How to Burn a QT movie

I created a keynote presentation, and I exported it to QT so it can be viewed by presenters who don't have Keynote. In QT by clicking on the screen the presentation progresses -- all is fine as I want it.
I now want to burn the presentation to a cd so that it can be played on other computers mac/windows as a QT movie. How do I get the QT movie to burn to a cd?

Hi guys
Thank you for the reply. I've managed to get a disk burnt of the QT movie, but a couple of strange things happened that I hope you can shed some light on.
When I put the disk in the Mac and play the Keynote presentation, it works but in the slides with video both the video and audio are jerky-- sort of stalls out then leaps forward as though it's trying to catch up.
I put the disk in my dell with QT for windows on it that I recently downloaded as a bundle with itunes. I put the disk in, then I open QT player. It comes up and in file I click on the disk drive, highlite it and click open. Guess what -- error -103 is displayed with the phrase error of unknown origin. It won't play there at all.
Any clues or suggestions to solve either of these problems.

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    If this is a dumb Q then I apologise. With the trial version of Premiere Elements 7.0 I imported AVCHD 1920x1080i video, and created a hi-def (1920x1080i) mpeg file with a .mpeg file extension (not an .m2t extension). It plays perfectly in windows medial player (With the "Created with Adobe Premiere Elements Trial version" banner across it). So I purchased the software. But now I can't for the life of me work out how to create a 1920x1080i .mpeg file. Help! Thanks from New Zealand.

    From the Share tab select the Share to Computer option and select MPEG. Then select a high definition option.

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    hello- i need help. instructions on how to burn a quicktime movie to a cd. i exported an iphoto slideshow to quicktime so that i can share with family. now, i have a .mov file but don't know how to burn it to cd. do i need quicktime pro to do this? i appreciate any help. thanks

    If you just want to burn it to a CD (or do you want this CD to play in a DVD player?) all you have to do is insert a blank CD, Choose to let the Finder handle it, drag and drop the file on the CD then drag and drop the file on the Trash (the Trash icon will change to a burn icon).

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    I know this has been asked before. But none of the previous answers/suggestions seem to work. I've tried to use the "looping" method from the help menu, I still get a theme, now at the end of my video "package". And it doesn't "loop". I've tried to take a jpeg from photos and cover the theme using the option key, but that doesn't work either. I just want to have the option to be able to "turn off" the themes and create a clean video dvd for people who don't have time to choose on-screen buttons. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

    Hey maybe you can help me. I was trying to figure out how to burn an iPhoto slideshow on iDVD, but don't want to use the lame Apple themes. I went to the link you pointed out about one-step iDVD's, but the problem is you have to have a movie, and iPhoto won't let me export my slideshow while keeping the music in sync. Insane.
    So two questions... do you know how to export a slideshow to .M4V or .MOV without losing the sync between all the pictures and the music? I've got 88 slides all set to specific timing and Ken Burns effect, but every time I do an export the music becomes disconnected from the pictures and goes out of sync.
    I did do an export to iDVD and it seemed to stay in sync but I can't figure out how to get rid of the ridiculous theme that iDVD is automatically using. I don't want a theme at all.
    When is someone at Apple going to figure out that most people just want a plain wrapper?
    Anyway, do you know any answers to my problems? Thanks. I've lost 4 slideshows this week as iPhoto keeps losing all the slide settings.

  • When I try to burn my to a dvd disc, it will burn but when i put it in the dvd player it says 'disc error'. I have burned it thru iDVD before but forgot how to do it and it won't do it now. The slide show is on my desktop

    when I try to burn my to a dvd disc, it will burn but when i put it in the dvd player it says 'disc error'. I have burned it thru iDVD before but forgot how to do it and it won't do it now. The slide show is on my desktop

    Rather than burn directly to disk follow this workflow to help assure the best quality video DVD:
    Once you have the project as you want it save it as a disk image via the File ➙ Save as Disk Image  menu option. This will separate the encoding process from the burn process.
    To check the encoding mount the disk image, launch DVD Player and play it.  If it plays OK with DVD Player the encoding is good.
    Then burn to disk with Disk Utility or Toast at the slowest speed available (2x-4x) to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.

  • How do I burn a home movie on my mac to dvd

    How do I burn a home movie that I put in itunes to a dvd

    You need burn software to do so. Do you have iLife 09 or 11 installed? If so, you have iDVD which is perfect. What app did you use to edit/put together the movie?
    If you don't have iDVD, then take a look at Roxio Toast ($$) or Burn (free) or google for other apps.
    FWIW, I've never parked a home made movie in iTunes, so I have no idea if there is anything you can do with it there. My guess is you need to get it into the burn software. And, if you still have an older version of iMovie, it may still have a burn option within.

  • How to burn movie to dvd from imovie?

    How to I burn a home movie from imovie theater to dvd?

    Steve Jobs "BluRay is a bag of hurt"
    Not if you buy FCPX from them at $300.
    Then they will provide you with the ability to burn both DVD and BluRay.
    Not dead yet !
    The "BluRay is a bag of hurt"  is a bunch of hooey.
    Apple's business model is for downloaded everything. They don't sell software/movies/music on physical media.  It's as simple as that.
    I have iTunes, Netflix and Flixster. But the movie watching experience is always vastly superior when I just pop in a Blu-ray and watch my movie in 1080P and 7.1 sound.

