How to call the U.S. from the Maldives?

I will be in the Maldives for 10 days and want to be able to call the U.S. via a Windows laptop.  What's the best way to do this?  Should I do the pay-as-you-go approach or get a subscription?  If I use the pay-as-you-go approach with Skype credit, can I call a cell phone in the U.S.?  What are the rates?
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bethr524 wrote:
1. Should I do the pay-as-you-go approach or get a subscription? 
2. If I use the pay-as-you-go approach with Skype credit, can I call a cell phone in the U.S.? 
3. What are the rates?
1. Only you can answer that question. It depends on your call frequency.
2 . Yes.
I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac
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    We use SRM Server 5.5 with classic scenario.
    We want to call RFC in R/3 from webdynpro ABAP.
    How can we do that?
    We are developing the web report using webdynpro abap.
    So we need some of R/3 data such like PR(EBAN)and PO(EKKO,EKPO).
    When user choose the search parameter, report diplay the Shopping cart, PR and PO data on webdynpro.  So we call the R/3 RFC to display the PR, PO data.
    But I tired to call the RFC in R/3, We could not call it.
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    <b>Please look at the following threads as well -></b>
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    <b>SAP uses META Function modules in SRM to get data from R/3 back-end.</b>
    <u>For getting Purchase requistion data, use the function modules -></u>
    META_REQUISITION_CHANGE        Change purchase requisition              
    META_REQUISITION_CREATE        Create Requisition                       
    META_REQUISITION_DELETE        Delete/close purchase requisition        
    META_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL     Display requisition details              
    META_REQUISITION_GETITEMS      Display requisition items                
    META_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO    Get Releasease Info for requisitions
    <u>For getting Purchase order data, use the function modules -></u>
    META_PO_CREATE                 Create purchase order                    
    META_PO_DELETE                 Delete reservation                       
    META_PO_GETDETAIL              Display purchase order details           
    META_PO_GETITEMS               Display purchase order items             
    META_PO_GETRELINFO             Display purchase order release information
    Hope this will definitely help. Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • How to call the DLL writing in Vb6.0 from testsatnd?

    I want to call a dll writting in VB6.0 from teststand. But as i see from the "Step Setting" in teststand, only the C/C++ Dll can be selected in the "adapter" type. I try to use this one as my adapter to call my VB6.0 dll, in result, there is no function can be seen in the "function" tab in teststand.Anyone know how to call the DLL writing in Vb6.0?
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    Hi Ivan,
    Just to be sure that your DLL is not wrong
    you have check if all functions are well and present.
    There is  tool called "Dependency Walker"   You can download it at .
    With it you can look "inside" your dll
    If you will see your functions there, you will see them (in my case !!always!!) in TestStand, too.
    Hope this helps 
    =s=i=g=n=a=t=u=r=e= Click on the Star and see what happens :-) =s=i=g=n=a=t=u=r=e=

  • How to call the secured EJB from timer ejb timedout method.

    Hi All,
    I have a couple of questions on EJB 3.1 Timer Service.
    1. How to call the secured EJB (annotated @RolesAllowed) from Timer EJB @Timeout Method?
    2. What's the default role/principal with which the Timer @Timeout Method gets called?
    Please let me know any info regarding the same.

    I'd start here:
    If that doesn't help, go to the table of contents and start poking around. You don't need to read the whole thing front to back, but if you're not willing to spend some time researching and reading, you're not going to get very far.

  • How to call the css file and its images from our application......

    Im uploading a .css file and some images in Apex shared components ,now how to call the css file and images from my Application.... plz tell me detailed.....
    Edited by: anoo on Nov 3, 2008 12:51 AM

    Hi Anoo,
    Sorry, didn't see that you'd started a new thread, so have answered this in 'undefined' is null (or) not an object "

  • How to call the webservice in abap program

    Hi All,
    I have created a web service for my RFC .  The RFC has Import and export paramaters.
    I want call the same web service into my  ABAP REPORT and at the same time i want pass the values to webservice  and get the result from webservice in my abap report,
    Please help me  how to call the web service and pass the values and get the values?
    Highly appreciate your assitance.

