How should I copy my iTunes Music folder from my iMac to my Macbook Pro

I have copied the iTunes music folder from my iMac to my Macbook Pro using firewire and target disk mode. After all the files (for files read each individual song) have been copied I find that not all songs can be played. For those which will not play I get he error message "The song "bla bla" could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?" When I answer "locate" on this popup I'm taken to a view of finder. If I double click on the song there, the song will play on iTunes. Seems to be something to do with the structure of the folders but in get info I cannot see a difference between songs encountering this problem and those which don't.

Instead of copying only the _iTunes music folder_, copy the entire *iTunes folder.*
That's all you need to do.

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    My MacBook Pro hard drive recently had to be replaced by Apple, because it quit for some reason they couldn't identify. However, now my ipad2 doesn't recognize my macbook pro and I have at least 200 music files in my library on my iPad that I did not get from iTunes. I need to upgrade my iPad to iOS 5 but I also don't want to lose all those music files. I was hopeful I could use home sharing to sync my iTunes libraries, but I can't figure out how to export files from my iPad. Please help, anyone?

    I was hopeful I could use home sharing to sync my iTunes libraries,
    Unfortunately, you can only stream content to your iOS devices via home sharing (not sync it).
    I'd have a check through the following user tip instead:
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device

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    I recently had my iPad 3 and my MacBook Pro stolen.  I still have my iPhone 5.  I created a home video with Final Cut Pro on my missing MBP.  I imported that video into iTunes and put it on my iPad and iPhone in the videos app.  Now I need to get the video from my phone back onto my new MBP but have not been able to figure out how.  It doesn't show up in iPhoto so I can't do it there.  I tried using AirPlay or sharing but the video app doesn't allow sharing.  I rescued my pictures and video clips with senuti but it did not work for the movie files.  Please help.  I cannot sync my phone with my computer until I get this resolved for fear of loosing the video.

    If you rented it on your phone then you can't, you can only watch it on the phone - from FAQs about renting movies from the iTunes Store :
    If you rented the movie on your computer, you can move it to an iOS device or Apple TV (1st generation).
    If you rented the movie on your iOS device or Apple TV, you can’t move it to any other device.

  • How can I transfer iLife and Final cut from my iMac to my Macbook Pro?

    I have Final Cut and iLife on my iMac and just bought a Macbook Pro and I want to transfer it to my Macbook now.  Do I need the disc?  Can I do it without the disc and if so how?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Respecting to iLife, your MacBook should come with iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand preinstalled, so you don't have to transfer iLife from your iMac unless you need iWeb or iDVD.
    Respecting to Final Cut, it depends on the version you have. If you have Final Cut Pro X, you have purchased it from the App Store, so you can download it in your MacBook Pro for free. To do it, open App Store > Purchases, and download Final Cut Pro X. If you have an older Final Cut version, I recommend you to install it into your computer using the DVDs where Final Cut Pro came.
    If you have to transfer more data, you should consider the option of using Migration Assistant. Read >

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    I have transfered the software but it won't except the serial number.  I had the software originally on my 13"macbook pro and my imac.  Now Im getting rid of my imac moving software to my new 15" macbook pro.
    So I will have 2 macbook pros, for different reasons but need software on both but not on my imac.
    When i go to register the software it won't except the serial number. 
    Ideas please?

    To transfer any Adobe software you have to make sure it is deactivated on your old computer.
    If the old license is deactivated but still won't accept the serial number on the new system, then you'd have to contact Adobe customer support in your region to resolve that, they're really the only ones who have the power to fix any licensing issues.

