How to call webservice through Oracle HTTP Server

I have cluster of three Managed Servers. They are behind a Oracle HTTP Server. I deployed a web service to the cluster. When calling web service, I got the error. The error is that the client of web service can not directly access the Managed Servers.
The error tell that it can not access http://webapp01:7003/webservice/HelloWorld?WSDL
Where webapp01 is the host name of a managed server.
Is there a way that web service return the result to HTTP Server and HTTP Server return it to web service client.

1. Before you invoke the WebServices from client program, I guess you may have already generated the webservices client jar for the WSDL that is deployed using sun jdk "wsimport" command or bea's clientgen ant task. At this time, what is the wsdl url you gave. In the generated client jar file you should see .JAVA files also. Check the Service related .java file and check the WSDL URL in that file. If it is using weblogic servers managed server host and port, then the problem you see is obvious.
2. To fix this, you re-generate the webservices client jar file again this time giving the http server host and port instead of weblogic host and port. I am hoping you already modified httpd.conf file to accept the webservice url pattern. Check the .JAVA file generated for service to see the WSDL URL that is having inside.
3. Another approach is on your client side, before you invoke any operation on WebService, you will be first getting Service object, then Port object and invoke methods on Port object. When you get Service Object, you can pass the WSDL URL as one parameter and ServiceName (QName) as second parameter. Most of time we use default constructor without any parameters to get Service object. But you can use other constructor and pass 2 parameters. The WSDL URL will have HttpServers host and port, and rest of the url for wsdl will be the same.
In our env, we have similar requirment. SOAP BPEL Process WebServices are deployed on WLS 10.3.1 on a Cluster with 2 ManagedServers. We have Apache Proxy in front of this Cluster. All our WSDL requests goes to Apache host and port + wsdl url. This inturn goes to one of the managed servers at a time in round-robin. This is working. In httpd.conf we gave "MatchExpression / " so that any request from apache will go to cluster.
Ravi Jegga

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    I'm going to guess and say that you are using Developer Suite based on your reference to port 8889. Assuming this is true, did you start OC4J? If so, a DOS window will open - do NOT close this window as it will terminate OC4J.
    Also, what happens if you open a browser and enter the Forms URL directly?

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    We finally upgraded from htmldb 1.6 to ApEx 3.1.2 late last year. This was in conjunction with setting up a new server and installing Oracle 11g DB, while our production DB is still 10g. During this install, I opted for the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway, whereas our htmldb is running with the Oracle HTTP Server.
    During the conversion of one of our applications I learned that Virtual Directory references to #IMAGE_PREFIX# are no longer valid for custom CSS so I had to change an entry in the page templates that I'm using to use #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#. Now I am importing another application from our htmldb 1.6 environment to our ApEx 3.1.2 environment, and I have a new problem that I think is related.
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    When I change the Link Text to <img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#edit_big.gif" border="0" alt="Icon 1"> I lose the Edit Icon image. However, what I'm really concerned about is the URL not found error
    Now, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, so if the problem isn't related to virtual directories, which tree should I be barking up?
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    Is the IMR.ofile a custom package for downloading files? If so, you might need to add it to the wwv_flow_epg_include_mod_local function.
    I am not certain how this function also plays into the embedded pl/sql gateway, but do know it would affect this running through Oracle HTTP server when configured with the before proc.
    With the embedded gateway it may very well be that you need to add this package into the ACL for outside availability.

  • Starting of Oracle HTTP Server

    Hi , I've installed Oracle 9i database, unable to start my Oracle HTTP Server. Mine is a standalone Win2k system, not connecetd to the Internet, doesnt have a modem either. How do i start my Oracle HTTP Server?
    Thanks in advance,

    open your Windows Services (Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools)
    and verify your whether your service OracleOraHomexxHTTPServer is started or not. If not you can start it from there.
    hope it helps...