    Hi Kishan,
    You can refer to following help document,

  • How to call the Page Fragment in Page with Flow logic

        I am new to BSP, My requirement is to created 1 page fragment which contains the Logo.  and to create 2 pages in flow logic
    The  logo has to apper in Pages with flow logic Pages. My question is how to call the PAge fragment in the 1 &2 pagesin page with flow logic

    There is a very enriching portal  where you can find all basic and good documentation .
    the above link is from that portal.
    Before asking such basic questions please at least try to find or do some research yourself.
    There are standard applications like HTMLB_SAMPLES and SBSEXT_HTMLB and more for sample applications.

  • How to call the screen in methods could u please explain

    how to call the screen in methods could u please explain clearly with example

    HI ,
    CALL SCREEN - Call a screen
    Basic form
    CALL SCREEN scr.
    ... STARTING AT x1 y1 ... ENDING AT x2 y2
    Calls the screen scr; scr is the number of a screen of the main program. You use SET SCREEN 0. or LEAVE SCREEN. to define the return from the CALL screen.
    Please consult Data Area and Modularization Unit Organization documentation as well.
    ... STARTING AT x1 y1  ENDING AT x2 y2
    The coordinates x1, y1 (start column and start line in the window) and x2, y2 (end column and end line in the window) define the size and position of the CALL screen ("top left - bottom right"). Besides these coordinates, you can also see the contents of the primary window, but cannot perform any action there.
    If "ENDING AT ..." is not specified, suitable values are substituted for x2 and y2, taking into account the size of the called screen.
    Non-Catchable Exceptions
    Cause: No further screen level (call screen); the maximum number of nested screen levels is restricted to 50 at present.

  • How to call the Application configuration in run time.

    hi guru,
    i have created two  Application configuraton   and it working fine.
    my question how to call the application configuration in run time.
    Example :
    Based on the user i want to change the Application Super user and Normal user.
    Advance thank's

    Please try out this way-
    Have a look at this table -
    WDY_CONF_APPLU - (Customizing Data for Web Dynpro Applications).
    after you are done with the configuration--
    Ge the config id for the given application from this table. And depending on the user get an entry from this table and display accordingly.
    Please refer to these links -
    different default layouts for different CONFIG_IDs

  • How to call the Standard Program in our ZPROGRAM?

    Hi Frieds can you tell me the procedure how to call the Standard program
    in z----
    program and we have to get the data from standard one to our customer program.
    Thanks in advance,
    madan mohan.

    *Submit report but export resultant list to memory, rather than
    *it being displayed on screen
    Once report has finished and control has returned to calling
    program, use function modules LIST_FROM_MEMORY, WRITE_LIST and
    DISPLAY_LIST to retrieve and display report.
    *Example Code (Retrieving list from memory)
    DATA  BEGIN OF itab_list OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE abaplist.
    DATA  END OF itab_list.
    DATA: BEGIN OF vlist OCCURS 0,
            filler1(01)   TYPE c,
            field1(06)    TYPE c,
            filler(08)    TYPE c,
            field2(10)    TYPE c,
            filler3(01)   TYPE c,
            field3(10)    TYPE c,
            filler4(01)   TYPE c,
            field4(3)     TYPE c,
            filler5(02)   TYPE c,
            field5(15)    TYPE c,
            filler6(02)   TYPE c,
            field6(30)    TYPE c,
            filler7(43)   TYPE c,
            field7(10)    TYPE c,
          END OF vlist.
        listobject = itab_list
        not_found  = 4
        OTHERS     = 8.
        list_index         = -1
        listasci           = vlist
        listobject         = itab_list
        empty_list         = 1
        list_index_invalid = 2
        OTHERS             = 3.
    IF sy-subrc NE '0'.
      WRITE:/ 'LIST_TO_ASCI error !! ', sy-subrc.

