How [Insert|Add] Image into Opening PDF file with Acrobat SDK.

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to insert|add image file into opening PDF file with specified location (X|Y) and scale (Width|Hight) but got many of troubles
If use third party like iTextSharp or something else thing become simple but i want to use Acrobat SDK to do this
Any suggestion or idea?
Any help appreciated.

Thank for your interested.
I use VB.NET and Acrobat
Here is some my code:
   If File.Exists(T(0)) Then
   Dim AcroAVDoc As AcroAVDoc = Ap.GetActiveDoc
   Dim AcroPDDoc As AcroPDDoc = AcroAVDoc.GetPDDoc
   Dim AcroPDPage As Acrobat.AcroPDPage = AcroPDDoc.AcquirePage(Integer.Parse(T(3)))
   Dim data() As String = T(1).Split("^")
   Dim imgX = data(0)
   Dim imgY = data(1)
   Dim imgWidth = data(3)
   Dim imgHight = data(4)
   'TODO: insert into opening PDF file
   Return 1
   End If
   Catch ex As Exception
   End Try
I don not know what to do next to insert an image (JPEG, PNG, ..) into PDF file.
Can you show me or suggest some solution, idea?
Thank in advance.

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    There's two answers if you want to modify the file:
    You can temporarily turn off PDF/A Mode in your preferences, so they don't open as read-only. The problem would be if you do something to the file that violated the PDF/A standard, so you should always run a Preflight check afterwards to make sure.
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    To add it as real page contents, not a button or annotation, would
    probably need a plug-in, unless there is some stamping function. To
    write a plug-in you would start with reading the PDF Reference to know
    the basic internals, graphic and colour models of PDF.
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    Kind regards,

    What is the version of the PDF. With AA5, that may be the issue with a version that is 5 back of the current version. Many of the newer versions you may be able to read, but will not be allowed to comment on. This is a version issue. See if you can do a comment on a current PDF version from your own AA5. My guess the answer is yes.

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    Hi Hugo,
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    I would like to know hoe to insert an image into a pdf in preview.
    Thank you in advance for any opinion !

    The only way I know to do that would be with Adobe Acrobat which is rather expensive.  Or, you can try the roundabout method:
    1- open the pdf in Preview and begin a Print Process.
    2 - do a Print ➙ PDF ➙ Save PDF to iPhoto
    NOTE: works with anything you can print.  Creates a 200 dpi jpeg image of each page and saves it to iPhoto.
    3 - use a 3rd party image editor or Pages from iWork to add the transparent background gif or png logo to the image of the page.
    4 - to get it back to a pdf do a Print ➙ Save as PDF. 
    If you don't have the Save PDF to iPhoto in the PDF menu you can download it from  Toad's Cellar.  There are two versions, one 200 dpi and one 300 dpi.

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    Hi Tom,
    I was delighted when I signed up for Pages. Clunky yes, but it worked. I've been a graphic designer on a Mac for 25 plus years and have logged too many horror stories of "upgrade" wars which cost me massive lost time, data and money forcibly extracted just so I could finish a project.
    When I first used Pages in April of 2012? or there about, I was able to open Word documents exported to .pdf format, emailed to me, which I then dragged into Pages. I could make the changes I needed to make, export as a .pdf, return it back to my client which they could then edit on whatever it was they were using. I'm not a neophyte with this. I've had Original Photoshop as a stand alone, Quark (which locked users out 6 months after I purchased it.) Quark again, Freehand, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop again, Creative Suite for several upgrades, Acrobat Pro. 2 years ago I lost 6 years of Quicken data and had to and "upgrade" start over. This last go around I  had to "upgrade" my Apple ID - yes I had 2 on purpose, lost my Pandora One and my ability to get into the Tulsa County Library website.
    At this point, I'm retired and feel like what I've paid for in the past should WORK today. I have a 100+ page cookbook in Quark which I was able to export as a .pdf, that I've lost the tags too, Easier to start over. I have artwork that is hundreds of megs in Photoshop. Not the least bit interested in anybody's "cloud".
    Thanks for letting me vent. I'm determined to keep my equipment and software up to date so I can enjoy the skills I've acquired, but I completely cringe at Apple's antics. I truly hate it when I have to respond to some new "tip" or product offer. BooHiss. Happy Turkey Day. Pages is a "turkey" program.
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    Your' better off looking in the java 2d forum.
    package images;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.image.*;
    import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
    import javax.swing.*;
    /** * LogoImage is a class that is used to load images into the program */
    public class LogoImage extends JPanel {
         private BufferedImage image;
         private int factor = 1; /** Creates a new instance of ImagePanel */
         public LogoImage() {
              this(new Dimension(600, 50));
         public LogoImage(Dimension sz) {
         public void setImage(BufferedImage im) {
              image = im;
              if (im != null) {
                        new Dimension(image.getWidth(), image.getHeight()));
              } else {
                   setPreferredSize(new Dimension(200, 200));
         public void setImageSizeFactor(int factor) {
              this.factor = factor;
         public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
              //paint background 
              Graphics2D g2D = (Graphics2D) g;
              //Draw image at its natural size first. 
              if (image != null) {
                   g2D.drawImage(image, null, 0, 0);
         public static LogoImage createImage(String filename) { /* Stream the logo gif file into an image object */
              LogoImage logoImage = new LogoImage();
              BufferedImage image;
              try {
                   FileInputStream fileInput =
                        new FileInputStream("images/" + filename);
                   image =;
                   logoImage =
                        new LogoImage(
                             new Dimension(image.getWidth(), image.getHeight()));
              } catch (Exception e) {
              return logoImage;
         public static void main(String[] args) {
              JFrame jf = new JFrame("testImage");
              Container cp = jf.getContentPane();
              cp.add(LogoImage.createImage("logo.gif"), BorderLayout.CENTER);
    }Now you can use this class anywhere in your pgram to add a JPanel

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    You need to upgrade Acrobat to a newer version.
    On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 4:12 PM, excel-pdf-bookmarks <

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    "Google" is a search engine (website) and NOT (repeat: NOT) a PDF viewer. It can't and won't open PDFs in any real or imaginable way.
    Firefox added their own proprietary PDF viewer with version 20 - they're on 21 now. I'll be the first to admit "it sucks". You CAN'T fill in PDF forms with it, and you can't email them from the page like with Opera, Safari or Chrome (which use the reader plug-in still).
    Unfortunately, the ONLY option you have now that they've added it and killed the ability for the Reader plug-in to work with Firefox, is Tools>Options>Applications - select Portable Document Format(PDF) and choose "Use Adobe Reader (Default)". What that will do is FORCE Firefox to download the PDF instead of opening it in their terrible PDF viewer in the browser window.
    Or... use one of the other browsers I mentioned. They're all free.

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    After installing a new motherboard, my imac opens pdf files with colorsync.  How do I reset it to open them with Adobe?

    That makes sense Dennis.  I did that but was unable to find Adobe Reader in my Applications folder.  Of note though is that after a restart, the problem seems to have gone away.  So, disaster averted.  Thanks for responding though.  It's nice to have help on this stuff.

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