums will be removed from your iPhoto library. They will still be visible on Facebook. Photos downloaded from Facebook that have not been imported will be moved to the iPhoto trash unless you choose to import them.
    Is this going to remove the original, high res images or just the "Facebook Albums" I discovered today under the "WEB" menu in iPhoto's left sidebar?
    Why would they still be preserved on FB? I don't want that either but if anything they should be preserved in their original location (iPhoto). NB: These are all pics I've taken on my iPhone and imported directly to iPhoto.
    Re: "Photos downloaded from Facebook that have not been imported will be moved to the iPhoto trash unless you choose to import them." I don't want to download ANYTHING from FB. I already have the images in iPhoto. Will proceeding with the unsync create hundreds of duplicates?
    Please help.

  • IPhoto can not find the original photo, does iPhoto copy the photo or just make a thumbnail?

    I'm scanning and putting all of my (paper) photos into my computer and then into iPhoto, tagging them, and doing all the time consuming things necessary to build a good library. 
    I've tried to open a few of the events and look at the photos I put in but I get an error that iPhoto can not find the original photo.  When I put a photo into iPhoto does the program only make a thumbnail copy with a link to the original, or does it actually copy the photo into the library?  I'm thinking the former.  Because I have a Time Machine backup, a hard copy, and (presumably) a copy in iPhoto, I have been deleting the photos AFTER putting them into iPhoto.  Do I need to keep the photos I put in iPhoto on my computer?  Will I need to go into TM and restore them?  Will I loose the information like Faces, Places, Keywords, if I do?
    Thank you much,
    I'm working with 9.1.2

    I have exactly the same problem except my photo is named "L1000093.jpg" and it's been there for a year now, but suddenly, when I wanted to view it in it's album, ("Favorite" which has been there for a year too), it says "The photo P1010311.jpg cannot be found"!!!  What the heck is going on?  So I canceled, went back to the album, clicked on L1000093, clicked "show event", went over to Event, clicked "reveal in finder" and there it is, iPhoto Library/Master/blah blah blah... L1000093.jpg!
    Where the hack did that P1010311.jpg came from?  Sure I have that photo, but it's in a completely different event and a different album!  What's is iPhoto 11 / Lion / iTunes 10.5.3(3) up to?
    So I threw L1000093jpg into the trash, went into Lightroom, find the original, re-export it, load it again into iPhoto, added it again to the album (favorite), and guess what?  I just did all those and the same "The bloody photo cannot be found" message popped up and when I go to finder, there it is.
    This is a bug.  It's been a bug since 2006 as far as I can remember.  And Apple had never done a complete fix.  It's an if thing!
    And the most frustrating part:  Althought they call this an Apple forum and you have to sign in to participate, I have never seen one Apple software guy here saying "this is what to do", just us victims helping each other and many non-Apple folks guessing to the best of their ability to comfort us.
    Oh, toys are toys.  I sometimes wonder if Steve had fought so hard yet the cancer in Apple actually won! 

  • How does iPhoto treat the "Pictures" folder

    I usually import my photos from my iPhone or iPad.  I plug them in, iPhoto pops up, i import the photos and erase them from my mobile device.  That way I leave space in my mobile device.
    But I was recently sent a few pictures via email.  I have them in a folder called Estancia which I have placed in my Pictures folder (the one created by OSX automatically).
    However when I open iPhoto, those pics are not displayed.  Obviously since I havent imported them into iPhoto.
    My question is, how should I do that?  If I import the folder, wont I have 2 copies of the same picture (one in the Estancia folder and another inside the iPhoto Library-folder)?

    Import the folder normally; by default, you'll then have two copies of the photos, and can then delete the copies in the Pictures folder if desired. You should back the photos and entire library up as well.

  • HT1918 How does one organise the apple ID so that one uses the same email address to have an account on both the UL and Belgian itunes stores?

    I have in the past created an Apple ID for use with the UK itunes store, because I want to read in English.  If I sign in it seems that this ID will only allow me to purchase from the UK store.  But I live in Belgium, so I can't download from the UK store.  So I tried to create an apple ID for the Belgian itunes store.  But I want to use the same email address as I used for the first apple ID I made (because I'm fed up of having to remember which email address I used for which account).  When I tried this, I just get a message saying that the email address is already in use for another account (which I know, because it's me who made that account).  Does anyone have a workaround for this?

    I have tried again using the same password. and it still doesn't work.
    I'm presuming you went ahead and set up a new Apple ID, yes? Using the same password in more than one Apple ID has worked for me in the past, but I haven't tried it in a while so the tightened security may have changed that. You could use the same password but add "-UK" and "-BE", or something like that, to make it easier to remember.
    I understand what you mean about losing the ability to deal with UK purchased stuff, but this is becoming so inconvenient that I do want to delete that UK apple ID account.  I have looked everywhere I can think of on the apple website (apple id, itunes, support etc) and I can't find a link/eplanation/contact point that deals with deleting apple ID and itune store accounts.  Surely this must be possible?
    It's possible, but Apple is very reluctant to do it, and it's not something a user can do on their own. It would be better to just stop using the UK account rather than trying to get it deleted. Just remove your payment information and there should be little reason to have the account deleted. If you really want to try, though, you'll need to send a message to iTunes support specifying that you want the account cancelled.
    On a completely different matter, I have bought my son an ipod touch.  But since he is younger than 13 years old, how does one go about using the itunes store to get music onto his ipod touch?
    You would need to buy tracks for him; he's too young to have his own iTunes Store account. To control what gets synched to his iPod, this should help:

  • In Photo 1.0, how does one access the map showing where all photos were taken, as could be done previously in iPhoto?

    In Photo 1.0, how does one access the map showing where all photos were taken, as could be done previously in iPhoto?

