How LabVIEW get interrupt signal from microcontroller

I try to write a LabVIEW program to test PC Oscilloscope using microcontroller and parallel port.
The program will triger the microcontroller and wait for the interrupt signal from the microcontroller.
Then read the data and show the display.
I defined my ECP port as bi-directional and IRQ enable.
The problem I faced in here is how to get interrupt service in LabVIEW 5.1 without DAQ board.
My computer's IRQ is 07 and I would like to control interrupt service by using parallel port.
Thanks in advanced.
Best Regards,

I was very interested looking for possible answers to your question - no feedback from other people - o.k.
I think, that I have some experience with LabVIEW and
the use of printerport on different operating systems (Win9x,WinNT,W2k). But I would solve your problem with
polling of that "filtered" bit on printerport. If some- body has a better idea - let me know. If you have questions about interfacing @ printerport - please write to: [email protected]

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    How to capture (interrupt) signal from JVM in case of JVM termination due to Error/RuntimeException in shell script (Unix/Linux OS). Is it possible?
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    I want to capture the signal from terminating JVM in case of the RuntimeException.
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    Using the POSIX signal java program , We can trap the JVM signals.
    Addition info
    Use sun.misc.SignalHandler - interface
    and MEthod sun.misc.Signal.handle( new sun.misc.Signal(signalName), this );

  • How to get a signal from the serial port to start a labview program?

    I need to synchronize the data obtained from a program (which is not in Labview)with the data collected with Labview on a different computer. I can send some data strings to the serial port of the computer running the Labview program when the other program starts. However, I need to be able to read the trigger in my Labview program. Do you know what I should do? Thanks.

    If you don't have any other programs listening on the COM port, you need to let a LV program run BEFORE the signal comes, otherwise you won't be able to read it. You can have the program wait in a slow timed loop so that it doesn't use up too much CPU time, and when the required "trigger" comes, to move into the main part of the program.
    You basically need a while loop waiting for a certain string in the serial buffer. Once the string is found the while loop is exited, and the data acqquisition or whatever else you require from the progam can be performed.
    In the example attached the program wait for ANY text to be sent to the COM port. Please note that you need to configure the VISA resource before using it. Once there is something at the COM port, the loop will exit and the rest of the program will be executed.
    Hope this helps
    Using LV 6.1 and 8.2.1 on W2k (SP4) and WXP (SP2)
    Wait for serisl ‏17 KB

  • How to get the values from popup window to mainwindow

    HI all,
       I want to get the details from popup window.
          i have three input fields and one search button in my main window. when i click search button it should display popup window.whenever i click on selected row of the popup window table ,values should be visible in my main window input fields.(normal tables)
       now i am able to display popup window with values.How to get the values from popup window now.
       I can anybody explain me clearly.

    Hi Kranthi,
    Every webdynpro component has a global controller called the component controller which is visible to all other controllers within the component.So whenever you want to share some data in between 2 different views you can just make it a point to use the component controller's context for the same. For your requirement (within your popups view context) you will have have to copy the component controllers context to your view. You then will have to (programmatically) fill this context with your desired data in this popup view. You can then be able to read this context from whichever view you want. I hope that this would have made it clear for you. Am also giving you an [example|http://****************/Tutorials/WebDynproABAP/Modalbox/page1.htm] which you can go through which would give you a perfect understanding of all this. In this example the user has an input field in the main view. The user enters a customer number & presses on a pushbutton. The corresponding sales orders are then displayed in a popup window for the user. The user can then select any sales order & press on a button in the popup. These values would then get copied to the table in the main view.

  • How to get a formula from the user from a text box in a webpage

    Hi. I would like to know how to get the formula from the user who enters in a textbox. This formula can have any number of variables starting with a and goes on.
    The complexity of the formula can go upto sin, cos, ln, exp. Also user enters the minimum and maximum values of these variables. Based on a specific algorithm (which I use) I would calculate a *set of values, say 10, for each of these variables, substitute in the formula and based on the result of this formula, I select ONE suitable  value for each of the variables.
    I don't know how to get this formula (which most likely to be different each time) and substitute the values *which I found earlier.
    Kindly help me out in this issue.

