How to arrange files by multiple categories?

I'm trying to figure something out. How do you arrange files in finder by multiple categories? For example, I'm in the documents folder
-I have it arranged by kind ( so it is split into secetions, PDF, DOC, DMG, etc)
-I want to be able to also arrange it by file type in other folders (files in it's respective categories)?
example: In my downloads folder I have it arrange by Kind and sorted by date added. The document sections have all my DOC, PDF, AND DMG's  are together mixed up instead I want it to be like
Is this possible by chance? Thanks ahead of time!

Clicking on an column header will sort on that column. Clicking that same header a second time will reverse the sort order. Click the Date header.

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    Hi all,
    How to pickup files from multiple directories and send it to two different folders at target
    i need to pick up the above mentioned two files and send it to the following paths
    US.txt has to goto US folder and UK.txt has to goto UK folder only

    To pick form multiple folders, select Advanced Mode for file selection in file adapter..
    there u can specify directory name/file names
    To put those files at multiple folders write a command line arguments for this.. go through this weblog...
    XI/PI: Command line sample functions
    Hope this will help you....

  • How to pick files from multiple directories via Sender File Adapter?

    Hi guys,
    I have a scenario File to IDOC. The Sender File Adapter has to take all files: .xml from Source directory E://Current/.
    Actually directories are like
    Can I have one Sender File Adapter to pick all *.xml files
    E:/Plant1/Current/ and
    E:/Plant2/Current/  and how can I write it in Source Directory of Communication Channel?
    Or do I have to have a Sender File Adapter for each Plant?
    Any suggestion please?
    Kind regards,
    Danijela Zivanovic

    You might wanna have a look at "Additional selection for source file" parameter in sender file adapter.
    XI/PI: how to exclude files in a sender File adapter?
    Even though this method works but there are some constraints,please check for constraints.

  • How to write file into multiple directories by using file adapter?

    i need to write my file into multiple directories,i able to do in single directory.But i need to write to muliple directories.Please help me out.Thanks in advance.

    If you are passing the values at runtime then you can loop it and and invoke the file adapter in loop by dynamically passing the value in invoke properties for "File Directory and File name" etc.

  • How to arrange files in the files window?

    I just finished doing the cut of a movie in Premiere Pro and hit the the "edit in Audition" button to do the music and audio. And now the problem: when Audition opened I just saw the hundreds of audio files in the file window (2 for every scene) and until now I didn't find out any possibility to arrange them in subfolders or anything else like you do it in AE or Premiere.
    So right now Audition is more or less useless as I have to spend minutes to find my music files within the other files...
    Thanks for any proposals...

    What option did you use to send your files over?  There's two "paradigms" for editing in Audition from within Premiere.  The first is editing of specific assets or clips.  In this case, you select one or more clips and choose Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition > Edit Clip which will perform a render & replace operation, then open the new, linked files in Audition.  Any change you make to these files in Audition will be reflected in the corresponding Premiere clip.  This is generally the mode used when you want to perform Noise Reduction or add effects to specific clips.
    The other paradigm is editing the entirety of the sequence.  This method creates a new session in Audition that mirrors your current Premiere timeline, even rendering a preview video.  Here, you can apply edits to any clip in the timeline within Audition, re-record portions, add new audio, and mix and master the session, sending back rendered stems to Premiere.
    Audition doesn't emulate the "project" format of Premiere, so the Files panel is less of an organizational tool than a collection of the raw assets in a timeline.  We are exploring how the "bin" concept that Pr and AE use might be applied, but historically there is a definite distinction between the two workflows.

  • HT203052 How to arrange files in folders

    I prefer working with lists by name or kind.  How can I format my icloud to do so?

    Ah, good info. Yes, the iCloud interface is very bare bones, and it displays as icons and sorts alphabetically for me. There's no way to change it that I know of, and I checked.
    It would be nice if there were more options on the web, but I sorta think that Apple is figuring that people will use their Macs or their iOS devices as the primary interface to iCloud drive, and the web is just there in case you really need to access a document that's up there when you're away from your devices, and it's not intended to be a full-featured management interface.

  • How to arrange files in trash folder by date, both ascending and decending?

    My trash folder is ordered by date. Currently, it is ascending order. I would like to change to decending order.
    If any more info is needed, I would be only too happy to provide it for you.
    Thank you,
    Dennis Guidi
    [email protected]

    Clicking on an column header will sort on that column. Clicking that same header a second time will reverse the sort order. Click the Date header.

  • How can I share a *.java source file across multiple projects in NetBeans?

