How many Voice connections can cisco 2821 support?

Good day.
I have a cisco 2821 with EVM slot, NME-X slot and two HWIC slots. I have 4 port FXOs on the two HWIC slots. The EM-HDA-8FXS module on the EVM slot can handle 8 FXS connections. Please i would like to know if there is an EVM module that can do FXO connections and also how many voice connections can this router handle in total. Can the EM-HDA-8FXS module handle both FXS and FXO connections?
Hope someone can help me out. My deadline has already passed.

Hi, already replied to this in the appropriate forum.
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    They said "Medium complexity Codecs: 360 (E1)/288 (T1) and High-complexity Codecs: 180 (E1)/144 (T1) "in Cisco 3660 voice gateway data sheet .
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    There are some other issue except physically accepted number of voice port.
    page will give you better idea. Even though you can install many voice ports into a router , there is other limits you encounter.
    Bets Regards

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    It depends on many other factors but as far as I know ACS can handle upto 40 Auth request per second*
    *Condition Apply
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    I would guess 2 billion (2^31-1.) That is because it probably has to keep track of something in java and that suggests an array. And that is the maximum size for an array.
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    The AirPort Express can handle up to 10 simultaneous connections. Since the Express will be in Bridge Mode, the IP addressing will be handled by the "upstream" router....your AirPort Extreme.

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    Hi Alomar,
    Hopefully this info will help;
    Number of 802.11b Phones per AP
    Before any discussion about network planning can take place, it helps to understand the basics of the overall network capacity.
    The following network capacity guidelines apply to sizing the Wireless IP Telephony network:
    No more than 7 concurrent G.711 calls per AP.
    No more than 8 concurrent G.729 calls per AP.
    Note These design recommendations assume that Voice Activity Detection (VAD) has been disabled on the Cisco 7920 Wireless IP Phones. Use of VAD on the Cisco 7920 phones can conserve bandwidth, but Cisco recommends that you disable VAD on all Cisco CallManager servers to provide better overall voice quality.
    In addition to determining how much bandwidth is needed for an 802.11b VoIP call, you must also consider overall radio contention for a particular RF channel. The general rule is that you should not deploy any more than 20 to 25 802.11b endpoints per AP. The more endpoints you add to an AP, the more you reduce the amount of overall bandwidth and potentially increase transmission delays.
    The maximum number of phones per AP depends on the calling patterns of individual users (based on Erlang ratios). Cisco recommends no more than 7 concurrent calls using G.711 or 8 concurrent calls using G.729. Beyond that number of calls, when excessive background data is present, the voice quality of all calls becomes unacceptable.
    From this doc;
    Hope this helps!
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    Well Apple makes an iOS application called 'Remote' it's used to control iTunes on a Mac, Or to control an Apple TV Multimedia features.
    Apple also makes "AirPort Utility" for iOS. Airport Utility can be used to configure Aiport Extrem, Airport Express And Time Capsul using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use it to connect to one device at a time. While connected to the device you can configure it to work as part of a larger Airport network. If you want to configure muliple device, you would connect to one device,  configure it,  And then connect to the next device, and configure it, and so on and so fourth.
    I haven't found a limit.
    How big of a network are you trying to make?

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    Prabhakant Patil

    Hi Prabhakant
    Based on the MXI-Express datasheet and the MXI-4 Series User Manual "The PCI specification makes provisions for up to 255 bus segments to simultaneously exist in a PCI hierarchy and MXI-4 hardware provides everything needed to support those provisions." 
    I'll get back to you after speaking to a specialist.
    Kind Regards
    Chris | Applications Engineer NIUK

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    I would like to know that.......
    How many numbers of GRE Tunnels are supported on Cisco 3925 router?

    This is what I found in my search:
    There may be factors such as memory constraints that will place practical limits on how many tunnels you can support. But there is also a hard limit on the number of tunnels that you can configure. That limit is based on the limitation of the number of IDBs supported by your router. The IDB is the Interface Descriptor Block and each interface (physical, or tunnel, or loopback, or whatever) requires an IDB. The number of IDBs will vary by platform and sometimes by release level of the code that you are running. You can use the privileged command show idb to see what the limitation is on your router. On the 1841 router that I just checked the limit on IDB is 1200 (which is a pretty large number - I believe that you would encounter other limits on performance or on size of configuration before you exhaust the IDB limit).
    Hope it helps.
    Jatin Katyal
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    Here's the official page on connection options (you can connect one computer to a display).
    I've read elsewhere that you can connect two computers to the Thunderbolt Display, but you can't switch between them per se.  You can only power up one at a time.  Anyone, feel free to correct me on this, but my understanding is this is not an officially supported configuration.

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    Any AirPort Extreme produced since 2008 will support up to 50 wireless devices and 150+ wired devices simultaneously, so this should accommodate most users in most homes.

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