How to adjust the quantized grid in the pianoroll?

In Logic pro 7 you could easily adjust the grid in the matrix editor. How to do it in pro 8?
It's standard set to 16th notes...

Took me a while to get my head around how to do this ... resorted to the manual! You need to adjust the quantize value in the transport bar (away from my system at the moment but I think this is under the tempo) and there you go ... varying grid divisions in your piano roll!
Cheers, hope this helps
Rob S

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    Macs control computer by USB.  With a non-Apple display, you will have to use the brightness control on the display.

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    Thanks moccamaximum,
    By "do your tweens manually" you mean to use the timeline to do frame-based tweening? That is an option but I'm wondering (as a newbie): Isn't it better to use actionscript to do animation since you have more control and it's time based rather than frame-rate based (and works better on low performance machines)? Just curious if I should be spending the time to learn actionscript or do it in the traditional way.

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    Checkout an interesting article called " Oracle9iAS Portal Best Practices: Regions" to understand resizing region.

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    your stock level get differed between storage level and warehouse level? if so go to LX23 AND EQUAL THE DIFFERENCE.
    if u want to change the bin level adjustment use lt01 and lt10 tran. as per your req(at the time of go live)  adjust according your inventory stock.
    Edited by: muthuraman d on Dec 16, 2009 8:59 AM

  • How to adjust the size of the slide in keynote to 7.5 feet high x 3.1 feet wide?

    How to adjust the size of the slide in keynote to 7.5 feet high x 3.1 feet wide?

    Keynote is not designed to produce printed media, it is set up is for video. There are dozens of applications that are designed for printed output on the Mac, Pages, Word, In design, Quark, Open Office, Libra.
    Pages is the accompanying application in the iWork suite that is specifically designed to print to paper, you should look at that first as it May be on your Mac already.

  • How to  adjust the text in input field

    Hi Expert,
    New in VC development. Can someone guide how to adjust the text in input field? Because of  long text length it  is not displaying fully in visual composer iView so user are not able to see the entire text in input fields

    HI Kundan,
    I assume that you have already tried different options perent in Label Postion for the field.
    If none of these options meet your requirement then you can try the following workaround:
    In the display properties, select label position as no label.
    In the form view add a new UI Control for Plain Text or HTML text and change its Label to "Material Number".
    Now place this new UI Control in before your actual Input field such that it appears as the field label.
    Hope this helps.

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    I am trying to find my way around PE 10, have had the program for years but not used it. (I am using Win 7 on a 15" laptop, screen resolution is 1920x1080, 16 GB Ram, 4GB video RAM.) I took some video on vacation, in some clips there is a lot of wind noise. I know how to adjust the volume using key frames, but the tracks are only about ¼" wide making adjustment just about impossible. Full volume to zero is just a small fraction of an inch. I can zoom in on the track, but this doesn't make the track wider. Is there any way to do this?

    Actually, I wanted to do this in a static table.
    Just now, I learnt that this feature is not available in 12.0 as well as in other previous versions.
    However, this will be implemented in Release 12.1.

  • How to adjust the width of a bar plot?

    I have to draw a bar plot and when I wire values to the chart for some reason they are almost 1 inch think for each number. I was wondering how to adjust the width such taht it is something more like 2 mm per entry?

    What you seem to be running into is the autoscale on the X-scale. Right click on the X scale and turn off autoscaling. You will then have to manually set the scale to get the width that you want.
    Hope this helps.

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    I need to know how to adjust the BIOS to enable the RAID function.
    Also, please tell me how to utilize 845PE max2 with RAID function.
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    Got the same problem here.
    Furthermore, i can't get the raid controller to get working in winXP. (device won't start)
    MSI 845PE MAX2-FIr GB-L/2.0/1394 (MS-6704)
    P4 2,4 ghz 533 fsb
    2x 512Mb kingston PC 2700 , DDR333.
    MSI G4 Ti4200-VTD8X
    WinXp pro + SP1 installed
    The board has 4 ide connections
    Got all kinds off trouble with this board X(
    Did install Windows XP Promise Fasttrak TX controller (PDC20276) , the device will not start.....
    IEEE 1394 Host Controller installed, the device will not start....
    Multimedia-videocontroller , no drivers available....
    Nice going, this really drives me up the wall!
    Don't know what to do anymore, plz help! ;(

  • How to adjust the score of multiple-SCO scorm package?

