How to add a Button on SUS top-right corner ( Near Log off button)

Hi Experts,
It's a bit urgent for me. Please give your valuable suggestions to achieve below scenario.
My requirement is :-
adding a button on top-right corner(near log-off button) of SUS screen.
when that button is clicked, a pop-up should appear, which shows a list of supplier IDs.
SUS user selects a supplier ID from this list.
Subsequently, PO, Invoices and other documents should be filtered out based on supplier ID selected.
Request you to help me how to achieve it technically. Thanks a lot.

is that button really necessary or is it enough to achieve the functionality you are describing?
If the latter, this is standard SUS.
When you give that user the SUS admin purchaser role that user gets a 'find supplier' link in the menu at the left hand side.
In here you can search for the correct supplier (or just press search without parameters and you get a list. When you click on one of the results the user will act as if it is an employee of that supplier. Including only displaying documents of that supplier.

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    Hi chris644 and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums!
    This icon in the top right corner you are seeing indicates that the caps lock has been enabled. If you press the shift button again, this should remove the icon from the top of the screen.
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    public class Student {
        public Student() {
        private String name;
        private String id;
        private String course;
        public void setName(String name) {
   = name;
        public String getName() {
            return name;
        public void setId(String id) {
   = id;
        public String getId() {
            return id;
        public void setCourse(String course) {
            this.course = course;
        public String getCourse() {
            return course;
        public void dosubmittoActionisterner() {
            // Add event code here...
            System.out.println(getName() + " " + getId() + " " + getCourse());
        public void dorefershActionlistener(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
            // Add event code here...

    is this a home work you are working on? Even as a student you should be able to express questions more clearly.

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    Thanks in advance .

    Hi Kiran,
    Here is the sample code.If you are using reuse_alv_grid_display, no need to write code in PBO.
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    TYPE-POOLS: slis.
    DATA: i_qmel LIKE qmel OCCURS 0.
    data v_repid type repid.
    SELECT * FROM qmel INTO TABLE i_qmel.
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       I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                = v_repid
       i_structure_name                  = 'QMEL'
        t_outtab                          = i_qmel
        program_error                     = 1
        OTHERS                            = 2.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    form set_pf_status using rt_extab type slis_t_extab.
    set pf-status '<b>TEST</b>'.
    FORM user_command USING ucomm LIKE sy-ucomm
                             selfield TYPE slis_selfield.
    data lv_ucomm type sy-ucomm.
    = sy-ucomm.                                        
      CASE lv_ucomm.
        WHEN 'BUTTON'.                              "Double Click line Item
          call transaction 'MM01'.

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    as far as I know it is not possible, since this adjustment is made for the whole column. I have created a grid and I open the shown document by double clicking the row header. In the grid I can see if it is sales or purchase and so I use a workaround by opening the specific system form (e.g. sales invoice) in find mode and search the document by document number (also shown in the grid).
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    oForm.Mode = SAPbouiCOM.BoFormMode.fm_FIND_MODE;
    oEdit = (SAPbouiCOM.EditText)oForm.Items.Item("8").Specific;
    oEdit.Value = Convert.ToString(dNum);
    By the click event, you get the specific row number. Hope it helps...

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    hai friends,
        how to add close button in pannel ? give any example.

    Hi Welcomecan,
    You can use the TitleWindow as suggested by Subeesh for having a built in close button...The TitleWindow is infact an extension of the Panel container. TitleWindow is most generally
    used for creating PopUp Windows.
    Check the below link for examples...

  • How to Add Print Button in the Online Payslip

    Dear Friends,
    How to Add Print Button in the Online Payslip (Employee Self Service). Can anyone pls let me know about this ..
    with regards

    Please review the following documents.
    Note: 332402.1 - Can You Mass Print Of Online Payslips?
    Note: 256072.1 - Payslip V4.0 Print Button Is Missing
    For details about Deposit Advise and Checkwriter, please refer to:
    Note: 459306.1 - XML Checkwriter/Deposit Advice

  • How to Add Push Button On Selection Screen

    Hi Experts,
    How to add Push button on Selection Screen.
    Points will b rewarded for useful help.

    To create a pushbutton on the selection screen, you use:
    SELECTION SCREEN PUSHBUTTON [/]<pos(len)> <push>
    USER-COMMAND <ucom> [MODIF ID <key>].
    The [/]<pos(len)> parameters and the MODIF IF addition have the same function as for the formatting options for underlines and comments.
    <push> determines the pushbutton text. For <push>, you can specify a text symbol or a field name with a maximum length of eight characters. This character field must not be declared with the DATA statement, but is generated automatically with length <len>. The field must be filled before the selection screen is called.
    For <ucom>, you must specify a code of up to four characters. When the user clicks the pushbutton on the selection screen, <ucom> is entered in the UCOMM of the SSCRFIELDS interface work area. You must use the TABLES statement to declare the SSCRFIELDS structure. The contents of the SSCRFIELDS-UCOMM field can be processed during the AT SELECTION-SCREENevent.
    END OF SCREEN 500.
    WHEN 'CLI1'.
    FLAG = '1'.
    WHEN 'CLI2'.
    FLAG = '2'.
    WHEN 'CLI3'.
    FLAG = '3'.
    WHEN 'CLI4'.
    FLAG = '4'.
    TIT = 'Four Buttons'.
    BUT1 = 'Button 1'.
    BUT3 = 'Button 3'.
    WHEN '1'.
    WRITE / 'Button 1 was clicked'.
    WHEN '2'.
    WRITE / 'Button 2 was clicked'.
    WHEN '3'.
    WRITE / 'Button 3 was clicked'.
    WHEN '4'.
    WRITE / 'Button 4 was clicked'.
    WRITE / 'No Button was clicked'.
    This example defines four pushbuttons on a selection screen that is displayed as a
    dialog box. The selection screen is defined in a statement chain for keyword
    If the text symbols TEXT-020 and TEXT-040 are defined as 'Button 2' and 'Button 4',
    the four pushbuttons appear as follows on the selection screen displayed as a dialog box.

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