How to access lotus notes?

I am in a new job, and my new employer uses Lotus Notes. Can I use either apple mail standard app or outlook to get it? how?

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  • How to integrate Lotus Notes and upload Help Docs into SAP Portal

    Hi Experts,
    I got 2 questions with regards to content in portal...
    1) I got nearly 30 to 40 help documents (PDF & WORD) which users may refer when accssing CRM & BW system in portal.
    Currently they are stored in the Local Drive....i am trying to find a way to upload them the users can always have the docs the require
    2) Can any one please update me in detail ...on how to integrate Lotus Notes into portal and configure Single Sign on  currently my Portal and Lotus Notes user id's are different
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Geethika,
    1. IF documents are on your local computer, Netweaver Portal has a KMC Addon (Knowledge Management and Collaboration). Within KM it is possible to run a Document Management Scenario. You can Create Folders within KM, give Access Rights to Users, Create an Iview to browse KM Folder then add that Iview to a Page or Role so users can access it.
    For this, please chech the online documentation via
    2. For Lotus Notes Integration, your Lotus Notes Server must be running on Windows Platform.
    For the rest configuration please check the following:
    Single Sign-On from SAP Enterprise Portal to Lotus Domino
    I've the latest version of SAP Ticket Verifier, if you couldn't find it, I can send it to you.

  • Trouble accessing Lotus Notes DB Via ODBC NotesSQL 8 driver.

    I am using Crystal Reports version XI and am trying to access lotus notes database via an ODBC connection. My reports have been running sucessfully but we recently upgraded to Lotus Notes 8.  I was receiving error messages stating that the ODBC driver was not compatible so I upgraded to Lotus Notes 8 SQL driver.  Now I am receiving the following errors.
    Crystal Reports
    Database Connector Error: 'IM005:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_DBC failed'
    Crystal Reports
    Logon failed.
    Details: 01000:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver doesn't support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested (see SQLSetEnvAttr).
    I am now using NotesSQL 8 and Lotus Notes 8, is there something that I need for crystal to recognize them.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Stacy

    Hi Stacy,
    I would appear Lotus changed the way their ODBC driver works from version 6. According to our [platforms |] for CR XI we only support Lotus Notes 6.
    We can't fix this now but you may want to ask Lotus if they know of any work arounds or updates to make it backward compatable.
    You may want to try donwloading CR XI R2 SP4 and use your XI keycode to see if that works.
    Thank you

  • Accessing lotus notes database

    I am new to Lotus notes..can anyone help me out in accessing lotus notes database from a java application..also can anyone tell me which is the best driver for the would be very helpful if someone can give me the link where i can find such drivers.

    I am new to Lotus notes..can anyone help me out in
    accessing lotus notes database from a java
    application..also can anyone tell me which is the
    best driver for the would be very helpful if
    someone can give me the link where i can find such
    h drivers.this message is for abd_deb
    i m also having the same problem as stated above
    so if u hve a solution for that problem plz mail me at
    [email protected]
    thank you

  • Access lotus notes and retrive emails

    After lots of searching, I haven't been able to find an answer to this question. I'm try to retrive emails from lotus note and filter the mails by date. any help or suggestions will be great. thank you

    You should be able to access Lotus Notes using IMAP, have you got that working?
    What exactly do you mean "filter by date"? You only want to retrieve messages
    before/after a certain date? Use

  • How to access OSS notes

    how to access OSS notes. i'm working in a reputed company, i would like to see OSS how can i access that.

    OSS note provided by SAP for standard program issues. Based on problem which is facing sap will provide OSS note number. After getting the OSS note number follow the below procedure.
    Implementation of OSS Note procedure
    Go to development system, then enter t_code(snote) then Goto option (Menu bar),then select sap note down load option then type the sap note and then execute.
    after that goto (menu bar) select note browse and type the sap note then select execute button and double click on the line then check implementation status whether sap note is implemented or not.
    if implemented,come back snote home page, expand in process then select your sap note and then execute.
    it will show one screen for confirmation of sap note select 'yes' button then click on continue icon after that it will ask cts for your sapnote then click on continue again click on continue icon.
    after that it will show one information message that 'sap note implemented completely'.
    Reward points!!
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vasudeva Rao

