How to add IKM to project

While saving the project i am getting error "Critical Target DataStore No IKM is selected for this interface."
how to add IKM to the project.
any help is appreciated.
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If scroll down in the project , you will find Knowledge Modules - > Expand that and you will find Integration ( KM) right click on that and Import Knowledge Module and you find a new Popup Box to import KM . S
elect the Knowledge Modules you required and import .
Once done use that in the Interface.

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    Paul Mather | Twitter | | CPS

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    EDIT* Oh, I should mention that the actuall binary that gets built after adding the library WILL execute properly in the Finder, or from terminal, just not with the Build & Go, or Go commands from within xcode.
    Message was edited by: TraxusIV

    TraxusIV wrote:
    Results of otool:
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    /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib (compatibility version 7.0.0, current version 7.9.0)
    I honestly don't know much about @rpath. I found this page that explains it a bit more:
    So, since I don't want to deploy with the environment variable set, I should ask, what IS the correct, MacOS X way to do it?
    The best way to find that is to look at how Apple does it. They put frameworks in /System/Library/Frameworks and regular shared libraries in the standard places. You can do the same. Put your frameworks into /Library/Frameworks and your shared libraries into /usr/local-based paths.
    If you want to create stand-alone executables that can be installed via drag-n-drop, you can put shared libraries inside the application bundle. If your shared libraries/frameworks are elsewhere, you will need some sort of installer to get them installed.
    I've been sifting through Apple's developer documentation but I have yet to find a concise, straightforward explanation of how to add shared libraries. I'm horribly confused at this point. Is there a good tutorial available anywhere for both the general unix case of linking to dylibs and .so's, and the Mac specific case?
    Hopefully someone else knows an answer for this one.
    *EDIT* I do already have the variable defined both in ~/.MacOS/environment.plist and also in Xcode as an additional user variable.
    I'm not sure about the whole RPATH thing. Setting environment.plist will define environment variables for use in the Finder, but that is really a hack. There are better ways to do it, but if you are porting some open-source programs, that may be the only way. You should be able to define those variables in Xcode. You have to selected the debug executable under "Exectuables"

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    Man oh man. I need to take a break & eat somthing, how embarassing. I swear I knew that but had an attack of hysterical blindness or... the disclose arrow>add new...  Thank You Tom for your quick & thouriough reply. Have a swell holiday.

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    There is no out of the box configuration available to add columns to NPD action items.   As always we welcome enhancement requests. 

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    I am not sure if it is the right place to put the question. I just cannot find the way to add my existing java class file into the project in net bean.
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    Look at the "classpath" entry on the Index tab in NB's Help. There are entries there that explain how to add existing classes and libraries to a project.

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    and do you know if there is a program for bluetooth in order to connect my Nokia 6680 to another device that have a bluetooth?
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    how to change the class name after the project is created.In NetBeans, right click the class name either in the declaration or constructor, select Refactor --> Rename... and follow the dialog.
    You can refactor --> rename anything that is not in a guarded block. For those, there are options via the properties window.

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    Hi All,
    How to add the property to a webdynpro project.
    I urgently require the solution. Kindly get it for me.

    Hi DK,
    this is described in the second Web Dynpro Java Tutorial
    <a href="">creating an Extended Web Dynpro Application</a>
    Regards, Bertram

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    I am trying out 10g developer preview. Looks like a lot of bugs are there in the tool. I would like to know how to add existing jsp file into a project. I tried the Import functionality, but it shows the option to create a project and include only Java files. Is there a way to do this? Thank you

    Just copy the files in the directory where the rest of your source file is.

  • How to add a jar files to a project in JDeveloper 10g?

    I had created a sample appln using below imports
    import oracle.forms.handler.IHandler;
    import oracle.forms.ui.CustomEvent;
    import oracle.forms.ui.VBean;
    The above packages are available in frmall.jar only know?
    I tried to add the above jar in JDeveloper IDE (
    But i can't fild a exact menu in my iDE?
    How to add the above jar through menu?

    1. Select Tools>Project Properties.
    2. In Project properties window select Libraries.
    3. Add a project JAR with Add Jar/Zip button.

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    You can put the external references the in manifest of your own jar or you can do that at the bootstrap shell script.

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