    Hi JohnDory,
    The information side-bar from iPhoto has been removed in Photos App, and so it's been converted into a pop-up window showing both the exposure, aperture and so technical photo parameters, as well as the comments, faces and LOCATION for that photo.
    This small floating window is shown whenever you click the button in the app title bar, right clicking a specific photo or pressing ⌘i
    If you open the albums view (clicking in the name of the album list, NOT an album name, you can see in your left sidebar - which can be shown or hidden) and press ⌘i without selecting a specific photo the Info pop-up will show the map for your whole library (as well as the total amount of photos, videos, GB used, etc)
    So, I'm afraid the "Locations" view (which I really loved) from iPhoto has been ripped off... and we can only get "some sort of locations view" by this method.
    As for locations... there is no option for manual geotagging (so, setting location to a specific photography which doesn't have it yet)... that really ****** me off 

  • How does one reduce the size of a photo on iphoto?  I want to post images on my website, but they exceed the limit.

    How does one reduce the size of a photo on iphoto.  I want to post images to my website but they exceed the limits. 

    Select the photo(s) and export (file menu ==> export) them. You can change the size there setting a maximum pixel dimension and/or reducing quality

  • How does iPhoto sharing work? Does it enable someone to share your photos on a public wifi?

    How does iPhoto sharing (in preferences) work?  If you enable it, does it allow someone to view your photos while on a public wifi? I am using a macbook pro with 10.7.4

    Only if you set it to do so and only if the person on the other end has iPhoto.

  • Downloaded OS 10.10. Was instructed to download iPhone 9.6. After 9.6 was downloaded iPhoto requested to update photo library which it will not do. How do I upgrade the photo library?

    Downloaded OS 10.10. Was instructed to download iPhone 9.6. After 9.6 was downloaded iPhoto requested to update photo library which it will not do. How do I upgrade the photo library?

    Option 1
    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Repair Database. If that doesn't help, then try again, this time using Rebuild Database.
    If that fails:
    Option 2
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. (In early versions of Library Manager it's the File -> Rebuild command. In later versions it's under the Library menu.)
    This will create an entirely new library. It will then copy (or try to) your photos and all the associated metadata and versions to this new Library, and arrange it as close as it can to what you had in the damaged Library. It does this based on information it finds in the iPhoto sharing mechanism - but that means that things not shared won't be there, so no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your events, albums and keywords, faces and places back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one.  

  • How does one print single photos using iPhoto. I keep getting an error message:No Available Themes

    How does one print single photos using iPhoto. I keep getting an error message:No Available Themes

    You need to reinstall iPhoto. To reinstall iPhoto delete the current application and, on all Macs with Snow Leopard or earlier installed, all files with "iPhoto" in the file name with either a .PKG or .BOM extension that reside in the:
    HD/Library/Receipts folder (10.5 and earlier)
    or from the /var/db/receipts/  folder (10.6) .
    Deleting receipts is not necessary if your Mac came with Lion or later preinstalled.
    Then install iPhoto from the source it came from originally.

  • How can I use the photos from iphoto to display in contacts?

    Contacts has a space for a photo.  At one time I knew how to populate this space with photos from iPhoto. Currently my choices are to use an icon or take a pic with the camera.
    How can I add the photos from iPhoto to the choices for populating the "Contacts" image space for individual cards?

    See this Discussion...

  • I deleted a photos from iphoto, later I found them in imoive, how do I move the photos back to iphoto?

    I deleted a photos from iphoto, later I found them in imoive, how do I move the photos back to iphoto?

    Hi Canadian Beaver Tail!
    You may want to try restoring the photo in iPhoto, using the instructions suggested in the following article:
    iPhoto '11: Delete or restore a photo
    To restore a deleted photo:
    If you haven’t yet emptied the iPhoto Trash, do the following:
    Select Trash in the Source list.
    Select the photo you want to restore.
    Choose Photos > “Restore to Photo Library.”You can also drag the item out of the Trash into an empty part of the Source list.
    If you use Time Machine to back up your computer, you can recover a photo, an Event, a folder, an album, a project (such as a book, card, or calendar), or a slideshow even if you deleted it from the library and emptied it from the Trash.To restore photos, quit iPhoto, open the folder containing your iPhoto library, and then open Time Machine.To open Time Machine, click its icon in the Dock, or click the Time Machine icon in the menu bar and choose Enter Time Machine.For more information on using Time Machine, see the topics in Help Center. In the Finder, choose Help > Help Center, and then search for “Time Machine.”
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!

  • How do I move the photos in iPhoto to Lightroom ?

    How do I move the photos in iPhoto to Lightroom?  Thanks, I am a novice to Lightroom.

    To access your Mac iPhoto images for use in Photoshop and Lightroom
    1. In the Finder, navigate to Users > [user name] > Pictures > iPhoto Library.
    2. Control-click (Right-click) the iPhoto Library file and choose Show Package Contents.
    3. A Finder window opens that shows the contents. The Masters folder (or called Originals folder) contains all of the photographs that are in iPhoto.
    Photoshop cannot access this folder, but if you make a duplicate of the folder, the dupe will be accessible -- so:
    4. Control-click (Right-click) the folder named Masters (or Originals) and choose Duplicate.
    5. Drag the duplicate folder which is named "Masters copy" or “Originals copy” from the iPhoto Library Finder window to the Desktop.
    6. Open images in Photoshop or Lightroom from the file on the desktop.
    7.  Rename the folder and move it elsewhere (probably to the Pictures folder), if desired.
        Then access the files in the folder via Lightroom and Photoshop

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    I deleted all contacts from my phone and still can't fix this issue. I can still go to messages and type letters like I'm sending a text and names and numbers will show up. These are all listed as the "other" number and have the 1 in front of them.

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