  • Accessing Lotus Notes from Crystal Reports in AIX

    Hi BO world
    We've installed the BO Enterprise Server  on an AIX 5.3 platform and we want to connect this BO server to a Lotus Domino Server (version 8 on a Windows Server Platform ) to show the data on Crystal Reports. The problem is that we can't find any information about how to make this connection to use the Crystal Report INSIDE the InfoView (of course we can export the RPT file and use it with the Crystal Report Viewer but the idea is run the report inside the InfoView).
      In our PC's we have installed the Lotus Notes Client and the corresponding ODBC client (Lotus Notes SQL) and the crystal reports work correctly (accessing to the LNotes Server) BUT, when we start looking for any ODBC for AIX to connect to the Lotus Notes and we can't find any tool to do this.
    Could you give any idea o "something" to solve this problem? Let's say
       - Which is the version of ODBC/JDBC driver we have to install in the AIX server to access the L.Notes on the Windows Platform?
       - Should we install the Crystal Report Server in another server (let's say a Windows Server with the corresponding ODBC)
       - Others?
    Any help will be great  !
    Kindly Regards, gdmon.

    Moved this to the BOE forum.
    If AIX and Lotus do not have an ODBC driver then I suspect your only option would be to have a Windows BOE install to process those reports so you can use the Windows ODBC driver.
    This is a requirement for Crystal reports to connect. If Lotus doesn't support AIX connectivity then we can't either.
    Possibly the BOE forum has some configuration options for you...
    Thank you

  • Accessing Lotus Notes from SAP

    I'm trying to access data of Lotus Notes databases from an ABAP using OLE.
    If the Lotus Notes Class returns a "common" variable (string, number or another object), there is no problem, but when it returns an "stringArray" or a "valueArray" variable I cannot get the value.
    For example, it happens when trying to get the value of a field from a document:
    CALL METHOD OF w_document 'GetItemValue' = w_value
      EXPORTING #1 = 'FieldName'.
    this method returns a "valueArray" value and defining the w_value as string or character in ABAP is does not crash but the content of w_value after having executed this method is always blank.
    Any idea on how to solve it?

    check out this ypu will find relevant materials for this query..
    *reward points if useful..

  • Accessing Lotus Notes data from SAP

    We need to fetch some user data such as their email address from a Lotus Notes database using the user's phone extension as a key. This could be from a BOR method used in a workflow or from an FM.
    Is this possible, feasible, advisable? If so, what does it take?
    Any help or ideas from experts on this forum will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ... Jameel

    Hi Murthy,
    Given link below has a ADOBE DOCUMENT that has the detailed information on how to use i-views for accessing outlook calendar from within SAP :
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  • Adobe/MS Access/Lotus Notes Integration

