How long does it take for an ipad mini with retina to fully charge

just wondering how long it would take for the ipad mini retina display to fully charge

I would allow another one hour to trickle charge the battery (i.e. 4+1=5 hours)

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  • How long does it take for the iPad Mini to process?

    I ordered it on thursday along with headphones and the headphones already processed and shipped but the iPad mini is still processing and I was wondering how long will it take for it to process because it still hasn't billed me yet for it.

    The Apple Sptre website says iPad minis in any configuration will be available to ship in two weeks. That's usually a good estimate. The other items were available now and in stock so they shipped. The iPad mini is still in short supply and will most likely ship in two weeks as the website says.

  • HT1222 how long does it take for an ipad to restore?

    how long does it take an ipad to restore

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    The restore of the iPad (erase the device and reinstall iOS) takes about 5 minutes or less, but the problem is that iTunes has to download iOS from the Internet, increasing the restoring time

  • How long does it take for an ipad 32GB to reset to factory values?

    Resetting my iPad through iTunes to a factory reset. How long should it take. Ipad has a black screen right now like it is turned off.
    Please help.

    Hi cjantley,
    If you are having issues restoring your iPad, you may find the following articles helpful:
    Apple Support: Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings
    Apple Support: If you can't update or restore your iOS device
    - Brenden

  • How long does it take for your iPad to restart? Mine takes 7.5 mins...

    Hello, new to the forum. Hoping I can get some good advice here.
    The first thing I thought I'd find out is if everyone else's iPads take as long to restart as mine. Mine shows the small silver Apple logo for 7 and a half minutes before I can use it. Is this normal?
    Mine is the 64GB wifi + 3G model.
    Looking forward to your replies!

    Hiya, thanks for your reply. I did the reset all as you suggested and that took only 20 seconds or so. Took me a while to get all my apps back on the pages I had had them, but no problem... The kind of reset I am talking about is when you hold down both the exterior buttons until the little silver apple logo appears. That apple logo sits there for over 7 mins before I can use the iPad. Its the same with turning it off, when you swipe the thingy when prompted. My iPad has always done this, even since before the recent software update. I will try doing the reset through iTunes that you mention though. I like my iPad so much that I rarely even bother to turn on my main computer. I've got so many cool games and music making apps on the iPad, the computer rarely gets used now!

  • HT4009 How long does it take for apple to return with the needed code for in app purchases.  We have a developer working through elance that states he submitted a finalized version last friday to apple and is still waiting to get the code back from Apple?

    We are being told by our elance developer that he is just waiting on apple to return the code for in app purchases with our app.  he says he had to submit a complete version before they would give it to him and that he did that last friday.  Needless to say i don;t beleive him.  Can anyone validate for me the process of getting the code installed into our app and how long it should really take.

    I'd say an average of one week, depending on backlog. Expect two if you are outside the US.
    The outage has caused some lingering effects that seem to be delaying things for some, however.
    Patience is key in all things when it comes to being a developer

  • How long does it take for an iPad to arrive in the Chicago area?

    My sister ordered the iPad around May 31 I wanted to know around what time should the iPad arrive.. thanks!

    For accurate information, she should call whatever seller she ordered it from. Anything anyone here could post would just a guess which may be far off of reality.

  • How long does it take for iCloud to sync to my devices?

    I just discovered that I could drag Word documents onto the iCloud web site from my computer. Pretty handy trick.  Drag and drop should be how this works.  So to test it I dragged a document from my My Documents Folder onto the iCloud web site in my browser (I wish my company would update to Windows 7 so it would be easier to align windows on screen).  It appeared to upload just fine.  So I went to my iPhone and opened Pages to see how badly the file translated from Word 2007 to Pages for iPhone.  And no document.
    I have waited about 20 minutes so far. Am I being to impatient?  Just how long does it take for iCloud to promulgate my documents to my iDevices?  I am hopefully getting an iPad for Xmas so I need to get this worked out before I actually need this for work.