  • Adding songs, they copy to iTunes music folder, but don't show up in my lib

    I recently built a new computer, and wanted to put my music on it from my external hard drive, which contained my "iTunes Music Folder" from my old computer. However, when I add music from my external hard drive to my new computer's hard drive, it says it's copying it to the iTunes Music Folder (on my new comp), and says that it's "Analyzing Gapless Playback" and the like, but the only problem is, the music doesn't show up on my Library! And I've looked, all the music copied to the new iTunes Music Folder, but my library (in the iTunes program itself) remains a blank list! Does anyone know what the problem is, and what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

    I have a Dell that's running Windows XP. I have found that itunes is very temperamental. this works most of the time... except on my son's computer that's running Windows Vista.
    Go to your library in iTunes. Then go up to file and try one of the options (import, add folder to library, or add file to library).
    Adding a folder is the least work. You can add all the files from a folder with one click... if it works. Remember that itunes is temperamental.
    If that doesn't work, try adding a file. The problem with that is that you have to go through the whole process for each and every file (song, movie, etc).
    Sometimes the only thing that works is to import.
    I haven't gotten iTunes to work on my son's computer (Windows Vista).
    I can't get support from apple in any way at all! They are good about creating electronics that appeal to us But they are lousy at support. If anyone figures out how to access support (where you can actually contact Apple) please let me know ([email protected]). I've been trying for 6 months.

  • Can I copy music iTunes Music Folder from my external Hard drive to new PC?

    not sure if this is possible but I copied my folders (documents/music/itunes/itunes music folder) from my local hard drive from laptop to my external (for backing up purposes) and now i have a new computer. can i just simply copy/paste this folder to my new computer and open itunes and it will be there. i know it's probably too easy but was hoping someone could help me out???? thanks.

    You can by dragging them from itunes to your external drive this will copy them to it. Then do the opposite for from you drive to the new computer. Just make sure if you don't intend to keep the drive connected to your new computer. That you put copies of the songs in a folder on it before putting them on itunes or you have problems playing your songs.

  • I copied our entire music folder from old PC on tovnew iMac, all our muisc is there, but not our individual libraries have gone. and holding down the alt key when opening iTunes, brings up no options to choose or create  libarys, can i recover our liba

    I copied our entire music folder from our old pc on to the new imac, and all the apps, music etc is there, but no individual libarys, we had 5 very different ones, when pressing and holding the alt key on opeing itunes, nothing happens it just opens into itunes, no option to choose or create a libary, what am i doing wrong?

    Did you copy the entire iTunes folder, not just media?  This includes the critical library.itl file.
    Image of folder structure and explanation of different iTunes versions (turingtest2 post) - and
    Now you say you had 5 libraries.  If you really mean that then you would have to have copied 5 different iTunes folders in their entirety, not just one folder.  Anyway, something makes me feel you did not copy a whole iTunes folder and all its subfolders and files, you only copied the music.
    On the starting with the option (alt) key held down I really don't know what to advise.  It works for me hundreds of times and just about everybody else here.  The only thing I can suggest is to hold the key down longer or perhaps start iTunes and then 1 second later hold down the key for a few seconds.

  • Can I sync the same iTunes library on both my iMac and my MacBook Pro?

    Can I sync the same iTunes library on both my iMac and my MacBook Pro?  I've been connecting my iPhone to each and it's causing problems for me with them being different, despite my purchases always being under the same Apple ID.

    The easy way to do this is to keep the library on an external drive which you can plug into either computer.  Of course this isn't always the desirable solution.  You can try routinely copying the library from computer to computer though this gets tiresome. 
    Of possible relevance:
    Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers - - You can manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers as long as you have set the device to "Manually manage music."  -  e.g. adding music from a second computer to an i-device.

  • How I can transfer some of my apps from I phone to my MacBook Pro?

    How I can transfer some of my apps from I phone to my MacBook Pro?

    Start iTunes 11.1 or later on your MacBook Pro and connect your iPhone. Select your iPhone in iTunes and under General select Transfer purchases.
    That will create backups of your apps on your MacBook Pro. The apps will not run on your MacBook Pro though just in case you were wanting to do that. The Mac OS X on the MacBook Pro and the iOS on your iPhone are different operating systems.

  • How do I import photos from my iMac to my MacBook Pro ?

