How to call user define data type as data type for concurrent parameter

Hi All,
i find some difficulty while creating the concurrent program.
i have one of the parameter of table type i.e. user define data type at PLSql program
now i need to register same PLSQL program into oracle applications as concurrent program
but while i am creating Parameters for concurrent program
How could i define that user define data type at database level in oracle applications using 'Value set' ?
any one save me from this Problem
thanks and Regards,
sai [email protected]

Don't think this can be done..
One way I can think of is to wrap your PL/SQL program under another procedure/package that can accept "normal" parameter,and use/register this wrapper instead of your original pl/sql program.

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  • How to call User Define Function

    I need a help....
    In my Project I have Login.jspx page in which there is a textbox Username.
    I have second success.jspx page which has its bean class in which i have define a method "display()".Now i want to cal display() in my success.jspx page.
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    Thanks in advance...

    Hi Abhijit,
    Sure i can give you more details on the same:
    I have written a displayVal method in bean class
    public String displayVal() {    
    String txtVal = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getPageFlowScope().get("testValue").toString();
    return txtVal;
    Now in ForgotPassword.jspx page i have one input text box named "nameID" in which i want to display some value from the user-define method called displayVal()
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    So now my query is : Is there any way by which i can call my user-define method on the jspx page from the bean class of the same page.

  • How to call User defined functions in Mathscript Node ?

    I have created a user defined function and saved it to Search path of Labview as an M file. If I run my program in Math script window, the function is recognized and the program works properly. If I do the same with MathScript node , the user defined functions are not identified.
    Kindly help me with this problem. Thanks in advance
    Lenord Melvix

    This page may help:
    Kevin C.

  • How to Call User Defined Procedure in Report

    I have a procedure which return some values.and i want to call this procedure in PLD.In PLD's  properties field there is a tab named Content , when i select source type as procedure and give the procedure name the PLD is unable to call this procedure.
    Edited by: Philip Eller on Jun 26, 2008 11:09 AM

    Hi Sandeep,
    Please kindly refer to the definition of this type:
    You can use this type of field to print secured images, such as official
    stamps, which you are not legally permitted to save on your computer as
    regular pictures, but as *.dll files. The source types available for
    External Data fields include the values Procedure Name, Database,
    Formula and System Variable.
    To select an external data source type to print a fixed image:
    1. Choose Properties - Field > Content tab.
    2. Select Procedure Name in the Source Type field:
    3. Enter the name of the required *.dll file in the Procedure
       Name field.
    The *.dll file must be located in the extensions folder defined in
    Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Path tab >
    Extensions Folder.
    Hope this clarifies the issue.
    Canna Mu
    SAP Business One Forums Team

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    go through this links ,i hope these ll help you solve your problem

  • How to Developed user defined functions to call function modules in SAP R/3

    •     how to Develope user defined functions to call function modules in SAP R/3 system

    Hello Raja,
    Go through this V.imp Link...
    Steps to crate FM..
    Follow these steps..
    Go to the T: code SE37
    First You Create Function Group
    On That u specify
    Function Group Name..............
    Short Text..............................
    Go to SE 37
    Specify the Function Module Name: Eg: Z_Bapi_Materialmaster
    Short Text.......
    Next Go to Attributes..
    Select Radio button : Remote enabled model
    Go to Parameters..
    Click Import...
    Give Parameter Type Associate type S.t
    next Click Export...
    Give Parameter Type Associate type S.t
    Next Click Tables Button..
    Specify tables..
    Next click source code button..
    Write Source code here..
    Eg : Select statements Etc..
    Finally we should be select the Radio button Enable remorely
    Re: User Defined Functions Tutorials
    Hope this information is useful to you..
    Thanks ,
    Satya Kumar..

  • How 2 Develope user defined functions to call function modules in R/3 syst

    How to Develope user defined functions to call function modules in SAP R/3 xi

    If those function modules are RFC enabled then we can call those function module from user defined functions. Please see below link
    Reward points if helpful.
    Vijay Kumar T,

  • How to create user defined button in alv report

    how to create user defined button in alv report
    thnks in advance.

