How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router

How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router ?
If my router have the data license can I do load balancing between  3 or more WAN connection ?
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As Rick and Reza have both noted, number of routable Ethernet ports varies per ISR G2 model.  Ethernet switch options would allow the most Ethernet ports, but you need to route through them using SVIs.
However, most ISR G2s often do not have the performance capacity to run their built-in Ethernet ports at full capacity.  Often the add-in Ethernet ports have bandwidth restrictions to/from the port.
Basically, ISR G2 routers were designed to have a LAN Ethernet connection and some WAN, non-Ethernet connection, of much less bandwidth.
ISR G2 router performance is also very much impacted by device configuration.

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