  • IDVD is not on my system and I cannot download it from the App store.  How Do I burn my home movies to DVD?

    iDVD is not in my macBook pro and I need an iDVD or a good program to burn my home movies on DVD with menus. I cannot download iDVD or any other professional programs like DVD Studioor ... from App store. Please help me how do I burn my short films to DVD? Also please tell me any other free programs alternate it for burn DVD with putting menus.

    iDVD is not or never been free !
    there are up-dates but still You need the original iDVD v. 7.x.x to use them.
    Best of program - not sold by Apple any more but on Amazon or e-bay in boxed versions of iLife 11
    If there is no iDVD on Your Mac (and it's not on newer Macs as Apple discarded it) then You need a program that can do this.
    Your Mac can burn CDs and DVDs - BUT DVD as Data-DVDs not as Video-DVDs - they need a program to be encoded and STRUCTURED as such.
    • iDVD is part of the boxed version of iLife'11 and can only be bought outside Apple as on Amazon and e-bay
    • DVD Studio pro - Part of FinalCut Studio Pro bundle - this to has expired and can only be bought second handed. (High price and tough learning Curve - but best ever done.)
    • Roxio Toast™ - Not as elegant as iDVD - but has many other positive additions (I like it as 10-Pro incl BD-component) (now version 11)
    • Burn - only free alternative I know of on Internet. Very simple - Just for doing a plain Video-DVD
    only You can buy from Apple is
    • FinalCut Pro-X which also can burn to DVD but without any nice themes.
    You can also buy Compressor from Apple for $50 US. It will also create DVD and BluRay but without the nice themes.
    Yours Bengt W

  • Pretty basic this, but I'm a total beginner.  Can anyone tell me (in simple steps!) how I burn a movie I bought in iMovies onto a DVD?  After I stick the DVD in, what happens then?  Sorry about the unsophisticated question.  Thanks.

    Pretty basic this, but I'm a beginner.  Can anyone tell me (in simple steps!) how I burn a movie I bought in imovies onto a DVD?  After I stick the DVD in, what happens then?  Do I have to be in my itunes library first?  Sorry about the unsophisticated question.  Thanks!

    Hello Jackie! (My brother lives in Brussels!)
    You may find these helpful:
    iMovie tutorials:
    and also this:
    A good guide to iDVD 7 can be found here:
    Apple's tutorial on iDVD 07/08 is here:

  • How do I get a movie from iMovie 10 to iDVD to burn a disc

    How do I get a movie from iMovie 10 to iDVD to burn a disc?

    To burn a DVD with iDVD from the latest version of iMovie, you have to export the movie using the Export button and select 480p as the size. Open iDVD and start a new project, then drag that exported movie file into the iDVD menu window, avoiding any drop zones you see.

  • I made a movie in iMovie from an imported slideshow. How do I export the movie to burn on a disc to play on a pc

    I made a movie in iMovie from an imported slideshow. How do I export the movie to burn on a disc to play on a pc? I burned one copy and it didn't playback properly on the PC. The pictures played extremely slow while the music played

    Hi cortiz58,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    What version of iMovie are you working with?  Is your end goal that you need to play the file on a Windows computer, or is it that you need to burn the file to DVD?
    See this link for tips to re-wrap your file for Windows:
    How to create a video for playback with Windows/XBox/PS3/… etc?: Apple Support Communities
    If you export the iMovie file as a .mov file, you can play it in iTunes for Windows on your PC.
    If you want the ability to burn to DVD, then you may consider downloading the free 30 day trial of our professional video application.  Final Cut Pro X can import your iMovie project and burn it to DVD.
    Apple - Final Cut Pro X - Overview
    - Judy

  • How do I burn my home movies to a DVD?

    I have a MacBook Pro which I purchased in June of 2012. I would like to put my home moives onto a DVD to mail to my relatives. (I don't want ot put them on You Tube.) How can I burn my home movies onto a DVD? I guess you could do this with iDVD in iMovie 11, but the MacBook Pro that I have does not have this feature under Share. What do I do?

    Personally, I use iMovie to edit my home movies, then I use Burn to burn it to a disk. Burn will automatically set the necessary files and everything for you too! Just drag and drop, and click burn.

  • How do I burn a dvd movie onto my MacBook?

    How do I burn a dvd movie onto my MacBook?

    If you are refering to a project from iMovie, you wuld do your editing, finalize it, push in a blank DVD-R, (set finder preferenes, General  before hand to to show CD's, DVD's, Ipods on desktop. do a slow double click (about 1 secind between clicks on the "untitled DVD" and it should the allow you to type in a name.
    Then click share in the menu bar and select the "export As: select the name
    Where: select the DVD, click Export..
    Here are some other ways:
    Hope this helps

  • HT1338 I would like to burn a home movie from imovie. How may I do this?

    I would like to burn a home movie from imovie. How may I do this? I have imported from a viedo camera  to imovie and cannot burn it to a blank dvd! ***?

    Buy iDVD.
    With iDVD you can easily and quickly create DVDs with menus and graphics almost on the level of what Hollywood can do.
    IDVD is easy to get. It is available on disk as part of iLife 11.
    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.  (works with all Mac OS 10.5 and newer.),527850,1872219

  • How do I take a movie created in iMovie on my iPad and burn it to a DVD

    How do I take a movie created in iMovie on my iPad and burn it to a DVD?

    Word count: Tap the wrench icon at the top and choose Settings from the menu that opens. Turn on Word Count.
    Do you have iCloud turned on on your iMac? You need to make sure Documents and Data syncing to iCloud is turned on on the computer.

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