    U can define it the the PF-STATUS ( Menu for ALV ).
    For that u have to define it in the EVENTCAT.
    form z_eventcat  using    p_i_eventcat type slis_t_event.
      data: i_event type slis_alv_event.
      call function 'REUSE_ALV_EVENTS_GET'
          i_list_type     = 0
          et_events       = p_i_eventcat
          list_type_wrong = 1
          others          = 2.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
        message id sy-msgid type sy-msgty number sy-msgno
                with sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
      clear i_event.
      read table p_i_eventcat with key name = slis_ev_top_of_page into
      if sy-subrc = 0.
        move 'TOP_OF_PAGE' to i_event-form.
        append i_event to p_i_eventcat.
      read table p_i_eventcat with key name = slis_ev_pf_status_set into i_event.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
        move 'SET_PF_STATUS' to i_event-form.
        append i_event to p_i_eventcat.
      clear i_event.
      read table p_i_eventcat into i_event with key name = slis_ev_user_command .
      if sy-subrc = 0.
        move 'USER_COMMAND' to i_event-form.
        append i_event to p_i_eventcat.
    And in the DISPLAY
    call function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
         i_callback_program                = v_progname
         i_callback_pf_status_set          = 'SET_PF_STATUS'
         i_callback_user_command           = 'USER_COMMAND'
         i_callback_top_of_page            = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'
         i_grid_title                      = v_gridtitle
         i_save                            = 'A'
         is_layout                         = i_layout
         it_fieldcat                       = i_fieldcat[]
         it_sort                           = i_sortinfo
         it_events                         = i_eventcat
      E_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_CALLER           =
      ES_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_USER            =
          t_outtab                          = it_final
         program_error                     = 1
         others                            = 2
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
        message id sy-msgid type sy-msgty number sy-msgno
                with sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    form set_pf_status using rt_extab type slis_t_extab.
      set pf-status 'ALV_MENU'.
    endform.                    "SET_PF_STATUS
    endform.                    " Z_EVENTCAT
    Now double click on ALV MENU nad u can create a button in the application bar.

  • How to call user fuction in select statement.

    i am facing some problem.How to call user functions in select statement.please send me answer with example.

    Locations to Call User-Defined Functions
    • Select list of a SELECT command
    • Condition of the WHERE and HAVING clauses
    BY clauses
    • VALUES clause of the INSERT command
    • SET clause of the UPDATE command
    Restrictions on Calling Functions from SQL Expressions
    To be callable from SQL expressions, a user-defined
    function must:
    • Be a stored function
    • Accept only IN parameters
    • Accept only valid SQL data types, not PL/SQL
    specific types, as parameters
    • Return data types that are valid SQL data types,
    not PL/SQL specific types
    • Functions called from SQL expressions cannot
    contain DML statements.
    • Functions called from UPDATE/DELETE statements
    on a table T cannot contain DML on the same table
    • Functions called from an UPDATE or a DELETE
    statement on a table T cannot query the same table.
    • Functions called from SQL statements cannot
    contain statements that end the transactions.
    • Calls to subprograms that break the previous
    restriction are not allowed in the function.

  • How to use user-defined packages in JAX-RPC web service

    I am trying to use Object of my class located in my package in jax-rpc webservice,the code is
    package supercomputer;
    import Hello.*;
    public class SuperImpl implements SuperIF
    public String sendParam(String data)
    Temp ob=new Temp();
    int i=ob.get1(10000);
    return data+"returned by supercomputer";
    Temp is located in Hello package,I have jar the Hello package as Hello.jar and has set its classpath in targets.xml of Ant tool.
    The code compiles well and service is deployed successfully,but when i try to call the service from the client its gives me following error.
    [echo] Running the supercomputer.SuperClient program....
    [java] java.rmi.ServerException: Missing port information
    [java] at com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StreamingSender._raiseFault(
    [java] at com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StreamingSender._send(
    [java] at supercomputer.SuperIF_Stub.sendParam(
    [java] at supercomputer.SuperClient.main(Unknown Source)
    I dont know if it deploys why it gives error on client side.
    Please tell how to use user-defined packages and class in jax-rpc service code ,i am not talking about passing user-defined parameters i am just talking about making objects of user defined classes in jax-rpc service.I think there is some problem in classpath.
    Please guide me in doing that.

    I don't know if your error is about a missing class from your custom package, ... what track did you followed to say that?
    To use your package in the implementation of you web service, you should only follow the rules of making a web application: put your package jar in your \lib directory inside WEB-INF/ or your package classes unjared in classes (also in WEB-INF/).
    As I already said, I have doubts that your error should be originated from a missing class from your package, but:
    -try to see the logs (errors?) when you deploy your web service that could give a hint about the problem.
    -try to see if you can access your endpoint through your browser to see if there is a online status
    -display your config/WSDL file, and the steps you did to build your web service.
    Pedro Salazar.

  • User Defined Transaction in Logical Data Service

    I have few physical data services created from database store procedures. I've corresponding logical services for each of the physical data services.
    Now I've created a logical data service that calls 2 store procedures & trying to update this 2 store procs in a single transaction.
    Also I dont have a read operation in my logical data services. In this case both store proc. should take part in a single transaction & should commit or rollback as per success/failure.
    I tried testing this scenario & it fails. ALDSP was able to update first store proc. but there was an error in second store proc. so it should have rollback the entire transaction.
    Is there any way that we can have user defined transaction in logical data service?
    My Scenario:
    InsertData(RequestA,RequestB) as response
    res1 := call First Store Proc (RequestA) ;
    res2 := call Second Store Proc (RequestB);
    response := res1 + res2
    So my question was is it possible to define user transaction before making calls & have commit/rollback define around it.
    Apprecaite for your help!

