How install the LAN driver for Satellite Pro A120

Actually, my problem is that i didnt know how to install the lan driver on my Satellite Pro A120 to connect throug the net.
The issue that theres no installation to do to complete the install.
And theres other issue that i need the Ethernet Controller
My laptop was vista OS installed, But i change it and put Windows XP instead
Plz help me

Thats very easy to install the LAN driver.
On the Toshiba website you can search for it: => Support & Downloads => Download drivers
Select the right notebook. In your case its the Satellite Pro => Satellite Pro A Series => Satellite Pro A120.
And then choose at operating system Windows XP and at Driver type LAN Driver.
Click on search and you will get the right driver.
Download and install it. How this works did Jimi said.

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  • Need LAN driver for Satellite Pro A120

    at the begining, my english is not very well, i'm sorry.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120 laptop, but i lost the recovery disc so i dont have drivers for internet. When i plug in cable for ADSL nothing is hapening. I was search that on this pages, but did not find. There are two available, and i dont know how to download it.
    When i download it and extract there is no icon for install.

    Hi champion20,
    What is the exact part number of your notebook?
    Usually you can download all drivers on Toshiba website. If you have an European model, check the European website: > Support & Downloads
    The correct LAN driver is depending on the built in hardware. If you dont know how to identify an unknown device, check this very useful article:

  • How to download the LAN driver for Satellite A100 PSAA8E

    Can anyone help how to download the LAN driver for my machine. I found three LAN drivers but unable to download them from the toshiba europe website.
    Thank you

    > Whats the problem???
    > I found on the Toshiba European site different driver
    > version for different OSs.
    > You have to download the compatible one. If you use
    > XP choose the newest version for XP OS and if you use
    > XP MCE or Vista choose another one.
    > Thats all.
    I am unable to find a compatible LAN driver for an XP OS. Can you tell me where exactly to look for this

  • LAN driver for Satellite Pro L20 Windows 2000

    I am looking for a LAN (ethernet) drive for my Satellite Pro L20, which has Windows 2000 on it.
    I have found one for the WiFi, but not for the Ethernet (cable/CAT) connection.

    Well, you cant find any LAN drivers for Win2000 on the Toshiba page because this unit was delivered and tested only with Windows Xp OS.
    Nevertheless I found the information that this unit has a Realtek 8100CL LAN card.
    In this case I assume to visit the Realtek website. There you will find a compatible driver for this LAN card.

  • How to install the new BIOS for Satellite Pro M50 running Ubuntu

    I am running Ubuntu on my Pro M50. Could someone advise me what the latest BIOS is and how to install it?
    The BIOS upgrade site here seems to havean exe file but I couldn't see the BIOS file within?

    Why do you want to update the BIOS?!
    Do you have any big troubles with your notebook?!
    The Toshiba European driver page provides BIOS for XP and BIOS for Vista.
    Both BIOS versions must be executed while the operating system is running!
    If you use the Linux on your notebook, you will be not able to update the BIOS!!!
    Do you understand?
    Once again; The BIOS update should be done ONLY if its absolutely necessary. In other case dont update it!

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    I need appleisightinstaller.exe to install the isight driver for Windows Vista running in Parallel Desktop 6 for Mac, but I don't have a Leopard DVD. What came with my Macbook Air was a flash stick "MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive" only.

    A very interesting NOTE to this thread. In order to try and get the "ignore permissions" box to show up in GET INFO (so I could execute Matt the Magician's solution to file sharing issues)-- I ran the terminal command for disabling ACLs on my internal HD / start up disk (as indicated in the linked thread to BDAqua's forum).
    Although I understand that this was useless for disabling permissions on the start up disk (as everyone here pointed out) and allowing me to see the "ignore permissions" check box - somehow it did seem to fix my file sharing problem...and that was the root problem I wanted solved in the first place! After doing the terminal command and a quick reboot, I went in and tested file sharing on the chosen directory and I can create new files or work from existing files in the directory, with both users being able to modify / and save from both machines and each machine sees the revisions and can build from them. Bottom line - I'm stoked and want to thank everyone for their help.
    The only other tweak I made was going over to my wife's machine and instead of using her log in / password, I just used my name and password to connect to my main machine that was sharing directories. Maybe that's what fixed the problem or the ACL disable but either way...I'm up and running the way I want to be.
    Hope this thread helps anyone else who has these file sharing / permissions issues with Leopard. Especially for anyone wanting to do such a simple file sharing set up between 2 computers. I wish I understood exactly which tweak fixed the problem, but at least it works the way I want now.
    So happy to be done w/this one!
    Thx everyone. Any additional input on what solved it is welcome, so my curiosity is quelled...

