How many concurrent connections can ACS handle at once?

Hi Experts,
Could you please let me know how many concurrent connections ACS can handle at once?
Is there any limitation on it?
Our ACS version is 4.0 (1) build 27.
Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day!

It depends on many other factors but as far as I know ACS can handle upto 40 Auth request per second*
*Condition Apply
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  • How many concurrent connections that an ACS server version 4.2 latest patch can handle?

    I have about 50 routers and layer-3 switches that autheticate via tacacs+.  The AAA server used to be on a Linux machine running open-source tacacs+ built by me.  I have a perl script that will log into all 50 devices at the same time to collect statistics.  This script is multi-threaded.  Everything is working fine so far.
    I recently out-sourced the AAA function to a 3rd party company, not by my choice.  The 3rd party uses Cisco ACS version 4.2 with the latest patch running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with 16GB RAM and quad processors with quad-cores, IBM x3650-M2 hardware. The connectivity between the 3rd party and my company is through a DS-3 connection.  Maximum bandwidth over this DS-3 connection is less than 10Mbps at most.
    I noticed that for the past 3 months I have multiple failures with this perl script due to authentication failure with the ACS server.  If I just run the script again a few routers/switches, there are no issues; however, whenever I started the script to log into 50 devices all at the same time, it will fail.  If I made the configuration on all routers/switches to point back to the old open-source tacacs+ server, the issue goes away.  The minute I switched back to the
    new ACS server, the issue came back.  If I modified the script to hit one device at a time, it works fine.  I think it is the ACS server can not handle a lot
    of AAA requests at the same time.
    Does anyone know how many concurrent connections that an ACS 4.2, with latest patches on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with lot of memory and CPU power, can handle?  I can't seem to find this anywhere on Cisco website.
    Thanks in advance.

    No, Im not saying ACS cannot cope.
    Concurrency and latency are very different things. ACS CSTacacs can handle many 100s of simple authentications/authorisations per second with users in the internal database. If 1000s of devices all send traffic in the same instant it would take some seconds to work through the backlog of traffic.
    Also, worth considering that a limited number of tasks within ACS (or threads) can actually handle a much greater number of "logins" because they are generally multi-message allowing ACS to keep lots of plates spinning.
    If users are in an external databases the latency (per authentication) can increase depending on where the users are (eg Windows AD) and if bad enough can have a serious effect on the overall authentication rate. At which point customers normally turn to load balancing.
    If your device timeouts are 20 seconds (totally reasonable) I suggest the issue is more likely to be something else... a bug, perhaps specific to v4.2?

  • How many Voice connections can cisco 2821 support?

    Good day.
    I have a cisco 2821 with EVM slot, NME-X slot and two HWIC slots. I have 4 port FXOs on the two HWIC slots. The EM-HDA-8FXS module on the EVM slot can handle 8 FXS connections. Please i would like to know if there is an EVM module that can do FXO connections and also how many voice connections can this router handle in total. Can the EM-HDA-8FXS module handle both FXS and FXO connections?
    Hope someone can help me out. My deadline has already passed.

    Hi, already replied to this in the appropriate forum.
    Please do not open duplicate threads.

  • How many concurrency request can handel in wcf

    i have a question :
    wcf support how many concurrency request a time ?
    for example i have a wcf service and a lot of (10000) client that call the wcf together 

    I think all your clients will be able to use your WCF Service regardless of Concurrency.
    I believe that concurrency is related to the threading of the individual request. Not completely sure about that part though. But, all your clients should be able to access the service regardless of the concurrency. That would be more based on the stress on
    your server.
    Developing is part of being a developer.

  • How many apple tvs can i run at once

    i want to set up a trade show booth with apple tvs and a mac mini. how many apple tvs can i run off a mac mini? i want to run different slideshows.

    Frank Caggiano wrote:
    Pretty sure that one device (the mini) will only be able to interact with one Apple TV.  At best you might be abel to connect to multiple ATVs but they would all run the same content. (and I have my doubts about that)
    You can use the mini and multiple Apple TV's to watch different content, indeed you can only watch different content although you can listen to the same content. For the avoidance of doubt different includes the same content but not in sync.

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    If anyone could provide this information I would be really grateful.
    Many thanks

    Several users have also maderecent  reference to the iPad in education web's located here
    and has alot of great information.  They make reference to the following website, that contains detailed instructions on setting up and syncing multiple iOS devices. This information is very valuable. 

