How much time can an ipad mini stay in sleep mode with the smart cover on

How much time can an ipad mini stay in sleep mode with the smart cover on?

Hello Kavans,
Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with your MacBook Pro.  I recommend reviewing the following article for this issue:
Mac OS X: Why your Mac might not sleep or stay in sleep mode
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  • How much time can i leave it turned on

    hey i just got this mac and i'm downloading a software that weights 11,06 GB and i was wondering how much time can i leave it on...or do i have to turn it of and let it rest for a bit...i been going 3 days straight without any problems but im concern about overheating and so...thanks

    I leave mine on all the time day/night and only sleep the display. I restart once in a while when installing updates. Yes the backside can get hot to the touch and that's normal. But it also depends on the environment it's in. You can download iStat Pro if you want to check the fan speeds and internal temperatures.

  • My IPad Mini Wont Turn On even with the sleep/wake button trick wont work

    My IPad Mini Wont Turn On even with the sleep/wake button trick wont work.
    what do i do?

    It sounds like it's time to get Apple to check it out for you ...
    Apple Support
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • Does your Wifi drop when your iPad mini went into sleep mode after upgrading to iOS 7?

    Dear iPad mini users, to those who have upgraded to iOS 7 like I did, do you experienced WiFi drop when your iPad is in sleeping mode? I noticed this problem only few days after upgrading my iOS. Initially I don't think there is such issue. After your iPad mini recover fom sleep mode, then it will automatically connect to WiFi again. My point is it no longer connected to WiFi in sleeping mode and so could not keep me up-to-date with my mail if I am on WiFi.
    Do share your view and if there is a solution, do share with me please. I have tried almost all solutions available online but no no avail. At the moment, I am activating my 3G network so that when mail came in, my iPad will notify me even during its sleeping mode but this is getting expensive considering I am using the 3G 24 hours every day now.

    I found an solution. Go to Settings/Mail, Contact, Calendar/Fetch new data and than enable Push and choose to fetch hourly or every 30 minutes. In this case your iPad will stay connected to wifi even when smart cover is closed. If you select Manualy than wifi connection will be terminated when in sleep mode.
    (Not native english speaker, hope you'll understand)

  • My Ipad mini is not turning off with the botton neither with the cover. It is not also turning on when  I open the cover. Please, what I have to do.

    My Ipad mini is not turning off with the botton neither with the cover. It is not also turning on when  I open the cover. Please, what I have to do?

    If the cover you bought is not a legitimate apple cover than you may be having the same issue I had.
    The one I purchased has a top cover swivel, if you spin it around( meaning the top case cover)
    The magnet will return to the correct spot and it will work again. It is only located at one end of the case.
    Hope this might help:)

  • Hi, I'm currently browsing the web looking for a case that is compatible with the smart cover for the iPad 2. If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to read all opinions! Thanks!

    Hi, I'm currently browsing the web looking for a case that is compatible with the smart cover for the iPad 2. If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to read all opinions! Thanks!

    I love the Smart Cover. It fits the way I work and I love the instant on/off and the always available screen protection. I wouldn't use my iPad without it.
    I got a Cover Buddy for the back, because I wanted the back to be less slippery when I'm using the iPad in the classroom, teaching. I picked this back cover because it's VERY lightweight, easy to get on or off and, protects the corners, has accurate cutouts for the ports, and (in the colors) has a rubberized surface:
    I have a Built NY "hoody" slip on case with a hard internal shell that I use when I'm in the field and I can put the iPad with the Smart Cover and the Cover Buddy inside this . But for everyday use, the Smart Cover with the Cover Buddy is a terrific combination.

  • So I have an iPad with the smart cover, and it's usually supposed to turn on the iPad when u open it, but it's no doing that for me. Nor is it turning off without pressing the button. What is the meaning of this?

    So I have an iPad with the smart cover, and it's usually supposed to turn on and off the iPad when u open it and close it, but it's not turning on for me. Nor is it turning off without pressing the button. What is the meaning of this?what caused it to be this way? Is there someway that I could fix it?

    Wait a sec did this just start?
    You set up the smart cover function in settings (you did that, right?) so, if you did that and it's failed you make an appointment at your nearest Genius Bar now.

  • How much longer can an iMac G5 stay relevant?

    I have a 2ghz iMac G5 that I bought 6 years ago from Apple refurbished. It's been a great computer and it's still going.
    The OS is stuck at 10.5.8 and obviously I have not been able to upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion. I have the latest iTunes 10.5, but no iCloud support.
    But, it stil works. I am hesitant to get rid of it. It's starting to really get slow with the internet as no major browsers are still being updated for it. Safari is stuck at 5.0.6, Firefox at 3.6.23.
    How much longer should I expect to keep using it? Thoughts?

    I suggest you keep using it whilst it still does what you want.  I use my 2002 Powerbook G4 most days (even if just as an ad-hoc WiFi router for my iPad).  My 2003 iMac G4 does service only as a TV and iTunes player in the kitchen. 
    Most iCloud features are easily replicated with other free services; Dropbox for cloud storage and a Google account for calendars, contacts and IMAP email would be my initial recommendations. 
    With regards to the internet speed there is no magic bullet, but keep to the minimum the number of tabs you have open at any time in Safari/FF and install ClickToFlash - Flash being a common resource hog on the internet - you'll only miss a few animated/noisy adverts and if something you want to view in Flash you can click it to load Flash at that point.
    Message was edited by: mrtotes  Please note if you end up signing up to Dropbox having clicked the link above I will receive an extra 250MB on my allowance. 

  • How much to replace cracked iPad mini first gen under 1 year war?

