How share or sync photos between two Apple computers

I have hundreds of different photos in iPhoto on my iMac versus on my MacBook Air. How can I sync these photos into one large file?

What do you mean by "Sync".
The general term means when two Libraries (A and B) are compared and files in Library A are copied to Library B, while files in Library B are also copied to Library A so that both Libraries are identical.
This is bi-directional copying and you cannot do this automatically with iPhoto. No Syncing software is capable of parsing the iPhoto Library in this manner. One or both of your Libraries will be damaged if you try this.
You can have uni-directional copying - files in Library A are copied to Library B - this is essentially backing up. Obviously you can also copy from Library B to Library A.
The nearest you can get to syncing is to use iPhoto Library Manager to move files/Albums/Events plus associated metadata between Libraries. This process cannot be automated.

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    How can I share my music and photos between two users on the same machine?

    Thank you Joe - I tried this but it's only showing a teensy amount of music - the stuff on the second users account as opposed to the giagntic library on the 'main' account. I actually went to a Genius Bar and they said that apple doesn't really want you to share music between accounts - parents don't want to hear their kids music etc. Which seemed strange, but it might be the case sadly   Thanks anyway!

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    If you are using POP email accounts, just change the settings in mail on both computers to leave the mail on the server for 2-4 weeks (whatever the maximum interval is that you would not be using one of your computers). Then, each Mac will be able to download and store all of your messages.

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    Now i want to sync notes between our iPhones . i am not using yahoo or google notes. how can it be done?

    could solve on my own by adding my wife account in my iPhone and selecting the options  to sync either mail, contacts, calendars, notes etc.

  • How do I sync calendars between two iPods

    End goal: I want to sync calendars between my iPod touch & my spouse's.
    I was told I needed to set up iCloud, but (after a LONG time of figuring out that my 2nd gen can't support iOS6) it seems like that can't happen. Is there another way to sync calendars? I can already (sort-of) sync with the outlook calendar on my desktop PC.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    You only need iOS 5 or higher to use iCloud, but that won't help since the 2nd gen iPod Touch can't be updated beyond iOS 4.2.1.  Your other options for sharing your calendar are to sync both devices with Outlook on the same computer (as you are doing), or use a different cloud option such as Google (where you could set up a gmail account as an exchange account on both devices as shown here:, and enable calendar syncing).

  • ICloud has never synced PHOTOS between two Macs.  Why?

    I have an iCloud subscription.   A couple of thousand on a macBook.  And i have an iMac.  I am running the latest OSX on both.  I have set BOTH devices to sync photos to iCloud.  But it just doesn't do it.  It syncs other material [notes, calendar etc] perfectly happily.  What am i doing wrong?

    Are you referring to new photos added to iPhoto or Aperture, or photos that were there before you turned on Photo Stream in the iCloud settings? Note the following quotation from iCloud: My Photo Stream FAQ
    You can add older photos to Photo Stream by dragging them to the Shared - iCloud icon in the left side panel in iPhoto.
    When do photos upload to My Photo Stream?
    When you turn on My Photo Stream on your devices, all new photos you take or import to those devices will automatically push to your photo stream.
    iOS devices: New photos that you take automatically upload to your photo stream when you leave the Camera app and connect to Wi-Fi. My Photo Stream doesn't push photos over cellular connections.
    Macs: Any new photos you import to iPhoto or Aperture automatically upload when you connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Or you can change your iPhoto or Aperture preferences so that only photos you manually add to My Photo Stream upload.

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    I've uploaded photos to Revel, added captions to the Revel photos, but I'm not seeing the captions transferred back down to the photos on my PCs. I'm looking to add captions to my photos on either one of my PCs or on Revel and have all the photos synced with the captions. Also, unlike Elements, it seems that in Revel, you can't search on words or phrases in captions. Is any of this possible with Revel?

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    Photostream works really good for me. take a pic on one device and, as soon as the other is on wireless, it goes to the other one

  • Problems syncing photos between my apple devices

    My photos aren't syncing with my Ipad mini. I am using iOS 8.1 and have turned on Photo streaming on iCloud on all my apple devices. PLEASE HELP!