    I'm sure this simple and a pretty common operation but how can I share a *.java source file across multiple projects in NetBeans? Right now I keep cut, coping and pasting the same source file between multiple projects to re-use the same code. But I could I make this source file a library file or something like that so that I could access it from any project. I assume this would be a generic operation but I mentioned NetBeans for clarity. Thanks.

    fiebigc wrote:
    I know I mentioned NetBeans but I'm most interested in the generic method for creating a library of source files that I can call into whatever program I am developing. I've done such a thing in C using header files and such but I'm trying to get a direction on how this is accomplished in Java. I'm sorry if I could edit the title I would. If anyone wants to be specific about NetBeans I welcome that too.
    Edited by: fiebigc on Jun 20, 2008 5:57 PM
    >I know I mentioned NetBeans but I'm most interested in the generic method for creating a library of source files that I can call into whatever program I am developing. I've done such a thing in C using header files and such but I'm trying to get a direction on how this is accomplished in Java. I'm sorry if I could edit the title I would. If anyone wants to be specific about NetBeans I welcome that too.
    Edited by: fiebigc on Jun 20, 2008 5:57 PM
    Create a class library.
    Write your code, compile it to .class files, put those class files in a .jar file and include the jar file in the classpath whenever you want to compile a project against it.

  • How can i create a zip-file with multiple volumes

    i've to zip a large file (250 MB and more). But the zip file shouldn't be greater than 5 MB, because i have to send the file via E-Mail. So i've thought, that the solution of this problem can be to zip the large file in smaller zip-files, which are multiple volumes of a zip-archive. I've searched very long in WWW, but didn't find something. Perhaps you can help.
    Sorry, about the bad english. :-)
    Timo Bunger

    Who said your english is bad ?. OK, are you looking for compressing the 250 MB file in to multiple versions using a java program ?. If not, there is a shareware you can download and split the file into multiple parts by specifying size of each part. You can send these parts via email and the other person can combine these parts into a single file again.
    Find this @
    You may need to read a bit about it on how to use.

  • How to display multiple categories of webapp items in list view? Changing listbox list to checkbox list to select category in submission process?

    I am trying to get my page to list webapp items that are part of a few categories. I understand that if i want to view only one category, I just need to do the normal process of choosing that category and placing it out. So my question is: How do I display multiple categories of items in a webapp in a single page. I've tried this
    {module_webapps,WEBAPP_ID,c,CATEGORY_ID1,,,,10,,1} {module_webapps,WEBAPP_ID,c,CATEGORY_ID2,,,,10,,1}
    This only displays the everything from the first category, then everything from the next, which will not make it in order of date.
    I've also tried this for fun:
    How can I go about doing it?
    I am looking to allow users to input a webapp item and allow them to select a category to tie to that item.
    <label for="CAT_Category">Category (You may select more than 1)<span class="req">*</span></label>
        <select name="CAT_Category" id="CAT_Category" class="cat_listbox" rows="4" multiple="multiple" style="height: 60px;">
        <option value="CATEGORY_ID1">--- Option 1</option>
        <option value="CATEGORY_ID2">--- Option 2</option>
    Is it possible for me to change the listbox style into a checkbox style such that the user doesn't have to control+click multiple options?

    No answer to No.1 but I really want to find it out too.
    If you already know list of the categories & ID you can manually create a list of checkboxes
    <input type="checkbox" name="CAT_Category" value="89081" />
    <input type="checkbox" name="CAT_Category" value="89082" />
    <input type="checkbox" name="CAT_Category" value="89083" />
    something like that should work

  • How do you share Aperture file across multiple users on same Mac?

    How do you share Aperture file across multiple users on same Mac? Seems this should be a preferences choice.

    When you share your library between users, you may run into permission and ownership problems, if both users are editing the Aperture library and not only reading it. To avoid that, it helps to put the Aperture library onto a separate disk or a separate partion of your hard drive. For s separate partition or disk you can enable the "ignore ownership on this volume" flag. Then all users can access the library as owners of this library.
    You might try to put the aperture library into a shared folder on your mac, but that has caused problems recently, i.e. when the library also contains video files.

  • How do i find and move all files across multiple disks

    I just purchased a 2010 Mac Pro and wanted to set it up with a clean install of Mavericks.  I installed a new SSD as my boot disk and did a clean install of Mavericks on it.   All good so far.
    Now from my previous Macs I have several disks (internal and external) that have pictures, music and movies spread all over the place.
    I want to know how I can search all of the drives for all of a specific file type (i.e, JPEG or MP3) and then move those files to a new folder.  Once I have all of the files of a specific type in a single folder I can create a new library in iPhoto or iTunes using those files.
    I tried AraxisFDF and it worked well for finding the files but when it moves the files it saves then in their original file structure (i.e, volume/folder/folder/folder/file) which places the files in multiple folders again.
    Any ideas?