    The textbox is the easy part. It's no different than getting a String parameter out of an HTTP request.
    The hard part is parsing the String into a "formula" for evaluation. You'll have to write a parser or find one.
    Google for "Java math expression parser" and see what you get.
    Or write your own with JavaCC.

  • How to get each value from a parameter passed like this '(25,23,35,1)'

    One of the parameter passed to the function is
    FUNCTION f_main_facility(pi_flag_codes VARCHAR2) return gc_result_set AS
    pi_flag_codes will be passed a value in this way '(25,23,35,1)'
    How to get each value from the string
    like 25 first time
    23 second time
    35 third time
    1 fourth time
    I need to build a select query with each value as shown below:-
    (SELECT t2.org_id, t4.description
    from org_name t2, ref_org_name t3, code_table t4
    where t2.att_data = t4.code
    and t3.ref_code = t2.att_type
    and t2.att_type = 25 and t3.code_type = t4.code_type
    and to_date('01-JAN-10', 'DD-MON-YY') between t2.att_start_date AND t2.att_end_date) q1,
    (SELECT t2.org_id, t4.description
    from org_name t2, ref_org_name t3,code_table t4
    where t2.att_data = t4.code
    and t3.ref_code = t2.att_type
    and t2.att_type = 23 and t3.code_type = t4.code_type
    and to_date('01-JAN-10', 'DD-MON-YY') between t2.att_start_date AND t2.att_end_date) q2,
    (SELECT t2.org_id, RTRIM(xmlagg(xmlelement(e, t4.description || ';')
    ORDER BY t4.description).EXTRACT('//text()'), ';') AS DESCRIPTION
    from org_name t2, ref_org_name t3,code_table t4
    where t2.att_data = t4.code
    and t3.ref_code = t2.att_type
    and t2.att_type = 35 and t3.code_type = t4.code_type
    and to_date('01-JAN-10', 'DD-MON-YY') between t2.att_start_date AND t2.att_end_date
    group by t2.org_id) q3,
    (SELECT t2.org_id, t4.description
    from org_name t2, ref_org_name t3, code_table t4
    where t2.att_data = t4.code
    and t3.ref_code = t2.att_type
    and t2.att_type = 1 and t3.code_type = t4.code_type
    and to_date('01-JAN-10', 'DD-MON-YY') between t2.att_start_date AND t2.att_end_date) q4
    Please help me with extracting each alue from the parm '(25,23,35,1)' for the above purpose. Thank You.

    chris227 wrote:
    I would propose the usage of regexp for readibiliy purposes and only in the case if this doesnt perform well, look at solutions using substr etc.
    regexp_substr( '(25,23,35,1)', '\d+', 1, 1) s1
    ,regexp_substr( '(25,23,35,1)', '\d+', 1, 2) s2
    ,regexp_substr( '(25,23,35,1)', '\d+', 1, 3) s3
    ,regexp_substr( '(25,23,35,1)', '\d+', 1, 4) s4
    from dual 
    S1     S2     S3     S4
    "25"     "23"     "35"     "1"In pl/sql you do something like l_val:= regexp_substr( '(25,23,35,1)', '\d+', 1, 1);
    If t2.att_type is type of number you will do:
    t2.att_type= to_number(regexp_substr( '(25,23,35,1)', '\d+', 1, 1))Edited by: chris227 on 01.03.2013 08:00Sir,
    I am using oracle 10g.
    In the process of getting each number from the parm '(25,23,35,1)' , I also need the position of the number
    say 25 is at 1 position.
    23 is at 2
    35 is at 3
    1 is at 4.
    the reason I need that is when I build seperate select for each value, I need to add the query number at the end of the select query.
    Please see the code I wrote for it, But the select query is having error:-
    IF(pi_flag_codes IS NOT NULL) THEN
    SELECT length(V_CNT) - length(replace(V_CNT,',','')) FROM+ ----> the compiler gives an error for this select query : PLS-00428:
    *(SELECT '(25,23,35,1)' V_CNT  FROM dual);*
    -- V_CNT := 3;
    if L_CNT=0 then
    V_E_POS:=instr(pi_flag_codes, ',', 1, 1)-1;
    V_E_POS:=instr(pi_flag_codes, ',', 1, L_CNT+1)-V_S_POS;
    end if;
    if L_CNT=V_CNT then
    end if;
    VN_ATYPE := ' t2.att_type = ' || V_ID;
    rec_count := rec_count +1;
    query_no := 'Q' || rec_count;
    Pls help me with fetching each value to build the where cond of the select query along with the query number.
    Thank You.

