How many devices can wirelessly connect to a modem

i have a old desktop with a wirelss modem i have a laptop connect,xbox360 ps3 wii iphone and ipod touch all connect wirelessly i just orderd a imac will i be able to run the imac with all the other wirelss thing or will i have to drop on of them. thanks a lot

I just bought my imac last night.... computer is verrrryyyy slow on the internet (i have a wireless router, an actiontec gt704wg) i am connected to a dsl line(avg line speed is 750 mps). I also have my old compac pc on the same wireless router. my old pc loads webpages in approx 1 sec, same web page takes almost 10 seconds to load on my brand new imac. no help from tech support. anyone know what else i can do other than bring this back to the store and buy a pc (vista and all)

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  • How many devices can I connect to my iPhone hot spot?

    how many devices can I connect to my iPhone hot spot?

    Thank you.  I guess I don't need an additional hot spot device.  Thanks.

  • How many devices can I connect to my HH2

    It seems that no devices can connect to my Home hub 2. Is there a limit to how many I can have logged on? Quite a few of them are old comps and phones of guests, so can I just delete them, somehow, or even just reset the Home Hub, and reconnect with the devices that need it?

    Assuming you are using it out of the box and haven't changed the DHCP settings there should be no limit unless you are trying to connect them all within 24 hours. Are you trying to connect using wireless or a cable?

  • How many pcs can wirelessly connect to an Officejet P1102w printer

    What limits how many separate PCs can connect to an Office Jet P1102w. Is there a limit in the printer or is the limit more likely to be in the router?

    Hi KiamaraKid,
    I understand you have a Laserjet P1102W printer and are wanting to know whether there is a limit on the printer as to how many computers can connect via network, or if the limitation would be on the router's end. I will do my best to help you with this issue.
    With our HP printers wireless performance depends on physical environment and distance from the access point (router). Wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz routers only as well. So the short answer is that the limitation is mainly on the router.
    If you can get back to me with the router make and model, I will certainly see what I can find for you about it's limitations (meaning, how many computers can connect successfully to the router and thus the printer).
    Hope this helps! Have a great day!
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    I work on behalf of HP

  • How many devices can I connect over USB to Configurator simultaneously

    I am looking for confirmation (preferably from Apple!) as to how many iOS devices can be connected via USB to Configurator simultaneously?
    There is one document from Apple which states 30 devices is the limit but we use carts with many more than this which Configurator appears to handle fine. You can also buy carts which accept more than 30 devices from the Apple Education Store.
    What I really need is an official document stating the limit or some feedback from you guys on your experiences with Configurator and high numbers of devices!
    Any help would, of course, be appreciated

    Depends on your USB hardware....I have had two Bretford 30 unit carts running and while slow will work...Actually in our last deployment I went back to one MacBook Air AC station per 30 cart (4-5 carts per building) as the timing worked out better with temp workers and workflow....

  • HT204023 How many devices can I connect to my personal hotspot?

    I would like know the maximum number of devices that could be connected to a wireless hotspot. Thanks for all the good work guys.

    Thank you.  I guess I don't need an additional hot spot device.  Thanks.

  • How many devices can you connect on your IPOD touch 4th gen with bluetooth

    I have a 4th Generation Ipod touch.  currently using (2) UE Boom wireless speakers to connect via BLuetooth  (2.1+EDR)
    Is it possible to , say add another 2 speakers,  so in tandem all 4 would connect ?
    Speakers are Logitech (UE Boom wireless)

    Thanks for the reply. Is there any way around this limitation.  I take it 2 sets x 2 won't work.

  • How many devices can connect at once

    I have an AirPort Extreme running my home wifi network.  How many devices can connect to it at one time?  What solutions are there if I'm over that limit?

    If you have a recent model AirPort Extreme, it will allow a total of about 250 devices to connect.....50 wireless plus an additional 200 Ethernet devices.
    Keep in mind that all devices share the same Internet connection bandwidth.
    So, if you have a 20 Mbps Internet service and you have 20 devices connected to the AirPort Extreme, then each device will receive about 1Mbps of bandwidth. That might be OK for light browsing, but a big file download is going to be SLOW.
    Another way of saying the same thing is that the network slows down as you add more devices. If you need more speed, you'll need to talk to your Internet Service Provider about a faster connection plan.
    The AirPort Extreme will handle far more speed than your ISP can ever hope to deliver.

  • How many devices can you use on an airport express wirelessly?

    How many devices can you use on an airport express wirelessly? Does it matter how many devices you have?