    Not sure if I'm in the right place, please feel free to let me know if not.  Have searched in Access and Lotus Notes forums but no answers yet. I am using MS Access to automatically send email from Lotus Notes and attach a PDF file that is located on the server.  Next step is I would like to be able to create a PDF portfolio out of that sent email and save/name it according to key data in the record.  Am also using batch file to create the network folder but am hoping to be able to merge all these processes into one so that when the email is sent, the folder will be created and the PDF portfolio created from the sent email.  So far, have not been able to find any answers, am hoping at a minimum someone might be able to point me in the right direction.
    Am using this method to batch create folders based on new records in the Access database:
    Here is the code I'm using to create the email - anyone know of any way to take that email that just got sent in Lotus Notes and create a PDF Binder/Portfolio?  Thank you so much!
    Private Sub cmdSendEmail_Click()
    MsgBox "Prequal Request Complete!"
    End Sub
    Sub SendPrequal()
    Dim oEmail As clsEmailMessage
    Dim strSubject As String, strAttach As String, strAttachIns As String, strBody As String, strSave As String, strMsg As String, Saveit As Boolean
    Dim rtItem As Object
    Dim rtStyle As Object
    Dim sFormattedText As String
    If Me.MsgFreeFlow.Value = "" Then
    strFF = Me.MsgFreeFlow.Value & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    End If
    sFormattedText = strFF
    strSubject = "Information Request for " & StripString([RQContractor])
    strAttach = "d:\MyDocs\Forms\pdf\FormName.pdf"
    strMsg = "Message Here" & vbNullString & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    strBody = strMsg
    If Me.PF.Value = 0 Then
    strAttachIns = "d:\MyDocs\MyAttach_a.pdf"
    strAttachIns = ":\MyDocs\MyAttach_b.pdf"
    End If
    Set oEmail = New clsEmailMessage
    oEmail.AddRecipient Me.ContractorEmail, recipTo
    oEmail.AddAttachment strAttach
    Select Case Me.frmINS
    Case -1
    oEmail.AddAttachment strAttachIns
    Case 0
    End Select
    oEmail.SendEmail strSubject, strMsg, False
    'doc.ReturnReceipt = "1"
    'save draft
    'Saveit = True
    Set oEmail = Nothing
    End Sub
    clsEmailMessage Module:
    '**************************CLASS CODE **************
    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    'creates and sends email using lotus notes.
    'does not require notes to be running (it will start a session if needed).
    'does not require references in the project
    'uses OLE not com, so objects are declared as simple objects
    'the declares below are for using COM, but this may require some
    'additional configuration to work.
    'Dim mobjNotesDB As NotesDatabase
    'Dim mobjNotesMessage As NotesDocument
    'Dim mobjNotesRTItem As NotesRichTextItem
    'Dim mobjNotesSession As notessession
    Dim mobjNotesSession As Object 'lotus notes session
    Dim mobjNotesMessage As Object 'a notesdocument object (the email message)
    Dim mobjNotesDB As Object 'a notes db object
    Dim mobjNotesRTItem As Object 'a notes tich text object
    'notes constant for attaching file
    Const EMBED_ATTACHMENT = 1454
    Public Enum RecipTypes
    recipTo = 1
    recipCc = 2
    End Enum
    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    Set mobjNotesSession = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession")
    Set mobjNotesDB = mobjNotesSession.GetDatabase("", "")
    Call mobjNotesDB.OPENMAIL
    ' make new mail message
    Set mobjNotesMessage = mobjNotesDB.CreateDocument
    'create the body
    Set mobjNotesRTItem = mobjNotesMessage.CreateRichTextItem("Body")
    End Sub
    Private Sub Class_Terminate()
    Set mobjNotesSession = Nothing
    Set mobjNotesMessage = Nothing
    Set mobjNotesDB = Nothing
    Set mobjNotesRTItem = Nothing
    End Sub
    Public Sub AddRecipient(strName As String, intType As RecipTypes)
    Dim intNextSemiColon As Integer
    Dim intLastSemiColon As Integer
    Dim strOneAddress As String
    Dim j As Integer
    Dim blnLastAddress As Boolean
    'If the passed contact has a semi-colon, split into multipe contacts
    If InStr(1, strName, ";") > 0 Then
    intLastSemiColon = 1
    intNextSemiColon = 0
    blnLastAddress = False
    For j = 1 To Len(strName)
    intNextSemiColon = InStr(intLastSemiColon, strName, ";")
    If intNextSemiColon = 0 Then
    blnLastAddress = True
    strOneAddress = Mid(strName, intLastSemiColon, Len(strName))
    strOneAddress = Mid(strName, intLastSemiColon, intNextSemiColon - 1)
    intLastSemiColon = intNextSemiColon + 1
    End If
    If intType = recipTo Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("SendTo") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Sendto", strOneAddress)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Sendto", strOneAddress)
    End If
    ElseIf intType = recipCc Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("Copyto") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Copyto", strOneAddress)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Copyto", strOneAddress)
    End If
    End If
    If blnLastAddress = True Then Exit For
    Next j
    'Otherwise, just add one name
    If intType = recipTo Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("SendTo") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Sendto", strName)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Sendto", strName)
    End If
    ElseIf intType = recipCc Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("Copyto") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Copyto", strName)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Copyto", strName)
    End If
    End If
    End If
    End Sub
    Public Sub AddAttachment(strFilePath As String, Optional vName As Variant)
    Dim strName As String
    If IsNull(vName) Or IsMissing(vName) Then
    strName = strFilePath
    strName = vName & ""
    End If
    mobjNotesRTItem.EMBEDOBJECT EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", strFilePath, strName
    End Sub
    Public Sub SendEmail(strSubject As String, strText As String, blnPreview As Boolean)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", strSubject)
    Call mobjNotesRTItem.AddNewLine(2)
    Call mobjNotesRTItem.AppendText(strText)
    mobjNotesMessage.SAVEMESSAGEONSEND = True
    If blnPreview = False Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.Send(False)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.Save(True, False)
    End If
    End Sub
    '***************END CLASS CODE ***************************

    Found this link,, that states:
    Acrobat 9 and later supports creation of a PDF Portfolio (the newer form of packages) via JavaScript, which can be called from VBA using the JSObject bridge.
    Have been looking along those lines, but not sure what I'm looking for, if there is a way to create the PDF portfolio using code, I would greatly appreciate any information, thank you.