  • Set up Oracle HTTP Server  for a particular IP address

    How do I set up Oracle HTTP Server to allow access control based on a particular IP address to certain CGI Scripts if a site is a local site?
    I have tried this in httpd.conf file but it does not restrict a particular IP address (say in my home network (consists of 3 PCs). is the IP address of node where OHS is installed. I access my OHS from client like this
    ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "C:\oracle_home\Apache\Apache\cgi-bin/"
    <Directory C:\oracle_home\Apache\Apache\cgi-bin>
    AllowOverride None
    Options None
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from
    Note: - I have not made any changes in the default configuration of OHS.
    Any help for a student like me will be highly appreciated.
    Rajesh Kumar

    No the idea is not to disable the signature. The reason why I wanted you to locate the specific block/deny was to make it easier to fix it. I would still recommend to use the Event Action Filters only to exclude the host and not disable the signature altogether.
    That said, there are some signatures that "according to the documentation" cannot be excluded using event actions like Sweep signatures. These signatures have a field for Source/Dest IP built-in to exclude specific hosts. HOwever to be honest I could get event actions to work perfectly with event actions on our customers ;), so it could be an old restriction still mentioned in the docs.
    Lastly, you only disable a signature when you are absolutely sure that you are not running the Software/Application/Service on your network. For example on one customer we would frequently get VPN 3000 COnc. HTTP attack signatures fired for internet traffic, and since there is no chance to add any VPN3k on this network (its already End of Sale), I disabled this signature.

  • How to install Soap on the (Apache) Oracle HTTP Server

    Does anyone know how to install SOAP on the Oracle HTTP Server? I downloaded a soap version (it seems that the standard version comes without SOAP) from the site and followed the installation instructions as far as I could (only Tomcat is described). However, no 'soaping'!!! Maybe I'm overlooking something because I cannot imagine that it should be difficult.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hans, the SOAP implementation is part of OC4J. You get it out of the box. Check out how to use the out-of-the-box implementation in the tutorials on Web services with Oracle9i JDeveloper at:
    These tutorials/samples use the implementation of SOAP/WSDL that Oracle calls J2EE Web Services and this is the long term direction of Oracle's Web services implementation. This implementation is what Oracle will be evolving to Sun's Java Web Services Developer Pack as it finalizes into J2EE 1.4.
    If you want to use Oracle/Apache SOAP, this too is included in OC4J but its support is being deprecated in future releases of Oracle9iAS in favour of the J2EE Web Services implementation. To find it, check out the OC4J/soap/webapps/ directory for the soap.ear file (it is in a slightly different spot if you are using the full Oracle9iAS R2 but still within the soap directory structure. Simply add <application name="soap" path="../../../soap/webapps/soap.ear" auto-start="true"/> to your OC4J server.xml and <web-app application="soap" name="soap" root="/soap" /> to your OC4J http-web-site.xml, re-start and away you go.
    Finally, just to be sure, SOAP support in Oracle9iAS did not appear until and higher. If using or less, you are correct, there is no SOAP support.
    Most folks that try out the J2EE Web Services find it is pretty easy to use so

  • How to get rid of /j2ee prefix from URL when I use the OC4J via Oracle HTTP server

    In 9iAS 9.0.2 Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is pre-configured to assign requests to the Home OC4J instance via the URL-prefix "/j2ee"/
    For example, the TEST servlet under OC4J would be passed through OHS using:
    whereas in the standlone OC4J version, this URL works:
    How to get rid of /j2ee prefix from URL when I use the OC4J via Oracle HTTP Server?

    It is getting the url prefix from mod_oc4j.conf
    under /ora9ias/Apache/Apache/conf
    You can read more on this at

  • How to configure Oracle HTTP server

    Hi, I installed APEX 3.0 in Oracle database. I installed HTTP server from Oracle 10.2.0 database companion CD. The problem is I am not sure which conf file I need to modify as in the installation document, it only shows steps for how to configure HTTP server 9.0.3/11g/Oracle Application Server 10g. Anybody knows where to get the right doc? Thanks.

    Configure the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) from the companion CD is the same for other OHS (apart from OHS 9.x where it uses
    So just follow the install guide from
    4.4 About Configuring Oracle HTTP Server
    Sunny Patel.

