How I could tranfer files from my iPad to my MacBook Pro without any software?

I never found a method how to do transfering files between iPad and MacBook Pro without any software.
Exist some method?
If you know how to do it, please help me as faster as you can!

Unfortunately general file transfer is not currently supported on iOS devices. If you have apps installed on your iPad that support file sharing, you can exchange files with these apps by connecting your iPad to your computer and selecting the Apps tab on the device's page in iTunes. If you scroll down here, you will find a list of apps, that support file sharing, and you can copy file to/from the particular app, but there's no way of accessing the iPad's file system without 3rd party software, and even if you use one, it will be able to access the file storage areas of the file system, but not the OS root folder. You need a jailbroken device to do that.
iTunes also copies all your photos and videos from your devices. The only official way of moving file between iOS devices is with iTunes. If you consider iTunes a software (it is one) than there's absolutely no way for that, if your device is not jailbroken.
Just to be clear, I'm against jailbreaking, because it makes your device vulnerable, and can create a lot of problems, that would not exist on a factory device.
Hope this helps

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  • I have some audio files on my previous phone which I would like to export to my new iPhone 5. I am told that you can only import files from iTunes. Is that true? If not, how do I import files from my phone - or my Macbook pro laptop-to my phone?  Thanks!

    I have some audio files on my previous phone which I would like to export to my new iPhone 5. I am told that you can only import files from iTunes. Is that true? If not, how do I import files from my phone - or my Macbook pro laptop-to my phone?  Thanks!

    iTunes will only import music from your phone that was purchased from the iTunes store.  To transfer music from other sources you have to use 3rd party software, such as PhoneView.

  • How do i transfer music from my ipad to my macbook pro

    How do I transfer music from my iPad to my MacBook Pro?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Does your iPad and MacBook Pro use the same Apple ID for the iTunes store.

  • Question: How do I sync contacts from my iPad to my MacBook Pro running Mavericks?

    How do I sync contacts from my iPad to my MacBook Pro running Mavericks?

    Contacts sync via iCloud.
    Set up iCloud on your iPad and your MBP, with the same iCloud account on both, with the same Apple ID.
    On the Mac you set this up with System Preferences > iCloud, and have Contacts checked in the box on the right.
    It looks very much the same on the iPad, Settings > iCloud.
    If you have set this up and it's still not working, then sign out of and then back into your iCloud accounts.

  • How do I transfer a movie file from my iPad to my MacBook Pro?

    I recently accidentally deleted all media files that existed in the iTunes Media folder on my MacBook Pro. I have managed to recover almost every file, the only one I have yet to recover is a movie that was redeemed through iTunes after I purchased it as part of a DVD/Blue-Ray/Digital Copy combo pack. It is no where to be found on my hardrive yet the 'phantom' file still extsts within my iTunes library. After checking all of our family's Apple devices (2 iPhones, 5 iPads, 1 older MacBook, & 1 MacBook Pro) I was delighted to discover the movie still exists on my stepson's iPad Mini! Only now I cannot seem to find a way to 'transfer' this movie file back onto my MacBook Pro. I am refusing to sync or update his iPad Mini in fear that I might loose the only copy of the movie I have left! Can someone please help me transfer this file back to my MacBook Pro? Thanks so much!

    This talks about iTunes 10, but it should work the same way in iTunes 11. Transferring purchases for an iDevice to your Mac.
    It should be File>Devices>Transfer Purchases, I think
    You must be using the same Apple ID in iTunes on your Mac that your son is using on the Mini or the movie will not transfer.

  • I have iCloud but I don't know how to access my documents from my iPad on my Macbook Pro.

    I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3. I have read some things as to how to access files from iCloud in iTunes; but this didn't work or maybe I am not doing it correctly. i just started a doument on my ipad and I want to know how to access it now on my MacBook Pro. Help!

    Go to with Safari on the Mac. You will have to enter your username and password. iCloud will open to your account and there will be an iWorks icon that you can click on. Then you can click on Pages, Numbers or Keynote at the top. All of your documents should be in there. You can click on a document to download it. Follow the prompts if it asks what format you want.
    As far as I know - only the iWorks applications currently work with this feature.

  • How do I transfer files from external hard-drive onto Macbook Pro?

    How do I transfer files that were put on my external hard-drive (from my old Macbook Pro) via Time Machine onto my new Macbook Pro?