    Hello !
    I would like to import an album created in iPhoto from my iMac to my MacBook Pro.
    I would like the photos to appear exactly on my book as they are organized in my album on my iMac.
    Any suggestion/idea/advice would be more than Welcome !
    THANK You !

    veroniquefrommahwah wrote:
    Actually, I found that this album was still in the trash (Recent) and was able to restore it !!!
    Ah so the question really isn't about moving albums but how to restore something you deleted by mistake from one of your libraries.
    If you had actually asked that question then you probably would have gotten better and more to the point responses. In addition the need for backups would have been mentioned at some point.
    You got lucky this time. Being 'more careful next time' is really not a good backup stratergy
    You should take two things away from this, one ask the question that actually deals with your problem and two start a good backup program right now! Next time the trash might be empty.

  • How do i erase a corrupt contact list from iCloud,iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro and restore Address Book backup to all devices and cloud?

    how do i erase a corrupt contact list from iCloud,iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro and restore Address Book backup to all devices and cloud?
    I saved a corrected, most up to date version of my master Address Book Contacts as a back-up on my Mac Book Pro.
    then in an effort to "simplify my life"  i attempted to sync my I phone contacts - ( pre clean-up version) with my clean list on Mac Book Pro, New I pad and newly available icloud. DUH!! Using iTunes to do the sync caused the clean MacBOOK Pro list to be commingled with the dirty iphone contacts. amd now the whole mess is in the cloud. 
    I need to clear out the contaminated lists from all iplaces, and startover with Back-up on my macbook pro. BUT HOW???

    I had exported an address book backup: abbu
    so since i wrote, i have found my way into the cloud: selected all entries - deleted them all from the cloud.
    This wiped out contacts on my iphone and i pad, and MBP, as well as on the cloud.  I then imported the abbu back into my now empty address book. 
    To repopulate the crowd, i selected all in my address book and created a single card vCard for export to my desktop.  I then dragged that vcard into my empty cloud.  Now my cloud has the same clean contacts as my MBP addressbook.  The cloud then pushed the clean contacts into my empty ipad and iphone contacts. 
    I had to go back to Address Book>preferences>Accounts and Add an I cloud account - but if you accidentally create a second i cloud account - all of a sudden your address book will duplicate itself.  I quickly reversed it by deleting one of the icloud accounts in my Address Book>preferences>Accounts. 
    I created a new entry on my MBP and it is now on all devices and in cloud
    I also created a new entry on my iPhone and it is now in the address book on my MBP.
    I feel empowered!!
    Have i missed anything??

  • How do i restore all my data from a time machine back up from an iMac to a Macbook Pro?

    How do i restore all my data from a time machine back up on an external hard dirve???
    From an iMac to a Macbook Pro.

    I tried this but my external drive is not appearing for some reason. Although it is accessible through finder.
    Is ther perhaps another way of doing this??
    Your help is massively appreciated!!

  • I want to transfer all data from my iMac to my MacBook Pro. How do I do that?

    My iMac's video card has died and I am told it is too old to replace.  They recommended transferring all my data from my iMac to my MacBook Pro.  They said attach a fire wire, and press "t' before the iMac starts up and then it will start in safe mode (or something like that).  But I don't know what to do next.  Can anyone help me?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    When you start up your iMac holding the T key, it will start up in Target Disk mode. In this mode, the iMac's hard disk appears as an external drive in your MacBook Pro, so you can access there and recover your data.
    After starting in Target Disk mode, open a Finder window in the MacBook Pro and you will see the iMac's hard drive in the Finder sidebar, under "Devices". Select it, navigate through your folders and copy them to your MacBook Pro's hard drive.
    You can also use Migration Assistant >

  • How do I get US holidays to sync from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro over iCloud?

    How do I get US holidays to sync from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro using iCloud?

    You don't. Subscribed calendars do not sync.
    Just subscribe to the same US Holiday calendar in iCal on your Mac.
    Subscribed calendars also not show at

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