  • How to integrate Oracle Http Server with Weblogic

    Weblogic supports Apache web server 2.0 and 2.2 to be a proxy server. Oracle Http Server (OHS) is based on Apache 2.0. I am trying to configure Weblogic to use OHS that comes with OAS install as proxy on Linux environment. I am unable to get the WLS plugin for Apache to work with OHS. When I tried to start the OHS, I got the following errors:
    /oracle/product/ startssl: execing httpd
    Syntax error on line 1125 of /oracle/product/
    Cannot load /oracle/product/ into server: /oracle/product/ undefined symbol: apr_pool_cleanup_null
    I checked the library, and I found in several places, such as /usr/lib.
    The following is the configuration that I put in http.conf file:
    <IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
    MatchExpression /AIP
    <Location /weblogic>
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    DebugConfigInfo ON
    PathTrim /weblogic
    Anybody knows how to fix this?

    You're right: Weblogic supports Apache web server 2.0 and 2.2 to be a proxy server but you are using Oracle Application Server which is based on Apache *1.3* as you can read in "Oracle® HTTP Server Administrator's Guide"
    10g ( - Part Number B28948-01 - 1.1 Oracle HTTP Server Features, right under "Based on Apache - HTTP v1.1 Support" at
    As far as I know, the only OHS based on Apache *2.0* is available as a standalone release: "Oracle HTTP Server (Apache 2.0) ( for Linux x86" - 32bit. You can download it from (
    I've tested it successfully.
    Edited by: Virgil on Jan 15, 2009 3:08 AM

  • How to install Oracle HTTP Server on Solaris 10

    Hi !
    I am new to solaris 10 and i want to install oracle HTTP server on solaris 10.
    Kindly can any one share steps/documents how to prepare my system for installation
    uname -r = 5.10
    my user=oracle fro installation
    group=oinstall oracle user group
    Shell = bin/sh bourn shell
    no variable defined in .profile file OR at any place
    my istallation directory=> OracleHome ==> /home/oracle/OracleAs_1
    my oraInventory directory=> orainventory ==> /opt/ora/oraInventory
    following commands executed using root
    chown -R oracle:oinstall /home/oracle
    chown -R oracle:oinstall /opt/ora
    chmod -R 777 /home/oracle
    chmod -R 777 /opt/ora
    executing setup using oracle user
    ./runInstaller -executeSysPrereqs command output==> OK/Pass I dont have patch 118345-03
    As patch 118345-03 is not required for the solaris 10with kernal patch/update 5.
    ./runinstaller and installation type= Advance => OC4j was installed successful but http server gives error.
    HTTP server configuration assistant Fails. Setup doesnot complete.
    error ==> http server fails to start Managed processes after the maximun retry limit.
    error status 206
    **** see HTTP_Server~1.log in opmn/logs folder. nothing in log except startprocess and stop process
    **** Apache/Apache/logs don't have any LOG or file.
    When i start Apache using it runs and i can access http://localhost:777 ===> working with message use opmnctl
    Need Help :) Thanks in advance

    Here is such a description:
    Jon petter

  • How to get standalone Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql?

    I do not know if it is just me but it seems to be a nightmare to get OHS with mod_plsql from the official OTN download site. I downoaded the companion CD for Windows - 3 disks, installed OHS - no mod_plsql. Then I tried to find any clue on OTN on how to download mod_plsql - none. Plenty of information on how to configure it and use it, but nothing on how to get it.
    PLSQL gateways is not an option for us because many of our clients do not allow direct communication between the database and the Internet.
    Windows 2003 Server R2
    Apex 3.2.1
    Any help appreciated,
    I would not like to download the software from unofficial sites but rather get it straight from Oracle.

    For those interested: I found Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql on OTN -> downloads -> middleware -> WebCenter suite.

  • How to create a service for Oracle HTTP Server

    I hope someone can help me.
    I would like to create a service for an Oracle HTTP Server.
    We are running APEX 3.2 on an database (not XE).
    We have a Windows XP system.
    To run APEX on a 10g we need the HTTP Server.
    Unfortunately no service was created while the installing of the Oracle HTTP Server.
    How can I create a service later. After the installation.
    I know that you can create a service with Instrsrv.exe and Srvany.exe. But I dont know wheather I can use this in this case.
    I need an .exe file for that.
    The HTTP-Server has the opmnctl.exe.
    But I have to write opmnctl.exe startall when I start or opmnctl.exe stopall when I want to stop it . How can I realize that in a Service?
    Thanks for your answer

    I hope someone can help me.
    I would like to create a service for an Oracle HTTP Server.
    We are running APEX 3.2 on an database (not XE).
    We have a Windows XP system.
    To run APEX on a 10g we need the HTTP Server.
    Unfortunately no service was created while the installing of the Oracle HTTP Server.
    How can I create a service later. After the installation.
    I know that you can create a service with Instrsrv.exe and Srvany.exe. But I dont know wheather I can use this in this case.
    I need an .exe file for that.
    The HTTP-Server has the opmnctl.exe.
    But I have to write opmnctl.exe startall when I start or opmnctl.exe stopall when I want to stop it . How can I realize that in a Service?
    Thanks for your answer

  • How to isolate web applications at URL level with Oracle HTTP Server?