    You can clone the respective HDDs using Disk Utility>Restore or Carbon Copy Cloner.  That will guarantee that you have all images and movies backed up.

  • How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?

    Dear All,
    I want to create a SINGLE page pdf file from two or more page size images that are combined to make a single page pdf. Again, this question is on pdfs that are made out of several, atleast  two color images and a black-and-white mask for one of them.
    I have such pdf files from an unknown source (the producer is edited out) whereby there are three tiff images, obtained using the well known pdfimages extractor.
    When I want to make a pdf out of tiff or png or other image formats, I right click and tell Adobe Acrobat to make a pdf.
    However, I dont know how I can give a command to select say,  three tif images and specify which is the mask for which and then join  them in a way that I get the pdf from the composite of the two color images and a mask for one of them.
    Please help me out.
    I am a little familiar with the pdf structure skeleton and when necessary, fixed xref tables in one of my favorite editors. A few years ago, I also wrote a bunch of javascripts to make some annotations and needed some automation and used some itext type libraries. However, I need your help in this problem as I am now rusty and forgot some of what I studied to solve my earlier problems. This is a new problem for me. Gentle hints from you would be very nice to help me in this problem. Please specify if necessary what manual and pages to read. in the pdfspec.
    Best Regards
    Disabled Veteran [physically handicapped]

    Hello Again.
    On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:20 PM, lrosenth <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Re: How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?
    > created by lrosenth in PDF Language and Specifications - View the full
    > discussion
    > ________________________________
    > No clue who Irving is…
    I was hoping to have your first name so its easy for me to address you.
    > I have no clue what OS platform, programming language, etc. you use so
    > can’t really narrow things down.
    I would gladly mention that I am working on windows platform, preferably XP.
    I can also work on linux for free products that come with it.
    >  Also, as this is an Adobe forum, we only
    > recommend Adobe products – so there may be other options that even my list
    > wouldn’t include.
    But adding other products, for the help of an adobe products user,
    even if it outside adobe, shall add greater prestige to your company
    and give impression of user-centeredness.
    > If you read ISO 32000-1:2008 (aka the PDF standard), you will find the
    > information about Images and Image Masks well described.  I didn’t think I
    > needed to repeat any of that information.
    Well, just add the few pdf stanzas since you are proficient on it and
    I am presently a little rusty as I mentioned. Just asking a little
    extra yard, not even to go an extra mile.
    > And, if you read that same document, you will see that there is NO SUCH
    > THING as a “text only PDF”.   All PDF documents are structured binary files.
    Well, ascii format or uncompressed format that is human readable. I
    know its a binary file, but human readable ascii version of it.
    I hope you can give me some stanza and various other approaches
    possible so I can select or combine things for myself. I see only a
    miniscule number of posts claiming to have written masks in this forum
    and then with no details.
    Message was edited by: dying veteran
    because the adobe posting system went crazy and truncated all except the first line ... dunno why

  • How do I get files from multiple DVDs that are using thesame file names?

    How do I get files from multiple DVDs that are using thesame file names? Message says "file already exists in catalog"
    Message was edited by: marcr56

    I am viewing your question from different perspective, that is, the issue that you face when you are ripping VOBs from a second DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc using Premiere Elements,
    It is best to give the Premiere Elements version and computer operating system that it is running on. In the absence of that, I will generalize.
    Assuming that you are using
    Premiere Elements 12
    Add Media
    "DVD Camera or Computer Drive"
    Video Importer
    Typically the Video Importer Save In: is C:\Users\Owner\Videos
    Each of your DVD discs is going to have the same names for the ripped VOBs (VTS_01_1.VOB and so on depending on the duration of the movie). Consequently, after the ripping of the first DVD's VOBs and their save to Videos, you will end up with that "files already existing..." block for the ripping of the VOBs from the second DVD.
    The answer is, for each DVD disc VOB ripping, to plan ahead and create and set for different folders in Videos in the Save In field of the Video Importer.
    Please review and then let us know if that works for you. Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything that I have written.
    Thank you.

  • How To Split File In to Multiple Files With out using B.P.M

    Hi Guys,
    How To Split File In to Multiple Files With out using B.P.M.
    Thanks in advance

    below r the links were u will find message spilitting by graphicaaly i.e without using BPM.
    Sender File Adapter with file conversion  Multimapping --file content conversion with split messg mapping [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
    hope this resolve your problem

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    When people visit my site, I want them to be able to either view or download a video clip Is there any format that doesn't require that a player be downloaded/installed first? Bobb