How to call java class from pl/sql procedure ?

Hello everyone,
My query is..
There is one pl/sql stored procedure which is doing some business logic and storing data in some columns of one table, suppose the table name is 'ABC' .. and the rest of columns of table ABC are getting updated using java class. Now my problem is whenever I insert data in ABC using store proc.. i have to call that java class so that it will update the rest columns ( why java class for updating the columns in ABC is ..because that logic cant be done from pl/sql proc.. it has to be done using java )
and the other thing is.. oracle is in one machine and java is in another .. :(
hope ..u can help me out !!
Thank in advance !!

but that updation have to be done from java code only.. we are using GIS tools .. have to create some shape files and update the column with that shape file.. so creation of shape file has to be done from java code only..
so how to call java class file which is on another machine and oracle in another..

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    i have a button which calls javascript i need to access a class to update the values in the database.. how do you call the java code from within the javascript?
    the class is stored under tomcats classes directory and is accessed:
    the method is called : UpdateEmployeeDetails
    the button
    <input type="button" value="Save" onclick="submitForm('save')" />the javascript
    <script language="javascript">
            function submitForm(process){    

    is it not possible?
    do i have to refresh the page and read in the values like...
    String ename = request.getParameter( "EmployeeName");
         session.setAttribute( "ename", ename);
    %>and then call the class from here?
    looking around ive come across ajax but i dont know how to use it and what you need to install and if its compatable with tomcat and jsp?
    is ajax better or not really worth it?
    i have anything up to 100 fields that need saving at one save click

  • How to call Java class from Forms 6i?

    Hi friends,
    I need to call a Java class from my Forms 6i application.
    (It runs under WIndows XP. It's a client/server application and I have only the client and the Form builder installed on my PC)
    I don't know almost anything about Java's world so your help would be very useful for me.
    Could you tell me exactly what i have to do?
    I've read in metalink several Notes, but they supposed that the Java architecture is already installed in the computer.... I only have the default installation of Developer 6i... so I would need to know:
    - How to install/configure the neccesary to execute Java classes without problem
    - How to invoke the .class from Forms 6i.
    Thanks a lot

    And also this one:
    Problem Description
    Installed Forms 6i Rel 2 on a MS Windows machine. When trying to Import the Java
    Classes getting the errors
    PDE-UJI0001 Failed to create the JVM
    Solution Description
    You need to to install JDK 1.2.2 to run the Java Importer. And set the PATH's
    and classpath's correctly.
    1. Download and install the JDK 1.2.2.
    Possibly available at:
    2. Assuming the JDK 1.2.2 is installed in c:\jdk1.2.2 directory and the JRE in
    C:\PROGRA~1\JAVASOFT\JRE\1.2 directory; ORACLE_HOME=C:\Dev6iR2.
    Set the PATH to
    set PATH=c:\jdk1.2.2\bin;C:\PROGRA~1\JAVASOFT\JRE\1.2\bin;C:\PROGRA~1\JAVASOFT\JRE\1.2\bin\classic;%PATH%
    ( If you are using ias9i then the JDK 1.2.2 comes with the ias installtion ,
    in this case please set the PATH to
    D:\ias9i\Apache\jdk\bin;D:\ias9i\Apache\jdk\jre\bin;D:\ias9i\Apache\jdk\jre\bin\classic;%PATH% )
    (If you do not set the CLASSPATH correctly you will get the error
    PDE-UJI002 Unable to find the required java importer classes)
    4. Now run the Forms Builder by using the command.
    Now the Java Importer Should Run fine.

  • How to call java function from PL/sql in oracle applications

    I am trying to call a java function from plsql procedure. Can any one explain how to call java function, and in which directory I have to store my java function in oracle applications. Do I need to register that java function from Application developer.
    Good Luck,

  • Calling a Java Class from PL/SQL

    I need a technique of calling a class file and invoke its
    methods written in Java by PL/SQL for my intranet development.
    PLease let me know if you have really experienced and won.

