How to Call a jasper report from Oracle Forms 6i.

Can anybody tel me how to Call a jasper report from ORacle Forms 6i.
Thanks & Regards

Forms 6i client/server? Use the HOST command to call the report. Since a Jasper report is just a call to a url, it will be something like:
v_url := '<your url to the report>';
host ('cmd /c start '||v_url);If it's web Forms 6i it even easier. Just use web.show_document(<url>).

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    Hi Everybody,
    I got a Dout about Crystal Reports. Is it possible to call Crystal Reports from Oracle Forms.

    That depends are you running Forms via the WEB or client/server. I will assume you are running client/server since you are running crystal reports. The answer is yes. All you will have to do is use the HOST command or the win_api_shell to run the report. Look in the Forms manual for information on the commands and what else you may need.

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    onlz rdf and rep files are Reports executables. Convert rpt to rep and you are file (Reports has a conversion utility in the bin directory)

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    Thanks and Regards,
    Shiau Chin

    Hi Ashok,
    You can refer the topic Forms / OA Framework Page Integration in Developers Guide.
    There you can find details about the below :
    Launching Oracle Applications Forms from OA Framework Pages
    Launching OA Framework Pages from Oracle Applications Forms

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    I'm working with oracle 6i. I want to know that how to call a .jar file from forms menu. when I use HOST('<path>\test.jar') it is working in 'Client Server' any way. but the problem is I use application server in order to run my form. so my form is in the server and I run the form via clients web browser. in that case above solution will not work. if any body knows how to overcome this problem please reply.

    I created a bean area and set the class name as implementation class. within that java bean class I called to a bat file which consists of the execution command of the jar file ( because i don't know how to call .jar file from my bean class directly).
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    thank you.

  • How to run an XML Report from Oracle Forms 10G

    Hello Friends,
    I am in need of showing a xml report output through a button press trigger in Oracle Forms10G.
    I have designed the report in XML Publisher and the report looks fine.I found few scripts useful in running the Oracle Report from Oracle forms10G like Run_Report_Object.But I am not aware of any script that could run a XML report and show the output directly from a Form.
    All I want is to run a XML report from an Oracle Form with a button press trigger and show the output in an html version.
    Can this be achieved?
    If so, Kindly advise as this is an immediate work.

    If I am not wrong the XML publisher is same as BI publisher ...
    There is one document which explains how to integrate using web service
    You want to check this
    or you can also try web.show_document ..

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    i am chiranjit , currently i working in a web based ERP project, in this project as a report building tool we are using JasperReport wih eclipse plugin . in eclipse report's are generating very well but i am unable to call that report from a java application because i have no idea about the How to call a Jasper Report from a Java Application . so please send me the necessary class names, jar files names and programe code as early as possible.

    Ahh, kind of a duplicate thread:
    @OP. You could have clarified your original post and the relationship of your question to java. You did not need a new thread.
    � {�                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Calling Report From Oracle Forms

    I am calling this one report from oracle forms, I am using global temporary table to run that report. I am first inserting data into the temporary table through oracle form and then i am calling report in that form to view the data in that temporary table. The problem is, we can not view the data of an other session if we are using temporary table. When i call report from that form a new session get created due to which i can not see the data. Is there any method of calling report from oracle form that a same session is used to run the report?

    As you mention Forms and Reports do not share the database session. I had the same problem and resolved it using record groups and DATA_PARAMETER to transfer data from Forms to Reports. You could also read the Note 110495.1 on Metalink to find useful information regarding this issue.

  • Calling Crystal Reports from Oracle Forms 10G

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to call a crystal report from Oracle Forms 10G.
    I have a button on my Form which when clicked calls a Crystal Report which the uaser then wants to save as a PDf file.
    Can someone please send me the code to do this and also the exact steps that are to be followed.

    Hi Andreas,
    I am trying to call the crystal report from an Oracle Form using a URL. No batch file is being used here.
    I am looking for a peice of code similar to run_product or run_report built in in Oracle which calls an Oracle report from an Oracle Form.
    Also I dont want to display the report on a screen or a window in Oracle Forms. I would like it to run just as we run an Oracle Report from an Oracle Form.
    Is that possible ? If yes please let me know the steps to do this.
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  • Calling a report from oracle form 10g

    how to call a report from oracle form 10g

    Please see the link:

  • How to print BIP reports from Oracle Forms?