  • How to convert lotus notes .nsf to outlook .pst?

    Dear guru,
    I'm looking for the way to convert my notes email archive(.nsf) to outlook mail file. I found that there are some commercial 3rd party tool doing this job which is tooooo expensive for me. Is there any good way to convert .nsf to .pst or to move my mail data to outlook for FREE?
    I tried a method which uses localhost mail server to send notes mail to outlook locally by IMAP( but failed because my company blocked IMAP and POP3 incoming for security reason.
    I'm using lotus notes 7.0.2 and Outlook 2007. Does notes connector work for this problem?

    I'm looking for the way to convert my notes email archive(.nsf) to outlook mail file. I found that there are some commercial 3rd party tool doing this job which is tooooo expensive for me. Is there any good way to convert .nsf to .pst or to
    move my mail data to outlook for FREE?
    If I talk about free lotus notes migration apps then online records are showing that there are no free tools yet for lotus notes archive migration. Microsoft has a connecter suit (free) for same that allows migrating of configured notes database file to
    ms outlook. External tools are playing very important role here with perfection and satisfaction.
    Among all, Export Notes is a very low cost and feature-rich solution that assures accuracy of migrated data.
     It allows all types of nsf (mail database.nsf, archive.nsf, names.nsf) file migration
    into ms outlook pst file as well as Exchange Server (business version) even the data is inside All Documents folder or encrypted.

  • How to retrieve Lotus notes document url using IMAP

    Hi all,
    In our application, we are reading emails from Lotus Domino server. We are currently using "Lotus notes java agent" as a scheduler based agent to read the emails and retrieve document notes url as
    "notes://[email protected]/__652574FA00254DF5.nsf/0/C431AF38A4F7241865257506003302E1?OpenDocument"
    Now we plan to use JavaMail to retrieve emails from Lotus Domino server using "IMAP" protocol.
    Please suggest is anyway can we retrieve document notes url as mentioned above. I can retrieve "subject","bodycontent","from" etc... through IMAP

    Just use Google to check if there are the Java API's available for that and make use of them. If it isn't available, then write it yourself.

  • How to import Lotus Notes or Outlook calendar into iCal ???

    Is there a way to import calendar data from either Lotus Notes or Outlook calendar into iCal ? Is there a generic data type file that I must first get the calendar file into before importing into iCal ?

    The file must be .ics. I used to simply use Missing Sync to get my calendars synced up, however it's not yet supported in Leopard.
    So, in order to get my office Outlook data over to Ical, I simply used the following "macro"
    Simply follow the worked well for me. all my work data got transferred over.

  • Not able to access lotus notes web mail through safari on my ipad 2

    I am using ipad 2 on 6.1. As a newbie I tried to connect to my lotus notes account through safari and chrome, but couldnt. Plz help.
    O android a app is their to retrieve the web mail through ultralite mode. Please suggest

    Perhaps related, ever since upgrading to 4.0.1 I can't even log in to google mail. I've cleared cookies, cache, history, and power cycled the phone, but no matter what cookie setting I choose in the settings menu, Gmail fails to accept my login, telling me that my browser isn't accepting cookies. Anyone found a workaround?

  • How to migrate Lotus Notes content migration to SharePoint 2013 by using interop.domino.dll?

    I already read this blog ""
    In this just the information is not that good enough. I need more details and clarity about the interop.domino.dll ?
    Ramesh S

    Hi Ramesh,
    Here are some posts about this topic of get info from Lotus notes, which should help, you can take a look.
    For further more about interop.domino.dll documentation, I would recommend you post in lotus forums for a better assistance with more experts regarding this field.
    Daniel Yang
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

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    Has anyone noticed incompatibility between Lotus Notes mail v6.1 and RoboHelp HTML v7.0? I've had LN installed for the lifetime of this computer, ~3 yrs, and have worked with RH 7.0 for ~2 mns. Just this week, I've had three instances of LN not openi

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