  • How to get selected value from selectOneRadio ???

    Hi...i want to how to get selected value from selectOneRadio and use it in another page and in backing bean.
    Note i have about 10 selectOneRadio group in one page i want to know value of each one of them.
    Plzzzzzzzz i need help

    You have a datatable in which each row is a question, correct?
    Also in each row you have 5 possible answers that are in a radio, correct?
    You need to put in your datatable model, a question, and a list of answers (5 in yor case) and the selected one.
    So you will have a get to the question, an SelectItem[] list to populate the radios and another get/set to the selected question.
    <h:selectOneRadio value="#{notas.selectedString}" id="rb">
    <f:selectItem itemValue="#{notas.valuesList}"/>
    Search the web for examples like yours.

  • How to get actual value from LOV list

    Like Subject says: How to get actual value from LOV list. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks Shay, I did it with bind variable because I'm not using JSF. Is there any chance to post solution using standard JSTL or HTML expression. I have something like this: LOV displays some Companies names:
    <html:select property="UserJobCompanyId"
                  <html:optionsCollection label="prompt" value="index" property="UserJobCompanyId.displayData"/>                                                     
                </html:select>and I want to get CompanyID of selected Company.
    Thanks, again.

  • How to get column value from DB grid

    I wander how to get col value from GridControl?
    My app consists of one rowsetinfo with two
    columns CODE and DESCRIPTION and a jbutton
    titled SELECT. When user clicks SELECT button
    the app should show the value of the CODE col
    of the selected row in GridControl.
    I wander how to make this action ?
    XxpsTransTimesMasterIter.setAttributeInfo( new AttributeInfo[] {
    DESCRIPTIONXxpsTransTimesMasterIter} );
    XxpsTransTimesMasterIter.setQueryInfo(new QueryInfo(

    You could attach an ActionListener on the JButton, and try the following code :
    NavigationManager fm = NavigationManager.getNavigationManager();
    DataItem dataItem = fm.getFocusedControl().getDataItem();
    ImmediateAccess col_code = null;
    String code = null;
    if (dataItem != null && dataItem instanceof RowsetAccess) {
    RowsetAccess rowset = (RowsetAccess)dataItem;
    try {
    col_code = (ImmediateAccess) rowset.getColumnItem("CODE");
    code = col_code.getValueAsString();
    } catch (DuplicateColumnException de) {
    } catch (ColumnNotFoundException ce) {
    } catch (SQLException se) {
    JTextField tf = new JtextField();
    I haven't tested this code.
    I am curious to know, the Object type of the dataItem.If it doesnot happen to be RowsetAccess ..try.. ScrollableRowsetAccess OR ImmediateAccess.
    Your code would change accordingly, depending on the instance.Refer to the product documentation for this.
    Do let me know, if this works.

  • How to get string value from xml in JSF??

    In JSF How to get string value from xml, .ini and properties file. I want to get string value from xml or text to JSF

    Just use the appropriate API's for that. There are enough API's out which can read/parse/write XML, ini and properties files. E.g. JAXP or DOM4J for xml files, INI4J for ini files and Sun's own java.util.Properties for propertiesfiles.
    JSF supports properties files as message bundle and resource bundle so that you can use them for error messages and/or localization.