  • How to call the XML file as PrivateResourcePath in JSP

    Hi All,
    I want to call the layer-config.xml values in JSP dropdown list. How to call the XML file as PrivateResourcePath in JSP... please advise me if any solution.
    locaiton: dist/PORTAL-INF/layer-config.xml
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <layer-config>
    - <system>
    - <system>
    - <system>
    Thanks in advance.

    The below link may help you.
    [Accessing image from dist/imgaes folder inside JSPDynpage Component;
    Suresh Bachimanchi

  • How to call the attachment(application attachment) in RTF

    Hi Friends,
    can any one help me, how to call the attached document in XMl Publisher(RTF).
    The attachement is done in application for "order Management". We have design the xml file from "oracle reports"(RDF) and designing the layout in XML Publisher(RTF).
    Please help me how can i handle this in RTF.
    Thanks in advance.

    If you mean where are attachments stored so you can get the contents, see my blog post here:
    With regards to getting them into RTF layout, it may depend on what type of attachment they are - short/long text/URLs will be fine, file attachments (LOBs) may depend on the contents - certain types of images will be fine, other file type attachments (like PDF, DOC, etc) I'm not sure - on my list of things to look at.

  • How to call the bean in jspdyn component?

    i created  jspdyn component in that bean and bussiness logic class in NWDS.i created a method() in that businesslogic class.i called that method in bean class.i created both in same package,there is no error occur while creating the object of that class.but the bean class not recognize the business class method which i created. What is the cause? and also tell me how to call the bean in jsppage also.and also give me textfields,button and syntax of event handling in HTMLB,iam new to this,give me one example step by step.

         Please check on these links for a good start.
    Java development methodologies (Part II)
    Bean usage in JSPDynPage
    jspDynPage portalapp.xml
    Harini S
    Please avoid giving personal mail id(s). That may prevent others from getting the same information when needed.

  • How to call the XML file as Private

    Hi All,
    I want to call the layer-config.xml values in JSP dropdown list. How to call the XML file as PrivateResourcePath in JSP... please advise me if any solution.
    locaiton: dist/PORTAL-INF/layer-config.xml
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <layer-config>
    - <system>
    - <system>
    - <system>
    Thanks in advance.

    The below link may help you.
    [Accessing image from dist/imgaes folder inside JSPDynpage Component;
    Suresh Bachimanchi

  • How to call the second mapping in the first mapping fails in the BPM

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario like this.
    There are two mappings. There is a one condition while genearying the root element of the first mapping. If this condition is not satisfies the first mapping will fail. If this mapping fails i want to trigger another mapping.
    How to achieve this functionality.
    If it is possible with BPM. how to call the second mapping in the BPM.

    you can not create the containter for the synchronous interfaces.
    you have to craete the two asysnchronous abstact interfaces .
    thenusing those two abstract interfaces you have to define the containers in the BPM.
    and you also have to define the interface mapping b/w those two abstract interfaces.
    once you define the interface mapping you will be able to select the interface mapping using the transformation step in BPM.
    once you select the interface mapping in BPM then you will be able to selece the interfaces
    if you still face the problenm please reply me back.
    Rinku Gangwnau

  • How to Call the RFC in Webdynpro abap application

    Dear Experts,
    Good Evening to all...
    I have to add two numbers using RFC in webdynpro abap application. If we give the numbers in the input screen then the RFC should add it and give it in the output screen. This is the application for that I have created the RFC.
    But the problem is i don't know how to call the RFC in that Webdynpro abap application and how to link the input view and output view with that RFC...? I am new to Webdynpro abap. Please kindly help me on this... I am struggled here... I need your help in this....
    Thank You.

    Hi Jaga,
    You asked the same question again.
    Without closing the [previous one|Re: Where SAP store the uploaded files?].
    I think Abhi has answered your question.
    If not please elaborate on the problem.
    The solution btw is to create a Service Call.

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