  • How to download wifi driver for macbook pro?

    Hi, how to download wifi driver for macbook pro?

    Apple hardware drivers are an integral part of OS X and cannot be removed through normal means.
    Why do you believe it's necessary to download a driver?

  • Cannot install the XP Modem driver for Satellite Pro A200

    I'm a local network admin for Newbold College. We have new A200 laptops and we need XP Pro on some of them. I have tried to install the modem driver as one of the last drivers downloaded from the european support site. I also tried to Canadian site as well.
    The driver install program doesn't seem to do anything. I tried to manually install the driver from one of Windows modem Agse/Toshiba software modem, but I have com port issues and I can't quire the modem.
    Can anyone help me please!!!!!!!

    What to say; I have checked the Toshiba Europe driver page and found all necessary and important XP drivers for the Satellite Pro A200.
    Please note that the Toshiba European driver page provides XP drivers for 3 different Sat Pro A200 series!!! There is PSAE1, PSAE4 and PSAE7 series.
    Please choose the right one!!!!
    Furthermore you will find an installation instruction txt file on the Tosh page.
    In this file you will find a right and important installation driver order!!! Please follow these steps!!!
    I dont know exactly why you get the modem com port problems but I assume that a new XP and driver installation should solve this strange issue.
    Good luck

  • How do I install the jdbc driver for sql server 2005, in sql developer 4.0 ?

    Hallo together
    I need access to tables in a MS SQL Server 2005 database.
    One possibility is the JDBC driver.
    How do i install this driver ?
    Thank you very much for your postings.

      This is from the documentation -
    Database: Third Party JDBC Drivers
    The Third Party JDBC Drivers pane specifies drivers to be used for connections to third-party (non-Oracle) databases, such as IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Sybase Adaptive Server. (You do not need to add a driver for connections to Microsoft Access databases.) To add a driver, click Add Entry and select the path for the driver:
    For Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase Adaptive Server: jtds-1.2.jar, which is included in the download
    To find a specific third-party JDBC driver, see the appropriate website (for example, for the MySQL Connector/J JDBC driver for MySQL, for the jTDS driver for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Adaptive Server, or search at for the JDBC driver for Teradata). For MySQL, use the MySQL 5.0 driver, not 5.1 or later, with SQL Developer release 1.5.
    You must specify a third-party JDBC driver or install a driver using the Check for Updates feature before you can create a database connection to a third-party database of that associated type. (See the tabs for creating connections to third-party databases in the Create/Edit/Select Database Connection dialog box.)
    As an alternative to using this preference, you can click Help, then Check for Updates to install the JTDS JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server and the MySQL JDBE Driver as extensions.

  • Need help with installing new hard drive in Satellite Pro M10

    Hi All,
    My hard disk died in my Satellite Pro M10 so I decided to fit another.
    It fits fine in the caddy but just doesnt want to slot into place correctly as something seems to be stopping it.
    Does the M10 only accept a certain make/model?
    Also does anyone know what the highest capacity the M10 will accept?
    Many thanks.

    As far as I know there should not be problem at all. Take old and new HDD and compare the connectors. I hope they are the same. I can just imagine the new HD is not placed properly in the HDD bracket. Be sure the new one is placed as old one after removing it from the notebook.
    About max HDD capacity there is no precise info and we can just speculate about it. Try to use search option on this forum. Maybe someone already wrote about HDD upgrade on Sat/Sat Pro M10.
    The fact is that Satellite Pro is delivered with 30, 40 and 60 GB HDDs. How many GB has your new HDD?