    Hi all,
    I have a question in regards to printing BIP reports from Oracle Forms... We are aiming for a server installation of BIP with integration to Oracle Forms using SSO to handle security. We use Forms built-in web.show_document to render and view the report in PDF/Excel etc... We would like to by pass the viewing and print some of these reports directly to the printer.
    Any idea/suggestions how we can go about this?
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    via HTTP it's not possible to send a report directly to the printer. You had to go via the Scheduler, which is able to do that. With the WebService API you can call a report with the Scheduler and Execute Immediate.

  • URGENT!!! calling crystal reports from oracle forms 10g

    Is it possible to call crystal reports from oracle forms 10g?
    Can someone help to answer how, if there is a solusion, to call crystal reports from oracle forms 10g.
    Please provide codes with details showing step by step.

    try something like this.
    charWinHandle VARCHAR2(50);
    numWinHandle NUMBER;
    BEGIN Set_Application_Property(Cursor_Style,'BUSY');
    charWinHandle := Get_Item_Property('Control.Rep',Window_Handle);
    numWinHandle := To_Number(charWinHandle);
    :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.WindowParentHandle
    := numWinHandle;
    :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.WindowState := 2;
    :Item('CONTROL.CRYSTALREPORT1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.Connect
    := 'DSN=;UID=' || Get_Application_Property(UserName) ||
    ';pwd=' || Get_Application_Property(password) || ';dsq=;';
    Crystal_CrystalCtrl.ReportFileName( :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').interface,
    'C:\Sample_Rep.Rpt' );
    Set_Window_Property( Forms_Mdi_Window, Window_State,Maximize );
    Set_Window_Property( 'MAIN', Window_State, Maximize );
    :reptitle := 'Report Preview Window';
    numWinHandle := Crystal_CrystalCtrl.PrintReport( :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').interface );
    END;NOTE: Change the report name and path according to your required file name and path in
    the "Crystal_CrystalCtrl.ReportFileName" method call. Also, the connection string shown
    assumes that you will use the current USER and PASSWORD for the Form.
    - To make the above Form generic so that you can run any Crystal report from it, then create
    a parameter for the report name and pass it to the Form using CALL_FORM from any other Form.
    Then just replace the file name with the passed parameter.
    -. Run the Form
    If its correct/helpful please mark it thanks.
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  • How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing p

    How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing parameter to it.
    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.

    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.This would entirely depend on crystal reports and you might find informations on crystal reports related communities more likely...I for one have seen crystal reports the last time about 12 years ago. And even back then I simply acknowledged it's existence instead of working with it.
    Maybe crystal reports can be invoked via a URL call which would make it simple as you'd need simply build an URL and show the report using web.show_document. But that's pure speculation. Also you might not be the first with this requirement, so the solution to your problem might be right under your nose and just a little google search away ;)

  • How to send a character mode report from Oracle Form 10g to a printer.

    how sending a character mode report from Oracle 10g report to a printer.
    I'm sending to a printer located in the network
    i have theses parameter report
    desformat = prtname
    destype= ?????
    i would like to preview the report before to send to a printer

    2006-2007 From Date : 01-JUL-06
    Printed On : Friday August 31 2007 11:13 AM To Date : 30-SEP-07
    G A/C. Code 99-99-9999 Description: xxxxxxxxxxxxx H
    -- DOC. # -- -- DATE -Chq/Slip# ---------- N A R R A T I O N -- -- DEBIT -- -- CREDIT -- -- BALANCE --
    Opening Balance: -999,999,999.00 Cr.
    G *** Total *** 0.00 0.00 -999,999,999.00H
    ================= ================= =================
    when i run character mode report in browser then display this output properly
    but sir problem is that when i print the report
    G(use for bold)
    is not working
    means not print in bold format in printer
    same character print G
    do you have any idea when i print through browser to printer G for bold purpose its work to printer ?

  • Calling Report from Oracle form 11g

    I am new to Forms 11g, trying to call report from Oracle forms 11g .
    I want to call report from oracle forms, but its giving error.
    Below is the code
    repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    rep_status VARCHAR2(20);
    repid := FIND_REPORT_OBJECT('empreport'); -- report node in forms builder
    set_report_object_property ( repid, report_filename, 'empreport.rdf' ); -- report name
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(repid,REPORT_SERVER,'RptSvr'); -- report server name
    v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
    rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
    rep_status = 'FINISHED'
    message ( 'error while running reports-object ' || error_text );
    message ( ' ' );
    end if;
    Above code giving following error :
    Unable to connect to report server RptSvr
    I think my report servername is wrong
    Where to find report server name in 11g.
    I am Using weblogic server, so can i give weblogic server name
    Thanks in advance.
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    You have to have the report server
    a. Installed and configured
    b. Running.
    If you are using rwservlet then you will find the name from the Configuration file referred to in the last link.

Maybe you are looking for