How to access an Airport Express USB hard drive from a PC?

I have a home network created by a new Airport Express base station (which replaced the previous AXBS that lasted 3 years and then died). Attached to its HSB port (with a USB hub) I have a WD USB disk and a Canon printer; I have another printer connected to one of the LAN ports. I have a mac attached to another of the LAN ports. Finally, my macbook connects to the network through the Airport. All peripheral items (disk, printers) work as they should from both macbook and the other mac.
I also have a PC with WI-FI that connects to the internet through the AXBS. The printers seem to work on the PC (with Bonjour for Windows installed), and I can access its disk from the macs, but I cannot access the WD AXBS hard drive from the PC.
The macbook and mac are running Snow Leopard and Leopard, respectively, and the PC is running XP SP2.
Can someone offer a suggestion for getting disk access to work from the PC? Windows or not, it shouldn't be this difficult.

Click here and follow the instructions, assuming you're using an AirPort Extreme base station. The AirPort Express base stations can't use USB hard and flash drives and will ignore any connected ones.

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  • Remote access the airport extreme usb hard drive over the internet with multiple users?

    I just purchase the new airport extreme 802.11n and set it up on my LAN behind a comcast modem with broadband.  I plugged a 3 tb Seagate hard drive formatted with fat32 (default) to it and have set it up for access for all of my computers, ipad, iphone, android in my house.  Everything works as expected, internet access, file access to the USB HD on all devices locally through back to my mac.  I would now like to allow my daughters in another state to access this drive through the Airport Extreme remotely from their location and have there own accounts on this hard drive to store and move their files for on the go access.  I have studied many of the forums and have enabled share disks over WAN, Enable file sharing but no body really gives an exact method of connecting remotely.  I had one of my daughters try on her Macbook Pro laptop through the finder, connect to server, by giving her the IP address.  She could see the name of the Airport Extreme but could not access the hard disk and got a "Not able to connect message".  I am obviously missing something simple that needs to be checked or setup but have drained my brain trying to figure it out.  Most of the forums describe clicking manuel setup on the Airport utility, but with version 6.1 this is now where to be found.  I have a DYN account but could not figure out where to input this in the Airport utility.
    There is a network option which has DHCP lease and range and a box for Enable NAT port Mapping Protocal with Enable default host at:
    I am guessing that this is for some other purpose though.  Please help

    Try installing AirPort Utility 5, then you may be able to follow the guides you mentioned earlier: ion.html

  • Access AirPort Extrems USB hard drive from Android

    I'm starting a new discussion because I erroneously marked my earlier discussion "solved".
    I've been using a USB connected disk drive on my AirPort Extreme from my Android tablet for years.  Since upgrading the AirPort to version 7.6.4 I can no longer access the disk drive from the tablet.  I have not changed anything on the tablet, only the AirPort.
    The tablet can see the AirPort itself as and can see the attached disk drive, but when I try to access the drive I get a series of possible errors including Firewall issues,  SMB service is off or out of scope and WLAN is off.
    I don't know how to look at the firewall on the AirPort or check on the SMB service (I can't find either topic in AirPort Utility).
    I have tried a factory reset, and also reverting back to version 7.5.2 as suggested in the other thread, but I still get the same message when I try to connect.
    The drive is fully accessible from either of the two Macs on the network.
    Please help - I really need to access files on this disk from the tablet.  I konw Dropbox will work, but ti's cumbersome and I don't really want some of the files to live on Dropbox.

    I would venture to say that the issue may be related to the AirPort firmware update not being compatible with the current version of firmware on your Android tablet. Of course, you probably already know this. I'm not aware of any incompatibilities between these two devices as Apple has not provided any information on this.
    As far as firewall on the AirPort, unless you are accessing the Extreme from a remote location its NAT firewall would be a mute issue. About SMB, this is automatically enabled when you configure the Extreme to share out an external USB HDD. So there is no setting to change there either.
    I have tried a factory reset, and also reverting back to version 7.5.2 as suggested in the other thread, but I still get the same message when I try to connect.
    If your Android was not having this issue when the Extreme was running 7.5.2 firmware, but is now after downgrading it to this version tends to make me believe the issuse may be with your tablet. Is there a potential firmware update for it?