  • Satellite M60: can not install the newest driver for my graphic card

    Can not install newest driver for my graphic card
    Satellite M60

    First of all I really dont understand why you start two topics with the same theme. It is much better to have one topic with good content and interesting comments. Am I right? ;)
    Anyway, in your case it is interesting that Toshiba use adapted drivers because of hardware protection. That means that graphic card will not be forced to run at the maximum level. Hardware cooling in notebooks is very problematic and high temperature can result with overheating or hardware damage. All hardware components are placed on small place. Graphic card produce a lot of warmness and it is not so good for all other hardware.
    When you use non-Toshiba driver graphic card will be forced to run faster. Because of that every notebook manufacturers dont support usage of third part drivers. The fact is that hardware protection is priority.
    I didnt make any experiments but according to some reports on this forum there is way how to install non-Toshiba graphic card driver.
    Please check this forum and you will find many comments about that. One interesting topic is

  • How do i install the newest driver for audigy 2 z

    i downloaded the newest driver and tryed to install it. it says "setup did not detect the set of required compents you have. setup wil now exit" what do i need to install the latest and greatest dri've other than the card itself?

    I had the exact same problem updating the drivers for my Audigy 2 Platinum EX, but I think I managed to solve the problem. This was quite awhile ago, but I think I remember how I got it to work.
    First of all, which update did you download? The "Digital Rights Management" driver update was the one giving me that problem, and this was after installing the main drivers and programs from my Audigy 2 CD. But, I think the reason why it gives this message is because you need to install one of the other driver updates first, then install this DRM update. Look under the driver details and it says the following:
    Microsoft? Windows? XP Service Pack 2 or Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 </LI>
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 or Audigy 2 ZS series internal audio device </LI>
    <EM>EAX 4.0 ADVANCED HD Driver Patch Update for Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS (released on 29 March, 2004) installed, or Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS Driver Update (released on 29 July, 2004) installed</EM>."</LI>
    Strangely enough, it appears this update requires you install an older driver update first (EAX4DRV_AUDIGY2__84_50.exe) then afterwards try running the Digital Rights Management update.
    I think this is right, but I'm not 00% sure.

  • Satellite M40X - cannot install the LAN driver

    I wonna install a LAN with my notebook and my home-pc. There is just this one problem, that my M40X don't like it. I connectet my homepc and the toshiba with a cross-over calble. It worked at my home pc. Both winXP. The toshiba one shows me "cannot find network-cable".
    I installed the driver u can get here in the page, nothing. all firewalls are down.
    I know that there is a patch for win2000 but not for winXP.
    can someone help, please.

    Are you sure that the cable is plugged solid?
    Did you try to connect the unit with different cable?
    In my opinion you can try to run the Toshiba Pc diagnostic tool and ConfigFree and check the result.
    Sadly, I dont have any informations about some patches

  • Every time I try to install the usb driver for my iPhone 4s to my computer, it says "windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install". anyone know how to fix this???

    I have tried countless things throughout the forum, but none of them worked. Anyone know a real solve for this?

    thanks for your reply. i followed everything exactly. when I connected my iPhone after all that, it started "installing the driver" automatically. After a couple of minutes, it failed, just like before. Stuck again. thoughts?

  • Floppy Disk drives for Satellite Pro 4200 and 4300 series

    I have four Satellite Pro laptops - a 4340, a 4310, a 4270 and a 4280 and I'm having difficulty getting the 4310 and the 4270 to recognise a particular FDD. My understanding was that Mitsumi D353G FDDs were compatible with these 4200 and 4300 series laptops but I can't get the 4270 and the 4310 to "see" them. They will both however "see" an alternative FDD I have - a Pansonic JU-226A202FC but I only have one of them and two laptops needing a replacement FDD. I have tried a D353G that I know works (from my 4280) in both the 4310 and the 4270 but to no avail. I'm keeping an eye out for another Pansonic JU-226A202FC FDD on ebay but no luck so far. It's so frustrating as I'm sure a D353G FDD should work in the 4270 and 4310 and I have two spare ones which I wanted to use. I've looked in TSETUP.exe and can see no settings I can change to make these laptops see the D353G FDDs so any help or insight greatly appreciated. Does anyone out there have a 4270 or a 4310 successfully running a D353G FDD or, is this a quirk and these two particular models were only made to work with a Pansonic JU-226A202FC FDD not the D353G FDDs? Any clues?

    Unfortunately I am not technician but I assume that there is obviously some problem with compatibility. It is possible that pin assignment is different and you can not use them. If you want to have a precise explanation you should contact technicians. I am pretty sure that they have motherboard schemes and can give you a proper explanation and advice how to handle with this problem.
    Good luck!

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