How many max connections opened do you have?

I've read so many answers to these questions that, i don't really know what is the correct one. So, i would like to know what do you have. Here they are:
1- How many max connections per torrent do you have set up?
2- How many max opened connections do you have in mldonkey (or similar)?
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AFAIK it's arround (total connections):
- <5 for RTC
- <100 for slow ADSL
- <500 for medium ADSL
- ~1000 for high-speed ADSL (and max on Windows lol) ; went up to over 1500, without positive change.
I use rtorrent & have a limit of <100 connections per torrent (4 leechers max per torrent so they get something)

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    > I wanted to know for sure what is the answer.
    Hi Madhu,
    If you are going to ask questions such as these, then please indicate that you have searched and what you do already know and where & why you have a doubt somewhere which is worth discussing in the forum or sharing opinions or experiences on.
    Just asking for the answer only so that you don't feel too alone when answering 6 in the interview is of little value.
    Normally such "answer a, b, c, or d only or be quiet"-type-threads (like certification tests are) are deleted. That is the rules, and we have them for a reason.
    Anyway, you guys seem to have sorted this out amongst yourselves so there is no reason to interfere here IMO. Thanks for that.

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        Hello mooseinutah, getting a new phone is always exciting! You will want to make sure to setup 2 separate Apple Id & passwords for each phone so that contacts & stored information are not merged between both devices.
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    Hope someone can help me out. My deadline has already passed.

    Hi, already replied to this in the appropriate forum.
    Please do not open duplicate threads.

  • How many concurrent connections can ACS handle at once?

    Hi Experts,
    Could you please let me know how many concurrent connections ACS can handle at once?
    Is there any limitation on it?
    Our ACS version is 4.0 (1) build 27.
    Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day!

    It depends on many other factors but as far as I know ACS can handle upto 40 Auth request per second*
    *Condition Apply
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    This is the wrong forum, I posted again my question in the JDBC Forum...

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    You need to capture any connection errors from the app server.
    Otherwise we're just guessing.
    The SESSIONS parameter restricts the number of open sessions (select * from v$parameter).
    Presumably you're using DEDICATED server connections rather than SHARED server connections?

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    I have about 50 routers and layer-3 switches that autheticate via tacacs+.  The AAA server used to be on a Linux machine running open-source tacacs+ built by me.  I have a perl script that will log into all 50 devices at the same time to collect statistics.  This script is multi-threaded.  Everything is working fine so far.
    I recently out-sourced the AAA function to a 3rd party company, not by my choice.  The 3rd party uses Cisco ACS version 4.2 with the latest patch running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with 16GB RAM and quad processors with quad-cores, IBM x3650-M2 hardware. The connectivity between the 3rd party and my company is through a DS-3 connection.  Maximum bandwidth over this DS-3 connection is less than 10Mbps at most.
    I noticed that for the past 3 months I have multiple failures with this perl script due to authentication failure with the ACS server.  If I just run the script again a few routers/switches, there are no issues; however, whenever I started the script to log into 50 devices all at the same time, it will fail.  If I made the configuration on all routers/switches to point back to the old open-source tacacs+ server, the issue goes away.  The minute I switched back to the
    new ACS server, the issue came back.  If I modified the script to hit one device at a time, it works fine.  I think it is the ACS server can not handle a lot
    of AAA requests at the same time.
    Does anyone know how many concurrent connections that an ACS 4.2, with latest patches on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with lot of memory and CPU power, can handle?  I can't seem to find this anywhere on Cisco website.
    Thanks in advance.

    No, Im not saying ACS cannot cope.
    Concurrency and latency are very different things. ACS CSTacacs can handle many 100s of simple authentications/authorisations per second with users in the internal database. If 1000s of devices all send traffic in the same instant it would take some seconds to work through the backlog of traffic.
    Also, worth considering that a limited number of tasks within ACS (or threads) can actually handle a much greater number of "logins" because they are generally multi-message allowing ACS to keep lots of plates spinning.
    If users are in an external databases the latency (per authentication) can increase depending on where the users are (eg Windows AD) and if bad enough can have a serious effect on the overall authentication rate. At which point customers normally turn to load balancing.
    If your device timeouts are 20 seconds (totally reasonable) I suggest the issue is more likely to be something else... a bug, perhaps specific to v4.2?

  • How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router

    How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router ?
    If my router have the data license can I do load balancing between  3 or more WAN connection ?
    Thanks & Regards
    Lakshman Kumar S

    The  Author of this posting offers the information contained within this  posting without consideration and with the reader's understanding that  there's no implied or expressed suitability or fitness for any purpose.  Information provided is for informational purposes only and should not  be construed as rendering professional advice of any kind. Usage of this  posting's information is solely at reader's own risk.
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    In  no event shall Author be liable for any damages whatsoever (including,  without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profit) arising out  of the use or inability to use the posting's information even if Author  has been advised of the possibility of such damage.
    As Rick and Reza have both noted, number of routable Ethernet ports varies per ISR G2 model.  Ethernet switch options would allow the most Ethernet ports, but you need to route through them using SVIs.
    However, most ISR G2s often do not have the performance capacity to run their built-in Ethernet ports at full capacity.  Often the add-in Ethernet ports have bandwidth restrictions to/from the port.
    Basically, ISR G2 routers were designed to have a LAN Ethernet connection and some WAN, non-Ethernet connection, of much less bandwidth.
    ISR G2 router performance is also very much impacted by device configuration.

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    How many thousands of Apple TV users have to scream their complaints before Apple will respond to the fury over the impossibly slow download speeds of movies bought through iTunes?

    As jules says, your rate (currently at least) may be slow.
    If it used to be good I wonder is your ISP is slowing ('throttling') your speed after you've used so many GB of a quota each day or month - check what they think you should be getting as a download speed.
    While Apple's servers do occasionally play up, it's generally the ISP being slow not Apple.
    If you're using Google's DNS servers that has caused issues for some.
    Recommended speeds for near instant playback:
    SD         2.5Mbps
    720p      6 Mbps
    1080p    8 Mbps
    Is your speed test from somewhere like
    It might be helpful to post Mbps to ensure we/you are not confusing speeds by using different units to those measured.

Maybe you are looking for