  • How many concurrent streams can my server handle?

    I am trying to serve streaming video over a 10 mb network and using Adobe® Flash® Media Streaming Server 3.5.  Here are the specs on the video.
    Codec: On2 VP6
    frame rate: 30fps
    400 kbps (VBR)
    keyframe distance: 15
    Mono channel
    96 kbps
     Does anyone know how many of these I could serve up concurrently?  Or is there a spec somewhere?

    It might be that straightforward question to answer because your network might support "x" mbps but your server configuration including CPU,Memory,Network card you have.
    If you need to do simple calculation (considering you have calculated your bandwidth for video and audio individually) it would like one client would take around 496kbps. Now that means roughly 2 clients will take 1 Mbps so 20 clients will eat up 10Mbps - so at given point of time only roughly 20 clients would be able to play stream without much of rebuffering issue.
    Any number of clients would be able to connect and play but more the clients quality of service for each client might start degrading , they might start getting insufficient bandwidth messages.

  • How many concurrent requests can WAS support?

    Hi all,
      I want to know what is the maximum number of concurrent users/requests that can WAS6.4(latest pack) support? We are looking at around 40,000 concurrent users.. Is this feasible? If yes what is the max possible?
    PS: Would appreciate a prompt response:)

    Hi Harsh,
    I was just reading those notes that Alexander found as well and I would have to agree with him the that webdispatcher could handle the 10,000. However you have to remember that if you are running a BSP or other application located on a WAS server you have the constraints there as well.
    Now I've just done some load testing with some stress tools.
    500 concurrent connections on a Linux server dual processor 4 GB RAM and I started to see some major performance problems. Any higher and the system or at least the apps would have started to hang I think.
    So with 40,000 connections even with loadbalancing and application instances you are going to need some major hadware to handle the connections.
    Now back to your other questions.
    The WAS and the R/3 are built on the BC level, which means  the basic connections are made at that level and effected by these parameters. With a 640 Java Stack only then you have the J2EE engine only in which case the BC level is basically not there at least not like the ABAP level.
    Now if you have a single JSP page deployed on your J2EE and not making any RFC calls to your backend then you only have to worry about the dispatcher connections. However, from my understanding if you make those RFC calls then you have the connections of the backend to worry about as well.
    Now if you can gives a bit more detail of what the connections (all these 40,000 are doing) then perhaps we can come up with some alternatives that will help out.
    As for being intimidated, don't be, I'm learning this from searching as we go along as well

  • How many chapter markers can iDVD handle ?

    If I'm going to name each in order to be able to jump to that chapter will I run out of room or will iDVD continue adding "Next" buttons to handle them all ?

    ... okayyyy.....
    I understood the Q as "is there any tech-limit?" sorry, me alien, me no english...
    you can modify any iDVD theme, choose from many button templates, select fonts and place buttons around the screen... this is no automatic process, your imagination sets the limits... if you buttons just a pixel "large" and nameds as "a", I'm pretty sure, you can place dozends of buttons on one screen...
    useful? good looking? good interface?... that's your decision... the templates mainly offer 6 - 8 buttons per page... for good reasons....
    you have read this one?

  • How many concurrent connections does WSA S670 appliance support.

    Hi All,
    Good Day!
    We have an issue with our Ironport WSA S670 appliance. We have around 35K users and have access to sites like, etc.
    The issues is that at times certain sites are not accessible via proxy. For example we cannot access, etc while we can access, etc. Moreover when we try to bypass the proxy and access the sites directly all the sites works just fine.
    This issue has been repeating many times and we checked the internet link, proxy etc for any issue. In the meantime the issue gets resolved mysteriously.
    The total number of connections at these times are more than 20K. The CPU utilization never goes beyond 15% but the memory is always between 70 to 90% utilized.
    What is the maximum number of connections WSA S670 appliance support? Is there any configurable limit for the connections that can be established? Will it cause any issue if a lot of users are watching videos on youtube.
    Also the proxy is working in one-armed design. Will that cause any issue?
    Please suggest.