  • Airport Extreme usb hard drive connection loss after closing finder window

    I just did a software update on my MacBook Pro and now I am experiencing a weird Airport Extreme usb hard drive issue. I can see the name of my airport extreme in the Shared section of my finder window. However when I click on it, the finder indicates the it's connecting, but it stops immediately and displays the 'Not Connected' message. When I click on the 'Connect As' button, I am prompted to enter my password and if I click 'Connect', it just spins out endlessly. However, when I re-enter the password and press Connect, my usb drive mounts. I can view, access and use the drive's contents, but if I close the finder window, the connection drops and I have to re-connect. What else is weird, is that once I see my drives, the finder indicates that I am connected as another user(not a user native to this computer). This issue did not exist before my software update.
    My software log update indicates that the following items have been installed:
    Canon Printer Software Update 2.3 and Security Update 2010-003.
    I suspect it has something to do with the Security Update. Is there a way I can revert to the previous security version? Or is there any other solution that could help me avoid re-connecting to my airport extreme usb hard drives?
    I will really appreciate any feedback.

    Free Solution:
    Sure there's a »fix« with Apple software. You'll need to install the Developer Tools (Xcode) from the Snow Leopard Install DVD, though.
    After you've done that, you can use "SetFile" to clear the Alias bit from the misbehaving Volume:
    /usr/bin/SetFile -a a /Volumes/<YourExternalDriveName>
    Please keep in mind that using this command might be dangerous, so don't try this solution unless you feel confident on the command line. (See an1/SetFile.1.html or invoke /usr/bin/SetFile without arguments for more info on the SetFile command.)
    ...a similar discussion and answer can be found at:

  • How can I erase (or remove) the hard drive from a dead Time Capsule?

    How can I erase (or remove) the hard drive from a dead Time Capsule?

    I found this having had the same problem...
    Having removed the hard drive I'm finding I can't reformat it. I manage to mount the HD but Disk Utility crashes when trying to format (HD attached to Mac via Newer Tech. SATA cables to USB) and causes what I think is a kernal panic on my Mac which hard crashes. I see 3 partitions when attempting to mount one of which is AFP. Anyone got any ideas about how to do this? I've dug around but the only progress I've made is to note others have had to work around ACL's when replacing the logic board of the TC. Not sure if this even relates to the problem. However the tool for doing this seems to have been removed from SL. (Forum references to this procedure all relate to 10.5).

  • How to restore machine using a TM backup on a usb hard drive from older imac to a brand new iMac?

    My imac (the one that had a superdrive in it), had a broken superdrive and was sent for repair. Whilst being "repaired" the screen was broken. I now have a brand new imac albeit without a dvd drive. My question is how to I restore my the old TM back up which had been made to an external usb hard drive to the new imac. Help files say that I should not restore from a TM file to a different machine and that I should use migration assistant. Whilst I can see the external usb drive in TM it is not being recognised in Migration assistant when I click on back up from a TM backup on another machine or disk.
    Any ideas?
    Just noticed that this new machine is running OSX 10.8.4  the broken imac was on mavericks

    This is very simple first run Software Update on the new machine and get your machine upgraded to the most recent version of Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Install all other software updates Apple recommends in Software Update. Then care fully read Pondini's guide on using Migration Assistant located at:
    Your migrated data will be in a new account, to access it log into the new account.
    Also DO NOT repeat DO NOTuse Wi-Fi to migrate data, if your TM backup drive uses USB, then connect it via USB and follow the on-screen instructions as described in Pondini's guide.

  • Airport "sees" USB hard drives, but Finder can't find them!

    Yesterday, my iMac's Finder could see my external USB hard drive connected to AIrport, but not today. Airport sees it right now--I've checked and updated it and restarted it. Finder still can't find the drive. I click on my Airport connection in the Finder sidebar, my usual route to the hard drive, but the connection window hangs. And hangs. I need access to the files on that hard drive. Problem is, another iMac using Tiger needs access, too, so I can't disconnect arbitrarily. With that iMac, Tiger's Finder sees the files, and can access them. But not this 20" 2.4G iMac with Leopard 10.5.3. What's going on?