    It actually goes pretty fast once you are on a WiFi connection.  I found an open WiFi connection at Starbucks and when i got back to my desk the files were all there on the web site.  I fond the Use Cellular connection to sync in settings and decided that I didn't need to sync my docs all the time so I will just wait to connect when I can get to a WiFi.
    Now I just need to figure out how to sync my contacts.  iCloud doesn't seem to play nice with Google contacts when they are on an Exchange connection.

  • HT5071 After submission, how long does it take for a new book to appear in the iBook store?

    How long does it take for a new book to appear in the iBook store after you have submitted it successfully? I submitted a free book last night. No sign of it 6 hours later ... If the delay is because process are being followed, what ate they? Any ideas?

    5-10 days in November.

  • No i'm using iPhone 4 16GB. i want to know how long does it take for "Erase All Content and Settings"?does it affects to iPhone's hardware? and if i want to restore my software in iPhone back, how i can do it?

    no i'm using iPhone 4 16GB. i want to know how long does it take for "Erase All Content and Settings"?does it affects to iPhone's hardware? and if i want to restore my software in iPhone back, how i can do it?

    it takes hours
    it does not damage or wear out hardware
    and you can restore any backup afterwards as yo see fit

  • How long does it take for the credit on the iphone 5 itunes to start declining after a purchase

    how long does it take for the credit on the iphone 5 itunes to start declining after a purchase? I used a $15 gift card, it was redeemed, and it showed up in my itunes account on my phone but after buying songs, the credit did not decline from 15, even after I restarted itunes on my phone.

    Nt sure on O2, but that seems to be a long time, you need to call your carrier and make sure they dont need to activate it. I believe they do.

  • How long does it take for Iphone 5 battery to drain? its stuck in recovery mode

    how long does it take for Iphone 5 battery to drain? its stuck in recovery mode

    Well, the two questions you've asked aren't really related, but that being said, you should probably plug it in. You're going to have to restore the software to the device via iTunes.

  • How long does it takes for iTunes to restore software on a 5s?

    How long does it takes for iTunes to restore software in a iPhone?

    There are three major portions involved in a restore:
    1.  Downloading the latest copy of iOS to your Mac for installation on the iPhone.
    2.  Installing the software from your Mac onto the iPhone.
    3.  Restoring all the contents of your iPhone (except iOS, which was done in the above step).
    Step 1 will depend on your Mac's download speed.  We are talking about downloading more than 1GB.
    Step 2 should take about 10 minutes or less.
    Step 3 will depend on how much personal stuff (e.g., apps, photos, music) you had on your iPhone.  It might take minutes, or an hour or more.

  • How Long does it take for a NEW PODCAST to appear in iTunes?

    I was curious if maybe you know the answer to this question- How long does it take for a brand new podcast, once submitted to iTunes, to appear in the podcast section of iTunes? Does it really take 5 days? And, will I receive an email once it's on there? Thanks!

    I found the answer to this question after doing two podcasts.
    It takes about week and half to be fully listed. When you first submit you receive an automated email. Emailed to the email address of your podcast feed. Then your podcast page is created for itune store and you receive another email that it's approved. You should receive this email sometimes two days after you received the first but it still won't be browse able until another few weeks(ie. listed in category). In the mean time don't remove your podcast feed file from your hosting account and don't make changes which will change the link to the feed you submitted.
    The only other part I couldn't figure out was why podcasts episodes don't come up when keywords from episode sections of podcast feed are typed in itune search box.
    -keep on keepin' on

  • How long does it take for an iphone 5s to go from preparing to ship to shipped?

    How long does it take for an iphone 5s to go from preparing to ship to shipped. I ordered my iphone on sept 20 6:00 pm and right next to the "preparing to ship" it still says 7-10 days and apple already took the money out of my account? has notoriously given very accurate assessments of their ship dates.  Keep checking back there for updates.  The place to look is in the Store ... find the "Account" button near the upper right.

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