How to add text in .ai file and  set position, font, size and colour

I want to place multiple lines of of text (individually) into .ai file and set size, font, colour and position for each.
Preferably text should have origin in a single point (rather than be framed)
Hope anyone can help me out.
Thank you in advance.

Here's what's in the Scripting Reference
Creating and modifying text frames
// Creates a document with text frames displaying path, area and point
// text, changes the content of each frame then deletes the 2nd frame
// create a new document
var docRef = documents.add();
// create 3 new textFrames (area, line, point)
// Area Text
var rectRef = docRef.pathItems.rectangle(700, 50, 100, 100);
var areaTextRef = docRef.textFrames.areaText(rectRef);
areaTextRef.contents = "TextFrame #1";
areaTextRef.selected = true;
// Line Text
var lineRef = docRef.pathItems.add();
lineRef.setEntirePath( Array(Array(200, 700), Array(300, 550) ) );
var pathTextRef = docRef.textFrames.pathText(lineRef);
pathTextRef.contents = "TextFrame #2";
pathTextRef.selected = true;
// Point Text
var pointTextRef = docRef.textFrames.add();
pointTextRef.contents = "TextFrame #3"; = 700;
pointTextRef.left = 400;
pointTextRef.selected = true;
// count the TextFrames
var iCount = docRef.textFrames.length;
var sText = "There are " + iCount + " TextFrames.\r"
sText += "Changing contents of each TextFrame.";
// change the content of each
docRef.textFrames[0].contents = "Area TextFrame.";
docRef.textFrames[1].contents = "Path TextFrame.";
docRef.textFrames[2].contents = "Point TextFrame.";
// count again
var iCount = docRef.textFrames.length;
Your are looking stuff with the pointTextRef.

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    Hi everyone, I am quite a beginner with Flash so do excuse
    me. First, I am not sure if what I want to achieve may actually be
    impossible with Flash. I presently use MX 2004, but will shortly be
    upgrading to CS3. But if you know the answer for MX 2004 that would
    be really useful for now.
    I am writing a digital fiction story, and I want to create
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    The script I posted would work on the main timeline - not in
    the timeline of the clip itself.
    So you made a movieclip out of the image and gave it the
    instance name "myclip". That's good.
    You edited that clip and added a dynamic text box with
    instance name "mytext". Be careful not to confuse the "instance"
    name of the text box with the "Var:" name. "myclip" should be the
    instance name. Also be careful to make sure you uncheck the
    "selectable" box. Edit your clip and click on the textbox to select
    it and look in the properties panel. There should be a button with
    Ab on it. If it is white background (highly likely), click it so it
    is not white. If the text is selectable, it will interfere with
    your button functions.
    While there is nothing wrong with creating nested clips
    within your movieclips, unless you plan to target them for
    something, there is no benefit. The only thing that needs an
    instance name inside the myclip is the textbox (based on what you
    are trying to do).
    You don't need any actionscript in the movieclip itself. If
    you can learn to place all your AS on the root timeline, you will
    be well ahead.
    If you placed that AS inside the clip, Flash wouldn't know
    what to do with it.
    Technically you can place the AS inside the clip on the layer
    you created but, if you did that, you would need to modify the
    script to the following:
    this.onPress = function() {
    this.mytext.text = "stop pressing so hard";
    this.onRelease = function() {
    this.mytext.text = "";

  • How to add text to gif

    Hello, i'm a beginner in photoshop.
    I want to add text to my gif in animation frame, but somehow the text look transparent even though i already use black color for the text.
    Could someone give me tutorial to how to add text to the gif and then make some kind of a subtitle?

    So, if i want to make the text appear in layer 1-10 only, i only have to put the text layer above layer 10 right?
    Do you mean 'Frame 1 - 10'? If you want the text to appear in Frames 1 - 10, you have to add the text to all frames from 1 - 10 above your image layer.
    But what if then i want to make a new text for layer 11-20? Wouldn't the text appear in layer 1-10 as well? How to separate the text then?
    If you want new text for Frame 11-20, you have to create a text layer in Frames 11 - 20 and change the text that you want to show in 11-20 frames.

  • How to get the PDF Text position, font, size, align...?

    I can extract all the text from the PDF file, but just plain text.
    I need their format, position, font, size, align.
    I am using C#, IAC, and read the SDK carefully.
    How to get them?
    Thanks for every hint on how to achieve this!
    Jason Wang

    "Often this is a rectangle, sometimes not (e.g. for italic text the box
    may be slanted too)."
    Sometimes it lines up with the horizontal axis, sometimes not.
    Aandi Inston
    "Remember, in PDF, the origin is BOTTOM LEFT... "
    Leonard Rosenthol
    Thank you, Aandi, Leonard, Thanks a lot
    Jason Wang

  • How to add text to a pdf file?

    I was sent a rental application as a pdf file which I need to fill in but I can't seem to add text to it.
    How does one open a pdf file and add text to it?
    I have acrobat professional that came with adobe cs3 on my mac.
    Thanks for any advice.