    the first solution, clearing the entire index and letting it rebuild, did not work.
    But setting the drive in 'privacy' and then removing it did immediately work, my search window which was left open refreshed instantly to reveal my items. I'm curious however if it will stick..
    i have another issue that may be completely unrelated, but maybe not..
    i clear my spotlight shortcut key (command+spacebar) because it conflicts with common Adobe app commands i use. But i frequently will find that this shortcut key is RE-ENABLED. At the same time, my shortcut to use Spaces (command+f8, command+arrow keys, and command+numk keys) are CLEARED as if i had never set them. This happens consistently and is frustrating. I don't reboot very often, but i under 10.5.2 i often came home to find my computer has locked up, so it would seem these shortcuts all reset when i reboot, and i wonder if my external drive index is lost every time the drives are ejected.
    Vista's completely useless search features were a main reason i gave my PC's away and bought macs. I'm obviously finding these failings frustrating on the mac. I'm even more disappointed at the news Snow Leopard is a bug fix and is selling as a separate OS. Installing additional programs is not an option, i want the OS to do what i tell it to do /rant

  • How to access a PC formatted external hard drive

    I am trying to access a PC formatted external hard drive, however when I attempt to mount it I get a message saying the drive is not recongnized and if I want ti initialize, which i believe if I execute will remove the files I am trying access..Is there a way to access the files on the external hard is a avi file i need to edit..
    Paragon also has a program (suite) that will convert NTFS <=> HFS+ without data loss (but have backup never use something wo one!)
    And Pargon has kept up with Lion while others have not or have stopped development and works best with PC drive cases with low overhead and fast reliable copy operation.
    The demo is also fully functional for 30 days.

  • Can't access iPhoto library on external hard drive (from Mavericks days) now that I'm running Yosemite on my Macbook.

    I have an iPhoto library on an external hard drive (from when I had Mavericks), but now that I've upgraded to Yosemite, "Photos" won't open my iPhoto library. Ideas for how to import that iPhoto Library into Photos?

    "Photos" won't open my iPhoto library. Ideas for how to import that iPhoto Library into Photos?
    What is the file system of the external drive, and how is the drive connected?  DO you get an error message? If yes, which message?
    You can only open a library on a directly connected drive, formatted MacOS Extended (Journaled).  If the drive is correctly formatted, hold down the alt/options key while you are launching photos, and then select your library from the Library Chooser Panel.
    If the library is not listed in the panel, use the "Other Library" button.

  • WDS with Airport Express & network hard drive

    I am considering getting an extra Airport Express BS to improve range of my current AX-based network. At the same time, I'm considering getting a network hard drive for everyone in the house to use for shared stuff. If I got this presumably I could connect it via USB to the new AX base station. Is this right? Is it sensible?
    Also, why don't I ditch the Apple products and get just one Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Router F5D9230 with its claimed 1000 ft. of wireless range? Any views?

    the usb port is for a printer, so it would not give network access to a hard drive connected to it (you need to connect the drive to a mac and share it from there)
    the belkin will only give significantly extended range with matching mimo cards in the client devices, so you'd need to do more than replace the ax with the belkin
    given that apple is already shipping hardware with next generation wireless chipsets (but no software to use the extra features) you might want to wait and see what apple does in january

  • Airport Express and hard driver

    I am looking for connecting a hard driver on my Airport Express to use it through wireless.
    Is it possible? Could you explain how to manage it?
    Thank you.

    I'm also looking for this answer (using my usb port for my external hard drive and NOT for the printer).
    Please contact me if you have information on how to do this. Thanks,

  • AirPort Extreme & USB Hard Drive Time Machine Backups

    Hi everyone. I'm a brand spanking new MacBook Pro owner and am looking at ways to backup my machine and to save my films, photos and files on a wireless network that is available to everyone in my home.
    I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most computer savvy person but I'm okay with the basics. I've read through a lot of forum sites and the community pages on here and most seem to recommend Synology products. They do seem very good but are a good price too once you've bought the hard drives to go with it. I already own an external hard drive so I thought that maybe the AirPort Extreme would be the ideal choice as I know that it can be connected and files can be saved wirelessly. I did read tonight however that you cant backup your macbook using time capsule which is a little bit annoying.
    I have two questions really, firstly is it the case that time machine won't backup to an external hard drive connected to the AirPort Extreme and secondly, how important is it to back up through time machine? I'm what you could describe as a low level user and will only be using it for simple tasks such as watching/saving films, storing and editing photographs, surfing the web and saving the odd pages and numbers document.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    I have two questions really, firstly is it the case that time machine won't backup to an external hard drive connected to the AirPort Extreme and secondly, how important is it to back up through time machine?
    The very latest 802.11ac version of the AirPort Extreme DOES support Time Machine backups to attached external USB HDDs. All other 802.11n models are not supported by Apple for these types of backups. A number of folks have been successful doing so, but most typically post here about data corruption issues.
    Time Machine is not the only backup strategy, but it is very convienent. I would recommend that your overall backup strategy includes at least two types of backups: 1) Incremental ... like the ones Time Machine supports, and 2) Disk cloning. The latter is very effective for quickly getting you back up and running if your Mac suffers an internal HDD loss.

