How much does an iPod touch's(4G,32GB) battery cost ?

my battery goes dead within an hour or minutes sometime.......plzzzzzzz help me.

Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for one with a new battery for $79. They do not fix yours.
Apple - iPod Repair price      
A third-party place like the following isless. Google for more.
iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens
Replace the battery yourself. Yo can pourchase on for about $10
iPod Touch Repair – iFixit

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  • How much does an iPod Touch 4th generation screen cost?

    The one I have now is breaking off.

    Apple does not sell parts. You can replace the iPod for an out-of-warranty fee:

  • How much does dose ipod touch 4 cost to repair

    just wondering if i can still fix my ipod after i replaced my screen with a new screen my ipod wont turn on so i dont know what to do anymore.. so please help

    No, once worked on by other than an Apple authorized repair place Apple will not help.

  • How much is a ipod touch screen repair

    how much is a ipod touch screen repair

    Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished for this price:
    Apple - Support - iPod - Repair pricing
    A third-party place like the following may be less expensive. Google for more places.
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens

  • How much ram of iPod touch 5G?

    Hey guys! i wanna now that how much ram of iPod touch 5G?

    vvictor1988 is right and the iPhone 5 has 1G.
    Basic troubleshooting steps  
    17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G HD + OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD 
    Got problems with your Apple iDevice-like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Try Troubleshooting 101
     In Memory of Steve Jobs 

  • How much will the iPod touch 5th gen 8gb be?

    I was wondering how much the 8gb iPod touch 5th generation would set me back? Anyone know?

    Look it up yourself.
    Click Store at the top of this page and look for yourself

  • How much is the iPod Touch alone?

    How much is the iPod Touch 5th Generation alone?

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  • How much does a ipod replacement cost under warranty?

    How much does an in-warranty ipod touch replacement cost? It was dropped and the screen cracked.

    Apple - Support - iPod - Repair pricing

  • Why does my Ipod touch 5th generation 32GB   have problems syncing with the latest version of itunes?

    lately My ipod touch, 5th generastion 32gb has difficulty whenever i try to sync it with tht latest version of iTunes. When i go to sync it immediately claims that over 10gb has dissipated into this "Other" section. to fix that i have to do a factory reset, however after the reset has finished and while i am trying to re-sync my music on to my device the sync gets stopped toward the end saying "Waiting for changes to be applied" for hours on end. even then it does not sync. So currently i am unable to use the ipod tough for what it was built as in the first place, a music player. currently i am ratherdissapointed and i would like to find some answers to this problem because this problem is extremely irritating and it has kept me from using the ipod for what i mainly use it for in the first place, music. Ever scince the latest version of iTunes, where the icon became red, i have bee having this major problem. I suggest you work to find an answer to this Problem and fix it ASAP so i can get back to enjoying my portable music player.
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    "Waiting for changes to be applied": Apple Support Communities
    Also I requested that your email address be deleted. Personal responses are not given in this forum

  • How much will my Ipod touch Screen Cost?

    My ipod touch fell from 1m and the screen much will it take to repair...and everything works as normal...the above part of the screen also broke

    Apple prices:
    Apple - Support - iPod - Repair pricing
    - Some third-party places:
    iPod Touch Repair
    3rd Gen iPod touch Repair
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens - The iPad Repair Professionals
    A third-part repair voids any warranty you have remaining on the iPod.

  • How long does an ipod touch 4 generation battery last?

         Ok, I recieved a refurbished iPod touch 4 gen from Apple after my previous ipod touch 4 gen had problems with the home button not responding. This "new" ipod works great, but recently I've been having problems with the battery... I downloaded the recent update for fixing numerous things with the ipod touch from Apple... And itworks great again... But I'm curious as to WHY my battery is loosing its charge so fast... I'll be playing ANGRY BIRDS SPACE on my ipod for like 20-30 minutes, with the screen brightness lowest that it could go and  on a full charge, then press the home button and the battery is half gone! should I set up a repair with Apple? Or is this normal? I just hate going through the whole process of the repair and then getting an ipod that may not work as good as this one... I do have a lot of memmory on my ipod, its a 32 GB, black, not dropped or scratched, 9.9 Gb is used for: 6 movies, 17 apps, and 67 songs... The apps listed previous DO NOT include the already downloaded apps, such as: Calendar and camara etc... Ohh too i dont have any photos stored on my ipod either. Please respond! Thanks!

    Once it is charged fully, its charged.  Nothing further happens leaving it plugged in (although doing so won't hurt it).  Once it is charged, charging stops, completely.
    These sorts of conditioning myths are really nothing more than a hold over from previous, older battery technology, and these ideas have been outdated for many years now.  They simply do not apply to modern smart Lithium battery technology.

  • How long does the ipod touch 4g ships to my house?

    hi!!! ^_^ I ordered an ipod touch 4g 32gb today (November 25,2011 2:10 pm) I wonder how long would it ships to my house..i live in New Jersey.

    What did the ordering page show?  It will say.  I ordered some accessories today and they will be delivered Tuesday.  One has already been shipped.

  • Where to sell and how much to sell ipod touch 4g 32gb for?

    i want an iphone 5 but dont have the money so ima sell it and donno where and for how much

    new ipod touch user wrote:
    I'm pretty sure there is...
    No, there isn't.
    If you bring in an old ipod for recycling then Apple will give you 10% off of a new one.
    There is no exchange.
    Not sure why you think this.

  • How much will the ipod touch 5th Gen. cost?

    Just want to know how much I would have to save. I don't want to end up going to Wal Mart and being a penny short, or whatever..

    $299 for 32 GB
    $399 for 64 GB

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