    I have assumed that you realize you need XA drivers for this. What is the exception you see? Something about "mixed outcome"?
    But in the case of store procedure, we cant drag & drop physical ds into logical ds. Why?Since your stored procedure updates, it should be defined in the physical ds as a "procedure" not a "function" - it sounds like it is. (procedure means it will update, function means it will not - not that it is a "stored procedure"). Because it updates it cannot be called by an xquery function because xquery is by definition read-only. It can only be called directly from the client, or from another procedure (which is XQSE, not Xquery). If you created a logical ds with a "procedure" - you could drop your procedure into that.
    created a new library procedure in which i am calling 2 physical ds assuming it will be executed in a single transaction. But it does not. Please verify.
    But it does not. Please verify.I won't verify it because it is not correct. It should be treated as though it is one transaction. And barring the bugs with JNDI/data source names and multi-data sources, I do not know how how it would not be. So either there is a misunderstanding or a new bug.
    Either way you need to open a case with customer support to resolve this. When you open your case, the more information you provide them with (i.e the smallest possible dataspace that will reproduce the problem along with DML to create the stored procedures and the tables that they use, and also any/all exceptions/stack traces and server logs).
    - Mike
    ps. there are no means to explicitly create a transaction in ODSI.

  • Matscript node void ouputs when calling user-defined functions

    I have a (for most of you, probably simple) problem with calling user defined function within a mathscript node.
    I have a script inside a MathScript node which calls three UD functions. When I try to output variables, LabView sets their type to void, so I cannot use them further. this would imply, that the script is nondeterministic, (since the types would get set at runtime). However, if I replace the call to the UD function with the actual contents of the function, the variable becomes deterministic. Now, since I have several call to these functions, I have no desire in writing all of them many time, introducing many variables etc. What would you advise me to do?
    Find attached my scripts and functions.
    I need this script running on a RT Target, and have been battling this for weeks, with almost no success!
    Thanks, Regards,
    Attachments: ‏2 KB

    MArtin, hello!
    As far as I know, LabView checks the syntax as you write in the MS Node, and since there is no X mark next to the line number, it indicates, that the syntax is correct. Since i have set the path to the UDF in both the VI options and in the general MAthScript setting, how does adding the path command help? even if I add path('directory') command, a yellow exclamation mark appears, saying the command is slowing down performance.
    (this is the original help explanation:
    The warning glyph indicates that LabVIEW operates with reduced error checking at edit time and slower run-time performance for the MathScript Node. The following conditions cause the warning glyph to appear. To remove the warning glyph from the MathScript Node and improve run-time performance, modify your script as follows to resolve the condition in your script:
    Your script calls addpath or pathremove (legacy name rmpath), or calls cd, path, or userpath with one or more inputs, which change the MathScript search path list at run time. Remove these functions and use the MathScript page to configure the default search path)
     Could you please post a screenshot of your VI, just to see, if you've got anything different set up?
    I am running LV2012.

  • How to import user defined class in UIX page?

    Does anyone know how to import user defined class in UIX page so that the class can be called in the javascript in the UIX ?
    Thks & Rgds,

    what you are referring to is not javascript.
    it is JSP scriptlets. These are very different.
    In order to keep a strict separation between View and Controller, it is not possible to run arbitrary java code from within your UIX code.
    However, you can run java code from within a UIX event handler; see:!/uixdevguide/introducingbaja.html
    event handler code is run before the page is rendered.

  • How to make user-define value's query

    Dear All,
    In we have 3 user-defined fields in marketing document. When I type in field 1 and field 2, we need line total = field 1 * field 2.
    Would it be possible for me to config it in SAP? I setup a user-define value and have a query for it. Make it updated when field 2 changed. But when I am not clear on how to write the query. I have a query select $[POR1.U_Field1]*$[POR1.U_Field2]
    But I got an error message. It has to be some syn error in my query.
    It is a service type document so that I cannot have a where POR1.Itemcode = ...
    Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: Jie Jin on Mar 23, 2010 7:28 PM

    I use Select $(Por1.Price.number)*$(Por1.U_Numberofunit.number)   //replace ( to [
    The price was been change to null. Then my query is like select *6. Thanks.
    Edited by: Jie Jin on Mar 23, 2010 7:42 PM
    Edited by: Jie Jin on Mar 23, 2010 7:44 PM

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    i created one converter webservice and deployed on sap j2ee engine,tested successfully. after that i am trying to import the existing webservice as model class in to my webdynpro. but it is saying invalid WSDL or no WSDL exits. below one is my webser

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