    If you don't have the original and need a word version that you can edit.
    Open PDF  go to Save As... choose Word and then choose format.
    See this:
    Note: this only works with text based files.
    once its converted you can edit to you heart's content.  Then once edited as need create a new PDF with a different name.
    Open the Acrobat original Document Click on On Tools (if AcrobatX) and choose replace Pages and choose your new pdf as source. the choose desired pages or choose entire document.
    If you have any form Fileds and they have been displaced choose edit Form, click on each field in turn than needs moving, use up down right or left arrow keys to nudge the elements to desired position.
    If you have have a Form that has extended reader rights you have to remove those right by saving a copy without rights. Then onece editting completed you have to add rights.

  • Hi, may anyone tell me how to append text to a file's end?

    every time when i using FileOutputStream.write(byte[]) to add text to a file, the old content would be disappear. but my intention is append, not affect the old content. how to?

    assuming it is a text file, read the text into a Reader, read the Reader's contents into a StringBuffer, close the Reader, append to the StringBuffer the new text and write it down to the file.

  • How can one  read a Excel File and Upload into Table using Pl/SQL Code.

    How can one read a Excel File and Upload into Table using Pl/SQL Code.
    1. Excel File is on My PC.
    2. And I want to write a Stored Procedure or Package to do that.
    3. DataBase is on Other Server. Client-Server Environment.
    4. I am Using Toad or PlSql developer tool.

    If you would like to create a package/procedure in order to solve this problem consider using the UTL_FILE in built package, here are a few steps to get you going:
    1. Get your DBA to create directory object in oracle using the following command:
    create directory TEST_DIR as ‘directory_path’;
    Note: This directory is on the server.
    2. Grant read,write on directory directory_object_name to username;
    You can find out the directory_object_name value from dba_directories view if you are using the system user account.
    3. Logon as the user as mentioned above.
    Sample code read plain text file code, you can modify this code to suit your need (i.e. read a csv file)
    function getData(p_filename in varchar2,
    p_filepath in varchar2
    input_file utl_file.file_type;
    --declare a buffer to read text data
    input_buffer varchar2(4000);
    --using the UTL_FILE in built package
    input_file := utl_file.fopen(p_filepath, p_filename, 'R');
    utl_file.get_line(input_file, input_buffer);
    --return data
    return input_buffer;
    Hope this helps.

  • How to read text in .kep files

    hey friends,
    how to read text in .kep files
    please help me .
    with regards,
    s.jagadeesh babu

    check this link:
    .kep files are SapShow Training Files. They can be played with sapshow.exe in Knowledge Warehouse.
    SAP Show is KW Viewer Application. You can use it to see “Kep” files. It can be run in windows without the SAP environment. To run SAP Show (4.6D version) you just need 3 files. First is SAP show executable file, another two are “Sapstg.dll” and “ZLib.dll”. You can easily find these files on internet.

  • How to insert text in existing file.?????

    how to insert text in existing file.?????
    my file contains simple text with numbers of lines having more then 10 MB size and it might be increase up to 100MB.
    i required to seek to spec. position and insert chunk of characters to file without overwriting existing one.
    I tried out with RandomAccessFile class Also.
    Pl. Suggest me way to insert String in existing file.
    Thanks ,

    how to insert text in existing file.?????You can't "insert" text into an existing file. You can
    overwrite portions of an existing file or extend one by
    writing past the current end of file.
    If you want to insert text into a file you have to write
    out a new file.

  • How to add text to Imovie

    Hi there,
    As a new user of an Macbook, and iMovie, I cannot figure out how to add texts to my movies. I do understand that I can add titles, but that doesn't allow me to change positions nor allows me to edit the font in the extent that I want to.
    Naturally I browsed the web, and the only conclusion I can draw is that it is not possible (yet) to add plain texts to your movie. Is this correct?
    If this is the case, do you use some other programs to circumvent this limitation in iMovie?
    Thanks for your help!

    in imovie 10, look at the bottom left hand corner there should be:
    Content and Backgrounds
    This is also known as the content libary
    Click on titles and they should appear, it works for me.

  • How to add the mail.jar file to my CLASSPATH ?

    I wish to Instal JavaMail 1.2
    To use the JavaMail 1.2 API, i unbundle the file.....and now, i would like to add the mail.jar file to your CLASSPATH.
    My question is: how do you do this ?
    - ok i did that for CATALINA_HOME & JAVA_HOME but how to add the mail.jar file to my CLASSPATH ??
    1000 thanks.

    I think you're looking for "developer support", not packaged application support. different server, different batch of groups. . .
    Since I have very little contact with devopers, I don't truly know.

  • How to add other 2 control files at ASM in linux RAC

    Hi Experts,
    I am new for RAC .
    the vendor build a RAC for us. I found there are only one control file in system.
    we use oracle at ASM with RAC in redhat linux 5.
    how to add 2 additional control file to ASM for RAC ?
    Please provide a procedur in detail.