    I Assume that you are signed into the  same Apple ID and iCloud account on all of your devices, Correct? Only photos that you take after you turn on Photo Stream sync across devices. Photos that were already on the device will not sync.
    Try toggling Photo Stream off and on again. That will delete all photo stream photos from your devices, so save them to the camera roll first or import them to your computer for safe storage.
    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows PC - Apple Support

  • How can I sync firefox between two macs: cannot fond the add a device buttom!

    In the instructions found in help in order to set up firefox sync a device must be added. However in the preferences <I do not finf the Add device buttom. Any suggestion?

    Unfortunately your message is incomplete.
    Take a look to this article and let me know if it doesn't help: [[How to sync Firefox settings between computers]]

  • How do I sync music between my apple products

    Just got an iPhone and want to sync it with my pod and pad... Help please

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Select the music from the music tab in the iTunes application when the iPhone is connected to your computer.

  • How do I sync iTunes between two PC platforms?

    I have a PC in my office and now I have a PC in my wife's office.  I have iTunes installed on both machines.  My machine has all of the libraries/tunes.  How do I copy what's on my PC to the iTunes libraries on my wife's machine?

    Hello dphenry157
    There are a few ways to do this; the article below will give the instruction for all available options.
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • How do i sync music between 2 apple ids

    My wife has an apple-id and music library.
    I have an apple-id and music library.
    My kids iphone4S are associated with my wife's apple-id.
    My wife's laptop has died.
    I am trying to connect my kids iphone4s to my itunes PC now - we purchased some new music but I am unable to add just that 1 song to her playlist.
    I logged in with my wife's apple-id and authorized my PC on her account.
    When I try to copy the song to the kids iphone4s it doesn't work, and when I try to sync the song it asks if I want to erase all the music on my kids iphone4s and replace it with my library which is NOT what we want to do.
    Any ideas on what to do here?
    I'm really frustrated with iTunes lack of real control over licenses I purchased and properly authorized, it is not user friendly.

    The iPhone is only able to synch with ONE iTunes library at a time.  Has always been like this.
    You mention your wife's laptop died.  Certainly no one in this day and age doesn't back up their data, right?  Copy the backup of your wife's iTunes library onto a working computer.  Problem solved.
    It has always been the user's responsibility to maintain the safety and security of his or her data.  You can be frustraed all you want with "iTunes lack of real control".  This has nothing to do with iTunes but everything to do with personal responsibility.
    You also purchase a license when you buy a "physical" piece of music like a CD.  Is it the store's responsibility to replace your music if you lose the CD?  If anything, the store should be "really frustrated with the owner's lack of proper care of the purchase that the owner made".

  • How can I sync iPod to two different computers?

    I have two computers. One computer has a few songs, the other has a few. I can't put both computers songs on my iPod without having to sync to one computer and erase all my current songs. Both computers are logged onto the same iTunes account. How can I fix this?

    I have two computers. One computer has a few songs, the other has a few. I can't put both computers songs on my iPod without having to sync to one computer and erase all my current songs. Both computers are logged onto the same iTunes account. How can I fix this?

  • Can we stream music and photos from two Apple computers (different Apple IDs) to home theater?

    Purchased Apple TV last week; both computers are running most recent versions of iTunes and Apple Aperture. Apple TV connected via HDMI to AV Receiver.
    Computers are macbook pro and iMac.  Bot running most recent (10.9.1)  version of operating system.

    We discovered that it was easier to keep one iTunes ID in Apple TV and have the second iTunes ID join using Airplay through an iphone or ipad.  The switching of user IDs in Apple TVs seemed a bit clunky to us, especially with the awful interface using the Apple TV remote.  We did not want to have the second iTunes ID password saved in the Apple TV since several of our kids use that TV, and wanted to prevent large iTunes bills.
    Thanks again for the information.
    We like the Apple TV.  However, we have discovered that the wifi is the Aquilles Hill of this devise.  Our ISP offers 50 mbps download speeds from the internet (i tested it using one of the internet speed measuring sites) And the router at home supports 802 g and n proptocols.  The transmission of photos from Macbook Pro to Apple TV was incredibly slow.  Most likely the problem is caused by having the Apple TV near the floor and next to a fireplace; wireless signal has to travel through a physical firewall.  We solved the problem by buying an adaptor that connects to the wall and the router using ethernet cables; signal travels through the electric outlets to another adaptor that is connected  from an electric outlet to the Apple TV via ehternet as well. This improved the experience with this devise quite significantly.

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