    First, to call a Java class from PL/SQL the class needs to be
    deployed to the database. you can check the 8i documentation for
    the instructions for loading Java into the database(LoadJava).
    The document contains information on how to load the Java and
    call it from PL/SQL. The following links should help.
    Loading Java:
    Invoking a Java Method in the database:
    Gary (JDev Team)

  • Calling java class from jsp page

    Dear Friends.
    I wrote jsp page and java class.
    Am calling java class from jsp page. after processing result,
    I have to refresh jsp page from java class.
    processing time may take 5 minutes or 1 minute etc. that depends on user.
    Can It be possible ? if possible , How ?

    Ok, I get a very strange error now:
    org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSPerror: An error has occurred in the compiler; please file a bug report (
    What is this??? Anyone?

  • How to call Java API from BSP?

    I have a requirement to call Java API from BSP application.
    I have checked the forum and found that it is possible by using some ABAP codes.
    However there is no pointer on how this is done.
    Can someone explain the details on how to call Java API from BSP is done?
    I found class CL_EJB_JAVA_OBJECT_METHODS to call a method in EJB but can't find function or SAP class to call Java API.
    Actually is there any BSP extention which can used to call Java API?

    check out these weblogs, it should give you an idea how to go about it.

  • Calling java classes from plsql procedures

    I'm attempting to call java classes from plsql procedures which will create cmsdk users, folders, groups etc, however when I attempt to load a java class into the oracle schema using the command:
    loadjava -user user/[email protected] -resolve classname.class
    It generates error messages to the effect that classes (cmsdk classes) required by the class cannot be found. The class is loaded and marked with the status "invalid". Is it therefore necessary for me to load the cmsdk packages into the schema?

    Using CMSDK Java API within the database has never been supported
    (see Problems loading IFS's java class into database
    When we needed to invoke CMSDK code from our PL/SQL code, we used one of two approaches:
    (1) use advanced queues to send requests to an external Java program (the CMSDK code, running outside the database) and receive the results back (asynchronous choice); or
    (2) make an HTTP request to a Java servlet (the CMSDK code, running in some Java web container like iAS) and get the response back in some custom format (XML or something) (synchronous choice).
    It seems to me that the CMSDK Java API was designed to be used only in middle-tier, not in database tier.

  • How to call  java program from ABAP

    Hi Experts,
         My requirement is to call java programs from ABAP. For that i have set up SAP JCO connection by using this link [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] Connection gets sucessfully. After this how to call java program from ABAP as per our requirement. Please help me out.
      Also i tried this way also.. but while executing the DOS Command line appear & disappear in few seconds. So couldnt see the JAVA output. Please help me out to call java programs in ABAP..
    DATA:command TYPE string VALUE 'D:Javajdk1.6.0_20 injavac',
    parameter TYPE string VALUE 'D:java MyFirstProgram'.
    CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute
    application = command
    parameter = parameter
    cntl_error = 1
    error_no_gui = 2
    bad_parameter = 3
    file_not_found = 4
    path_not_found = 5
    file_extension_unknown = 6
    error_execute_failed = 7
    OTHERS = 8.

    This depends on the version of your Netweaver Java AS. If you are running 7.0, you will have to use the Jco framework. The Jco framework is deprecated since 7.1 though. If you want to build a RFC server in 7.1 or higher, it is adviced that you set it up through JRA.
    Implement an RFC server in 7.0:
    Implement an RFC server in 7.1 or higher:

  • How to load java class from jsp page?

    hi all!
    Does anyone know how to load java class from jsp page?
    I try to load java class from jsp page.
    Is it possible to load java class fom jsp page?
    thanks and have a good day!

    What I mean is How to load/open java class file from jsp page?
    I think we can open Applet from jsp page by using
    <applet code=helloApplet.class width=100 height=100>
    but, how to open java class which is an application made by Frame?
    thanks and have a good day

  • Calling java class from abap function moduile

    Is it possible to call java class from function module.
    i am a java guy. my need is to call a java class from a  function module in the backend. which in turn performs certain functions.
    i would be highly obliged if someone could let me know if this is possible.
    Srikumar V

    Hi Srikumar ,
    you can call a java webservice in ABAP .
    u can call the webservice and via that u can trigger the java class..