    Hi Faiz,
    There are not any known issues in terms of URLs failing. I would perform a packet capture on the WSA. See my instructions below:
    In order to obtain a simultaneous packet capture from the WSA & PC you will need to log into the GUI ->Support and Help -> Packet Capture -> Edit Settings -> Select the radial button No Filter.Please send me a packet capture from the WSA unfiltered. You will need to install wireshark on the PC or laptop you are testing from. It is a good idea to start the wireshark program from the PC first.  I would recommend using as a test as it uses only on IP address.
    When you have the captures completed I would first look at the WSA packet capture and use the following filter in wireshark http contains "". The various streams of communication will populate in the wireshark display. What you want to focus on is the streams that show the IP of the WSA and the IP of We should see the following when you right mouse click the packet which shows the IP of the WSA going to the destination IP of
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP <--SYN/ACK-- IP
    WSA IP -------ACK-----> IP
    If you see this instead:
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    Then you have a problem in your network.
    Erik Kaiser
    WSA Cisco Forums Moderator

  • How many recordstore connections can be kept open

    Hi all,
    i have created a J2ME midp2.0 based application,
    it requires to do database operations, for performance i want to keep recordstore open for frequently used record stores.( The open() close() on recordstore are expensive operations on some of the devices).
    how safe is this, is there any threshold on number of recordstore i can keep open.
    please advise

    I would guess 2 billion (2^31-1.) That is because it probably has to keep track of something in java and that suggests an array. And that is the maximum size for an array.
    Of course the actual number is going to be much less than that because it depends on the memory, cpu's, jdbc driver, database and licensing of the database. And probably other OS specific things like thread limits, file limits, resource limits, etc.

  • How many wireless devices can WRT54G handle at the same time?

    In my house I have WRT54G router and WRE54G range expander that work great with 2 Compaq desktop PCs connected via wireless USB cards, one noname, wired, PC and an Acer laptop that uses both wired and wireless access (one or the other, I use laptop at home sometimes).
    The problem starts when I connect another laptop (Gateway). Immediately one or both of the wireless desktops is dropped and as long as the Gateway is connected, I can get the other two working by reseting the router and then only for a couple of minutes at the time.
    It looks like I can only use 2 wireless and two wired connections at the same time, which I think is odd.
    I've checked the router setup and tried experimenting with the allowed number of addresses that can be used, but that did not solve the problem.
    I've installed the latest software updates and that did not work either.
    I am using a secured access (WPA).
    What else can I try and what am I missing?

    Thanks for a quick response!
    Under "Network adapters", here's what I found:
    - Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
    - 1394 Net Adapter
    - Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controler
    Two other wireless USB adapters are the same:
    - BLANC Mini Wireless USB adapter

  • T430u: How many external displays can it handle?

    I want to get a new computer, that can power three displays at once. Preferably three external monitors,  maybe even four. 
    I was thinking of getting either an ultrabook, T430u or X1 Carbon. Or a think branded desktop. 
    Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
    Go to Solution.

    ThinkPad T430u can handle one internal, one through hdmi, and one through miniDP. So in 3 in total (natively). If you need additional LCD support, maybe consider an ThinkPad USB 3.0 dock, which allows you to add another 2 screens support per dock (for a total of 2 docks or 4 additional screens).
    X1 can can handle one miniDP external screen, not sure whether Displayport 1.2 passthrough works on them or not.
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

  • How many ALSA applications can play sound at once?

    I ran into a strange issue where I had Counter-Strike:GO running (sound working fine in the game itself) but when I alt-tabbed, no other application could play sound.  VLC would complain my device was busy and Chromium didn't show an error but sound didn't work either (tested with a YouTube video.)  I was able to solve this by changing the audio setting in CS:GO from 5.1 surround to 2 speaker (I use headphones so no need for surround) so now I can alt-tab and still have sound in other applications.
    What I want to know now is why that is?  Is there a limit to the number of simultaneous channels or what?  I just tested and with CS:GO set to 2 channel I can play sound from CS:GO, Chromium, VLC, and Banshee all at the same time but with 5.1 CS:GO hogs the sound card all to itself.
    I'm also curious about where PulseAudio fits into this.  Right now I'm just using pure ALSA.  If I were to get a surround setup one day would PulseAudio overcome this limitation and allow me to play music while I game?

    See list of gotchas.
    The main issue you probably have is that Dmix doesn't work with more than stereo - *unless* you use something like my sample config.
    ALSA is flexible, which means it will allow naughty apps to block the soundcard for other apps. So, configure your apps also.
    ALSA works fine, no need for pulseaudio.

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