    The Express supports up to ten clients.

  • How many devices can I have connected to one iTunes account?

    How many devices can I have connected to one iTunes account?

    If you mean authorized computers, five.
    If you mean devices associated with iTunes Match or automatic downloads, ten.
    If you mean devices synced with a single iTunes library, there’s no limit.

  • How many devices can I link to AirPort Extreme?

    How many devices can I linked to an AirPort Extreme.  It seems that whenever I have more than 3 devices (all iPhone and iPad), I can't link the fourth one.

    The answer will depend on the type of modem that you have connected to the AirPort Extreme.
    If the AirPort Extreme is connected to a simple modem, then it will act as the main router for your network. In that case, the AirPort Extreme will support up to 50 wireless devices and 150 wired Ethernet devices.
    If the AirPort Extreme is connected to a modem/router combination device....also known as a gateway.....then it is your modem/router that determines the number of devices that can connect to the network.
    If you are unsure of what type of product you might have, post back with the make and model number of the device that you call your "modem".  (We do not need a serial number for the device).

  • How many devices can you use for your itunes account?

    how many devices can you use for your itunes account?

    PT wrote:
    Macistotle wrote:
    Unless you have DRM still haunting your tunes ... Then you can only use those songs on 5 devices. Otherwise, connect as many as you like (as stated above).
    No, you can sync your DRM tracks to an unlimited number of iPods (but only authorized to play on 5 different computers/user accounts)
    So I can sync two iPods to my iTunes account and sync the same digital copy movies that come with some o' my DVDs to both ipods? Do movies make a difference really, DRM-Wise? Thanks in advance.

  • How many device can one sync with iPhone? I own a Mac Pro and an iMac desktop. Can I sync with both machines?

    How Many devices can I sync with my iPhone?  I own a Mac PRO and an iMAC.  Depends on where I am, I will plug my iPhone to either of the machines. I haven't sync with either machine yet.

    Dah•veed wrote:
    Please explain how one would accomplish that feat.
    There's not much to explain. When a device is connected, you see the row of different categories across the top: Summary, Info, Apps, Tones, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, and Photos. For example, it is perfectly safe to sync one iOS device to the Music category on Computer A and no other computer, and the same device to Photos on Computer B and no other computer.
    You might be confusing what I'm saying with one iOS device enabling sync to the Music library on multiple computers. That is a huge no-no and will result in the disaster being suggested. But I am not talking about that, I'm talking about the opposite arrangement. What I am describing preserves category exclusivity. It turns out that exclusivity at the category level, not the computer level, is what really matters.
    As long as a device is synced to a given category on only one computer, it doesn't matter which computer it is or whether that computer is different than the ones synced to on other categories. The instant a given category is enabled for syncing on more than on computer, that is where the trouble starts.
    KiltedTim wrote:
    Trying to do so is asking for trouble. Don't do it. Move the content you need to one machine and sync only with that machine. If you don't, you'll be back here asking how to fix the mess and recover all the stuff you lost...
    I will agree that it is something you should only do mindfully. But if you do make sure each category is syncing to only one device, there will be no data loss and no mess.

  • How many clients can be connected to an Access Point

    Hi friend,
    I want to know how many clients can be connected in Cisco AP 1140.
    Best Regard,

    As Stephen mention the best answer is it depends.
    What you need to keep in mind is that wireless is halfduplex and a shared medium and due to this the bandwith will go down per client.
    Q. How many clients can associate to the AP?
    A. The AP has the physical capacity to handle 2048 MAC  addresses, but, because the AP is a shared medium and acts as a wireless  hub, the performance of each user decreases as the number of users  increases on an individual AP. Ideally, not more than 24 clients can  associate with the AP because the throughput of the AP is reduced with  each client that associates to the AP.

  • How many monitors can be connected?

    1. How many monitors can be connected to a SIngle (1) Thunderbolt? Any Specific size of monitors?
    2. How many monitors can be connected to a Double (2) Thunderbolt? Any Specific size of montiros?
    3. I've came through a post mentioning that, a maximum of 6 CHAIN DEVICES can be connected to the 2 thunderbolt. Could you please give me an example??

    I want to connect 6 vga or dvi monitors.
    I'm sorry, translation via google translate
    Mac pro ordered, paid money. Now I worry that I won't be able to connect 6 vga monitors. I already have 6 vga of monitors, don't want to buy 6 thunderbolt monitors
    PS VGA adopters are all active. It means mac pro supports six vga monitors?

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