  • How to call web services from PL/SQL?

    Can one help in how to call web services from PL/SQL? Steps, pros and cons, etc....
    Thanks in advance

    Here's some example skeleton code to get you started...
      PROCEDURE p_soap_request(p_username IN VARCHAR2, p_password IN VARCHAR2, p_proxy IN VARCHAR2) IS
        soap_request  VARCHAR2(30000);
        soap_respond  CLOB;
        http_req      utl_http.req;
        http_resp     utl_http.resp;
        resp          XMLType;
        soap_err      exception;
        v_code        VARCHAR2(200);
        v_msg         VARCHAR2(1800);
        v_len number;
        v_txt Varchar2(32767);
        -- Define the SOAP request according the the definition of the web service being called
        soap_request:= '<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>'||
                       '<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">'||
                       '  <SOAP-ENV:Body>'||
                       '    <m:DownloadRequest xmlns:m="">'||
                       '      <m:UserName>'||p_username||'</m:UserName>'||
                       '      <m:Password>'||p_password||'</m:Password>'||
                       '    </m:DownloadRequest>'||
                       '  </SOAP-ENV:Body>'||
        http_req:= utl_http.begin_request
                  ( ''
                  , 'POST'
                  , 'HTTP/1.1'
        utl_http.set_header(http_req, 'Content-Type', 'text/xml');
        utl_http.set_header(http_req, 'Content-Length', length(soap_request));
        utl_http.set_header(http_req, 'Download', ''); -- header requirements of particular web service
        utl_http.write_text(http_req, soap_request);
        http_resp:= utl_http.get_response(http_req);
        utl_http.get_header_by_name(http_resp, 'Content-Length', v_len, 1); -- Obtain the length of the response
        FOR i in 1..CEIL(v_len/32767) -- obtain response in 32K blocks just in case it is greater than 32K
            utl_http.read_text(http_resp, v_txt, case when i < CEIL(v_len/32767) then 32767 else mod(v_len,32767) end);
            soap_respond := soap_respond || v_txt; -- build up CLOB
        END LOOP;
        resp:= XMLType.createXML(soap_respond); -- Convert CLOB to XMLTYPE
      END;Using secure web services (https)...
    Web serivces call in Plsql
    As for 'pros and cons'... there's nothing to compare against... either you want to call a web service or you don't.

  • How to call java method from workflow script?

    I have a requirement of updating field value 'Document Status' based on review/approve of content from Workflow and hence need to update the version number. For that I need to call my java method from workflow during submit of review/approve condition. Please let me know how to call java method from workflow?
    Is there any alternative better way to achive this requirement from workflow? Please suggest.

    OK. So, I think we can all conclude that you don't need to call any Java method, can't we? And, that wfUpdateMetadata is the command that will update your metadata.
    Now, the question is what are its arguments. It has two - the first is the name of a custom metadata field to be updated (let's suppose that one field is called xMinorVersion, and the other xMajorVersion), the other is the new value, e.g. <$wfUpdateMetaData("xMinorVersion", "New value.")$>As for new value - do you insist on using strings? Since you want to increase the value, it would be more convenient to work with numbers. For instance, with integers you could go with <$wfUpdateMetaData("xMinorVersion", xMinorVersion + 1)$>With strings you will need to convert it to numbers and back to strings. Besides, what happens if you have more than 100 minor versions? (you mentioned you want to add 0.01, but that would finally increase the major version, wouldn't it?) So, I think these two numbers are independent (perhaps, with exception that increase on the major version set the minor version to .00).
    If you want to present it, you can use profiles that will construct for you the representation 2.304 out of MajorVersion = 2, MinorVersion = 304

  • How to call java implementations from C language

    How to call java implementations from C language....
    I know using JNI java can call C the converse also possible????

    How to call java implementations from C language....
    I know using JNI java can call C the
    converse also possible????Yes.

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