    I used Captivate 4 and created 2 SCOs.  I then used SCORM Packager to package the 2 SCOs into 1 SCORM package.  Everything works well. I can upload the SCORM into LMS without problem.
    My 1st SCO is pure information without quiz.  The 2nd SCO is pure quiz.  While LMS shows all interactions properly, it always gives "0" score for the 1st SCO, and report average score of the 2 SCOs as the final score.  But I want LMS to report the result for the 2nd SCO only.
    For the 1st SCO, I tried to set "slide view only" instead of "quiz result only" in the quiz setting, but it doesn't help.
    Anyone encountered the same problem and know a solution?   If there are multiple SCOs, some without quiz, some with quiz, how to adjust the setting so that LMS only report and average the score for SCOs with quizzes?

    I dont' think I will be much help, as I too am getting into the whole SCO/SCORM world (shakes head in frustration)
    However, I believe it's not considered a SCO unless it reports a score of somesort. The way I have read to get around something like this is to create the last button on your first SCO that the user clicks to enable reporting on that button, so that it reports to the LMS - and basically when the user clicks the button it sends a "success" to the LMS and records the score/points you put in. 
    Now does this help you? probably not, but it may point you in the right direction.  If you could do me a favor though, it seems you were able to successfully put your SCORM package up to an LMS succesfully, I have just posted in this thread that I'm having an issue with doing just that. Let mek now if you could provide any insight into my problem.
    Thank you.

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    As it stands now the blog archive page lists the archives past the 4000px page length in what appears to be a long endless list.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Thanks Wyodor but that just adjusts the entries on the blog page....not the blog archive page.
    On the blog archive page it's just a long endless list of entries. It appears that you simply cannot adjust this on the archive page. Additionally if the blog entries exceed 50 I have to start deleting older entries.
    Overall iWeb has served my needs well but this issue *****. They could probably fix it with a software update if they wanted to.

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    Any idea how to adjust the volume of the tone you hear when you dial phone numbers?
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    There are no sounds except on the handset earpiece for the dialer buttons when you dial a number; is this what you are speaking of? All sound settings are found under Prefs, Sounds & Alerts, then choose Ring Tones, Phone Alerts, Calendar, Messaging, System, then choose the settings you desire.

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    The size of the text is much smaller than the size of the button. But when I put the letters onto the button, they are not properly shown. Instead of showing the whole letters, they become "..." on the button. I can not see them at all unless I make the window/frame to its full size.
    How to adjust the Fonts or the properties of the components?

    The best way is to use a layout manager, so that your component is laid out automatically to fit.
    If you really want to adjust the font size according to the size of the component, you would have to first retrieve the FontMatrix for your font, calculate the width of a particular string of text and see if it fits the component. However, why do that if you don't need to?

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    how to adjust the brightness of an apple monitor from Windows 7?

    In Windows 7 go to help display brightness or help power saving.

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  • Different Logical Systems ?

    HI, is it possible to use another Logical Systemname (Sender Service) ? i know 2 possibilities. 1) Change the LS in the SLD but i can´t do that because a lot of companies using this LS. 2) Check "Using sender from payload" but this is already changed

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    Is there a report or program to run to see, who made changes to the master data, deleted a record or so? Please help.

  • Volume missing in system tray, mute buttons not working

    hi, i just reformatted and installed the latest drivers for my Creative Soundblaster Digital 5. (dell) card, and at first everything was fine.. Now they Icon for sound is missing from the system tray.. My volume dial and mute button no longer work. a