    We have 2 machines each for oracle web cache, oracle http server and oracle application server (oc4j). We would like to host many web applications on this infrastructure. We have an issue with application/web site isolation for maintenance purposes.
    We have several oc4j containers for different web sites/applications but they all use one instance of Oracle Http Server. When we need to make changes to an application/web site or introduce a new web site (URL), we change the OHS configuration and restart OHS on each of the machines.
    As we have many URLs hosted on this OHS and plan to host a lot more (may be around 300), we need a way to slice and dice the URLs so that every change or any change should not need to go through a regression cycle or testing cycle for all the applications each weekend (our change window). When we used Apache earlier, we used to be able to create multiple httpd.conf (process level isolation) to cater to different applications.
    We could do this with Oracle Http Server too but Oracle will not support us. I appreciate any advice or suggestion with this issue.
    Thank you

    Hi Joey,
    A great idea! I recently presented at a local user group meeting about my WebSockets API (see the links in my signature). I've uploaded the presentation and the demo code I gave to our UG here.
    I think the barrier to entry is with needing to know the web languages (e.g. html/css/js) as well as writing your LabVIEW code. I have joined the group and look forward to seeing some interesting content on there! Certainly some demos of using AJAX to make requests to Web Services and do something with the data (e.g. display on a graph) would be a good place to start.
    Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Developer
    NI Days (and A&DF): 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014
    NI Week: 2012, 2014
    Knowledgeable in all things Giant Tetris and WebSockets

  • How can we debug Oracle Http Server on AIX.

    Our requirement is to attach a debugger (dbx) to oracle http server on AIX.
    For that purpose we need to start the OHS webserver service that is opmn in a single process mode the way we start Apache webserver by -X option.
    Can anyone help how can we start OHS in single thread.

    user9201760 wrote:
    Hi,Welcome to the forum: please read the FAQ and forum sticky threads (if you haven't done so already), and ensure you've updated your profile with a real handle instead of "user9201760".
    You'll get a faster, more effective response to your questions by including as much relevant information as possible upfront. This would normally include:
    <li>Full APEX version
    <li>Full DB/version/edition/host OS
    <li>Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)
    <li>Browser(s) and version(s) used
    <li>Region/item type(s)
    Thanks for having included most of the information that is relevent to your question.
    I have installed Oracle Apex 4.1 on Oracle 10g database but I want to configure Oracle HTTP Server on another Server(Microsoft Windows 2008 R2). Here I have placed Apache Tomcat 6.0 version already. Can anyone please tell me how is it possible to install and configure Oracle HTTP Server on Windows 2008 along with Apache Tomcat?Why? Installing OHS and the DB on separate servers will incur additional licensing costs.
    More common confugrations would be to use Apache as a reverse proxy to an OHS+DB server, or Tomcat+APEX Listener with a DB server and not using OHS at all. (Although I understand Tomcat is not an Oracle-supported platform for the APEX Listener. For any questions on this or other Listener-related topics use the {forum:id=858} forum.)

  • How to call webservices in visuval composure CE 7.1 server

    Hi ,
    How to call webservices in visuval composure CE 7.1 server (WSDL) ,  please send step  by step process
    Thanks & Regards,

    I have exactly the same problem.
    Here is what I found out:
    In the browser based VC you have to use the Destination Template Managemet from NWA. The destinations are found during design time and can be called during runtime.
    The NWDS version seems to work differently. You cannot see the destinations you created in NWA. Instead there is a preferences setting (Destination configuration). Here you can define the destination using WSDLs.
    This works during design time.
    But during runtime the call throws an error like 'Destination not found'. To me, it seems like a bug.
    Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?

Maybe you are looking for