How ?? Pass value from one procedure to the others.

I'm thank you everyone visited my Thread.
This is my abbreviate program. I've a procedure "proc_check_item" that have many conditions and "proc_item_number" get value (v_stmt)from "proc_check_item".
-- proc_check_item --
v_stmt varchar2(100);
If conditions1 then
v_stmt := 'and item_number between 1000 and 2000';
elsif conditions2 then
v_stmt := 'and item_number >= 1000';
v_stmt := 'and item_number <= 2000';
end if;
-- proc_item_number(p_stmt in Varchar2) --
cursor cur_01 is
select item_01, ....
from table_a
where ...
and ...
&v_stmt <--- this point!!!
How can i do to passed v_stmt from
"proc_check_item" to "proc_item_number".
I'm used &,||, ... its does not work pls. help me
---- If its right it should be -----
cursor cur_01 is
select item_01, ....
from table_a
where ...
and ...
and item_number between 1000 and 2000
cursor cur_01 is
select item_01, ....
from table_a
where ...
and ...
and item_number >= 1000
It's look like at REPORT that i can used 'place holder parameter' to support this query but in this procedure !!
How can i do..
Thank you for your kindness ...
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Something like this:
-- proc_item_number(p_stmt in Varchar2) --
cursor cur_01(v_stmnt varchar2) is
select item_01, ....
from table_a
where ...
and v_stmt = ...
open cur_01(p_stmt)

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    }This code place my Frame in the lower-right corner on top of the system-tray.
    Then as you guys says, try to work on a Timer. Now I'm stuck with the action listener. I try to move the frame to upper-right corner.
        private void SetWindowLocation()
            final int screenHeight = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().height;
            final int screenWidth = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().width;
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    Backup your iTunes library to an external drive and onto the other computer

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    Drag the folder from the Shared folder to whereever you want it.
    Share the Library?
    For iPhoto 09 (version 8.0.2) and later:
    What you mean by 'share'.
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    Any user can drag a pic from the Shared Library to their own in the iPhoto Window.
    Remember iPhoto must be running in both accounts for this to work.
    If you want the other user to have the same access to the library as you: to be able to add, edit, organise, keyword etc.
    Quit iPhoto in both accounts. Move the Library to the Users / Shared Folder (but note: some users find ongoing permissions issues with the Library in this location. It might be better to use an external HD set to ignore permissions, a Disk Image or even partition your Hard Disk.)
    In each account in turn: Double click on the Library to open it. (You may be asked to repair the Library Permissions.) From that point on, this will be the default library location. Both accounts will have full access to the library, in fact, both accounts will 'own' it.
    However, there is a catch with this system and it is a significant one. iPhoto is not a multi-user app., it does not have the code to negotiate two users simultaneously writing to the database, and trying will cause db corruption. So only one user at a time, and back up, back up back up.

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