How to add a state to an existing state machine?

I have a state machine with 5 states. See attached vi (LabVIEW 7.1).
Now I want to add another state ("wait") between state Druck Aufbau and Druck Abbau. How can I do that?
I tried to add a state to the enum on the left and then I noticed that I would have to modify every enum in the vi and the case structure as well.
Is there an easier way?
Greetings Johannes
Using LabVIEW 7.1 and 2009 recently
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You should replace all enums of the state machine with your type def'ed one. Thus, every change you make will be propagated throughout your state machine. When you need to add or delete states, change the typ def (so the Enum.ctl), and then all the enums will change. Thats the very reason of type definitions. In future, always use type defed enums.
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    OS X doesn't use /etc/groups. This file is present but does nothing AFAIK.
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    Hi Nadar,
    It is possible, But not recommended. Better if you have solution like...
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    Basis Stms Configuration Notes
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    Sybrand Bakker
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    Are you the tenant admin?
    Ed Price, Power BI & SQL Server Customer Program Manager (Blog,
    Small Basic,
    Wiki Ninjas,
    Answer an interesting question?
    Create a wiki article about it!

  • How to add a new filter in existing BIWS (WEBI) for dashboard consumption

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    Hi Ann,
    You can create a new WebServices or modify the document block on which the webservices is published.
    Once the block is modified you might be able to see the new objects in the filters.

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    Double click in the Corner area of TabStrip and enter the number TAB CONTROL in the Attributes pop up window
    Or simply drag a Push Button and place on the Tabstrip Control

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    Sorry I must add one more thing.If it is the first time you add an element to the node then right click the folder(node).But if you already have elements in the node then right click any element and choose add element(country,material whatever).If you choose add a characteristic, then you add another type of element(e.g you have materials in the node and add some countries by choosing add a characteristic)
    When I try to add a node, it gives me a list of nodes I can choose from
    In fact when you right click a folder, there must be an option like "Create nodes".Do you right click on a folder, don't you?You create nodes like that.
    Nevertheless, there is one more way to edit or create a hierarchy.You can load a hierarchy from a flat file.But I am not sure it is worth it.If you have lots of elements and nodes then I propose you to go that way.Step by step document:

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    I had to upgrade my sql statement and add another column. my previuos sql was:
              SELECT TR.ID, TA.Name, TR.idTarget, TR.Controller_Status, TR.previuosYear, TR.deduction, TR.idProduction, SUM(CSV.cur_amount) AS Accumulated,    PD.Name AS PName, PD.type_2, CL.ToRange AS growth
              FROM agent AS TA, production_name AS PD, calculation AS CL, target AS TR
              RIGHT JOIN csv_production AS CSV ON CSV.ID=TR.ID AND CSV.Production_Date BETWEEN '2006-10-01' AND '2006-12-31'
              WHERE TA.ID=TR.ID
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              AND CL.idCalculation = ANY (SELECT MIN(idCalculation) FROM calculation GROUP BY idProduction)
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              WHERE TA.ID=TR.ID
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              AND TR.startDate= '2006-10-01' AND TR.endDate='2006-12-31'
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    if so u can write a where condition csv_production.ID=csv_net_production.ID

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    Dear sir,
    I'd already run LSMW for upload all of our Material with Transaction MM01 for 6 mths ago.
    Now my boss has new a requirement to upload the picture as an attachment of each Material number with MM03. (Now we do it manually, it's work fine)
    But we have more than 500,000 Materials number.
    How to use CV02N to load picture attach as batch, please give me the steps or example to do.
    Best regards,

    Hi Manus,
    You can add/import many UI elements for ex graph,pie chart,iamge etc)
    For that tt design time, the view is displayed as a logical component unit in the Web Dynpro Explorer view. To design the user interface of your WD application, you enter the View Designer tool to display the range of single user interface elements and containers that are available for implementing the user interface layout. There are many standard UI elements available, all of which can be adapted to suit your requirements by adjusting the properties accordingly.
    Click once on the category button than you can Drag & Drop the needed UI element into the graphical View Designer editor.Then Check the properties for the defined user interface element in the standard IDE Properties view and make changes, where needed.Finally, Choose Shows a preview of the current view in Internet Explorer from the upper function bar. You can make changes on the rendering configuration, for example on the theme. To do so, choose Configure the current view’s preview from the bar.
    However,for more info you canvisit
    <a href="">this URL</a>

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    My scenario is like this -
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