  • How to get selected value from OADefaultListBean.

    Hi All,
    How to get selected value from OADefaultListBean ?

    To identify the user's selection(s) when the page is submitted, you would add the following logic to your processFormRequest() method:
    OADefaultListBean list =
    String name = list.getName();
    String[] selectedValues = pageContext.getParameterValues(name);
    To retrieve all the values in the list box, call list.getOptionsData().

  • How to get attribute value from standard page ?

    How to get attribute value from standard page ?
    String str = (String)vo.getCurrentRow().getAttrbute("RunId");
    But this value is returning a null value ....
    Can anyone help me to get this attribute value which is actually having a actual value .

    getCurrentRow() would always return null if no setCurrentRow() is used.
    Please check the page design and understand how many rows of VO are there. You can also use the following to get the row:

  • How to get real value from selectOneChoice with javascript?

    How to get real value from selectOneChoice with javascript? The event.getNewValue() only gets me the index of the selected item, not the value/title.
    JSF page:
    <af:resource type="javascript">
    function parseAddress(event)
    alert("new value: " + event.getNewValue());
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Location:" value="" id="soc4">
    <af:clientListener type="valueChange" method="parseAddress" />
    <f:selectItems value="#{Person.locations}" id="si7"/>
    HTML :
    <option title="225 Broadway, New York, NY-10007" selected="" value="0">225 Broadway (Central Office)</option>
    <option title="90 Mark St., New York, NY-10007" value="1">90 Mark St. (Central Office)</option>
    Thanks a lot.

    Something I was missing ,
    You need to add valuePassThru="true" in your <af:selectOneChoice component. I have personally tested it and got the actual value in alert box. I hope this time you got the real solution. You can also test the following code by your end.
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="2.1"
    < contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"/>
    <af:document id="d1">
    <af:form id="f1">
    <af:panelBox text="PanelBox1" id="pb1">
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Set Log Level" id="soc1"
    <af:selectItem label="select one" value="First" id="s6"/>
    <af:selectItem label="select two" value="Second" id="s56"/>
    <af:clientListener method="setLogLevel" type="valueChange"/>
    <af:resource type="javascript">
    function setLogLevel(evt) {
    var selectOneChoice = evt.getSource();
    var logLevel = selectOneChoice.getSubmittedValue();
    // var logLevelObject = AdfLogger.NONE;
    alert("new value is : " + logLevel);

  • How to get the value from a JavaScript and send the same to Java file?

    How to get the value from a JavaScript (this JS is called when an action invoked) and send the value from the JS to a Java file?
    Thanks and regards,
    Leslie V

    Yes, I am trying with web application.
    In the below code, a variable 'message' carries the needed info. I would like to send this 'message' variable with the 'request'.
    How to send this 'message' with and to the 'request'?
    Thanks for the help :-)
    The actual JS code is:
    function productdeselection()
    var i=0;
    var j=0;
    var deselectedproduct = new Array(5);
    var message = "Are you sure to delete Product ";
    if(null != mvi)
    if(null != mei )
    if(null != lpi)
    if(null != mvi && mvi.checked)
    if(null != mei && mei.checked)
    if(null != lpi && lpi.checked)
    if( 0!=j)
    for (x=0; x<deselectedproduct.length; x++)
    if(null != deselectedproduct[x])
    message =message+ "-" +deselectedproduct[x];
    //alert(" You cannot remove all products!");
    return false;
    return true;

  • How to get the value from databank

    How to get the value from databank? and how to set the same value to visual script object?

    You can use GetDatabankValue(HeaderName, Value) to get the value from databank and SetDataBankValue(HeaderName, Value) to set the value to databank.
    You can refer to the API Reference to see list of associated functions and techniques we can use with related to Data Bank.
    This is the for OFT but if you are using Open Script then you have direct access for getting the databank value but when it comes to setting a value you have to use File operation and write you own methods to do the set operation.
    Edited by: Openscript User 100 on Nov 13, 2009 7:01 AM

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