How to change apple account in the ipad many times?(can't sign out)

How to change accounts!
I have multiple accounts not me but the whole family has apple accounts since we all are apples. Anyway everyone has a no credit card account except my dad. His account is synced in my sisters iPad. My dad changed the password so that we don't buy stuff the problem is we can't sign out of our dads account! I mean when we go to ipad:setting->store we already see that its already signed in my sisters account! But the problem is whenever my sister wants to update or download a free app it gives my dads email & wants us to fill the password! We already signed out!
We tried logging in via itunes store then syncing the ipad but nothing happened!
The apple retail store said after you submit the email of your ipad the only solution is to format it. But here is the big problem lets say we formatted it & after few days/months etc we wanted to buy an app we couldn't change the account to our dads account! Since we already are having trouble logging out of our dads account.
So please tell me how to change the account many times! Because I couldn't change it in the iPad nor in iTunes in my iMAC.

The apple retail store said after you submit the email of your ipad the only solution is to format it
Your iPad does not have an email address.
You will need to add a CC card to verify your account. The CC info can then be removed and the account used normally.
It would likely be easier to simply update the apps on the computer then sync the iPad.
iTunes can be authorized for all accounts then all apps can be updated at once.

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    Yes, you can just log out of iCloud on the mini (Settings>iCloud> Sign out) and nothing will be affected as long as the iPad is not restored from any backup after that. Though if you're giving her the iPad I would highly recommend moving the pictures to your iPad (via this page) so that the mini can be reset and set up under your daughters ID to avoid Activation Lock in the future.
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    If you updated your existing account then try logging out of it on the iPad by tapping on the id in Settings > Store (Settings > iTunes & App Stores on iOS 6) and then log back in and see if that 'refreshes' the account on the iPad. If you created a new account then any content that you purchased/downloaded via the old account will remain tied to that old account, and only that old account can download updates to its apps.

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    Are you getting help with this yet?  I have struggled with the same thing and worked with pieces and when I logged in just a bit ago, I tried something and all of a sudden the long list of non-updated apparent were all of a sudden being updated with my new,CORRECT, ID and I am so happy.  I will come back here tomorrow or later today and see if there are others who're needing to know what I did.

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    Not entirely sure what you want to do.
    If you wabt to sign out of account in the Mail app, then it doesn't have the concept of signing out, if the account is enabled on the iPad then it is effectively always 'open'. If you want to view a different account that you've set up on the iPad then you can do so via the button at the top left of the Inbox to go up levels to a folder selection and then to account selection.
    If you want to hide the account then see this work-around :
    If you want to sign out of your iTunes account then you can tap on it in Settings > Store

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    settings/itunes and app stores/tap on Apple ID to sign out, then sign in with new id or create new one

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    Currently my Apple ID is an email address which I have been using for decades.  In the near future the email server will be decommissioned and I will no longer be able to use it.  In preparation of the change over I want to change my current email address to an icloud email address (  I have gone into the site to Manage Apple ID to change the email address but it won't let me as I get an error message that Apple ID must not use a domain owned by Apple.  How can I change my Apple ID and Primary eMail Address to an account without losing all the info already on my current icloud?

    First save any photo stream photos that you want to keep on your device by opening the photo stream album, tapping Edit, tap the photos, tap Share, tap Save to Camera Roll.  If you are syncing Notes with iCloud, email them to yourself as you will have to recreate these after changing accounts.  Finally, if you are syncing any iWork documents with iCloud go to the settings for these apps and turn iCloud sycing to Off.
    Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, choose Keep on My iPad when prompted.  (This will only delete the account from your device, not from iCloud.  If your daughter is keeping the existing account her devices will not be effected by this.)  Then sign back in with your new ID to create a new iCloud account, turn on your iCloud data syncing, choose Merge when prompted to upload the data to the new account.  Then recreate any Notes from the emails sent earlier and turn on iCloud syncing with iWork again, if appropriate.
    existing iCloud old email address with the old account.  If you still want to access it on your iPad, you'll have to go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and sign in with the old account ID.  This email will be fetch only, not push.
    Once your iPad has migrated to the new account, if you also want to move your Mac to this account go to System Preferences>iCloud, sign out, then sign in with the new ID.

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    Hi, I have a version one ipad, and have not used the itunes store for several years (after a flurry of initial app purchasing), and in the meantime my hotmail account was spammed and closed, sooo I cannot sign it, to to sign out so I can change to my new email address, This has made it impossible to download updates and apps, really appreciate your help!

    Your email account may be closed for Hotmail, but it is still the user name on your Apple account.
    Hopefully you remember the password.    Try to log in to iTunes, go to your account info and change the email account right away.
    If this fails you will have to call apple support.

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    Contacts: go to iCloud, then sign out the old Apple ID then sign in with the new one.
    Pictures: pictures in share pictures automatically appears in your idevice, but it takes time (few minutes to one hour).
                  Pictures in Photo Stream you should sync your idevice with iTunes to take the Photo Stream pictures.
    Hope it helps

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    Is it possible to delete the cloud completly an do an new installation?
    Tap Settings > iCloud > Delete Account

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    I've had the same apple id for many years, lets just say billybob.  With that it's associated with my email address say [email protected]  When I upgraded to IoS 5 and tried to use iCloud, it says that my appleid must be in the form of an email address.  So I went in to the apple id website to change my apple id to [email protected] and it says I can't because it's already associated with another account (my own).  Is there any way around this?  I'd prefer not to have to create some phantom email address that is only applicable to iCloud.

    Please follow the commands in I would recommend logging out of your AppleID on all devices then make the change on one device and then re-login on all the other devices.

  • My wife and I have separate apple accounts. Can we use both our accounts on the Ipad?

    Is there like a way to log out of one apple account and log on to another?

    Yes ... Settings>iTunes and App Stores> Apple ID - tap the ID showing in there and sign out. Then sign in with the other ID.
    But ... I don't recommend doing that. If you sign into one of the accounts in order to download past purchases from the account onto the iPad - you lock yourself out of the other ID for 90 days. The iPad was not designed to be used with multiple Apple ID's.
    Read this about associated devices with an Apple ID.
    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Click on your account name in the top right corner of the iTunes store in the iTunes application on your computer, enter your password and click the "view account" button. Navigate to the Apple ID summary where you have the option to "change country or region".
    In order to change your location, you will need a credit card registered to an address in the location you are trying to change to.
    You cannot change your location if you have credit on your account, if you are unable to spend your credit and leave a balance of zero, contact Apple, which you can do through iTunes Store Support.

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     Cheers, Tom

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