  • Time capsule or Airport Extreme + USB hard drive

    I would like to get a wireless update solution (to work with time machine) and I am considering the following options:
    1. Time Capsule 1TB
    2. Time Capsule 500GB + USB external hard drive attached to the time capsule (in case I need more storage than the 500GB on the Time Capsule)
    3. Airport Extreme Base Station + USB external hard drive attached (to use with Time Machine)
    I am wondering what the opinions are in this forum. What is cheaper? More reliable? Better?
    Any other suggestions? Thanks!
    I am running Mac OS X 10.5.5 on an iMac

    Yeah, I've seen your explaination that those are glasses before. But I can see why some might be confused. (First laugh of the day!)
    No I hadn't tried that yet because my 2 external HDs are Firewire. But it just so happens that I picked up a USB WD500Gig yesterday and am starting an initial TM backup to it now via USB - after having reformatted it of course.
    I am assuming, though, that as soon as I move it from my MB Pro to the TC that the TM backups will be broken and I'll have to start a new set of backups to create the disk image (sparsebundle). However, it will give me an opportunity to see if backups created locally (USB) can be viewed via "Browse Other TM Disks" when they are connected to a TC.
    I'm curious how it works out, though, because I've noticed a few comments here that state these drives (or one of the WD models) has trouble waking from sleep for routine backups when connected to the TC USB port. I guess I'll find out.
    Great to hear from you.

  • How to Access Space on a large Hard Drive (Solaris 10 Running)/

    Good morning everyone,
    I have looked back a year on this forum and on hardware forums and I don't see this topic covered.
    Recently I installed Solaris 10 on a Sun Blade 150. Not being very smart, I accepted the default settings. The computer only sees about 1/3 of the hard drive. Some mentioned that Zones would let me see and use the rest of the hard drive. And the person mentioned that I could reinstall Solaris 10. I rather not do that, because I have done this three times already to solve other issues and the last effort required a lot of work to be able to see the Internet again.
    So what could I do to gain access to the rest of my hard drive?
    Thank you,
    Fred Strickland

    Good afternoon Sparcy and others,
    I am not home in front of my Sun Blade 150, but I have been doing some reading. It is not clear to me if the provided information works for a client or home networked computer. For example, I am reading the System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems, Chapter 10, page 205 and following. I am unclear if the partitioning command is able to see the entire hard drive or not. And I am unclear if using the command would destroy what I have already placed on the hard drive.
    I tried to read and understand the following links, but I have come away more confused than before I started. I am not even sure if Zones will be the final answer.
    Thank you,

  • How do I reload to my new hard drive from my external backup

    Hey All,
    I am a little confused and ignorant. My hard drive on my G4 recently started to fail. I was able to copy my entire drive to a Lacie external before it finally died and I had a new hard drive installed.
    My question is how do I tranfer all the data on the external back to the new drive. I.E. make it just like it used to be.
    I have not installed the OS from the CD's yet, I am curious if there is some trick to upload it all from the Lacie or am I gonna have to upload the OS then go through all of the updates that have happened in the last 3 yrs. Then individually tranfer all of the files from the Lacie.
    I am hoping that I can do something. restart the computer and my old wallpaper,Itunes and desktop will magically appear! Hey I said I was ignorant.
    Any help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.3.4)  

    If you don't have an OS on the internal drive the iBook should automatically find and boot from the OS on the external FireWire drive.
    If it doesn't automatically do it, you can hold down the OPTION key during boot. You can then select the volume to boot from.

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