    I've already set up my new MacBook (which is Lion, I think the other mac had the snow lepoard version) I guess I'll have to use the Migration Assistant, not the Setup Assistant?  I know if I do that it'll set up a new user account instead of synching it up like I wanted but that's OK.  But when I plugged my external drive into the new mac, it just backed up the mac and didn't give me an option to transfer files.  I guess I'll study this link and see if I can't figure it out...thanks for the link!  If you have any other advice about specifically migration assistant, let me know...

  • How do I download photos from my iPad to my MacBook Pro?

    MacBook Pro made in mid 2009.  Thanks for your interest and replies.

    when you connect your ipad to your computer you should get prompted by iphoto to import all of your photos from your ipad into your computer.
    hope this helps

  • How do I transfer photos from my iPad to my MacBook pro?

    I have been using my iPad 2 to save the photos that I have been taking while on vacation.  When I return home, I would like to transfer them to my MacBook Pro so that I can clean them up and edit them with iPhoto.  I have several hundred photos and do not wish to risk losing them through an error on my part.  I am assuming that it is an easy process, but I have not yet figured it out.  Any suggestions?

    is there not a application that will allow me to simply upload the images to the harddrive direct?
    using just the ipad and the harddrive - the reason being i travel a lot as a photographer and am trying reduce the weight and a ipad- blue tooth hardrive seems to be the best option if i can transfer between the two?
    any ideas

  • How do I upload files from my iPad to my Imac?

    How do I transfer files from my Ipad to my Intel Imac computer? Also, how do I delete files from my Ipad?
    I would like to transfer some image files and some movie files to my computer.
    Is there a prefered app for this?
    Thanks, barr

    To copy photos and videos in the Photos app that were taken with the iPad, copied to it via the camera connection kit, or saved from emails/websites then see this page - on a Mac you can use iPhoto, Aperture or Image Capture. If that is what you also want to delete from the iPad then you can either do it as part of the import process, or you can delete them directly in the Photos app, either via the trashcan icon in the top right corner if viewing the photo in full screen, or via the icon of the box with the arrow coming out of it (Edit button on iOS 6) in thumbnail view. If they were originally synced from a computer then they can only be deleted by de-selecting them on Photos tab and re-syncing, they can't be deleted directly on the iPad.
    If they are in other apps then it will depend upon what apps that they are in, different apps have different ways of copying their content to/from a computer - either via the file sharing section at the bottom of the device's apps tab when connected to iTunes, via wifi, email, dropbox etc. iTunes purchases can be copied back to your computer via File > Transfer Purchases (File > Devices > Transfer Purchases on iOS 6).

  • How do i transfer my media files from my tablet to my macbook pro

    how do i transfer my media files from my tablet to my macbook pro?

    One usually does that by syncing the tablet using iTunes.
    iTunes- Transferring media from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iPod

  • How do I get my apps from my Ipad to my Macbook Pro

    How do I get my apps from my Ipad onto my Macbook Pro?

    You cannot run those apps on a Mac computer.
    If you purchased the apps using your iPad but have never synced with iTunes, the you can connect to iTunes and sync new purchases.
    iOS- How to transfer or sync content to your computer

  • How do I sun all my messaging from phone, iPad mini, and macbook pro?

    How do I sun all my messaging from phone, iPad mini and MacBook Pro? I want to be able to see all my messages from any device? Thank you for the help in advance.

    Read this kb article for detailed instructions on how you can do this. I sync all of my messages from my iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and MacBook Pro.
    iOS and OS X: Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage

  • HT204150 How do I transfer my Contacts list from my IPad to my MacBook Pro ?

    how do I transfer my contact list from my iPad to my macBook Pro computer ?

    Are you syncing contacts on your iPad with iCloud now? 
    If so, do the contacts appear on when you check from your comptuer?

  • I can send tv shows from my ipad to my apple tv without any issues.  Why cant i do the same with a movie rental?

    I can send tv shows from my ipad to my apple tv without any issues.  Why cant i do the same with a movie rental?  Or how do i do the same with a movie rental?

    Personally I think the iOS devices are poor at reconnecting  - Airplay establishes that a link is available but when the iPhone/iPad has been away from the house and rejoins the network i think AppleTV already thinks it's connected with a different IP address and fails to recognise it has joined the network again with new credentials.
    Something along those lines anyway.
    I find that a combination of restarting AppleTV, router and iOS device tends to fix it, but not for everyone.

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