    Hi damorgan & Friends,
    I could not find some infomration to add control into ASM . I can do this job( see below procedure) in no ASM .
    My question, our database locates at ASM and control file with a system auto-number ( fully qualified filename ) as
    How do I physical copy and rename other 2 contril file in directory and modify location in pfile?
    I saw some paper to use request as an alias (such as +dgroup2/control/ctl.f). i can not image to copy/rename control.
    Please help me!!
    ========added control file for no ASM database and works=====================
    SQL> create pfile from spfile;
    File created.
    SQL> show parameter control_file
    control_file_record_keep_time integer 7
    control_files string C:\ORADATA\ORCL\CONTROL01.CTL
    SQL> shutdown immediate
    Database closed.
    Database dismounted.
    ORACLE instance shut down.
    4) modify pfile add additional control file2/3 as
    and physical copy control01.ctl and raname as control02.ctl,control03.ctl
    SQL> startup pfile='C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\database\initORCL.ora';
    ORACLE instance started.
    Total System Global Area 167772160 bytes
    Fixed Size 1247900 bytes
    Variable Size 62915940 bytes
    Database Buffers 100663296 bytes
    Redo Buffers 2945024 bytes
    Database mounted.
    Database database mount;
    SQL> Create spfile from pfile='C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\database\initORCL.ora';
    File created.
    7) check control file info under pfile environment
    SQL> show parameter control_file
    control_file_record_keep_time integer 7
    control_files string C:\ORADATA\ORCL\CONTROL01.CTL,
    8)SQL> shutdown immediate
    Database closed.
    Database dismounted.
    ORACLE instance shut down.
    9) startup as spfile environment.
    SQL> startup
    ORACLE instance started.
    Total System Global Area 167772160 bytes
    Fixed Size 1247900 bytes
    Variable Size 62915940 bytes
    Database Buffers 100663296 bytes
    Redo Buffers 2945024 bytes
    Database mounted.
    Database opened.
    10) check control info for spfile environment
    SQL> show parameter spfile
    spfile string C:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\10.2.0\DB_2\
    SQL> show parameter control_file
    control_file_record_keep_time integer 7
    control_files string C:\ORADATA\ORCL\CONTROL01.CTL,

  • How to add new currency in ORCO and ORBO

    Hi, I have successfully install ORCO, ORBO and ORPOS. I followed Implementation Guide, Volume 1 – Implementation Solutions to add new currency in ORPOS.
    But I still do not know how to add new currency in CO and BO.
    I try to use import parameter feature in ORCO and ORBO to import xml, the result said "Success" but there is no changes.
    Please help show how I could achieve this.

    I change the FL_CNY_BASE into 1 already. POS is OK now. But BO is not regconize that there is a new currency. I'm trying to go to
    Admin -> Job Manager -> Available Import -> Import BackOffice Parameters
    and try to import xml file that contain belowing content.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <CurrencyImport xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="CurrencyImport.xsd" Priority="0" FillType="FullIncremental" Version="1.0" Batch="1" CreationDate="2001-12-17T09:30:47.0Z" ExpirationDate="2027-12-17T09:30:47.0Z">
    <!-- Example of adding a Currency. -->
    <Currency ChangeType="ADD" ISOCode="MYR" IssuingCountryCode="MY" Name="MYR" IssuingCountryNationality="Malaysian" IsBaseCurrency="true" Scale="2" Priority="0" />
    <ExchangeRate ChangeType="ADD" CurrencyCode="MYR" MinimumAmount="0.00" EffectiveDate="2008-05-26" ExpirationDate="2050-06-02" ToBuyAmount="2" ToSellAmount="2" ServiceFeeAmount="0.00" />
    The result said it success but I still cannot see any change.
    Is there is any other things I should make change at BO? Any property file that I should make change? BO and CO is web application so the structure of files are not the same as POS. I can't following the same thing when I had made with POS for BO and CO.
    Thanks for you helping

  • How to get Text from (.txt) file to display in the JTextArea ?

    How to get Text from (.txt) file to display in the JTextArea ?
    is there any code please tell me i am begginer and trying to get data from a text file to display in the JTextArea /... please help...

    public static void readText() {
      try {
        File testFile = new File(WorkingDirectory + "ctrlFile.txt");
        if (testFile.exists()){
          BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("ctrlFile.txt"));
          String s = br.readLine();
          while (s != null)  {
            s = br.readLine();
      catch (IOException ex){ex.printStackTrace();}

  • My computer crashed, how do I transfer all my files and apps to a new computer?

    Hi All,
    Please help! My computer crashed, how do I transfer all my files and apps on my iPad to my new computer?
    Thanks so much,

    '''Firefox''' is the name. ''Foxfire'' is a bio-luminescent fungus. <br />
    See this article for moving all your Firefox personal data to the new PC.<br />

Maybe you are looking for