    My iPad dropped on concrete and I'm going back home to toronto next week :(. I plan on buying a MacBook and I guess now replacing my iPad mini first generation. I'm still under warranty for my iPad mini and the warranty expires November 16tth 2014. I don't care about the fee cause I will pay it, but because it is under a one year warranty with no apple care, how much can I expect to pay? The site lists $219 but that's for out of warranty, which my product is not. Will I get a new iPad mini first generation or will they give me the retina one? Or will they completely replace my iPad screen in 3-5 business days? How does this work..thanks.

    Apple's Limited Warranty for iPad excludes coverage for damage resulting from accident, disassembly, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications.
    The warranty will apply to the country of purchase. And if there is a problem needing repair you have to return it to the country of purchase.
    Out-of-Warranty Service
         If you own an iPad that is ineligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service, Apple will replace (Apple doesn't repair) your iPad with an iPad that is new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability for the Out-of-Warranty Service fee listed below. (The replacement will most likely be a refurbished iPad in a brown box, however, it has a new screen, back and battery.)   
    iPad model
    Out-of-Warranty Service Fee
    iPad mini
    iPad 3rd, 4th, Air
    iPad 2, iPad
    A $6.95 shipping fee will be added if service is arranged through Apple and requires shipping. All fees are in US dollars and are subject to local tax.
    Certain damage is ineligible for out-of-warranty service, including catastrophic damage, such as the device separating into multiple pieces, and inoperability caused by unauthorized modifications. However, an iPad that has failed due to contact with liquid may be eligible for out-of-warranty service. See
    iPad Repair and Service
    Make a Genius Bar Reservation
    You may can get the iPad repaired at 3rd party repair sources for less $, however, any remaining Apple warranty will be voided.
    iCracked - Broken iPhone, iPod or iPad
    iReVamp Electronics Screen Repair ($99)
    iPad Repair & Screen Replacement Services
    RepairZoom iPad Repair
    Mission Repair
    Do It Yourself iPad Repair
     Cheers, Tom

  • I am having trouble with the Smart Cover not staying on the ipad mini.

    I just recently got a iPad mini, and, looking for something to protect the screen without adding bulk, I bought a Smart Cover.  It's nice, but I noticed that it doesn't stay closed against the screen, it slides off very easily, and I'm afraid will come off in a bag and turn it on and off by accident. Please help!

    Take it to a genius bar. It's probably something with the magnets.

  • How do I get my iPad's email accn to synch with the rest of my devices.

    I have wowway email - I have already changed my POP3 to IMAP. My iPhone and iMac work fine. Deletes work fine, sents etc. I have already tried to delete my email accn on the iPad and reenter as well as rebooted the iPad. don't know what else to do.

    There is a mechanical switch in the headphone port.
    Try inserting and removing the headphones several times to unstick it.
    If that does not work, visually inspect the port for obstructions(ie belly button lint), try blowing port out with compressed air.

  • My iPad Mini calendar isn't syncing with the calendar data on my Air or iPhone

    My calendar on my iPhone and Air are syncing, but the data isn't being synced with my iPad. Anyone else having this issue?

    Yes, I'm expericing the same issue since I got my iPad mini.
    Before this, with my iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3, I never had such a problem; I tried to deactivate and re-activate the calendar option, but it still does not work.
    I will try to eliminate my iCloud account and set it all over again.

  • IPad mini stuck in headphones mode with no headphones

    My iPad mini is stuck using head phones. And won't work with out them

    Was anyone able to resolve the issue?  I've troubleshot almost everything imaginable and it seems to be either:
    1. Hardware issue
    2. Tied to the AppleTV we added (perhaps a software bug)
    3. Tied to iOS 7.1.1 upgrade combined with AppleTV
    Thanks in advance for any help!  :-)

  • Has anyone seen their iPads using your wifi non-stop, even if you are not using it, even when it's closed with the smart cover?

    Lately my internet usage is up to the roof. I though somebody was hacking my wireless router so I made it super safe with lots of restrictions.
    But that didn't stop the download of stuff over my wireless network. When I monitor who or what is using my wirelss, only my iPad was on, so, the moment I turn the wifi off on my ipad, the download stop. Turn it back on, it goes like crazy sucking up data off my wireless router for no reason. There is no indicator that the iPad is using the wireless yet, it is my iPad downloading things that I can't even seen, it does even with smart cover on!!!!. It's been over 50GB in only three days. I don't even have that amount of data on iCloud.  This began a few days later after I upgraded my iOS to 6. But also, I'm thinking it could be an app that I installed. Or is it possible someone can use my iPad as a middle point to access my router and steal my internet. I have restored the OS on the iPad and it keeps doing it. Anyone has experienced something similar?

    I'm going to guess that your battery life is also not so hot.  What I suspect is happening is thatbthe pad is locked into an update loop with I cloud.  As an example, if you have addresses that do not agree, the cloud back up will continue to try and correct itself, using both battery and wifi ( or cell).   It may also be an app trying to uzpdate itself.
    To troubleshot, try turning thigs off.  If you are using the cloud, turn off all syncing and see it the problem stops.  Then turn them back on, one by one, until you find the culprit.  If it is an app, it may be harder to find, but the steps are the same.  Turn off all notifications, and uninstall anything you added around the time the problem started.  
    A frequent culprit is magazine, comic, and newspaper subscriptions, that are constantly trying to update themselves.
    Keep looking, you will find it.

  • Is it possible to plug ipad 2 with the smart cover on the dock station?

    I'm wondering if the dock station can be used while Ipad2 is covered by the SmartCover?
    Thank in advance for answers !
    Greetings from France

    I before I bought my case for my iPad2 I had the cover on it, in order to get it in the dock I had to slightly open the cover to seat the iPad on the dock then I could close it again. There is not enough room in the cradle to hold the iPad with the cover closed (tight fit without the cover), but I did not have to remove the cover to put it in, just open it.

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