How I retrieve a purchased app that was taken down?

Hello. I would like to discuss with this problem that I have just encountered. Recently, I've chosen a back up storage and then iCloud was restoring my iPhone. There was a link of the app showing that it was there then suddenly it vanished off the iPhone screen. I've tried to restore it again and again. Same thing happened, link of the app was showing and then in a matter of seconds, it vanished. I checked my apple account(I have also checked in the hidden purchased apps, I got zero results) , the app that I have purchased for $3.99 was no longer existed. They said that the developer of the app(Yu Zeng) took it down, due to lack of office use. I really loved that app and I paid good money for it. So the question is,"How do I retrieve a purchased app that was taken down? Or "Is it possible to retrieve a purchased app that was taken down?" If there is any solution to this matter, please do tell. I really need a lot of help!
Video Downloader Pro is the app that I really loved.
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osKco wrote:
I have not tried to repurchase it since it does not say installed when I look it up
Because it is not installed on your iPad.
If you are signed inot ht eiTunes store wioth the same account used to purcahse that app, click on Buy and it will tell you that you have already purcahsed it and ask if you want to redownload it.

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    Delete an App Store app: Touch and hold its icon on the Home screen until the icon starts to jiggle, then tap the "x" . You can’t delete built-in apps. When you finish, press the Home button.
    Deleting an app also deletes all of its data. You can re-download any app you’ve purchased from the App Store, free of charge

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    sync it back using itunes or directly from your phone  - settings - appstore - update - all/not on this phone

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    Just go to the App Store, tap on the purchase tab and look at all of your purchased apps in there. It lists the apps in two categories -All - and Not on this iPad. Tap - Not on this iPad. Find the app that you want and tap the cloud icon to download it again.
    Like Philly said, you must use the same ID that you bought the app wit.

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    Thanks. I couldn't get the control-click to work, but I found that if I opened a folder and picked "Customize Tool Bar" from "View" in the Finder, I was able to drag the question mark out of the toolbar and onto the desktop where it "poofed' and disappeared. Doing this removed the question mark from the toolbar in all my folders.

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    That list is your Purchase history. The App is no longer on your Phone. Purchased History cannot be deleted, because it registers your previous purchases so you can download them again if you need to without paying again for them. It tells you and Apple what applications you have purchased (i.e you own ) So you can have access to them for download when you need to.
    The best you can do is hide the purchase.
    iTunes Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases

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    You can just download it from the app store. As long as you're using the iTunes account you initially used to purchase the app then you shouldn't have any problems. See the following article

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    osKco wrote:
    I have not tried to repurchase it since it does not say installed when I look it up
    Because it is not installed on your iPad.
    If you are signed inot ht eiTunes store wioth the same account used to purcahse that app, click on Buy and it will tell you that you have already purcahsed it and ask if you want to redownload it.

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    Hello Wise JD,
    i am using an hp (windows os) pc.
    tried the solution with the date= no luck
    i have two iphones, one is used by me and the other by my wife. the second one was having this issue. LOoosing a large number of contacts but not all of them.
    i had performed a back up over her phone on august, but i ma not able to find it.
    not sure why she suddenly lost a number of her contacts, but i thought it would be easy to recover them from the back up which i overwrite it.
    really apreciate your help or any solution/ides on this

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    The only way to be able download the update to the app on your new account would be to delete the app from your iPad (which will also delete all of its content/settings) and buy/download it on your new account - you can't merge accounts nor transfer content from one account to another account.
    You might be able to re-enable the first account via this page :, then 'reset your password'
    You might then need to log out of your account on your iPad by tapping on your id in Settings > iTunes & App Store and then log back in so as to 'refresh' the account on it.

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    1. Go to Apps section in itunes.   
    2. Find a crapy app.
    3.Right click the app.
    4. Click delete.

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